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How to do Indian head massage


For a long time, the benefits of Indian head massage for the digestive system are no longer a secret. Even this treatment is now available in many places around the world. Thus, this massage is known to some people and is believed to be able to cope with various symptoms or diseases.

Indian head massage is a type of massage that focuses on the nerves around the head. It is believed that all the nerves around the head are connected to another part of the body. Thus, any disease can be cured with a light head massage, especially if you use traditional Indian head massage techniques.

How to do Indian head massage

The benefits of massage have interested many people in this treatment.

Even today, some people know how to properly massage, whether for themselves or to help other people. However, effective home massage methods are listed below:

  • Prepare massage oil and let the person feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Start with a shoulder massage and move towards the spine.
  • Continue to massage the upper part of the shoulders, and then carefully move to the base of the skull.
  • Massage your neck and tilt your head forward. Then return your head to its original position.
  • Massage your head by rubbing your scalp.
  • Rub your scalp with your fingertips.
  • Swipe down from top to bottom.
  • Finally, end with light strokes on the back of the head.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

As mentioned earlier, this massage brings many benefits, it was especially found that it can help with digestion, below are the benefits of Indian head massage for the digestive system.

The thoracic nerve, which is massaged, will accelerate the intestines and improve its function.

Thus, it can lead to a healthy digestive process. Bulgarian yogurt will have exactly the same effect, which can also help improve intestinal motility.

Massage will help improve blood circulation. Therefore, you can avoid blood clots. Thus, improved blood flow to the digestive system will lead to optimized digestion.

Thanks to improved intestinal motility, the digestion process will improve. This is a mechanism in which digestion will occur at a fixed rate. Korean tofu soup also has digestion-enhancing properties.

Performing a head massage can lead to improved body relaxation. All nerves and all stresses, including anxiety, will disappear and be replaced by good and positive emotions. When the mind clears, all body systems will follow suit. Therefore, the digestive system will get better.

  1. Improve hormone secretion

The benefits of Indian head massage for the digestive system, including affect hormone secretion. This will lead to progress and circulation of the regulator of digestive hormones to support the digestion process. Cabbage soup is another remedy that will also help improve the secretion of hormones, especially to maintain the digestive system.

6. Accelerates metabolism

Perform massage and improve body metabolism. It can provide an acceleration of metabolism from food to the right energy. That is why an improved metabolic rate will help provide the energy needed for daily activities.

7. Prevents digestive problems

The benefits of massage for digestion also help to avoid any digestive problems. Thus, this is another way to avoid constipation or digestive difficulties. Korean cuisine is another remedy that will have a beneficial effect on your digestion.

8. Prevents indigestion

Thanks to frequent massage sessions, you can cope with an upset stomach. This can reduce gas formation in the stomach and improve the condition of the stomach and intestines.

9. Prevents burping

It is also good to keep acid in the stomach under control. This can help avoid burping or heartburn after eating. Another way to deal with this problem is to add turmeric to your diet.

10. Improves the absorption of nutrients

Improved digestion means better absorption of nutrients. Thus, it will help the body absorb more vitamins and minerals necessary for body health.

11. Prevents diseases of the cardiovascular system

Massage will also help control blood cholesterol. Therefore, it will prevent the development of any cardiovascular disease and will automatically lead to a healthy digestive system.

12. Regulates blood sugar

Another advantage is controlling your blood sugar and producing normal insulin to help your digestive system work better. Thus, it will help to ensure good correction and normal digestion.

Precautions and recommendations for Indian head massage

Even therapy that helps the digestive process has side effects and contraindications. Therefore, before deciding on a massage, it is best to familiarize yourself with the recommendations below.

  • It is recommended to massage with an expert therapist, as the head system contains various important nerves. Performing by inexperienced persons will lead to head injury or other pain.
  • Even therapy that helps the digestion process does not have an instant effect, it is a slow process, and it takes weeks or even months to complete it. Thus, people with digestive problems should still consult their doctor about medication.
  • People who are allergic to massage oil should make sure which remedy will be used during the session to avoid allergic symptoms such as itching or redness of the skin.
  • Pregnant women should avoid this massage, as some researchers believe that there may be a connection between the nerves and the fetus. Therefore, avoid massage in order to avoid further miscarriage or negative consequences for fetal development. Otherwise, if necessary, consult a doctor first.

These are the benefits of Indian head massage for the digestive system. Thanks to a good massage, it effectively provides the best body system, including metabolism and the digestive system. Despite the fact that this does not happen suddenly, it is worth performing a massage for several weeks or months. Thus, the digestive system will always be normal and work better. Thanks to a better digestive system, this can lead to better absorption of nutrients and lead to better well-being. Give it a try!

Oil - the basis of Indian massage

From time to time, each of us has a desire to "reboot." Indian massage in this case is a wonderful solution. The basic tool of Ayurvedic massage is oil. Only natural oils, often cheese-crushed, are taken as a basis:

  • olive
  • coconut
  • sesame seeds
  • corn
  • ghee oil
  • mustard oil, etc.
Coconut oil used in Indian massage becomes transparent and liquid when heated

Indian massage is done strictly in accordance with doshas. Sesame oil is more suitable for people with vata dosha because their skin is often dry and irritated. For pita dosha offer sunflower or coconut oil, as it cools their constantly heated nature. Massage with corn oil is recommended for people like Kapha - warming up muscles and activating blood circulation, it gives a fresh impulse to life. If necessary, add natural essential oils to the base:

  • incense
  • jasmine
  • lemongrass
  • sandalwood
  • lavender
  • ylang-ylang
  • mint and others
Herbs + Indian massage = body and soul health

With the help of lavender, for those who have been prescribed Indian massage, stress and tension disappear, mint and eucalyptus increase alertness, thanks to citrus the mood rises, and with vanilla sensuality awakens. To improve the skin and joints, herbs are sometimes added to the oil base:

  • bringaraj
  • him
  • amla
  • sage
  • calendula
  • Melissa
  • rosemary and others
Only natural ingredients are used in Indian massage - they are quickly absorbed by the skin

An individual mix is ​​made up not by chance - before the Indian massage procedure, the specialist determines the client’s dosha (vata, kapha or pitta) and, based on the received data, mixes the ingredients. Some oils cool the skin and muscles, others warm. Those that accelerate blood flow in one person will not work on another.

Abhyanga known to mankind for about five thousand years

Indian massage - a ritual of health

The masseur should be well versed in Ayurveda and in the subtle energy channels of the human body. In the delicate process of abhyangi, work is done not so much with the body as with the soul and mind. Indian massage has a positive effect not only on the elimination of toxins. Patients note that migraine goes away, muscle clamps are loosened, subcutaneous fat is reduced, excess fluid is excreted, and skin irritations and dryness are eliminated.

An Indian foot massage will never be forgotten by someone who has done it at least once

In a room with pleasant music and a comfortable atmosphere, the massage therapist squeezes out excess fluid from under the skin with soft and smooth rotational movements. Pouring oil over the surface of the body, it passes through all important areas, from the crown of the head to the toes.

The direction of movement in the Indian massage is very important: from the lower back to the head, from the head to the lower back, from the lower back to the heels, from the heels to the lower back. Thus, blood circulation is accelerated and the nadi energy channels are activated.

You will not find any plastic or synthetic accessories at an Indian massage specialist.

It is believed that consciousness is tightly intertwined with points on the body and, when abhyangi is performed correctly, blocks, prejudices, anger, aggression and resentment go away. Indeed, after the Indian massage, many note relaxation, a sense of inner and outer purity, lack of obsessive thoughts and lightness in the body.

A course of Indian facial massage - and only wrinkles will remain from wrinkles

Indian massage technique

In abhyanga, massage is performed with fingertips, “scissors”, i.e. forefinger and middle finger, often four hands. Much attention is paid to the head, neck, feet. Pressure zones are minimized. The main movements are stroking, rubbing and squeezing. The emphasis in Indian massage is on the muscles, skin and marmas - invisible points of interweaving of the energy channels in the body.

Our hands deserve pleasure like Indian massage

In addition to the classic Indian massage abhyanga, there are other, more narrow methods. For example, Shirodhara. An unusual, but very pleasant procedure, in which for a long time oil is poured onto the forehead with a thin stream.

The minimum set for Indian massage

Champi massage is an Indian head massage in which the temples are rubbed to get rid of migraines and increase concentration. Squeezing, tapping and pressing across the entire surface of the head are used to relieve fatigue from the neck, eyes, face muscles and dispel negative thoughts. Often even oil is oiled.

Simultaneous Indian massage for two is performed not only for newlyweds

Marma massage is an oil massage of 107 special points called marma. When prana freely enters the body, circulates in it and exits, the person becomes healthy, full of strength and inspiration.

Marma massage is best done by an Indian specialist

Snehana - internal massage. Oddly enough, oil-based Indian massage can be not only external. Oiling the internal organs through the use of vegetable and animal oils cures diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, removes toxins, and stimulates the internal organs.

At the 1996 Olympics, massage was recognized as basic medical care.

Udvartana is a pleasant spa treatment that begins with an Indian oil massage, followed by a body wrap with natural herbal tincture. For some time, the client “rests” - the skin absorbs the healing broth. Then the massage is resumed. For diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis, joint injuries, irregular bone adhesions after fractures, as well as muscle pain, Indian massage is recommended with warm bags of herbs soaked in oil - Kizhi.

The interior in Abhyang is just as important as touch, scent, music and air temperature

Indian Nasyam massage is recommended for chronic diseases of the nasal cavity and respiratory tract. The nose is instilled with medicated oils. They slowly and gently pass through the sinuses, fall into the throat and warm it from the inside, relieving inflammation. Before performing Nasyama, it is necessary to consult with an Ayurvedic doctor.

An ancient way to restore the body - Indian massage with warm herbal bags

Indian massage: the pros and cons

Indian massage is incredibly beneficial. Moreover, everyone. Abhyanga is universal, it is not tied to territory, religion, religion. This is a magical process, after which the “rebirth” is felt. However, if you decide on an Indian massage, you need to be very careful and be sure to warn the massage therapist if you have:

  • oncological diseases
  • allergic to oil or herbs
  • skin diseases
  • tumors
  • injuries and fractures
  • transferred complex operations
  • hypotension or hypertension
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system
Before registering for an Indian massage, you should consult a doctor

Is it possible to carry out an Indian massage on my own? Yes! Unlike most types of massage, where only mechanical action occurs, abhyanga heals at a subtle level. Acting through the skin on the internal organs, on the endocrine and cardiovascular system, it awakens the body to work with the help of the forces of nature.

A head massage is performed in the following sequence:

1. First, balance the chakras. This is the first step by which the master restores the balance of your inner energy.

2. The next stage is the melting of fatigue. The master begins to massage the shoulders, upper back and neck. This allows you to relieve fatigue and gives relaxation and a willingness to move on.

3. The head massage itself. This is the longest stage of the procedure, it consists of a set of different techniques by which the accumulated tension inside the patient is removed and improves blood circulation.

4. Completes the procedure - massage of the temples. The temporal areas are massaged downward in a circular motion. This allows you to relieve headaches that may occur due to overstrain and stress, and also relieves eye fatigue.

Video of Indian head massage:

Indian head massage allows the patient to completely relax, therefore it is considered useful in the treatment of stress, getting rid of fatigue, insomnia, headaches, tension, migraines, and it also increases mental clarity. This technique is useful for people who spend most of their time at the table.

Indian head massage works in two main areas:

  • At the psychological level - acting on energy channels,
  • At the physical level, it affects muscle tissue and skin.

As a result of this type of massage, a specialist can act on “marmas” - points that are located in large numbers on the neck, shoulders, head and face. This leads to stimulation of blood circulation, restoration of the balance of energy, and the stress caused by stress is relieved.

Another advantage of this technique is that head massage allows you to control body weight. Since excess weight is often formed due to stress, which disrupts proper digestion, and as a result, food is not properly absorbed. During a head massage, due to the relaxing effect, the process of proper assimilation of food is restored, which prevents an increase in body weight, and even allows you to "lose" excess weight.

Indian head massage restores the body's ability to heal. Since the body reaches a state of equilibrium.

Indian head massage has some contraindications and side effects. Some patients after the session may experience slight dizziness, a feeling of fatigue, muscle pain. The duration of side effects is not long (about 2 hours) after which, concentration and a burst of energy increase.

This type of massage should be avoided for patients who recover after surgery or have suffered a neck or head injury, as well as in case of thrombosis or spondylitis. And also with too low or high blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes, any heart disease or cancer. Therefore, before starting treatment with massage, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

In medicine, it is difficult to do without special apparatuses and devices. Так в хирургии, да и в других сферах медицины, нужны приборы для удаления жидкости. В этом помогут аспираторы — отсасыватели медицинские, порой незаменимые в медицине.

Laugh a little, head massage on the train:

Conclusion: contact specialists.

Benefits of Indian Massage

In addition to the properties of Indian massage described above, it has a positive effect on joints. Gentle movements do not damage the bone, but at the same time warm the skin, which is very useful for osteochondrosis, osteoporosis and arthritis. By the way, to improve the effect, you can do it even in the bath.

The oils used during the procedure prevent aging, help eliminate cellulite and stretch marks. Indian massage is an ideal choice for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, often are in stressful situations, completely surrendered to work.

Indian therapy will relax their nerves, allow them to forget about all the problems, take a different look at the world, and become more confident in themselves. A head massage will improve the condition of the hair and contribute to their growth. In addition, relieve headache.

Indications for massage therapy

Indian therapy is useful for diseases of the cardiovascular system. It will also help get rid of:

  • migraine,
  • disorders of the central nervous system,
  • weakened immunity
  • osteochondrosis,
  • respiratory system diseases
  • obesity
  • acute pain syndrome of various origins,
  • thrombophlebitis and thrombosis.

This is one of the types of massage that positively affects the person as a whole. The mood rises, the desire to act appears, physical pain disappears.

The main types

SOMA - gently worked out the whole body of the patient. Healing oil is individually selected. The duration of the procedure is 60 minutes. The effect during this time is the same as after a few days of rest.

While you are enjoying relaxation, changes are taking place in your body: the figure is being adjusted, the condition of the subcutaneous tissue is improved, the skin is smoothed out, physiological processes are normalized, concentration is improved, fatigue disappears and stress disappears along with it.

DHARA - relaxes the brain, eliminates negative thoughts, soothes. Relieves headache, eliminates stress, helps rejuvenate the body, relieve tension in the shoulders and neck. The duration of therapy is 45 minutes. All this time, a gentle stream of warm oil pours onto the forehead.

Masup - will be performed using aromatic powder powders. A great choice for those who want to lose weight. The patient’s body is sprinkled with powder and massage is started. The movements of the masters at the same time harmonious and polished. As soon as the procedure begins, you will mentally fly away to a warm country, where there is a clean sea and fresh air.

NAVAR - the main ingredient is medicinal rice, boiled in a composition of milk and herbal decoction. After they are placed in a special bag for massage and the procedure begins. It will help get rid of joint diseases, rheumatic disorders, normalize muscle tone and improve posture.

Podi. Kizhi - vegetable powders wrapped in cloth and heated in a pan in oil. After washing the feet, massaging the head and body and using oils, specialists begin processing the bags. Their actions are patting.

The therapy will allow you to get rid of problems with muscles and joints (arthrosis, arthritis, paralysis, problems with mobility after injuries and so on), as well as say goodbye to extra pounds and cillulitis.

Abhyanga - Ancient Ayurvedic massage using healing oils and herbal extracts. It is carried out by two experts. The procedure is aimed at balancing the system of subtle bodies. The movements of specialists are pressing from the heart to the periphery.

Udvartana - This therapy is aimed at maximum weight loss. A deep massage that is performed using herbal powders. After the procedure, the person will feel incredibly confident, the fatigue will “take off” with his hand. Metabolism will improve, blood microcirculation will increase, the skin will become more silky and soft.

Massotherapy - thanks to a clear algorithm: alternating acupressure on diseased areas with deep relaxation, a person quickly recovers. The procedure is performed using sesame oil. The session ends with a massage of the head and face.

Traditional massage - compared with yoga. During the procedure, the master twists your body, stretches and helps you take other useful poses. Masseur acts on all parts of the body, paying a lot of attention to joints, feet and hands. Effect after therapy: increased flexibility, removal of stress and fatigue.

Aroma massage - a very pleasant procedure. Performed as a classic, but complemented by a pleasant smell of essential oil from an Indian sandalwood tree.

Face massage - Wonderfully struggling with stress. Restores color and restores skin freshness. In addition, it has a rejuvenating effect. It is performed using special creams consisting of papaya fruits. At the end, a mask is adjusted.

Foot massage - A procedure that instantly relaxes and allows you to forget about all the problems. This is an acupressure of the ankle zone. First, the master processes the foot, then slowly rises to the knee. The session ends with a massage with a hot (but still dry) towel.

The choice of oil composition

Indian massage is characterized by the use of a large number of oils: 26 types, each of which consists of 7-30 herbs. During the preparation of the oil, the specialist takes into account the time of year, as well as the individual characteristics of the patient’s body.

The basis of all oil compositions is sesame oil (sometimes replaced with coconut or olive). Only medicinal components that are not able to harm the body are used.

Before use, the oil is heated and applied to the patient's skin in the required amount. In ancient times, pea flour or talcum powder was used instead of butter. Modern cosmetology presents a variety of powders for oily skin, which include mineral and plant components.

For sensitive skin, it is important to use a minimum amount of oil or completely replace it with a gel. After the procedures, the skin will be more velvety, soft and healthy.

Head massage

The main objective of this massage is to remove stress, which tends to accumulate in all tissues of the body. It also helps to get rid of obsessive thoughts, constant anxiety, lethargy. Suitable for those who quickly oily hair, as well as those who want to quickly grow a thick and lush hair.

The execution technique is borrowed from the ancient Indian healing system. Diluted by modern knowledge. The session lasts no more than half an hour. This time is enough to massage the forehead, head, neck. The impact of the specialist’s hands is not intense, which does not cause inconvenience.

The room has a special atmosphere: quiet and pleasant music sounds, scented candles burn. After the procedure, a person feels more invigorated and ready for new deeds.

To achieve maximum results, you need to go through 5-10 sessions twice a year.

  1. Providing tissue with oxygen.
  2. Headache elimination.
  3. Removal of toxins.
  4. Vision improvement.
  5. Reduced muscle tension.
  6. Elimination of depression and anxiety.
  7. Hair Growth Improvements.
  8. Filling with vitality and energy.


Who and under what circumstances should not go for an Indian massage:

  • with blood diseases
  • with aneurysms of blood vessels,
  • in acute diseases and high temperature,
  • with an increase in lymph nodes,
  • with inflammatory diseases of a purulent nature,
  • with osteomyelitis
  • with thrombosis,
  • in the presence of tumors,
  • in crises
  • with intestinal disorders
  • with varicose veins,
  • with impaired renal function,
  • with ulcers, uterine bleeding, diseases of the duodenum,
  • with mental illness
  • with myocardial ischemia.

To enjoy Indian massage it is far from always necessary to go to this country. Real therapy with the use of oils will be performed by our specialists, who have taken over the skills from Indian masseurs.

Note that modern masters in different parts of the world are able to perform this procedure no worse than massage therapists in India. The effect of massage therapy will be the same.