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How to get from Los Angeles to New York


Los Angeles and New York are separated by about 4.5 thousand kilometers. You can overcome this distance at different times and in different ways. How to make the right choice and prepare for a journey from the shores of one ocean almost to the shores of another - read in our material!

Tip 1. Decide on your travel date as early as possible.

The sooner you book a ticket, the cheaper it will cost you. And when we say “earlier”, we mean a period of time from several months to almost a year.

Tip 2. Find the best deal

Look for cheap tickets on aggregator sites like expedia, orbitz, travelocity, etc. You can often find profitable deals after midnight when airlines update their sites: booked but not paid tickets become available. Also, if there is such an opportunity, look for tickets not only for a specific date, but also “around it” - there is a high probability that you will get a good discount on a ticket a few days earlier or later.

Advantage: speed (the flight lasts a little more than 5 hours, if with a transfer, then from 7 to 10).

Cost: an average of $ 130-150 (including promotional offers).

It is best to book via the Internet - this way you will definitely avoid the service charges that may appear in case of booking by phone or at the sales office. Sometimes it’s advantageous to find a cheap ticket on the aggregator’s website, but book it on the airline’s website already.

Tip 3. If there is a possibility of a change in the date of flight.

If you buy a ticket in advance, but there is a chance that the flight date will have to be postponed, it’s better to book a ticket through the airline’s website - they usually charge a lesser ticket exchange fee than aggregator sites.

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Tip 1. Weigh whether you are ready to travel by train.

The fact is that the trip from Los Angeles to New York by train takes about three days. Moreover, you will need to make a transfer in Chicago. The cost of such a trip, contrary to common sense, is no cheaper than flying by plane. But if you like to admire the scenery outside the window, you can try.

Tip 2. Explore all promotions, discounts and other offers on the company's website

Amtrak, the American national rail company, will deliver you from Los Angeles to New York. For example, every week from Tuesday to Friday on its website you can buy a ticket with a 25% discount on the trip over the next two to three weeks. If you are going to New York as a tourist, want to relax and see the local beauties, pay attention to the comprehensive "vacation" packages, which include not only travel, but also overnight and entertainment.

Advantage: the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and imagine yourself a traveler in the style of the century before last.

Cost: from $ 230 (excluding promotions and discounts) + food expenses.

Tip 3. Get ready for the trip.

Think about what you will do during the trip (recall, three days!). Most trains have Wi-Fi, but we advise you to stock up on books on the road, take a player, laptop or tablet with you, download several movies. If you are not traveling in the first class, where meals are included in the ticket price, think about what you will eat. Full breakfasts, lunches and dinners can be ordered on the train, but for a fee.


Tip 1. Evaluate your willingness to travel by bus

A bus ride, and probably also with stops, will also last about three days. However, the cost of the tickets will be relatively low, especially if you get to any promotion or discount.

Tip 2. Explore promotions, discounts and other offers on the company's website

Greyhound is responsible for bus transportation to the United States. To get a discount, book your tickets in advance - at least a week before the trip, and even better - a few weeks or months. Ordering tickets is beneficial through the official website of the company.

Advantage: relatively low ticket price.

Cost: about $ 150-175 (excluding promotions and discounts) + food expenses.

Tip 3. Get ready for the trip.

The trip will take about three days, so think about what you will do all this time. Buses are equipped with air conditioning, toilets, reclining chairs with headrests and tinted windows. Take a player, laptop, tablet or book with you and do not forget about headphones, so as not to disturb your neighbor. You can also bring food and soft drinks with you, or buy it all on the way.



Tip 1. Plan a route and navigate the map.

The distance between Los Angeles and New York is about 4.5 thousand kilometers, which equals approximately 43 hours of travel (depending on the route chosen). You can take the Interstate 40 Motorway, which stretches from California to North Carolina, or the Interstate 80, which runs from San Francisco to New Jersey. Both in the first and in the second case, you will be able to pass the highway most of the way. Use a map or navigator on the road. If the time and purpose of the trip allow, visit nearby attractions along the way, wrap up to see Chicago, the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park. As a preparation, you can take advantage of various useful online resources for travelers.

Tip 2. Carefully calculate travel expenses

Remember that travel expenses include more than gas. This includes car rental, if you rent it, and breakfast-lunch-dinner, and toll roads, and accommodation in hotels or motels, if there is no one to change the driver and he needs rest.

Advantage: the ability to independently manage your time, visit the sights along the way and enjoy the surrounding landscapes.

Cost: expenses for gasoline and food, as well as, possibly, car rental and overnight.

Tip 3. Remember the local traffic patterns

Traffic regulations in the USA are a separate issue. But speaking in general, the main thing is not to exceed the speed too much (not more than 10 miles / hour, the local police radars are set to +11), do not leave the car on the side of the highway and carefully read the signs along the road. The latter will tell you about the speed limit (in miles / hour, remember this) and warn about the approach of a gas station or toll motorway.

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Information on the route New York – Los Angeles

The total distance is 4529 kilometers. Time excluding overnight stays, but taking into account the standard conditions that you spend driving: 45 hours. That is, almost 2 days. This is a very difficult route, especially for a novice driver. You will definitely have to make 2 or even 3 stops. If you decide to go by car from New York to Los Angeles, then you have to cross the distance from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean by land! Facts about the distance from New York to Los Angeles:

Distance by plane4200 km
Flight time5-6 hours
Road distance4529 km
Travel time by bus50-70 hours

How much to fly from New York to Los Angeles

This route is one of the longest in distance, you have to fly about 4.5 hours. If the weather is not flying, and your plane enters the second circle, then the flight time can quietly increase to 5 hours. There are delays on this route, but as a rule, within 10-15 minutes, no more. Ticket prices start at $ 99 for a one-way flight. Below you will find a calendar with low prices for flights from New York to Los Angeles:

Finding a flight within America longer than the time of a New York – Los Angeles flight is practically impossible. Air distance is slightly less than the distance on the ground, about 4 thousand kilometers. At the same time, the plane overcomes it much faster than a car and a bus, as it flies at a tremendous speed.

To save money, many fly with transplants. Such flights can be even 24 hours, depending on how long your transplant takes.

By train on the New York – Los Angeles route

Taking the New York - Los Angeles train route is the dream of many tourists. After all, this way you can see all of America. Especially if you can not just go, but go out in at least every State and stay there for a couple of days. The train on this route travels 2.5 days, costs about $ 200. For students you can find special offers.