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Email is one of the most common methods of exchanging information on the Internet. With its support, you can chat, share links and files, and message delivery can take from a couple of seconds to one minute.

You will need

  • - a computer with internet access.

Instruction manual

1. Open your email inbox to send a message from email to phone. Enter the text of the letter, keep in mind that the highest number of characters in one SMS cannot exceed 70 if you enter the message in Cyrillic.

2. Next, enter the recipient's phone number in the international format, say +38066 ******* in the field to whom, then put the “dog” sign and enter the name of the message server provided by the mobile operator. For example, for the Ukrainian operator "MTC" the server address is

3. Enter in the field to whom the further address for sending SMS from email to the phone number of the Kyivstar operator: +38 “Operator code” “Subscriber phone number” @ Click on the “Submit” button. Use to send an SMS message with an e-mail list of servers on the site The list has many operators of the CIS countries.

4. Use Mail.Ru Spy to send SMS messages from the e-mail box if your mailbox is on the server. To do this, go to and download the installation file for the Spy program onto your computer.

5. Install the app. Before sending SMS to the phone, make sure that the person you are talking to has a contact mobile number. Browse the contact list, if the corresponding icon is displayed next to the name, then the number is indicated. You can add the contact number yourself.

6. Select a user from the list, double-click on the name. In the window that opens, go to the “SMS” tab, enter the message text. Select a number from the list for the one you want to send a message from e-mail. Please note that in this program the maximum length of a Russian-language message is 36 characters, and for the Latin alphabet it is 116. Press the "Send" button. When writing a message, you can use smiles.

How to transfer email address by phone

Personally, it infuriates me how people on the phone dictate to each other the address of their e-mail.
God forbid, you get into a situation where something like this is instilled into your ear through the cell phone:

-So. Write it down. Es. Es is not Russian, but like a dollar. Si. Like the Russian "es." Ha. But not "X" but the English "ha", like the Russian "en." "Ve", the English "ve", which is double. E, Russian "e". "And" English - a stick with a dot. "Ne" English-Russian "and" vice versa. No, no, not "and" English, which has a dot, but Russian "and" vice versa, that is, English "en". "E", Russian "ye".
Well and so on.

Such a ten minute verbal masturbation is extremely depressing for me. Therefore, for a long time I have been using a simple but effective technique - when someone tries to tell me about "es like a dollar" I interrupt him and say:

Tip 3: How to send a file to your phone

Music, pictures, video files - all this is much more convenient to upload to your phone using a computer than overpaying for a lot of money for downloading from wap-sites. And why buy a chorus of someone’s favorite song cut out by someone when it’s perfectly possible to copy the whole song for nothing? But for this you need to be able to send files to the phone. There are three most common methods for copying files: via a cord, via a Bluetooth connection, and through an infrared port.

Tip 4: How to send a letter from mail to phone

With the improvement of technology, the likelihood of communication communication is growing. It became permissible to quickly receive a duplicate mail message on phone correspond by electronic means mail and mobile. This gives the superiority of prompt response to a message; tea phone, as usual, is always at hand.

Tip 5: How to send to mobile from mail

Progress does not stand still. It was not even difficult for a short time to assume that a message can be sent to a mobile phone from a PC, which is much more comfortable for many PC users. Now - it is not fiction that goes beyond the potential, but glorious reality.

You will need

  • - Personal Computer,
  • - special software installed on the computer.

The first way to send SMS from E-mail

I already partially considered this method in other publications, but did not stop in more detail. The essence of the method is to use the capabilities of the SMS mailing service, which gives us a personal mailbox, by sending a letter to which in a certain format we will send a command to the service to send SMS. The positive side of the medal is the use of this service: fast SMS delivery, there are no restrictions on the number of SMS, the absence of captcha and other bicycles, you do not even need to connect the necessary functions to the provider. Negative - for each SMS you will have to pay a few cents.

Implementation of the method of sending SMS from the mailbox.

1. Register on the mailing service - HERE (and get a 10% discount on all SMS).

2. In your personal account we are looking for the block "Your mail", it looks like in the screenshot below

3. In this section, we will already have one mailbox created, but to configure it, you need to click the "Edit" button:

4. Indicate the name of the box - I recommend coming up with something tricky, while no one needs to be told about it. Set the flags what specifically to send in SMS (subject, sender, letter):

5. We indicate that you need to trim SMS to 70 characters (in order to receive them for your number for free), indicate whether to transliterate the text, indicate the sender - your number.

6. You can duplicate SMS to your number and the required number of numbers - since there is no need to duplicate - I leave it as it is. With all this, you need to understand that if you have an online store, and you need to send SMS to an accountant at the same time and get a notification to yourself, then of course you need to specify the necessary numbers.

7. It is also necessary to fill out from which mail we will receive messages to this mailbox - indicate the mailbox that we will use to send SMS - you can specify several mailboxes. The function is useful because someone else will not be able to send SMS from our balance even if we know our mail - this function will keep our balance intact. Then click "Save."

Thus, we set up sending SMS from the mailbox to our phone number (or by adding other numbers - the message will be sent to other recipients as well).

Now you need to check the possibility of sending (whether everything is configured correctly) - go to your e-mail and create a message in the form of plain text (this is important.) In the recipient field, specify the address that you received in the step above.

After sending, in a matter of seconds you can check on the phone - SMS was successfully delivered to the phone.