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How to become an intermediary?


This sweet word is mediation ... cheaper to buy more expensive to sell. Probably the dream of everyone who wants to start a business. Someone says that intermediaries are bad and they are the most natural parasites, brazenly ripping off the unaware price of goods and services. And someone says that intermediaries are a normal and even correct phenomenon in any market economy. But, for some reason, both those who praise the mediators and those who scold the mediators want to become them and earn on mediation. In this article I will try to tell you who the mediator is, what he earns from, how to become a mediator, the idea of ​​mediation, and whether it is good or bad, to mediate.

The concept of mediation or who is a mediator?

Let's start with the most important question - who is a mediator. In a general sense, an intermediary is a link between a producer of a product and its buyer. That is, any chain supermarket - be it Prospect, Pyaterochka, Lightning, Auchan, dealers of leading automakers, clothing stores, electronics - these are all intermediaries. They connect producers and consumers. You can rightly be outraged - why would a producer of a product pay someone to sell this product? And I will answer you that this is a completely fair remark - many manufacturers organize their company stores, selling their goods there. But, if the manufacturer becomes large enough, and its own distribution network is cumbersome, a dilemma arises between efficiency and profitability. You can sell yourself and get bogged down in marketing, communications with the consumer and other commercial issues, or you can delegate these responsibilities to other organizations / people for a small percentage of the profits and calmly develop production, improving your product. This is a classic version of mediation. But, in practice, there are other options - for example, an intermediary may possess certain information that neither buyers nor manufacturers have, acting as the same link, but acting and earning their commissions by possessing additional information. In general, the existence of mediation is the most common and logical phenomenon in any market economy, since someone is engaged in production, and someone knows how to sell, just the latter are intermediaries. This is such an excursion into the phenomenon of mediation. Now let's move on to the more interesting part and consider the question of how to become an intermediary.

How to become an intermediary?

If you want to engage in mediation business, you must have the following skills:

1) The ability to find unique and commercially interesting and not very accessible to a wide range of users information. Simply put, if you can find a place where you can buy cheaper, and then sell more expensive so that your price is lower than that of competitors - you have good chances to become an intermediary.

2) The ability to qualitatively present the found interesting information for both the manufacturer and the consumer. In other words, you should be able to negotiate with both producers and consumers, since you buy from the former, and sell to the latter. The more favorable your conditions are, the greater the chance that the manufacturer will sell the goods to you, and the buyers will purchase the goods from you.

3) Incredible persistence is the most important skill of any intermediary. A successful transaction depends on whether you find information, whether you are able to negotiate with producers and consumers, and whether you are able to complete the transaction. At each of these stages you will have some inconsistencies, disputes and just minor problems. If you are not stubborn enough to complete any business, it’s better not to mediate (as well as business in general).

Ideas of mediation or mediation as a business

In order for you, my dear reader, to better imagine what mediation is, I will give examples of mediation in various fields of activity.

1) Mediation is the most common type of mediation. including most probably all well-known areas of business. The meaning of this mediation is a simple rule - bought cheaper, sold more expensive. Any retailer network operates on this principle. For example, take the DNS electronics store, known throughout Russia. The meaning of his work is that this store has established contacts with large electronics manufacturers, he purchases goods from them, spreads his margin, risk, logistics, transportation, and then sells it to us - consumers. The main mechanism of such mediation is to find a manufacturer, conclude a supply contract with him, find a consumer - who will be the buyer of the product and make a difference from the difference. That is, the intermediary in this scheme takes care of all the procedures associated with the sale of goods. The more you sell, the more you get. According to this scheme, any existing store operates, except when it is branded and it is served by the manufacturer.

2) Repair mediation. This type of mediation is a variation of commercial mediation - only here we do not sell finished goods, but repair services. The mediation mechanism is as follows: we are looking for a client who needs to make repairs, we are looking for a working team that can make high-quality repairs, we conclude a contract and we get our percentage.

3) Mediation in real estate. Work with any real estate - residential premises, office premises or industrial premises is always an interesting type of activity. Since some rent or sell real estate, while others buy and rent, the mediation scheme is clearly visible - we reduce the former to the latter, impose our percentage, conclude legally valid agreements and become an intermediary.

Mediation on the Internet (Internet)

In the global network, just like in the real world, there are also a huge number of options for earning mediation. The meaning is exactly the same - as well as offline - to reduce the manufacturer to the consumer. Consider the typical options for mediation.

1) Work with affiliate programs. This is the most common online mediation option. Just like in the real world, you are looking for buyers / users on customer sites. The advantage of working with affiliate programs is that you can register in CPA networks and immediately get a list of offers for advertising. Advertise and get interested traffic - customers can be in a variety of ways. You can promote your site, buy traffic in advertising networks, agree on the purchase of traffic from other sites, forums, social networks or generally anywhere. You can read more about this type of earnings at, in the framework of this article I am simply not able to talk about all types of mediation when working with affiliate programs. The main thing is that the users you attract perform the action required in the affiliate program - register on the site, buy products, make calls, etc.

2) Mediation on the purchase and sale of Internet resources. It consists in the fact that you order a site on one site or from one artist, then sell this site in another place at a higher price, possibly creating an additional cost in the form of website promotion.

3) Mediation of services. The most global type of mediation, based on all that - the same principle - to buy cheaper, sell more expensive. You can engage in the provision of services to promote sites, engage in assistance in purchases abroad, helping the user to buy goods at foreign online stores for his small percentage. You can also sell accounts for any closed resources, trade game currency and many, many, many other types of activities.

Is it good or bad to mediate?

Not good and not bad, mediation is a normal, natural phenomenon in a market economy. Someone knows more about the possibilities of the external environment, someone knows less - the former sell the second “something”, using their knowledge - mediation arises. Someone is willing to pay not to bother with certain problems; mediation arises. Mediation as a phenomenon is not a simple risk-free event in which intermediaries always win. Mediation is hard work, since competently selling a product or service (creating conditions for sale) is not as simple as it seems, but very profitable. Proof of this is the successful business of large retailers, wholesale and retail stores. The most important thing in the mediation business is the possession of information and incredible persistence in achieving your goals, if you possess this knowledge - the mediation business is the business for you.

How to become an intermediary between seller and buyer

Many people know that mediation provides an opportunity to make very good money, but not everyone knows how to do it right. In the question of how to become an intermediary, there is a very important detail that helps to bring this business to a successful level. The intermediary must possess important information that is not accessible to either the consumer or the contractor. Only in this way will he be able to manage transactions in his favor.

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Eternal theme

Remember how under the USSR, the state took firm hold of speculators who, by reselling scarce goods, then made millions of fortunes. Mediation has been and always will be.

And it’s true, everywhere there are only resellers and dealers reselling goods and services that they themselves do not produce. All of them receive income by charging interest on the initial cost. Later I will tell you how to make this “injustice” work for yourself.

The Internet is no exception. The essence of earnings on affiliate programs also comes down to the fact that we are in the role of intermediaries between customers and sellers. The same analogy with sites, in most cases, the site is a "laying" between the search engine and advertisers.

“It's a shame, you see!”

Freelancers produce the bulk of all the component sites (content, functionality, design). But they are forced to work with low-budget clients, which sometimes require the impossible. And successful “speculators” are able to make good money at the work of freelancers.

You can continue to whine, but nothing will change from lamentations. Instead, it is better to stop and reflect on the nature of mediation.

Advantages of mediation:

1) Scalability - You can take a lot of orders, because other performers will perform the main work. The intermediary spends time only communicating with customers and checking the work of performers. Independently performing work, sooner or later you run into the ceiling of earnings.

2) Minimum investment - the intermediary only needs the amount to buy a product or service for resale. (It is assumed that the customer source is already there.)

3) Payback - thanks to minimal investment and risk, the demand for the product being sold.

4) Profitability - in the field of web services, the margin can be 50-100% or more with small order amounts. Even financial pyramids are not able to bring such an income.

5) Flexibility - changing the direction of activities or services does not incur any costs, you can quickly switch to current niches, look for other performers / sellers.

Are you sure that no one is “warming” your hands? I advise you to think about this issue. Sometimes an analysis of this can open your eyes to many nuances.

What does it take to become an online store intermediary?

First you need an online platform through which you will offer products - a well-developed group on social networks, an online store, a landing page, a website, and a blog. High attendance of your resource will be a plus in the eyes of a potential partner, business owner.

Finding a partner is the next key point. If a niche is selected, then to help you search engines, social networks, online message boards, track the main market players, make lists of potential partners, compare and choose. To agree with the options you like, you need to make a competent commercial offer: write in writing information about yourself, what you can offer your business, where you are going to attract customers to the online store from, what performance indicators do you expect, what do you expect in terms of profit, etc. Make a partnership letter template and send it to several potential business partners in which you see a prospect.

When concluding an agreement, be sure to pronounce and prescribe all possible cases that may affect the deduction of your commission: client’s refusal of the order, return, force majeure, delivery problems, etc.

I want to become an intermediary in a foreign clothing store, what should I do?

Shopping in domestic online stores has long been included in the everyday life of our consumers. But shopping in foreign stores remains a dream for many. And there the assortment and quality are sometimes very happy. In addition, there is less chance of running into a fake or replicating a famous brand. Many buyers face barriers: lack of knowledge of the language, difficulties with issues of payment, delivery, elementary unwillingness to understand all these nuances.

It is either very difficult or impossible to buy at large Chinese trading floors without an intermediary. In the case of Chinese online stores, there are two intermediaries: one in the host country - accepts the order, prepayment for the goods from the buyer, the second in China - pays for the goods with its card, checks the quality of the goods, forms the package, sends the order to the first intermediary.

You can find a Russian-speaking partner for cooperation, an intermediary from the Chinese side in specialized forums. Usually, organizers of purchases take 15-20% of each completed order. You and your partner will have to agree on the minimum order amount, less than which the benefit of the transaction is lost due to the high cost of delivery.

As an intermediary of the Chinese online store, you should first work with only one platform, because each store has its own specific trade, which remains to be studied.

You can learn more about the topic of trade in Chinese goods here:

Where to look for customers in an online store?

As we have already indicated, you must have your own platform through which you will advertise products. But besides this, you yourself can come to a potential buyer. Who is your audience? If we are talking about clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, household goods, then the vast majority of your audience is women. Look for your audience where she spends the most time: on thematic women's forums, in groups on social networks, on message boards. Confidence in forum participants or subscribers of the same group is much higher than outsiders who for no reason offer some goods.

After several successful, high-quality sales transactions, in which you acted as an intermediary, you will earn a positive reputation and it will be easier to find customers.

Wherever you describe your services as an intermediary, state as much as possible the terms of cooperation with customers in order to avoid possible misunderstandings. Describe the scheme for calculating the cost of the order, payment options, delivery times, return conditions, if any.

Now you know how to become an intermediary of an online store. Having decided once “I want!”, Be sure to work on the “I will”! Do not back down from your goals and you will succeed!

Advantages and disadvantages of activities

Like any business, mediation has its pros and cons. Among the main advantages are the following:

  • start-up capital is optional
  • technically simple work,
  • good income.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • ignoring mediation agreements,
  • disruption of agreements, transactions.

How to find the right customers?

В данной статье мы рассматриваем посредничество с углубленным изучением его распространения в интернете. И теперь поговорим о поиске клиентов.

Во фрилансе «правильным» заказчиком считается тот, который четко понимает, что он должен получить от исполнителя. Вовремя и щедро оплачивает выполненные заказы, и затем становится постоянным покупателем «услуг» фрилансера.

Вот только где найти таких правильных заказчиков? Давайте перечислим пути их получения:

1. Собственный сайт или блог

A personal platform will allow future customers to demonstrate competence in a particular area. For web designers, photographers and even developers, their own blog will become an effective platform for showing examples of work.

Due to, almost every day I receive applications for the development of a logo, mobile applications and sites. Just because I published guides on these topics. In the near future, I am going to make a feedback form and price, this should further increase the flow of applications. Here is a preliminary sketch of the My Services button:

Believe me, it’s better to get 500-1000Р from each application than some pennies from contextual advertising and another type of “passive income”. I recommend reading the article: what products or services to sell through a blog?

2. Uploaded account on the freelance exchange

When choosing an artist on exchanges, customers choose freelancers with a high rating and positive reviews. Below is an example of a leaked account:

It will take you 3 to 6 months to upgrade your status so that “dear” customers pay attention to your profile. There is another, more gray way - buy an account with a story or cheat reviews. I came across a VK group, in which there were a lot of offers to sell old accounts.

3. Creating a highly specialized landing

Customers receive by attracting them to their own landing page. The main thing here is to correctly "sharpen" the one-page, choose one direction and not sparing "pour" the purchased traffic on it. If you achieve high conversion and accordingly reduce the cost of attracting customers, this will allow you to sell incoming applications to companies or service providers at a fixed price.

4. Communicate and help

Does the "bell tower" of internet marketing sound weird? But this method pays for itself no worse than an expensive advertising company.

We need to communicate more with a potential audience, ask people the “right” questions: what problems did they encounter when using specific functionality, which they did not understand, etc. Then you should try to solve the problems of people, to answer their questions as a professional. In this case, the main thing is not to be imposed and do everything for free.

Remember the principle of drug dealers? They always offer to try for free in order to tie a client to themselves 😉

Thus, over time, you will begin to better understand future customers, a contact database will appear. And only now take up the creation of your own service, relying on the information received from people. Expert authority gained among the audience will help attract customers.

It is commonplace, but knowledge of the English language helps the freelancer to “cut through” a window to foreign countries and receive orders from foreign customers. Most likely, you also thought about this, with "horror" watching the "peak", which makes the exchange rate of its own currency.

Today the contractor - tomorrow the customer

I began to better understand the problems of my clients when I was in their "shoes." I needed a new icon for the site, and I started a weekly rally in search of an artist. It turns out that good freelancers always have work, and they are not ready to tear themselves away from fulfilling regular customer orders for the amount I have proposed.

After the "experiments" with beginners, I turned sour, and even thought to draw an icon with my own hands. The acquaintance who advised the service helped.

The exchange is a trend "from behind the hill." The foreign analogue of the service is Fiverr, on which freelancer services cost 5 and 10 "green". Everything is on Kwork 500 rubles.

The idea of ​​the service is the sale of freelancer services at a fixed price.

Each contractor (which is hereinafter referred to as the seller) creates his own “quark”, fills it with a description of the services, indicates their volume, which he is ready to fulfill for 500 rubles. Here is an example of such a quark.

"Seller" offers "buyers" (as customers are called here) to make up a template for Jumla or fix any jambs in this CMS. This order will cost you 500 rubles (like the rest).

You can easily sell this work to your customers as another service. And "like mine" to push him already apiece.

And this is not the only offer that is really profitable to resell. The exchange offers all categories of freelance. Moreover, in each of them there is a service ready for “mediation”.

Here is another good example.

Ask how much an agency or studio will take for such services 😉 For the same amount, you can order a full audit of the site, various cheats on social networks. And this is only in one department, and that is easy to resell.

I managed to pick up 5-10 services for resale, but you should not expect that I or someone else will share my best practices that have invested my own time and money 😉 I just suggest the direction in which you can earn, the rest is up to you!

But what about the performers?

It may seem like an article on how to exploit poor Kwork freelancers who work for food.

This is not so, many freelancers manage to sell for 500P a service that can be completed in 10-15 minutes. Also, sellers earn on cleverly designed packages of services that they provide already for a large amount. Buyers understand this, but they save time by getting everything in one quark.

Unlike traditional exchanges, here freelancers themselves determine the content of each service, and customers can no longer demand endless improvements, loading with additional unpaid work.

Mediation will always be relevant, and often it is more profitable than being in the role of performer. It is enough to find one successful bunch of customers and performers, scale it and you can get a decent income. I have already given the methods of searching for clients, and the search for artists can facilitate

Think about this, I especially draw the attention of webmasters who monetize sites only through advertising. It is not necessary to be a “hidden” intermediary, you can negotiate with companies to sell leads (applications) from your website at a fixed price. For example, if the site is dedicated to pets - sell applications to veterinary clinics. In general, you understand.

How to start a business

First of all, you need to decide on the area in which you prefer to work. Then it is necessary to establish all the necessary connections in it for a profitable partnership. With the high development of Internet technologies, today this business is usually divided into two main areas: online and offline. In each of them you can find their own niches for mediation.

Partnership programs

About 70% of products sold via the Internet are the work of intermediaries. Most often this is done through affiliate programs. The essence of the idea is simple. The intermediary, which in this case is usually called a partner, draws up his account on the affiliate program website.

After receiving his unique link, he begins to advertise a product or resource through it. When a product or service is purchased through this link, the partner receives a percentage or commission from the transaction.

Money is credited to an electronic account, from where it can be withdrawn at any time.

Advertising on Internet Resources

Advertising is almost the first thing that came to the Internet business. To make money on it, you must open your own resource - website or blog.

An advertising banner is installed on it, and you receive money at the agreed rate or from clicks to the advertiser's website. Depending on the level of promotion of the resource, the price per click can be 15 kopecks, or maybe a couple of thousand rubles.

Resellers are offered up to 50% of this click. Of course, direct advertising will cost much more.

Selling sites

There are two ways to implement this idea. You can order an inexpensive website at specialized sites, pay for its development, and then look for buyers for this product and sell them more expensive.

The second way is to first look for the customer, shake all the technical details with him, and then look for the contractor at the same sites. In any case, the risks associated with the implementation of the idea are quite high.

The Internet is available to everyone, so on the sites you can get both a professional and a complete amateur who will frustrate you all the time.

Opening an online store

Despite the fact that the purchase and delivery of goods from a foreign online store is available to everyone, many are still afraid to make such purchases because of the high risks of not receiving the goods when the money for it is paid.

You, as an intermediary, can take these risks on yourself and make purchases from a foreign online store for a certain percentage. Sometimes it costs the buyer even cheaper than ordering from a domestic online store.

Resale of goods

You can resell goods without creating your own online store. In this case, you need to focus on the goods of narrow specialization, but of high cost, so that you can get a good percentage. Or a hot commodity, but for a large batch.

Very often, sellers and buyers of such goods do not have time to look for each other, so you can provide them with such a service. The algorithm for doing business is simple. Having found a suitable product, call up the seller and specify all the details of the product.

Then, find the buyer as soon as possible and agree on a deal. Preferably, for a certain percentage. After that, call the seller again, informing that you have a buyer for the goods, but you want a percentage of the transaction.

Having received your share of each, you will get a good income.

The property

The search for the exchange of apartments, the purchase of a new, office space - these questions are constantly raised. They are engaged in both realtors officially and ordinary citizens, unofficially. Real estate is sold, rented usually through realtors who take an impressive percentage. The services of an intermediary in this sense are much cheaper, which helps in the implementation of this idea.

Repair of offices and apartments

Apartments are ideal for implementing this idea, since office renovation is not needed as often as apartment renovation. It is best to look for customers in new buildings. Then you can place several orders within the same house. Naturally, for this it is necessary to have several teams. You can search for them on the same new buildings.

Sales Representative

Business will refuse this idea soon. Many manufacturers need representatives in various regions of the country or other countries where they want to expand their influence.

It’s best to select several manufacturers of similar products and negotiate the sale of their products in your area.

The next step is to advertise the goods and conclude supply contracts with end consumers - shops, supermarkets, etc.

This is not an exhaustive list of mediation opportunities. But it is quite possible that in the process of their implementation you will find some kind of your own way to earn money through mediation.

How to make money through mediation? Mediation as a business from A to Z:

Today, there are a lot of ways to make money, with which you can fully support yourself.

Someone is engaged in the production of food, someone produces metal structures, while others are engaged in earnings on the Internet.

Oddly enough, but few people think that mediation is a very profitable business that can bring huge profits.

The only problem is how to choose for yourself the right niche for doing business, as well as organize it wisely.

Positive and negative aspects of mediation

The positive aspects include very good earnings, and the work itself cannot be categorized as particularly difficult. In addition, it is not at all necessary to invest any significant funds at the very beginning of its activity.

If we talk about negative aspects, then it is necessary to highlight a fairly frequent disruption of activity for reasons beyond your control. In addition, there are times when one of the parties does not fulfill its payment obligations.

In general, such incidents can be avoided if you choose the right field of activity that will be of interest to you and where you can be well oriented. Since today business has been divided into two parts, when entrepreneurs can work not only in the “real” world, but also on the Internet, we will consider all areas where mediation may be required.

Property For Sale

It's no secret that the housing issue is a very acute problem in our country, and therefore attracts many entrepreneurs of all stripes. A sustainable seller / buyer chain is created. The intermediary can effectively work with them, getting their part from the transaction. Note that you do not need to confuse the intermediary and the realtor.

You can find a client interested in buying an apartment with certain parameters, and then conduct independent monitoring of the real estate market. Many people simply do not have time for this, and therefore they will gladly take advantage of your services. The same situation is with sellers who do not have time to search for prospective buyers.

What other business ideas of intermediaries still exist?

In the same area includes apartment renovation. Now there are many people who want to professionally repair their housing, but do not have the ability to independently carry out this work. You can earn great money if you offer customers a search for professional finishing teams.

So, before you make money on mediation in this area, it is better to get hold of useful connections in advance. Read the thematic forums, look for people on the newspaper ads. Nobody ever refuses the services of really good intermediaries, since independent customer search is a dreary and costly business for a business, a person loses time on this.

In all these cases, you should not take more than 3-5% of the transaction, as this immediately scares away potential customers.

Online Mediation

On the World Wide Web, the opportunities that mediation provides are much greater. Such activities may well include services for placing links to products provided by the seller, as well as the search for prospective customers. If you perfectly know foreign languages, then the amount of earnings can be even more.

The fact is that today there are a huge number of merchants who are not averse to buying goods in the same China. The problem is that working with Chinese suppliers has a lot of nuances that are not known to everyone. If you can negotiate with them, then the amount of earnings may exceed 10-15% of the final transaction amount.

How is a partnership agreement made?

This is nothing complicated. First you need to register on any partner resource, enter all your details and get your unique identification link.

Place a link on your resource and start receiving a legitimate percentage of each click on it.

But! Much more profitable is the scheme in which you get a reward for every real buyer who came from your site.

In general, all advertising on the Internet is a typical intermediary activity. In some cases, the price of advertisements can reach several thousand dollars per post.

Online stores

In no case can not ignore this issue. No, we are not talking about domestic enterprises of this kind (although you can make money here too). Take the popular Taobao resource.

There are millions of goods, prices are very attractive, and therefore there are a lot of people who want to buy something there for themselves. The only problem is that the site is Chinese, and it does not work with our country in principle.

So how to become an intermediary of an online store of clothes and other everyday goods?

First you need to create a site. All the same lots are placed on it as on the original resource, but with a price in rubles (which already includes your margin). Your task is to buy these goods, organize their delivery. In this case, the percentage for mediation may exceed 30%.

Official registration

Novice intermediaries usually bypass this item, but in vain. The fact is that all your activity will be based on one thing - on trust. And what will be your attitude if your activity is not registered even as a banal individual entrepreneur?

By the way, what kind of intermediary activity does OKVED have? Alas, our legislation does not provide a separate code for this activity. For mediation in the field of ordinary (not on the Internet) business activities, code 74.87 is suitable. If you intend to offer your services on the network, it is better to use 72.4, code 72.2 or 72.6.

What documents do you need?

We have already said that many people prefer to engage in this business without registering their business. Do not think that this is illegal, because if you draw up a contract for an individual, you can legally pay taxes, and the inspecting authorities will not have questions for you.

The only problem is what we have already talked about. Not a single large company (and a private trader too) will conclude more or less important agreements with anyone. Therefore, in the first place, you will need to register your own IP. Далее заключается обычный договор на оказание услуг. But!

У налоговой инспекции могут возникнуть вопросы, так как им нужны реальные подтверждения того, что вы действительно эти услуги оказывали. А потому по факту выполнения работ необходимо составлять специальный акт. Его положения регулируются ст. 9 ФЗ «О бухгалтерском учете». В нем должны быть следующие позиции:

  • full name of the document
  • date of its compilation
  • name of the company on behalf of which the act was drawn up,
  • name and content of the operation,
  • the amount (volume) of services in monetary or economic terms,
  • a list of all persons, as well as all their posts, which are responsible for concluding and fulfilling the contract,
  • signatures of all these persons,
  • the most detailed list of all services provided or goods sold.

Organization Costs

In this regard, it all depends solely on the direction of your activity and the ways of its implementation. So, if you plan to sell goods via the Internet, you can not do without your site. Depending on its complexity and the company that will do it, its cost can range from a couple of thousand rubles to several tens of thousands of dollars.

In the case when you are going to sell Chinese goods, there will be even more costs, because we need translators, you need to establish contacts with people who know the specifics of Chinese business well.

Add a waste of money to pay for customs duties, transport, storage of goods in a warehouse. In a word, making an extra charge of less than 30-40% is unreasonable.

If you are an intermediary in construction or repair, then it costs less. We need money for mobile communications, negotiations with representatives of the developer, as well as transport. In a word, you can spend from five thousand rubles to tens of thousands of dollars for mediation. Of course, the mediation business in all these cases will give you different incomes.

How to become an online store intermediary?

Today we will consider such a way of making money on the network as Internet mediation. We learn what this mechanism is and how to organize it correctly to receive regular profits.

Internet mediation brings passive income to the entrepreneur. Having decided to become an intermediary of an online store, you will not invest your money in goods.

The task of the intermediary is to attract new customers, to sell the products of any existing company, online store, manufacturer.

Earnings of the intermediary is expressed as a percentage of the transaction or in the margin on the goods, which the intermediary himself determines.

1. Preparation

You can start with the simplest - register yourself on the Bandler website. Write a few words about yourself, the size of the commission, the stores you work with, the terms of delivery, payment and acceptance of orders.

When you master the basic principles of the intermediary, described below, and before you start receiving orders from real buyers, be sure to test the whole scheme of work on yourself - make several orders from different stores, consolidate purchases and get them. Thus, you can estimate the average delivery time, learn how to use all the necessary tools.

2. Collection of orders

Finding customers will help you find the Bundler reseller directory. It is always difficult for a new intermediary to start working, as he has neither reviews nor ratings, but this is only a matter of time. Tell your friends and acquaintances about your services, many of them will be happy to start working with you. Create a group on social networks.

In order to take orders in the Bundler, you need to advertise your potential buyers the address of your page with the order form. In this form, the buyer will be able to leave links to the goods that he wants to purchase.

As soon as the buyer places an order, you will receive a detailed copy of the order by email - it will contain links to products and in some cases even photos of the goods themselves (works only for the most popular stores). Of course, you will see all your orders in Bundler’s personal account. The site allows you to group orders by customer and store, and search.

After the order has arrived from the client, the first thing you need to do is look through the links, check that they are correct and that the goods are still in stock. Pay attention to customer comments as well. If everything is correct, the order can be accepted for work. You must also bill your customer by adding your commission. It is up to you to decide whether to demand an advance payment from the client and in what amount.

3. Self-purchase of orders or use of an intermediary partner

Before buying the ordered goods in a particular store, it is advisable to collect as many buyers as possible - the “company” - specifically for this store.

Thus, you save on the cost of delivery from store to warehouse, and stores often give a discount when reaching a certain order amount.

Before buying, do not forget to check in Bundler if there are any additional discounts or coupons for this store.

You have two purchase options:

  1. Buy yourself, paying with your credit card.
    With this, you may encounter a problem when some stores do not accept foreign credit cards. All orders you need to send to the address of the mail forwarding company in the country of purchase. You can choose a transport company in the Bundler catalog.
  2. Transfer buyback orders to your reseller partner.
    You can choose a partner engaged in wholesale deliveries in the Bundler catalog.

4. Consolidation and shipment

Regardless of whether you bought the goods yourself or gave the order for execution to a large intermediary, in a few days all your purchases will be in the warehouse of the partner intermediary or email forwarding company.

At this point, you need to combine the packages from different stores into one big one. This process is called consolidation. Sending one large package is much more profitable in terms of shipping costs than several small ones. Before sending the parcel, it is recommended to insure it.

As a rule, there are 2 types of delivery - air delivery (1-2 weeks) and noticeably cheaper sea (6-8 weeks). Please also note that the mail forwarding companies listed in our catalog often have a big discount on delivery, so their services are usually much cheaper than the services of international shipping systems like EMS.

5. Customs and delivery to customer

An important point in preparing a parcel for shipment to your country is to fill out a customs declaration. When filling out the customs declaration, it is not necessary to indicate the exact names of all the goods in the parcel. Correct - indicate the category of the product (for example: jeans, shoes, jacket), the number of units and the total cost.

Please note that each country has its own customs rules and restrictions on duty-free transportation of parcels. If the limit is exceeded, you will need to pay customs duty. Many of our email forwarding companies provide services to simplify and optimize this process.

After the parcel is received, your task is to ungroup it into individual orders of various customers. Bandler will also help you with this.

Before sending the order to the buyer, as a rule, it is required to clarify the total amount of the order by adding additional costs to the order - delivery cost and so on. You can send the buyer an updated invoice.

Common problems

Below you will find some typical problem situations that occur in the work of intermediaries.

  1. The store does not accept your credit card.
  2. Many stores do not accept foreign cards. If you cannot get a bank card from the country of purchase, then the only option is to contact an intermediary in the country of purchase for help.
  3. The store did not send what you ordered, or the goods arrived with a defect.
  4. If the goods have already arrived in your country, you can try to return the goods, but this is usually not economically feasible.
  5. The customer refuses the purchased order without paying you its cost.
  6. The best option to avoid this problem is to take an advance payment from customers.
  7. Consolidated package lost.
  8. The transport company will return you the amount for which the package was insured.
  9. Therefore, the choice of the sum insured is always the search for a balance between risk and minimizing costs.
  10. Parcel delayed by customs.
  11. This is not the most pleasant situation, but every intermediary encounters it sooner or later. The transport company must provide you with a way to contact the customs in your area to solve the problems.

  1. Start with small volumes. Your task at the first stage is to learn to do everything right and feel confident.
  2. Limit the list of stores you work with first. Choose the most popular stores from our catalog.
  3. Do not try to “dump”, providing the most favorable conditions in the intermediary catalog to the detriment of your profit. So you lose the right to be present in the catalog. Buyers choose not the cheapest, but the most reliable and responsible.
  4. Always try to answer all customer questions as quickly as possible.
  5. Prepare a list of standard answers for buyers.
  6. In case of any problems, you can always contact your colleagues in our forum. Many of them will not refuse to help you.