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How to overcome fear


How to overcome fear of any power? This question is rather sensitive. It is advisable to dig a lot deeper than it is on the surface. Because initially there is a deep reason that provokes the brain to generate awesome pictures. But there are several methods that help remove superficial fear in any situation.

Acceptance and Initiation

The most important thing that helps you work with yourself is the acceptance of fear. We are all not very perfect. Accept your fear. Agree that you are afraid of something. But you acknowledge your problem and are already on the path to purification. You are already beautiful in this moment. And then the matter was left to the small.

Look fear in the eye. Plant it next to you and acknowledge it. Do not let him swing muscles under the couch.

Imagine that he is sitting with you in a room. Well yeah, you have it. Here is sitting next. You can imagine that what you are afraid of has already happened to you. Agree to that. But immediately after that, think: “Despite this situation, how can I continue to be happy? Well, that’s it. What should I do next to live happily? ”

Reduce fear

If you don’t know how to overcome the fear of driving a car to a novice: a woman or a man, the fear of speaking to the public, the fear of flying on an airplane, the fear of childbirth or death, a new job or height, here is the simplest technique:

First you need to determine your fear. It can be something specific or generalized. And then you need to pronounce the word loudly, gradually reducing the number of letters in the word:






Repeat this technique as many times as needed until you feel better.

If you are afraid of something specific: an airplane or a dog, then reduce the significance of your word:







Within a few minutes, the voltage inside should disappear. But remember that this is just a patch on an open wound. This is a quick way to remove fear, and a causal relationship must be sought deep within itself and worked through it.


Do you know what helps people overcome fear quickly? Simple counting, which in a matter of minutes brings the whole organism back to normal. You need to repeat it until you feel inner comfort. And it sounds like this:

“Out of nine, eight, out of seven, seven out of six, out of six five, out of five four, out of four three out of three, out of two, out of one, out of not one.”

homeless dog

How to overcome fear on your own? The coolest method and adored by many. Even if you are afraid of dogs, do it. Imagine your fear is a stray dog. When she comes to you on the street, what are you doing? Someone feeds, someone strokes, someone does not pay attention to her and passes by.

Do this with your fear. Well this fear came in the form of a stray dog. Something "bump-bump" barks. What's next? But what does he want to say besides woof-woof? Well, let yourself bark. Swipe and go forward.

No, you can, of course, listen to what he will broadcast there. But your energy is wasted on it. You yourself support your fear. Do you need it at all?

Vein ripple

Can I overcome a sense of fear in a few minutes and help myself, relatives, friends, and even a child? Yes you can. Take a look at this very simple technique.

How to overcome fear:

  1. Wrap your palm around any thumb.
  2. Close your eyes and try to calm your breathing.
  3. Feel the throb of your thumb.
  4. Slowly count from 10 to 1.
  5. If you need to repeat, then repeat the count.
  6. Within a few minutes, the fear will disappear.

Courage is the ability to overcome any fear. Everything is simple here: you need to go where you are afraid to go and do what you fear. The only way.

Just think, 5 minutes of shame, and then everything will fall into place. ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

What's so bad?

Usually, fears are far-fetched and real. Real fears are those when something really threatens a person: people, cataclysms, a pack of dogs and other phenomena. But most often we are attacked by far-fetched fears. And they are very nasty, weeds grow in our minds. They need to be identified and pulled out at the initial stage.

It is recommended that you ask yourself one simple question: “What will happen to the worst if it happens to me?”

You can write the answers to this question on a piece of paper. As a result, it turns out that this is not such a terrible thing. Because fear is always unknown, and here you outline it, give shape. And he does not become so sinister. In any case, all this can be experienced, it takes only a little time and effort.

Usually, if you untwist this, then most fears come down to fear of death or fear of loss. Not always, but in most cases. Each is individual. So this is what you need to work with.

This technique is not recommended for emotional people with good visualization and panic attacks. It is they who are able to unleash the situation in absolutely the other direction and attract this event to themselves.

Another simple technique that helps overcome fear:

  1. Take a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  2. Ask your body: where is the fear?
  3. If the body answered you, then try to imagine what form, color, smell has fear.
  4. You can talk to him, ask where he came from, how old he is.
  5. After you examine it in detail, think of a way how it can be destroyed.
  6. You can throw it into a magic tank that utilizes everything that is not needed. Cut, chop, shred, burn with any magic tools. Nothing should remain of fear.

Accelerate adrenaline

Run, dance, jump, walk, beat a pear, jump on a skipping rope - do everything that will accelerate your adrenaline to the maximum. Simple exercise helps reduce fear by 50-70%.

How to quickly overcome fear? Here is another simple technique:

  1. Imagine the fear in front of you. Find out what form, color, smell, how old he is.
  2. Now imagine that you are gradually becoming more and more.
  3. Now you have become twice as big as yourself, and then you have reached the size of your room, your house and city.
  4. Expand until you realize that your fear is just a small grain of sand. And you are bigger. To you above.

Way to yourself

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Now you know how to overcome fear. Use any method you like if you need to remove the alarm or panic attack quickly. But remember that this is just a patch for a deep wound. It must be sutured and look for the root cause of the pain. May you always be stronger than your fears.

Thank you for your time.

What is fear?

Fear refers to fundamental (basic) emotions. Basic emotions are those emotions that cannot be divided into components, but themselves can be the basis for the formation of other emotions. This emotion is essential for survival. Fear motivates action and mobilizes the psychic powers of a person or animal in the face of danger. It causes the following stereotypes of behavior: flight, numbness or attack.

Animals feel fear when they sense danger from some outside. Seneca complained about this, that only "animals run only at the sight of dangers, and having run away from them, they no longer experience fear." A man, in addition to fear of real danger, is inclined to fear what is not, but it can happen in the future. Freud called such fears neurotic.

How to overcome fear

The main problem in the implementation of many initiatives is precisely fear. It paralyzes the ability to act and even plan possible actions, concerns both a specific sphere and the whole person’s life. Of course, you should consider how to overcome fear and begin work aimed at minimizing manifestations, but first you need to understand what fear is and determine the situations that provoke its occurrence.

If we take the general concept, the feeling of fear, regardless of the situation, is a warning signal of the psyche that some danger or unforeseen situation is approaching. This is the mobilization of all body systems for the fastest and most adequate response to stimuli that threaten the life of the mental or physical. Regarding already more detailed conditions, there are various methods for overcoming unpleasant emotions or converting them into energy of action.

Where does fear come from?

All our conscious life they only do what scares us. Parents, teachers, bosses, journalists, glossy magazines and even religion - all try to control our behavior, inspiring us with fear. Advertising makes us buy something, scaring all kinds of troubles. After all, if you do not spend money on a miraculous product, then your caries, dandruff, wrinkles, loneliness, etc. are expected.

Most of us received messages in childhood that we are not good enough. This gives rise to a fear of rejection, misunderstanding, and unloved.

We are born with only two fears: fear of falling and loud sounds. Everything else is the creation of our mind. But if our mind breeds fear, the mind will help get rid of it.

Fears are in all of us. We are full of deep fears about survival, about making enough money and being able to support ourselves. We have fears of becoming sexually inferior or powerless, deep fears of involvement and surrender, fear of rejection or unwanted fears of disrespect, violence, neglect, humiliation, fear of encountering someone, fear of not knowing who we are. We are filled with fears of being unable to express ourselves and be insignificant. At a deeper level, there is always a fear of emptiness and death, which, probably, implicitly permeates all other fears.

Why fear is dangerous

You can run away from fear in various ways: pretending to be absent, blocking it, compensating for ostentatious courage or bravado. You can choose the role of the victim and be aggressive towards others because you have to experience fear and panic in their presence. Some react with flight from reality, removal from life. And some are trying to shift all responsibility for taking care of themselves to other people.

If fear is denied and not recognized, then it can gradually have a powerful and often crippling effect on life. Fear can cause state of chronic anxiety. Make us tough, suspicious, obsessed with self-defense, destroy all attempts to find love. Fear is a crushing emotion that can strike at any of your attempts to gain self-confidence. If you let fears conquer, you will never succeed in creating the life of your dreams.

Constant stay in a state of fear fetters a person, makes you be in constant tension. In addition, strong fear is considered a toxic emotion because it provokes the development of various diseasesdiabetes, throat disease, cancer cell metastasis. It can lead to a change in heart rate, cause excessive sweating, provoke gastrointestinal upsets, affect the activity of the respiratory system, causing a feeling of lack of air, etc.

How does the body of a person who is afraid react? He holds his breath, strains his diaphragm and abdominal muscles. External signs of an individual who is in the grip of fear: a tense pose, hunched shoulders, clenched jaws, a shy look, an uncertain voice. If fear becomes chronic, then breathing becomes superficial, the stomach becomes hard. The result is decrease in emotional, energetic tone and loss of aspirations.

Often our fears are based on past negative experiences. Something happened once that you don’t even want to remember, because unpleasant emotions are too strong. And going through it again is very scary. It turns out reflexthat triggers the fear mechanism in similar situations. For example, a beloved person once abandoned, and now all people who are approaching emotionally close will cause subconscious fear. After all, they can also hurt.

But the most paradoxical and sad thing is that we are subconsciously we attract into our life what we fear! Fear gains permanent residence in our subconscious and draws energy resources onto itself. These resources, in turn, fuel that picture or a possible situation that causes horror and anxiety, making it possible to realize it in life.

There is another explanation here. Usually a person is afraid of something if he realizes that for some reason he may not be able to cope with it. Thus, he shows the Higher Forces where he has development gaps. It is like fear of an exam if the material was poorly absorbed. What does a good teacher do when he knows where the student has weaknesses? He runs it on unlearned assignments so that the material is well fixed. The same thing happens in the School of Life.

Acceptance and recognition of your fear

If we can make friends with fear, bring it to the surface and explore, it can become a transforming force for our personality. The first and most important step is to accept your fear.

Take out a piece of paper and write down all your fears. Do not think for a long time, write down everything that comes to mind. Fear of being alone, fear for a child’s health, fear of superiors, fear of dismissal? Look at your list. Impressive, isn't it? Each person has his own long list of fears, but unlike you, he is not yet ready to face them. Awareness of the problem is the first step towards solving it. By the way, it’s nice to burn this list later solemnly, imagining that you really get rid of all your fears, you just burn them.

Do not try to get rid of fear or push it away. Try to understand what fear is. Accept it as part of your being. If you can accept it, then fear disappears. If fear is rejected, it grows. A person who is not afraid to accept his fear becomes fearless, because there is no duality in him.

• Become an outside observer

Think of the situation remotely, do not get involved in it completely. Being completely emotionally involved in a difficult situation, you will not be able to make the right decisions. Remember, when you watch a horror movie, you perceive what is happening on the screen remotely. So in a life situation, try to look at everything from the side. In such cases, humor is still very helpful. After all, most people perceive life with excessive seriousness.

• Take control of your thinking

To get rid of fear, you must try not to think about possible troubles, not to remember, not to analyze. Switch your mind to something else. Usually a person is obsessed with his fear, and therefore cannot get rid of it, since this further accelerates the mechanism of fear.

If you can’t get rid of fear, try mentally imagining a knife switch, then raise your hand up, imagine that you took it, and sharply pull the handle of an imaginary knife switch down. You kind of knocked out your frightening thoughts.

• Be here now

To get started, take your mind off your own person, stop scrolling your own problems in your head. Pay attention to other people. Occupy yourself with something. We think too much, and our body is not busy. Constant thinking generates fear. Lead a more active life, take walks, engage in physical exercises - take your body.

Every day we worry about a variety of things. But it all comes down to one thing: we do not live in the present tense. You can only be alarmed if you focus on either the past or the future. If you live in the present, then there is no reason to worry. The mind is not capable of processing two pieces of information at the same time. The best way to overcome fear is to live in the present. That is, if you are busy with some business, then completely immerse yourself in it, then there will be no room for anxiety in your head.

Live here and now, do not worry about the past, do not worry about the future. “Hope breeds fear, and fear poisons our lives, and no real event can compete with it in this” - these are Seneca’s main thoughts about fear, which are relevant now.

• Change your perception of the universe

Accept the inevitability of change, learn to accept them.

Give up your expectations. Your expectations for other people and for life make you a victim.

Release the reins. We want control and predictability in everything. Do not reject anything that may happen. Take it all - whatever it is.

Allow yourself to make mistakes. Forgive others their weaknesses and weaknesses, then you will learn to forgive yourself.

• Change plate

By focusing on failures and negativity, you yourself are pushing yourself to failure. You rehearse your failures. Вы придумываете себе тысячу причин для своего провала, вы говорите другим, что у вас ничего не получится. Если человек многократно проигрывает у себя в голове ту или иную негативную ситуацию, то он фактически программирует себя и окружающий мир на неудачу.It is necessary to control your negative thoughts and expectations. Do not get hung up on the negative.

Another method that is very well suited for working with children, but not only. As soon as a person sees his fear from the side, he will cease to be afraid. Take a piece of paper, pencils, felt-tip pens or paints. Draw your fear! What does he look like? What size is it? Forms? Colors? How does it feel? Give him some funny name. Talk to him! I assure you, if you wish, you can make friends with him and even use him for your own good.

What does this practice give us?

We remove all internal expectations, scenarios, dogmas, and the rules we invented. We surrender to the will of the Higher forces, we cease to set conditions for them internally. Feeling fear of a possible failure, we demonstrate to higher forces, which we are not ready to accept from them in any case. Anything but that!

But also in our expectations of a good development of events, we also set conditions. The desired may come to us in some specific way, and we unconsciously reject all other ways. For example, many are blocking the possibility of finding their own housing, seeing ahead only a mortgage and long-term slavery. Give the universe scope for creativity so that all the best can find the way to you!

In the case when we remove all conditions, the Higher forces choose for us the best possible scenario according to our purpose.

A very strong attitude towards success: “May it not be the way I want. Let it be the best for me". Or in other words: "Thy will be done, but not mine».

What is fear

A sense of fear must be distinguished from panic attacks, as well as a high level of personal anxiety. Fear always arises in an adequate situation that is truly threatening, with panic attacks rather referring to past experiences, and anxiety makes you worry about future problems or troubles. The second peculiarity is that fear is always clearly localized and has a specific reason, realized by a person, even if it sounds silly, for example, fear of small dogs. Feelings that can be mistaken for fear, but attributable to the alarming spectrum, do not have a clear concretization, the experience itself is rather vague, and the person formulates the reason with difficulty or does not formulate it at all.

The intensity of the experience of fear determines the need to do something with it or leave it, as a marker of an inappropriate situation. For example, the fear of an exam is an extremely common variant of phobias, and in the absence of such experiences, an excessive self-confidence of a person can lead to failure, just like an excessive experience of what is happening. It is only necessary to control the situation and adjust one’s own experiences when the signal function ceases to help in organizing the activity, but begins to slow it down.

In any case, the main reason is always a person’s sense of self, i.e. if you are already uncomfortable in your reactions, then you need to change the situation. Initially, it is necessary to recognize the true situation and the presence of one's own fear. In the animal world, no creature is engaged in self-deception regarding the experienced feelings, unlike a person who is forced to control multiple manifestations in order to maintain a place in society. So one of those experiences that they try to hide is fear - in the eyes of others it helps to look more authoritative, but a person loses access to his sensual sphere and does not respond to danger. Therefore, it is important to recognize your own feelings of fear. Next, we will consider the main situations when fear prevents a person from living and functioning, as well as ways to overcome unpleasant experiences.

Fear of a new job

People begin to think about how to overcome the fear of a new job either at the time of posting a resume, or after an affirmative answer of the company after the interview. A previous place of work or activity known to a person can cause only slight excitement, therefore either a radically new specialty or a new place of work can cause a feeling of fear, the roots of which will go into unwillingness to fail, and, accordingly, the loss of a source of food.

Despite the recommendation of psychologists and sociologists about the need to change jobs or workplaces every five years, people continue to hold on to low-paying posts and poor teams, overload themselves with other people's tasks and all for one reason - the fear of changing the habitual for a new one. Fear is taken from one’s own insecurity and low self-esteem when a person does not think that he can be hired or taken to a better company. Here you can recommend making an appointment with a psychotherapist for an individual consultation or for training on the development of relevant skills, where you can work out your own complexes. It is possible to organize such training on your own, if you look like interviews, which will help you to find out your level as a specialist not by your own conclusions, but by an objective assessment of independent experts. All this does not involve either dismissal or transfer to a new position, but it will help to separate true shortcomings from far-fetched problems of uncertainty.

Many introverts are afraid not so much of new work as the need to establish new social ties and the level of trust. In some specific types of activities, any communication with colleagues can be avoided altogether, but there are also positions where communication is the basis of all the activities of the company and the further development of a person as a specialist.

Also, the fear of new acquaintances in the workplace is determined by the need to earn authority in the team again, which is a difficult task when it has long been formed. In this case, you can advise gradually forming a circle of contacts, perhaps looking at the profiles of the company’s employees in social networks and forming an approximate circle of interests so that common topics can be supported. Respect and authority are earned over time and independently, regardless of your desire and are formed on the basis of the activities performed and professionalism in the work.

The fear associated with the new bosses overlaps slightly with the fear of pouring into the new team, but is more specific. Fear of the leader’s reaction and a desire to have a good relationship with him is absolutely normal, because it is from this person’s decision that wages and, consequently, the standard of living in the future depend. To overcome this fear, it is important to try to see in any leader, first of all, a person, after that it will be possible not only to discuss working moments with him, but also to agree on other necessary points. If you see that dialogue with this person is impossible, it is better to exclude the option of further employment in this organization, since the level of tension with the leadership will take a lot of energy.

Fear of a fight

For guys, the question of how to overcome the fear of a fight is relevant, and even for those who have the appropriate fighting skills. The fear of a fight is well-founded, and of all the above, it is most directly related to the survival instinct and physical threat. Always, even with unequal strength and quick victory, there will be painful moments, the possibility of injuries and injuries.

From a psychological point of view, the fear of a fight is justified by the fact that there is the opportunity to become disgraced, to drop one’s authority or not to defend important life moments due to poor physical preparation. In order to gain confidence and remove fear, you need to hone your skills as much as possible, and try to do this with friends in a simple courtyard atmosphere, and not within the walls of the club, then there will be no stop in the application of various techniques outside the ring.

The method of special entering into fear, i.e. you must provoke a fight yourself. Interestingly, in most cases, the enemy will try to settle everything peacefully, and you will already unconsciously wait for a military outcome. For those who do not accept the power ways to resolve issues, but are afraid to get into a fight, it is recommended to buy a weapon or if you are constantly on the car, then get a bat. A gas spray or brass knuckles will also contribute to confidence.

An important point is not to focus on a future possible fight. The more you think through its possible consequences and details, the more negative the consequences will be. In any battle, instincts must be triggered that contribute to the most accurate calculation of the options for striking or dodging, but if you try to predict, you will most likely be defeated.