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How to burn discs for Nintendo Wii


When the monotony of computer or console games is boring, Nintendo Wii will help brighten up the time. Its only drawback is its low popularity in the CIS countries. The lower the demand, the more difficult it is to find games, especially if it is a console of a previous generation.

Many users decide to flash their console and turn out to be right. With Wii firmware you can play absolutely freeby downloading games to a USB flash drive or burning them to disk.

Exactly about burning games to disc for Wii we want to talk in this article.

Immediately draw your attention to one very important nuance. No firmware console will not accept recorders. Some versions and hacking methods also do not support reading pirated DVDs, so before recording, check the information on the Internet or consult with specialists.

Nintendo Wii Disc Burning Game Images

Any game for Wii can be found on the Internet. After downloading the image from a torrent or in any other way, you can see how regular ISO imagealready prepared for recording, as well as other formats requiring decryption.

You can decrypt WII, WOD, GOD images using the program Wii Unscrambler. Using it is quite simple, just find out the procedure and try it once, then everything will go like clockwork.

First of all, download the archive with the program and copy unscrambler.exe to the game folder. Open a command prompt (Win + r and enter cmd) and write the letter under which you have recorded the logical drive on the PC, and then the folder where the image of the game is stored, for example, D: / isoforwii.

Now enter unscrambler.exe imagename.wii readyforburn.isowhere:

  • imagename.wii - name of the source image,
  • readyforburn.iso - the name of the finished file for writing to disk.

After you click Enter, the screen should display image successfully unscrambled, which indicates a successful reformatting of the file.

How to burn discs with games on Wii

In fact, there is nothing to talk about recording games on a disc. You download any you like a program for recording games from Wii, which can burn DVDs, insert the CD into the drive, press "start" and wait for the recording to finish.

You can burn Wii games to disk, for example, in Nero or Clone CD.

Insert a disc into a Nintendo Wii drive

Disks to choose more reliable manufacturere.g. TDK and Verbatim. You can buy a cheaper analogue, but in this case there is a possibility that some of the data will be recorded incorrectly. In addition, such discs do not last so long.

Alternative way to play for free

At the beginning of the article, we said that not all firmware allows you to play from recorded discs. but the right Wii softmode gives a lot more.

Having flashed the console, you will get rid of the need to spend money on disks, burn them, select suitable images, etc. You can take regular flash drive and play with it, or copy games to Wii memory.

In addition, you will be available various programsfor example, players, emulators of other consoles and file managers.

Where to begin?

To remove all questions, we will specify in advance that in order for the prefix to start reading self-written discs, it must be flash or make chipovka. If you insert such a disk into an unbroken console, there will be no result.

Sometimes it happens that after firmware not all consoles recognize discs. Before installing the firmware, consult with a specialist.

How to burn games to disk for WII

Let's start by downloading the game. Suitable game easy to find on the internet on different torrent sites, from there it is downloaded.

When you have decided on the game and downloaded it to your PC, you can see the following:

  • The game is packed in the .rar archive,
  • The game is inside the .iso image.

In the first case, you will need WinRAR program. With it, you need to unzip the game to any folder on your hard drive.

If the game files are in an image with the extension .iso, the following information will not be useful to you.

If there are .wii, .wod, .god files on the screen, the image need to decrypt.


Searching the Internet Wii Unscrambler Image Decoder. The unscrambler.exe file must be extracted to the game folder.

Now click Win + r and in the window that appears "Run" write cmd. Now in the DOS window you need to find the folder with the game and the new decryptor file.

There are several commands that will allow you to switch to the desired directory on the PC.

  • cd - allows you to go to the root of the disk in the drive.
  • D: - moving to the root of the logical drive. Instead of the letter D, you need to specify the drive letter on your PC.
  • cd - Go to the designated folder.

When you find the desired folder, it remains only to write: unscrambler.exe raw-image.wii image.isowhere raw-image.wii - the file to be decrypted, and image.iso - the name that will be assigned to the new file ready for recording.

Now click Enter and wait for the inscription image successfully unscrambled. Write to get out exit.

All necessary actions are completed, now you can go to the recording.

Burning to disk

You can record a game in any convenient way, for example, in the program Nero, ImgBurn, CloneCD and others.

How to burn a disc in a particular program, you can watch on YouTube or find information on Google. Work in any of these software for recording games on Wii no different from creating any other discs.

The only thing that can be changed is write speed. The lower it is, the greater the likelihood that during burning there will be no errors and all information will be transferred correctly.

It is best to use single-layer or double-layer DVD-R discs, there are no special requirements, but the better the disc, the more correctly it will be recorded and will last much longer.

Do I need to burn Wii games to disc?

This question should be asked by each user. The fact is that in our time, compact discs have long not even receded into the background, but practically disappeared from the big picture. Using disks is no longer as convenient as it seemed to us before.

Experienced players with a long Nintendo Wii claim better and easier to do console firmwarethen recording discs will not be needed. it save time on recording, since games can be launched, for example, from a flash drive.

In our workshops produced Wii and Wii U firmware . You can safely trust the many years of experience of our experts. Call and sign up!

This method is much more modern and simpler. In addition, more possibilities are opened, for example installing homebrew applications and various software, both from large developers and from amateurs.