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When you lost your virginity


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* grunted *
It was under the chair. One funny summer, at the age of 13 * my *, and as many were a girl. to a girl, to be exact. Under the chair, because that's what love games and games sometimes lead to, and curiosity, of course, -)
At the age of 12, I met in a summer camp with such a thing as masturbation. Our counselor masturbated, sitting in the shower, while the whole camp went on vacation, and I suddenly decided to return. Naturally, this sight excited me wildly, and that hot summer I began to think about playing with a girl.
All year I, like those teenagers in the movie "Fall in Love with Me, If You Dare," hinted a variety of things to a variety of girls. Girls twisted at the temple, or openly said: "Dima, you're a bastard" :-)
Meanwhile, in our house there was a pretty girl next door, with whom we were friends from kindergarten. We weren’t spilling water, we always started different games, we won races, we rode bicycles.
It was fun. We built houses. We searched for treasures (naturally, we didn’t find anything). They played doctors, and fought on wooden swords. I was Athos. I have always been Athos. And she. my lady Here is such a strange Milady who fought on swords.
And of course, we fought on the floor. So, you know. mm children's felting, mainly in dust.
That day we were bored. Mom left for a long time, she too, we were left together, having prepared dinner beforehand, and sliced ​​a ton of fruit. We lay on sofas and bursting cherries. I pushed her to the side, she laughed and pushed me back. Nuuumm. and it started.
We rolled off the couch and started floundering on the floor. She was in a dress, and her skirt lifted up.
I remember well that the blood rushed to my ears, and I absolutely could not take my eyes off. her. A hand reached between. and she didn’t tell me "Balda". She froze like a small animal, her eyes opened. Me too.
After a moment, she recovered herself, and removed her hand, and my head was already spinning. I stretched along her body, putting my hand under the low sofa, and holding the knee between her legs. parted. she again tried to break free, but at the same time she frankly moaned :-) And I was excited :-)
Nuum. and then what to tell. you know, -)

Now we are friends.

And recently I read a funny one, although I always suspected it.
An early sexual life leads to wild sexual hunger. Both men and women. And, it seems, this is so: both I and she have a high need for sex.

Natalya Maratovna Rozhnova

Psychologist. Specialist from the site

At 17. I do not regret. Why bother with her?))

again about virginity? Yesterday it’s kind of banned such topics?

At 14, he was 15. Very glad of this, this man became my husband, two children. Physically adults clutch what to play?

At 18. He would be 26

Related topics

at 13, he was 17)) I do not regret)))

At 16.5 for me - at the very time. But if for someone at 24 just right - also OK.

Before that, 2 years was a passionate petting))))

At the age of 15, it happened later with my future husband. I do not regret it, it is better than later. I remember how proud I was that I was no longer a girl. All the girls in the class wanted to part with her as soon as possible, some simply had no one. At this age, for some reason, this is important for self-confidence.

At 24. Everything was with me, it was just modest and very notorious. She didn’t respond to flirting guys who came up to me. She chopped off everything, was afraid that they would laugh if I showed interest in return. Now I do not regret it. Maybe if this happened in her youth, she would have gained all kinds of STDs.

At 19. I regret what happened to that person. Almost raped me. After that, she stopped believing the peasants until she met her husband.

At the age of 15, it happened later with my future husband. I do not regret it, it is better than later. I remember how proud I was that I was no longer a girl. All the girls in the class wanted to part with her as soon as possible, some simply had no one. At this age, for some reason, this is important for self-confidence.

At 28 she got married, not for the first, but very successfully.

at 16 years old, no, I do not regret)))

At 17, everything was super. I do not regret it. but I don’t communicate with this guy anymore.

at 17)
no, I do not regret it)

no one regrets, and what for then then take care of some?

At 15. I do not regret, because fl was first love. We met before this 2 years and after that 3.

and if, for example, your daughter parted with 14-15 years of innocence for self-confidence, will it seem normal to you?

at 16, but why not regret it, yet it was by mutual agreement))

at 19.
I regret it. not about virginity, but about the fact that after, for about a month, I thought that I had flown, then another year that I caught an STD or HIV.
It would be better if she was a virgin.
PS: I loved a guy.

At 18, immediately on the wedding night :) I certainly do not regret it, have been married for 10 years, happy? :)

Sorry :) instead? Must stand!,)

Yes, the main thing is that a person is mentally prepared for this and it is imperative that this happens with a loved one. This moment so that years later leave a pleasant impression.

At the age of 15, it happened later with my future husband. I do not regret it, it is better than later. I remember how proud I was that I was no longer a girl. All the girls in the class wanted to part with her as soon as possible, some simply had no one. At this age, for some reason, this is important for self-confidence.

At 21. I do not regret it, I think if it had happened before 18, I would regret it.

I am now 27, but I still do not lose hope.

at 15. I do not regret) it is unpleasant only that over time I was very disappointed in the person with whom I was for the first time.
in general, in my purely personal opinion, in our time, the normal age is 16-18 years, preferably not earlier and not later)

at 19 in the third year

at 15 .. it was 17. I do not regret it. why regret it, I did not understand. )))

at 21 with a loved one, why regret something? Hooray:)

at 17, the partner was 27, I do not regret, because I hardly remember how it was :)

at 18.) I do not know whether I regret it or not, but that guy turned out to be an asshole (

at 15, I do not regret it, it happened with a loved one whom I met for six months, and before that I wanted to be with him for another year) If you compare with my class, it’s too early) And for your circle of friends (they’re all older) norms

*** theme. you are all great fellows that melt with her on time. Social survey conducted? are everyone happy?

Good afternoon! At what age did you lose your virginity? Do you regret losing your innocence early? (since many girls will lose virginity at a young age)

at 17 years old and do not regret

At 19, with a loved one, who later became a husband and we are still together. I do not regret, because I had never fallen in love with him and no one was even a bit cute, never in my life

Mary (31) I didn’t seem to insult you - this is my opinion, don’t understand everything literally! (You can’t be so stupid) Don’t you remember yourself at 15? it’s just that there wasn’t a guy at this age. Do not you remember? I personally do not want this to happen early. But not for 25, too! Everyone matures in due time. Everything should be in time. All the same, this topic is more in youth relevant.

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Shame or pride

The hymen is a translucent septum that separates the vagina from the labia minora and labia majora. It consists of muscle and connective tissue, nerve endings, and small blood vessels. In the scientific literature, hymen is called hymen. The main function of the septum is to protect the vagina from bacteria and dirt.

Virginity is not a reason for pride, because no one will brag about the presence of a right and left hand, nose or eyebrows. The left side is only a part of the female body, the same as the ears or nails. Unusual or religious people endow with unusual and mystical properties of hymen. It is they who convince young girls that they need to keep themselves for their legal spouse. And sex before the wedding is a terrible sin.

Not all girls have hymen. Some women are born without a protective barrier, others lose it during intense physical exertion and exercise. And for others, the film remains even after intercourse. A man just stretches it with his penis, but does not vomit.

While some women are proud of their chastity, others are embarrassed by their lack of experience. They are afraid to admit to their beloved that they have never had sex. They lie to friends and invent stories about their love affairs. Innocence is not a cause for shame. A girl can have a hundred reasons to remain a virgin:

  • she is afraid of pain
  • there is no suitable partner with whom you want to sleep,
  • the girl belongs to asexuals. Such people do not need an intimate relationship in order to feel full and happy.

Some women are of the opinion that sex should be after the wedding. Others feel comfortable without a soulmate. Still others fear pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Fourth are in search of the perfect candidate.

A girl should not be shy of her inexperience, lose innocence with her best friend, because it is time, or come up with excuses. She can act with her body as she sees fit, and the point.

Ideal age

Little girls almost from the cradle know about sex. The purpose of the genitals is told by the Internet and TV, senior girlfriends and classmates share secret information. Young creatures who want to grow up faster, soon lose their innocence. At the age of 12–13 they try the first alcohol, cigarette and boys.

Doctors advise not to rush. In girls up to 20–21 years old, an epithelium forms that lines the walls of the vagina and the cervix. The tissue protects the internal genital organs from infections and bacteria. In young girls, immunity is weak, and with sex, microbes enter the body. They cause inflammation, thrush and even cystitis.

Psychologists also recommend not to rush. It is necessary to lose virginity beautifully and correctly so that a woman does not have a psychological trauma that will affect her sex life. At the age of 13–16, the couple has no opportunity to rent an apartment and retire for several hours. The gentleman can offer quick intercourse on the parent's bed while mom and dad are at work. No candles, rose petals or lengthy preludes. It is good if defloration does not occur in a dirty gateway or porch.

Do you really have to wait until the age of 21? Not necessary. You can lose your virginity at 18 or 30. The main thing is that both partners are mentally and physically prepared. This night should be the most romantic and unforgettable girl in life. Do not rush and surrender to the first comer, because all your friends have already tried, and you should go too.

Virginity at the age of 14 and 30: different views on one problem

Teenagers fall in love, start dating and having sex, because they consider themselves to be quite old. And inexperienced peers are ridiculed and forced to be ashamed. But when you are 14, being a virgin is perfectly normal. Yes, now they are promoting free relations, and pregnant schoolgirls are not surprised at anyone, but you don’t have to be like everyone else.

Sex is wonderful when it occurs between two adults and smart people. Partners who know about contraception, foreplay and are ready to take responsibility for every body movement. Teenagers have many other pleasures: the first hugs and a kiss in the rain, a joint picnic in nature and conversations under the starry sky. Why spoil the romance with quick sex while parents are not at home?

Being a virgin at 14 is not a shame. You can even be a little proud of yourself. After all, you, my innocent reader, do not care about thrush and other female diseases. No need to be afraid that one day menstruation will not come, and the test will show two strips. Are you sure that the guy is with you because of the rich inner world, and not a beautiful body and good sex.

Is it a shame to be a virgin at 30? Not if a woman likes loneliness and freedom. If she is not ready to look for a man or until she has found her prince. You can remain a virgin until 40, 50 or death itself. The protective hymen does not prevent the girl from being a fun and active member of society, building a career and enjoying life. A virgin can become the head of a department, the general manager or a famous politician if she wants. And then successfully marry and please her husband with her innocence.

Dear reader, forget about all stereotypes. The film in the vagina does not affect the character of the girl and the quality of her life. It is not a shame to remain inexperienced at the age of 14 and 40, but there is no special reason for pride. Just live, enjoy every moment and take your time. You always have time to lose your virginity. The main thing is that at this moment you really have a dear and beloved man.