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How to choose a wedding photographer


Wonderful, atmospheric photos are an integral part of a wedding day. Here in the photograph, the newlyweds gently hold each other's hands. And let the whole world wait. On the next - they run fun along the river in the company of friends. Next is the moment when bride throws a bouquet. Who did he get to? This will tell another photo.

How to make a wedding photo album not just a collection of obscure photos, but convey the mood of the day? This article has simple tips for getting everything in the best possible way.

How to correctly draw up a contract for wedding photography?

Very soon, the fabulous moment of creating a new family. I want to capture it forever and in the best possible way. After all, sorting through a home photo archive, considering wedding photographs of parents and older relatives, it is noticeable that the photo taken by a professional wedding photographer is just one thing. Usually it general photo - newlyweds, parents and guests.

The remaining shots are made by amateurs and have low artistic value, to say the least

So that a bright event after the fact does not turn into a set of inexpressive pictures in which it is unclear who and why was photographed, it is worth using the services of a good photographer. Even if the event is small and budgetary, then you do not need to save on this.

So, your announcement on the city forum "Wanted a better photographer" as a result issued fifty contacts of unknown people. A poll of friends produced as many similar results. How to choose the one so as not to overshadow such a bright moment? Clarity will help questions before the wedding photographer:

  1. Does it sign service agreement?
  2. What is your experience in this field and where can I see the portfolio of a wedding photographer?
  3. How many photos are given to the client? Be sure to specify how many pictures you would like to receive.
  4. What is the minimum runtime?
  5. How is payment made? Choose a payment option in installments: advance payment and payment upon receipt of photos.
  6. How will the photographer get to the place of filming?
  7. What places does the photographer recommend for a photo shoot? What other options are possible (solemn filming on the wedding day, before or after painting)?
  8. Did he have a wedding photo shoot in your registry office? It will be good if the photographer is familiar with the roomwhere to shoot. This will help him quickly navigate to choose a good angle.
  9. How long does it take to process photographs (is this included in the price or paid separately) and in what form will they be transferred to you?
  10. Is it possible to make a wedding photo book?
  11. Does he work together with a second photographer (assistant) and does he have a spare set of equipment?
  12. Are decor elements provided for shooting?

Think too many questions? Nothing like this. Before the wedding, finding a famous popular wedding photographer is half the success. The second half consists of trifles agreed in advance and fixed in the contract.

Signing a contract with a wedding photographer

A sample model contract of a wedding photographer. Hourly pay and requirements

Photographer agreement - This is a safety net for you. Oral arrangements are good, but a bilateral treaty in writing is better. This is your confidence in the planned course of events and the result, as well as the opportunity to receive compensation if something went wrong.

What are the main obligatory clauses of the contract About creating custom-made photographic products:

  1. Document number, date and city.
  2. Indication of two sides.
  3. Terms designation: what is a photographic product, photographing, a sample of a work, material carrier, part of a photographic product, customer requirements, use of photographic products.
  4. Subject of the contract: the photographer agrees to fulfill the requirements of the customer for the agreed fee, and the customer agrees to pay in full on time.
  5. Rights and obligations of the parties.
  6. Copyright of photographic products.
  7. Guarantees.
  8. Timing of work, their volume and the possibility of their transfer.
  9. Settlement of parties: amount and date of advance payment, size and date of final settlement.
  10. Responsibility of the parties: the size of the penalty for late work and responsibility for copyright infringement.
  11. Force majeure circumstances.
  12. Ways to resolve disputes.
  13. Final provisions: the procedure for notifying the parties in the event of a change in details, the possibility and procedure for amendments to the contract.
  14. Addresses and details of the parties.

You can also add requirements to the level of equipment and the possibility / impossibility of replacing the photographer with another in case of insurmountable circumstances, but which do not fall under the definition of force majeure. Also clothing formatso that he does not look like a black sheep among the guests in case of a thematic wedding. The moment how to feed the photographer at the wedding can also be recorded in the document.

How many hours does a wedding photographer need: for an hour, for 3 hours, or for an entire day?

An important question bothering the newlyweds when ordering a wedding videographer and photographer is how much time should he spend at the holiday? What moment is the start and what is the finish? It is a personal matter and remains solely at your discretion.

Practice shows that optimal planning shooting time for 6-8 hours. The beginning is from the moment of dressing the bride, then the ransom, registration and wedding walk. It would be logical to complete the photo shoot at the banquet after the first dance.

Not all guests look decent at the end of the wedding table, so it’s not necessary to shoot at the end, so as not to embarrass anyone

After the first dance, the photographer can safely leave the celebration. Further, as a rule, the plot is the same: a stormy feast alternates with contests. To immortalize these moments of the wedding, it will be enough amateur cameras and modern phones.

Other important details

So, we decided how much time the photographer will have enough for you to receive the necessary number of wonderful photos from a professional after a magical day. Throughout life, these pictures can be reviewed again and again, partially immersed in the atmosphere of the holiday and boundless love for each other. That's not all. It is necessary to weigh the pros and cons and choose the right photographer for the wedding. Looking for a wedding photographer in an agency or choosing a private wedding photographer?

When choosing a private photographer, the moment of impersonality disappears: you are not one of many, but the only and unique customers

Wedding agencies often often overstate the cost of work. It’s logical - everyone should earn money: both the photographer and the agency. The photographer in this case is not afraid to spoil the work, as he does not risk his reputation. Maximum - the agency will refund your money. And who will bring back the magic of the moment and memories?

Check the photographer’s checklist for the wedding. This day is eventful: no matter what you lose sight of. Usually, photo shoot consists from several stages: preparing the bride, preparing the groom, shooting before the ceremony of marriage (wedding), banquet.

So that the pictures were as beautiful as possible, do not neglect the bride’s advice from the photographer. Simple, but very important recommendations will help make unforgettable shots:

  1. Careful choice of makeup artist. The option "my girlfriend completed the makeup courses" disappears. Because wedding makeup is a science.
  2. Minimize the presence of sparkles. In the photographs, it looks like places frayed by pancakes.
  3. Visit the epilation and solarium in at least 2-3 days. Redness and irritation do not decorate anyone.
  4. Take care of morning clothes, a place for makeup and hairstyles in advance. You can hardly call holiday photographs those where the bride in her mother’s not very new dressing gown does makeup and hairstyle against the background of carpets and disassembled packages.
  5. To prepare a place for shooting dresses, jewelry of the bride, rings with decorative elements. Wedding rings occupy a special place on the wedding day in the soul and hands of the newlyweds and become the object of attention of photographers.

Ring with diamonds, Eiphoria (price by reference)

The article lists the main points on how to choose a wedding photographer, what to look for, so that not only the registration day itself is bright and memorable, but also that it is nice to review holiday pictures again and again. Good afternoon!

The photographer is also a man

You should like it - just be nice to the bride and groom. You should be pleased to communicate with him, because you are going to share with him an important, touching, extremely emotional day, in which there will be gentle smiles, friendly laughter, and carefully hidden tears. All this he needs to catch and capture so that you gasp.

During a personal meeting with the photographer, do not rush - ask questions (their list will be lower), communicate in the cozy atmosphere of a cafe, not only on the topic of photography.

Make sure you understand each other perfectly. If during the photo session you will be pinched, shy, behave constrained, the chemistry between you and the photographer does not arise - then you need a person who can melt the ice.

Decide in advance what you need from a wedding photographer

Do not start your search until you yourself have decided on your desires. What do you want from wedding photos - classics or experiments? Find inspirational examples on the Internet. Groups of social networks, wedding portals and personal sites of photographers will help you - perhaps this is how you will come across a specialist from your city who works in the genre you have chosen. You can still ask friends for advice (read more about this in the article “Is it worth choosing a photographer for a wedding through friends»).

Remember: the clearer your idea of ​​the role of the photographer at the wedding, the easier the photo shoot will be and the result will be more pleasant.

When to start looking for a wedding photographer

If you want a good specialist, book his services for 6-10 months. I recommend that you deal with this issue before applying. Why? The photographer will help you choose a specific registry office and registration time, plan a day, give useful tips regarding photo shoots against the backdrop of attractions, etc. More on this read here.

Just imagine: before the wedding, you will experience excitement, or as some couples say “indescribable jitters”. But this is inevitable, even the most seasoned ones are worried. Who will support you? An experienced person with hundreds of celebrations. He traveled with the newlyweds the whole city and knows for sure how to "deliciously serve" him and you. Of course, not all photographers are so deeply immersed in their profession, so if you need guarantees, take into account the rules in the next section.

Choosing a wedding photographer on the Internet: 6 rules

1. We study a portfolio. A sophisticated wedding photographer should have an impressive collection of all-season shots in different locations.

2. Evaluate the processing. Since photos from weddings have been stored in the family archives for decades and are even inherited, I advise you to dwell on the most natural options, natural colors and shades.

3. We look at the retouching. Detailed photo processing is a time-consuming process. The skin tone should be even, the hair neatly arranged, the teeth and whites of the eyes white. The specialist needs to remove unattractive objects, garbage cans, wires and other unnecessary things, random people who in some cases inevitably fall into the frame. To understand what kind of work the photographer did, ask him to show the photo without retouching and with retouching.

4. We admire the wedding series (reports). One portfolio is not enough, so carefully consider the full reports from two or three weddings held in the season you are interested in. We take a particularly good look at photographing in the registry office: moments of registration, photos with parents, during the first dance, cutting the cake - that is, how the master captured the momentous moments.

5. We make sure that the photographer has a narrow specialization. Usually, professionals are not scattered - if weddings, then only weddings. As an exception - Love Story and family photo shoots.

6. Read the reviews. On the site and in social networks, you should find reviews with direct contacts of customers, through which you can contact them and ask questions.

Common mistakes when choosing a photographer

1. Savings above all. It's great when a cool photographer with a schedule for the coming years takes a penny for his work. Only this is from the realm of fiction. If you are focused solely on prices, do not rush to rejoice at the numbers published on the site - they may be incorrect. Call the wizard and find out the minimum or basic rates for services, take an interest in package offers.

2. Fear of a personal meeting. Do not be shy, because only during a conversation you will see if you can cooperate with this photographer. Having talked before the wedding, you will more easily reveal yourself to a familiar person, sincerely smile at the lens of his camera.

3. Late booking. The later you recall the need for a photographer to be at your party, the more difficult it will be for you to plan that day. Yes, and can you hire a specialist who is satisfied on all fronts? Hardly. We'll have to "take" the first one.

Questions that are usually asked to the photographer when meeting

Going for an interview (and in this situation you are an employer), be fully prepared. You go to a meeting that decides the fate of your wedding photos. Take a notepad with your questions and do not hesitate to ask their job seeker photographer.

Personally, I respect and understand if you are so prepared for the meeting. To make it easier for you to navigate, under each question I leave my answer.

For example, at our personal meeting the questions and answers may be as follows:

Do you sign a contract?

If wedding photography is the main activity for the photographer, as for me, then the official agreement certified by the seal is a mandatory point of cooperation.

What is your experience in wedding photography?

For example, I have been engaged in wedding photography since 2007 and have shot more than 350 celebrations.

Do you work alone or with an assistant?

In order to be in time and not to miss anything, I usually take an assistant photographer with me.

What equipment are you dealing with? Do you have additional equipment in case of force majeure?

I always have a spare camera and a set of lenses with me.

Do you make wedding photo books and photo books for parents?

This is one of my favorite activities, and you can read more about this service. here. I will bring samples of photo books to the meeting.

Do you do Love Story pre-wedding photo shoots?

Examples of photographs of photographer Alexander Malinin can be seen here. At the meeting, I will also have something to show you.

On which medium will you give us the finished material?

Usually this is a USB flash. If necessary, I can upload the footage to Yandex.Disk or Cloud Mail.Ru. In addition, all photos from your wedding will be stored by me for 3-5 years.

Do you use additional lighting equipment at the banquet?

Since the banquet rooms are often dark, I amplify the local lighting and on-camera flash with additional lighting equipment.

Can you recommend a make-up artist, videographer and host?

Yes, in the process of work it is not difficult for me to see the quality of work of these people: among them there are excellent specialists. There are, unfortunately, those whom I will never recommend to my clients.

What do you advise us in case it rains on your wedding day?

We will discuss this issue with you in person, based on your wishes and the style of your celebration.

What will you get around on your wedding day?

At your request - either in a car with the newlyweds, or by personal transport.

What is the amount of prepayment when signing the contract?

For example, I take an advance payment of 3,000 rubles, and the remaining amount is paid by customers on the wedding day. If the entire agreed amount is paid immediately, I make a discount of 10% of the total cost of the service.

What other questions can be asked to the photographer, read the article "Questions from the newlyweds».

How to choose "your" wedding photographer?

They say that a girl at the first meeting with a nice guy comes up with a name for their future children and grandchildren. Every joke has some truth! Everyone knows that women are more likely to plan than their life partners. For example, they think through their wedding ... starting from kindergarten. So, when the long-awaited offer finally arrives, there is no room for error. Everything should go perfectly!

Since the fall of 2016, with the support of Sony launched the portal of the best wedding photographers WeddingPro. Photographers with more than 3 years of experience and more than 15 wedding shootings are invited to participate. Участникам портала предоставляются специальные условия тестирования и последующей покупки фототехники, PR на и в социальных сетях, живые заказы.

All points are equally important: which dress to choose, how many guests to call, and even what color napkins will be on the table? Needless to say, how important is the choice of a wedding photographer? Which side do we approach this issue, if of photographers in general you only know "well, this one, how is it, oh, how bad it is with my names." It's not scary, you can figure it out. The main thing is to understand yourself, what photos do you like, how do you see your wedding album? And to have time for this.

Most weddings take place in spring and summer, this is a high season. For the summer, filming begins to order as early as January. And this must be taken into account, it may turn out that the photographer you liked is busy on your wedding day. Communicating with photographers and brides, we have identified general rules for choosing “your” wedding photographer. Dedicated to all bewildered brides.

What is modern wedding photography? If you drive in a search engine “wedding photographer Moscow”, then an unprepared person can go crazy. Wedding photography is a highly competitive field. Before diving into the abyss of commercial offers, we suggest that you first get into the course of things.

My photographer, who is he?

It is wedding! Wedding photography is best entrusted to a photographer who specializes in wedding photography, filmed more than one ceremony. This is due to the specifics of the work. A cool wedding man is a man-orchestra: he is both a portrait painter, and a clever reporter, and knows how to work with light, and a psychologist, and many more! And you, turned, for example, to the studio shooting guru or - even worse - to a landscape painter. There is a chance that they will not have time to capture important points and, besides, they do not know how to behave in the registry office, where you can stand, when you should be more careful.

He is my compatriot! If you live in Russia, then even if you have an unlimited budget, it is not advisable to contact Western masters. Think not only about yourself. You will have guests, most likely you will still call Aunt Natasha from Ryazan. The last time she dealt with a photographer was when she was filming a new passport. People very often begin to feel constricted, shy and behave constrained. The "local" photographer has repeatedly come across this problem. He will be able to find a common language with everyone!

You looked at gigabytes of photos, finally, you’ve decided on what kind of photos you are hooked on and you know that you are looking for a Russian wedding photographer with rich experience. It's time to move on to the next step.

How to find a wedding photographer on the Internet? It is worth paying attention to thematic resources and forums dedicated to wedding photography. Most professionals have a page on similar resources. True, it is quite difficult to choose the best combination of price and quality for yourself. The first pages are really good photographers, but be prepared for the fact that they are expensive! You delved into the search, like a lot. But in order to quickly cut off the excess, each time you look at the photos, ask yourself one question! Do you want to be the hero of these photos? The photographer always puts his best shots in the portfolio, shows that he is interested in shooting what he is good at. You are calm and modest, under no circumstances would you like to sit on the neck of your fiancé and wave a wedding bouquet? And in the portfolio all the photos are about rampant fun and craziness. You are not for this photographer! There is nothing worse than squeezing strained emotions.

You act as a real employer. First, see the portfolio: - Like? We stay and look further! Pay attention to who the photographer is shooting, are these couples real? Maybe these are just models. So you can understand whether the photographer has a lot of experience, whether he has been in business, whether he shot real weddings.

Project any portfolio into your reality. You should not focus on photo shoots made in the Maldives, if you plan to be photographed, say, in Moscow. Look for a photographer who can effectively fit the bride and groom into the city landscape.

It is worth reading the biography of the photographer. There, as a rule, you will find information about education, the technique for which he removes and about all kinds of awards. Another stage is passed. Now select 5-7 photographers you like. It's time to chat.

We call "our" photographer. The first thing you should find out is whether the photographer is free the day you are planning a wedding. After that, we find out the estimated price. Surely, you have in your head the amount that you are going to spend on the photographer. If you fit into the allotted budget, then you should meet with such a photographer.

Make an appointment

A telephone conversation is definitely not enough - you do not order pizza! It is a must to meet with a photographer. What if you just don’t like it? This should be the most pleasant person for you, you invite him to your wedding, trust the story of your family: this is a very intimate moment. Never meet in a hurry! Take time to discuss everything in a relaxed atmosphere. It is advisable that the meeting takes place during the day, in daylight in a room where it is light enough. Ask the photographer to bring pictures to the meeting. You can ask to see the shooting of one wedding in full or only key points. Call the photographer those who consider important for themselves in the wedding. Do not negotiate more than five meetings. They should be held in the nearest time from each other. This will give you a chance to more accurately compare your impressions.

On the phone, you won’t be able to find out exactly how much the shooting of your wedding will cost. This will become known only after a personal meeting, when the photographer will understand what you want - how much work! Everyone thinks differently. Someone likes hourly pay more, someone makes package offers. If you order a photographer in advance, you can often get a discount, shoot at the price of last season or some other nice bonuses will be offered. You can also get a discount on the shoot if you order a love story before the wedding. This is a pen test. You will feel like a model, get used to the photographer and his way of working, he will understand you better. In addition, no one will bother you, you will not have to rush anywhere, as at a wedding. As a result, you will get wonderful photos that you are happy to put in your wedding album.

Think about what you would like to receive? After the wedding, the photographer can give you a disk or a flash drive with shooting, or you can order a photo book. If you want a disk with a photo: find out how many frames the photographer finally gives away. It is very important to remember that the main thing is not quantity, but quality. Therefore, do not be discouraged or frightened if the photographer is not ready to give all the photos that were taken at your wedding. The photographer values ​​his reputation, it is not profitable for him to give absolutely everything. There is always someone who puts these photos on the Internet: it doesn’t matter that the shot is unsuccessful, but I did a good job here. This spoils the reputation of the photographer. By the way, and does not honor you. And in general it does not bear any value. Remember how once you came to visit your friends, and you were seated to watch a home video "how we went to Egypt." An hour and a half film, which is uninteresting even to those who shot it. Admit it, you were terribly bored. Do not make your friends watch afterwards an infinite number of albums on social networks - “Our wedding. Part 6 ". Professionals do not always do retouching of all frames, which they then give away. And this must be discussed in advance. Perhaps the photographer from the whole shoot will take only ten of the best photos. And here again - the main quality. But you can print these ten photos in large size.

If you want a photo book

The photographer must know before the wedding that you want to receive a photo book at the exit. Then he will take pictures specifically for this format: then he will have a difficult task - to make this into a single work. Photos should be in the same style and tell a story. Ask to bring ready-made books to the meeting, see, touch, understand - do you want this?

How to choose the right photographer for the wedding: a mini-guide

  1. We create a list of wedding photographers from 5-7 people, the so-called short list, from which in the future we will choose the one we need.
    Where to look for candidates? Firstly, these are those photographers whom your friends will recommend to you, who were satisfied with their work. Recently married friends, relatives, acquaintances can recommend you or, conversely, dissuade them from prospective candidates. You can also see their wedding photos to understand whether you like these works or not. Secondly, it is a search through social networks (groups, publics) and just the Internet. Most professional photographers have their own websites, Internet profiles, where you can see the portfolio, reviews, prices and so on. Each photographer has his own style of shooting. Choose from those whose styles are close to your personal preferences.
  2. Photo quality.
    In addition to the aesthetic component, that is, the style itself, there is also a qualitative parameter. You can not understand professional photographic equipment, but you can always consider photos in a portfolio. Clarity, brightness, color saturation - all this can be seen with the naked eye.
  3. Personal meeting.
    It will be right to meet with the photographers who impressed you the most. A personal meeting is the only way to find out if you will be comfortable on your wedding day. Ultimately, the result of the photographer’s work and your mood on this important day will ultimately depend on mutual sympathy or hostility. If during the meeting you feel that this is YOUR photographer, then we move on to the following points. P.s. you can take your photos with you where you like yourself and show them to the photographer so that he understands what exactly you expect from him.
  4. Portfolio.
    Ask the photographer for a portfolio, discuss possible locations, poses, and so on. You can draw possible ideas for wedding photography from different sources as well as from the portfolio of the selected photographer. The more photos in the portfolio, the more adequately you will be able to evaluate its creative capabilities. 1-2 successful photos from one wedding, it can even happen with an amateur, a gallery of many good shots from different weddings says a lot.
  5. Experience.
    The experience of the photographer greatly affects his ability to manage stressful situations. For example, ask him how he takes pictures and what to do if it suddenly rains. You will immediately see that a well-seasoned wedding photographer will easily answer all your questions.
  6. The cost of wedding photography.
    With a few exceptions, a good photographer is expensive and more expensive than a mediocre one. I do not recommend saving, because over time, all that remains for memory is a wedding photo and video. There are various payment options for wedding photographers: hourly and service packages. Which is more profitable and convenient, is decided in each case. In large cities, prices are much higher than in small ones. Having analyzed this market of services in your region, you can easily find out the average price for both an hour and a package. The average price of wedding photography in Russia (if you take the package), then all-day photography + photo processing and partial printing is approximately 25-30 thousand. But this is a very average indicator, there are photographers who take 60 thousand and higher, there are those who are ready to work for 8 thousand all day. There are situations when the photographer goes towards the client, so everything is always discussed individually.
  7. Assistant.
    Not every photographer has an assistant, but his presence is always a plus. Wedding photography is a rather complicated process, both from the creative side, and from the physical. Having an assistant is good. Two photographers - more interesting photos from different angles and points of view. By the way, the photographer and the video operator should not be in one person. Still, these are two completely different characters at your wedding who have different tasks.
  8. Reviews
    It’s good if there are reviews on the photographer’s site. Well, if the city forums have feedback on the work of your chosen photographer. All this helps to decide. However, do not forget that reviews can be ordered both positively and negatively. It is always good to have contacts of real people who can share their impressions of cooperation.
  9. Trust and sympathy.
    Choose the photographer that you liked the most and aroused trust, ease and ease of communication. It is then that you will be comfortable working with him, and he with you.
  10. Contract.
    Do not forget to sign a service agreement. Situations are different, but if you don’t discuss all the details with your photographer in advance, there can be many unpleasant nuances. This applies to prepayment, usually it is 50% of the cost of work, hours of work in hours, and if processing, then the price of payment for it, a spare set of photographic equipment in case of a sudden breakdown (it happens sometimes), discussion of the number of final photos, including in what format and how they will be given to you. Only color photos or black and white will be there; all this is best discussed and written in the contract. In order to avoid misunderstandings, when all the work has been completed and the money has been paid, it will be correct to sign the acceptance certificate of the work, which says that you have no complaints (or vice versa), and so on.

The key to stunning wedding photography is finding the right photographer for you.