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18 tricks to make you a true travel suitcase pro


Planning a short trip or short trip? It is hardly worth taking a suitcase on such a trip, because a little things will be needed. The best option would be a travel bag, which in some cases is preferable. It is lighter and allows you to win a couple of kilograms. When empty, the bag folds up and takes up a minimum of space, unlike a suitcase, which has a rigid shape. If the burden seems heavy, it can be carried together, because she has two handles, not one.

Here is a popular unisex bag model, the dimensions of which correspond to the parameters of hand luggage in many airlines around the world. It is voluminous enough to fit everything that might be required on a short trip. Use the Grizzly tips to pack your bags compactly and travel in a great mood.

Tip number 1. Make a list

Make a detailed list of things you need in advance, and go through it several times. Ruthlessly cut off the excess and that, without which, in principle, you can do. Return to this list after a few days and reduce it further. The bottom line should be the most important and necessary. Do not throw the list away; it will help you out more than once in the future.

Tip number 2. Prepare things

Before packing, prepare them, collect them in one place, for example, on a bed. So it will be easier for you to assess the amount of luggage and mentally determine the sequence of placement in the bag. In addition, this approach will not allow you to take anything superfluous.

Take into account the climate of the area you are traveling to, check out the weather forecast. At the height of summer, woolen sweaters are not useful in Antalya, and stilettos are in the mountains. To take things from the category “just in case” means to clog the bag unnecessary to the detriment of the necessary. For the same reason, delicate and delicate clothes and accessories that require special care should be abandoned. Everything you take should be practical and hardy. In addition, many things can certainly be bought on the spot.

Tip number 3. Use travel bags and cosmetic bags

Place creams, lotions, cosmetics, bath products and shaving accessories in special cases. So they are better preserved, do not crumble in the entire bag, do not stain clothes, and they can be easily found.

Tip number 4. Don't take a lot of shoes

A travel bag is not dimensionless, and shoes take up a lot of space. If you go to the sea, then in addition to a pair of casual shoes, you will need only flip-flops and sneakers. If the beach is not included in your plans, then you can do with two pairs of shoes, one of which you will be shod on the road.

Tip number 5. Use tricks for compact packing

The main trick is the ability to rationally distribute everything you need, especially if you need to take a lot of clothes with you. So, underwear: its number corresponds to the number of days of the trip. Blouses, dresses, men's shirts are taken from the calculation of "one day one thing." The lower part of the wardrobe (pants, jeans, shorts) requires half as much as the tops. All things must be appropriate for the season.

Fill your shoes with socks and underwear, so you save space and do not allow shoes and sneakers to deform. Shoes need to be unzipped and laid out in the corners of a travel bag; you should definitely strive to lay it out in pairs.

Clothes can be stacked in a variety of ways. For example, it looks rather neat in piles, but in the end it doesn’t come out too compact, and the creases on trousers and shirts have to be smoothed out for a long time. It’s not a fact that on a business trip or vacation there will be an iron at hand and there will be time to put things in order.

You can, of course, leave things in your travel bag anyhow, but the result will be even worse. We recommend laying them in a modern manner (see the next tip).

Tip number 6. Fold things with rollers

Want to put quite a lot of clothes in your travel bag and not wrinkle it? The technique of twisting into rolls will help, in which things are not folded in flat stacks, but wrapped with rollers. This is done as follows: the sweater or body shirt is turned inside out, neatly straightened, the sleeves are laid inside, after which the thing is folded in half and rolled up. The rollers are placed tightly, leaving no empty seats, while the clothes do not wrinkle, upon arrival at the place they simply take it out of the bag and put it on.

Tip number 7. Use vacuum bags

If you have to pack a lot of clothes in a travel bag, put it in small vacuum bags. With their help, they dramatically reduce the volume. They are especially effective for winter trips, when a large share of luggage is occupied by lush sweaters and sweaters. Between the fibers of the wool and mohair there is a lot of air which is removed after being placed in the bag.

The bags are closed with a sealed double zipper, which does not allow air to pass through and maintains a vacuum. The pump can be purchased separately, and in its absence, use an ordinary household vacuum cleaner. As a result, the volume of things shrinks 2-4 times.

Tip number 8. Decide on the weight of the bag

Modern travel bags are quite hardy, but their handles are still not made of iron. Therefore, you need to clearly know how many kilograms of luggage your bag can handle. To do this, fill it with heavy objects and walk around the apartment. Conveniently, doesn’t cut the hand, the handles are not too stretched? If all is well, then weigh the load on a home scale, and take note of the result. This is especially important in the case of air travel, where there are restrictions on the weight of luggage and hand luggage.

Tip number 9. Leave some free space.

Even now, having mastered the tricks and tricks of compact baggage stacking, you should not fill your travel bag "to the eyeballs." It is recommended to leave a little space for new things and souvenirs, because shopping is an integral part of any trip.

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1. Alternate clothes when collecting a suitcase

T-shirts, T-shirts and blouses are less wrinkled if they are folded in the form of rollers. In any case, even if you pack your clothes with the usual “layers”, you should alternate knitted items and fast wrinkling. So on the last there will be less folds.