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What to give a girl for the New Year?


What to give a girl for the New Year? In the New Year, the choice of a gift for a female should be approached wisely. In no case should you give gifts that in any way hint at the age or appearance of the woman. Such gifts will be offensive. It would seem that a perfect gift option can be jewelry. But here everything is not easy. Before choosing a jewelry you need to find out what a girl prefers - some love gold, others like silver or platinum. This also needs to be taken into account. The same situation is with perfumes, each girl prefers her own fragrance.

A good New Year's gift will be cosmetics. It can be a large cosmetic set, cream, serum, mask. For your girlfriend, you can prepare a surprise in the form of a houseplant, for example, a luxurious orange or tangerine tree in a beautiful pot will be a very effective gift. You can also give plastic balls with photos that will become a real decoration of the New Year tree. As a gift can serve as clothing. Of course, it would be better to give a fur coat or an elegant evening dress. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the sizes.

So that you do not fall face down in the mud, we will tell you only one thing - any girl, even the most practical, will be delighted with romance. This does not mean that you should cover the floor with roses or something like that. Believe me, even with a complete lack of money, you can rely on your imagination and succeed. Whatever you give as a result, let the gift process itself be romantic and mysterious. Spend two evenings, consider preparing a gift plan.

Gift Ideas for a Girl on NG

Most anticipated gifts of the year

According to opinion polls, the following objects are seen by girls as the most desirable New Year presents:

  • Jewelry,
  • Treasury bills of various denominations (the more, the better)
  • gadgets are new
  • elite perfume,
  • various gift certificates.

Boring and trite? And for many guys, it’s also unprofitable, because in addition to the beloved girl, mom, dad, sisters - brothers and many friends are waiting for gifts. If you are not Rockefeller, you can find many other equally worthy New Year gift options for your beloved.

What to give a girl for the New Year?

Look for a clue - the truth is somewhere nearby!

For some, this will be a revelation, but in the stream of sweet twittering of a beloved one can find a hint of what New Year's gift would be especially desirable for her. Remember, maybe your girlfriend:

  • gets tired at work, and a massager or even a massage chair will help her relax,
  • no time for jogging, and so wants to keep herself in good shape: give her an elliptical trainer,
  • has long dreamed of an ultra-modern set for manicure and pedicure,
  • envy girlfriends who have a set of professional cosmetics,
  • I’d love to wear a smart watch or bracelet,
  • her favorite "iron" is hanging around or she wants new hair straighteners,
  • her laptop is shamelessly warming and a cooling stand would not hurt.

If there is a problem with the choice, the consultants in the store will be happy to help you, and the girl will get what she dreams about.

What to give a girl for the New Year?

Decorations are also different!

No girl will refuse a jewelry as a gift. Specialized stores offer products for every taste and budget in abundance, the main thing here is to make the right choice.

If your relationship is not time-tested enough, take your time to give the ring. A girl can interpret such a gift in her own way, and you will find yourself in an awkward position if, after the New Year's Eve, your beloved starts planning a wedding.

A win-win jewelry option:

If it is possible to present a decoration with a stone, select it by the zodiac sign - such a gift touches the girl to the core, and the stone will bring good luck to both of you in the New Year.

Very elegant and sophisticated look jewelry with pearls - a universal stone, which is favored by absolutely all women. Natural pearls are expensive, and artificial pearls will be a great alternative.

If you don’t consider the option of “despicable metal” products, pay attention to Swarovski jewelry - always a popular, fashionable brand, in the collection of which you can find everything from earrings and bracelets to exclusive trinkets and piercing jewelry.

What to give a girl for the New Year?

Gift voucher - "beautiful" money

It is clear that everyone is happy with money, but only a very close person can give cash in the New Year. All self-respecting organizations offer to purchase gift certificates - a worthy equivalent to banknotes. And these can be not only certificates to the perfumery or household appliances store, but also useful and pleasant offers:

  • nail design course,
  • solarium membership
  • spa - salon (it is worth considering the option for two),
  • massage (huge choice!),
  • floating session
  • lessons of Latin American dances (culinary skills, vocals).

All the girls are different: one will be happy to indulge in a relaxing procedure, more practical ladies will prefer shopping and will gladly turn your gift certificate into your favorite perfume or expensive cosmetics.

A luxurious gift for your beloved

All the girls try to keep up with the times and zealously follow the trends of modern fashion. You can make a mistake with the subject of the wardrobe - not the size or color, but the girl will be sincerely glad to have a luxurious accessory that suits any outfit. It could be:

  • handbag or clutch bag of a famous brand,
  • travel bag,
  • purse,
  • gloves
  • belt,
  • scarf or scarf,
  • umbrella,
  • case for the laptop.

The price of branded items can scare, and high-quality copies are quite affordable, and only an expert can distinguish them from the original.

What to give a girl for the New Year?

Practical gifts for the girl

Is your relationship stepping over a candy-bouquet stage? Perhaps you have already begun to conduct a joint economy? Then your girlfriend will surely like something necessary and very useful, for example:

  • coffee machine, coffee maker,
  • yogurt maker
  • ice cream maker
  • sandwich maker
  • laptop, tablet, smartphone,
  • camera,
  • monopod for selfie,
  • tea-set,
  • bedding set,
  • cozy woolen blanket,
  • lunch box.

Choose a thing as you would choose for yourself and not be mistaken. Who knows, maybe in a few years you will be preparing healthy products for your children in a quality yogurt maker.

Give your beloved an unforgettable experience

Still, most girls are incorrigibly romantic and are able to purchase a new mobile phone for themselves. Something truly extraordinary will help surprise and delight such a girl:

  • extreme driving lesson
  • horse ride for two,
  • riding lesson with a photo shoot,
  • snowmobile safari for two
  • extreme trampoline for two,
  • quest in reality.

Tickets for a concert of her beloved band or the long-awaited premiere of a new film that you go to together will also leave pleasant impressions for the whole year.

What to give a girl for the New Year?

With love and tenderness

A huge teddy bear (bunny, cat, tiger, lion), soft decorative pillows with your names embroidered on them will help to express your love. A reminder of a wonderful New Year's celebration may be:

  • a beautiful bedspread under which it will be comfortable for both of you,
  • New Year's plaid with sleeves,
  • down slippers
  • fluffy bathrobe
  • charming mittens for lovers,
  • floor lamp or table lamp on her dressing table,
  • a picture in the style of the interior of her bedroom,
  • breakfast tray in bed
  • unusual USB flash drive.

Underwear is a romantic and intimate gift that is given only to a very close person. If you are ready for such a sign of attention, take a picture of the tag, and professionals will help you choose the best model.

All girls have a sweet tooth, even those who are on a diet and counting calories. Therefore, it is appropriate to supplement the gift with an expensive chocolate bar, a box of chocolates or marzipan.

You can give girls flowers for any holiday, New Year is no exception. Florists collect amazingly beautiful New Year's compositions of flowers, fragrant tangerines and spruce branches, each of which can be a great gift and give a festive, New Year's mood.

Inexpensive gifts

You do not have enough money to purchase an expensive product? Choose an inexpensive but good gift for the New Year 2020. It should remind the girl how much you love her.

Common gifts for your girlfriend include:

  1. Plush toy (rat, teddy bear, bunny)
  2. Handmade chocolate
  3. A set of several types of tea: black, green, with flower petals, with fragrant herbs
  4. Mittens or hat with a beautiful ornament
  5. Unusual T-shirt, which depicts a beloved musician, film actor, athlete
  6. Original cup with an interesting inscription or picture
  7. Box of chocolates
  8. Case for smartphone
  9. Bookmark for reading books in the dark
  10. Table mirror

An excellent gift for a winter holiday is an accessory in red. It can be a scarf or stole. Such a product will emphasize the image of the girl and bring elegant notes to it.

Win-win gift options

The fair sex loves to receive expensive gifts. If you want to please a girl and show your tender feelings, do not save on a purchase. Browse the boutiques or browse the internet for offers. Buy a thing that will cause a woman a storm of positive emotions.

Among the win-win gifts for the girl for the New Year 2020 include:

  • a gold bracelet - a gorgeous present that any woman will be delighted with. In the jewelry store you can choose a bracelet with openwork weaving "Venetian", "Bismarck", "Rolex". The item will look exquisite on your girl’s wrist,
  • earrings with cubic zirconias - gold jewelry with a luxurious look. They are perfect for evening dresses. Earrings with a scattering of miniature cubic zirconias effectively emphasize the image of a woman and make him unique,
  • mink coat - a fur product having a beautiful appearance. Almost every woman dreams of him. The mink coat is made of smooth and silky fur. It is a durable product that tolerates high temperatures,
  • underwear set - A good gift if you know the required sizes. Choose products from a leading manufacturer in a branded store. Prefer a beautiful set of red,
  • gift certificate to the store - A great solution for men who do not want to look for a gift for a long time. This is a 100% option, because the girl herself can choose a present. She will review the assortment and make a purchase that will please her,
  • limited edition elite perfumes, is a high-quality perfume that creates a mood and emphasizes femininity. Choose what the girl likes best. It can be perfumes with notes of jasmine, patchouli, ylang-ylang.

Original presents

This option is suitable for the fairer sex who do not like common things. If your chosen one loves everything unusual, pay close attention to the choice of a New Year's gift. It will not be easy. But anything is possible.

We offer TOP-10 original presentations for girls:

  1. Foot warmer, the principle of which is based on infrared heating
  2. Portrait on canvas
  3. Chewing sweets called "For Women's Happiness"
  4. Checkered plaid with red sleeves
  5. A tray on a pillow with a beautiful picture: hearts, marmalade in a box, red roses, a cup of coffee
  6. Painted beads
  7. The 3D Eiffel Tower
  8. Hand painted ceramic teapot
  9. Coaching book, which presents unique methods of changing life for the better
  10. Soft slippers in the form of ducks or crocodile paws

Practical gifts

Many girls like healthy gifts. This is not surprising, because rationality is important for women. If your soulmate does not like to receive meaningless gifts, give her a pleasant surprise. Drop the idea of ​​buying a porcelain figurine in the form of a rat symbol of the year or a fridge magnet. These are the wrong gifts. Practical girls will definitely not be happy with them.

Among the useful gifts of the beloved for New Year 2020 is kitchen appliances. It can be an ice cream maker, a juicer, an electric meat grinder, a slow cooker and a blender. During a visit to the girl, look at what kind of device that facilitates cooking, is not in the kitchen. Draw conclusions and buy the necessary equipment in the store.

For a beloved girl, a guy can purchase other practical gifts:

  • USB cup warmer,
  • monopod for selfie,
  • wireless mouse with a pattern: pink flamingo, abstraction, cockatoo, slices of watermelon,
  • multifunctional table lamp equipped with a touch screen and USB output,
  • a steam generator that provides gentle care for different tissues,
  • electronic photo frame with which you can view your favorite pictures,
  • teapot with strainer made of heat-resistant glass,
  • set for styling hair with different nozzles: curling irons, straightening plates, brush with artificial bristles.

Romantic gifts

If you want to win the heart of your girlfriend, surprise her and amaze. Gifts that evoke positive emotions and give joy are ideal for this purpose. A great option is a ticket to an interesting event that will be held in the city. The specific choice depends on the preferences of the girl. It can be a ticket to a concert, to a New Year's party or to a performance. Take into account the interests of women and make a suitable gift.

Among the romantic presents for a winter holiday include:

  • extreme adventure - a girl who leads an active lifestyle and does not sit all day at home will like it. Winter adventures include snowmobiling and driving on ice. An excellent solution is tubing. This is an inflatable sled ride that brings a lot of thrill,
  • certificate in a beauty salon - a gift that the girl definitely will not refuse. Find an institution with skilled craftsmen. Select the appropriate procedure. It can be eyelash extension, massage ritual with candles, seaweed wrap,
  • winter photo shoot in nature - a professional will choose a place for shooting and take high-quality photos. They can be placed in the album and on social networks. During the photo shoot, the girl will be liberated and feel like a real photo model.

Interest Gifts

If your girlfriend is fond of modern technology, give her an innovative device. It can be luminous laces for sneakers, a laser pointer for seminars, an electric pencil sharpener. A wonderful gift for the New Year is a touch-sensitive calculator, powered by a solar battery. This is a useful device with which you can make calculations.

Does your girlfriend like to needlework? Buy her a thread for embroidery, a canvas with a pattern, additional accessories. Many women love to create masterpieces from ribbons. Therefore, you can buy a kit, which includes a pillow with a full-color image, a diagram, a floss, multi-colored ribbons and detailed instructions.

Does the girl have her own car? Buy her a useful accessory. This can be a steering wheel cover in gray, beige or red. Also in stores are a Bluetooth headset, fragrances on the dashboard, and organizer bags.

DIY gifts

This section will be interesting to guys who want to make a unique present for their sweetheart. The gift for the New Year 2020, made by hand, the girl will accept with sincere gratitude. She will understand that you love her and want to express her feelings.

What can you do yourself? There are many options. Bake a delicious cake and decorate it with exotic fruits. Seeing such a gift, the girl will be pleasantly surprised and will love you even more.

As a homemade gift, a picture consisting of a huge number of hearts is perfect. For work you need a paper, glue and pictures with declarations of love. Place hearts on paper and stick them. The result is an unusual picture, from which the girl will be delighted.

Also, a man can create a composition of roses in ice. To create such a presentation you need to purchase a transparent glass vase and flowers. Making a presentation is that you need to put roses in a container, pour cold water and place in a freezer. After some time, the composition will be ready.

Many girls understand that it is difficult for men to decide on a gift. Be careful and listen to the wishes of your beloved. Give her a New Year present that will never be forgotten. Open your heart, say kind words and back up with a kiss!

What are the best gifts for a girl for New Year 2019

Romantic - those that create a romantic atmosphere and wraps up feelings ... For example, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with a card (just do not forget about the language of flowers, this is important when choosing a bouquet: for example, a white rose is a symbol of tenderness, and a red rose is love), and the best gift for a girl is a ring, not necessarily with a diamond and immediately make an offer, but the fact that you presented the ring deserves great respect.

  1. Intellectual - everything related to development, knowledge, intelligence. Books, CDs, subscription to an interesting magazine edition, art or music album, a tool for classes.
  2. Cosmetic - perfumes - creams, gels, salts, perfumes and more (here you need to be very knowledgeable about the tastes and preferences of a loved one who is planning all this), because he is suitable for a young couple or relatives of mom, dad, sister, brother.
  3. Culinary - who likes a tasty meal? That's all ... You can buy a cake, a bottle of an elite drink or a box of chocolates. And the best thing is not to neglect information about the diet and lifestyle of the person to whom the present is selected.
  4. Practical - those that a person can 100% apply and benefit from it. For example: pajamas, gloves, a scarf, an umbrella. Attention, it is important to remember that only relatives or loved ones give linen.
  5. Household - Among them - a blender, a kettle, a kitchen scale, a set of spices, salad bowls, a tablecloth with napkins, a toaster, a spatula for a cake, a tea or small coffee set, sofa cushions, an egg stand, flower vases, etc.
  6. Developing and encouraging - here it is necessary to have information about the interests and hobbies of a person. Sledge, ball, set of brushes, fabric for embroidery, paints, roller skates, camera, dumbbells, chess, drumsticks, spinning, flippers, club, skis, etc. Just don’t try to impose a hobby on a person with your gift. So, for a man who is interested in motorcycles, it is useless to give a saxophone or a hunting rifle.
  7. Souvenirs - that’s where you can take a walk! They can be original, with a joke, with a twist, with a riddle, with a hint. A soft toy is perfect for this role. A souvenir can correspond to the upcoming new year 2019 of a yellow dog, you can buy a figurine or a soft toy of a snake, as well as souvenir presentations include paintings, icons, unique crafts made of wood, glass, metal.
  8. Classical - take place to be presented for various holidays, except for the new year - for a birthday, February 23, March 8, May 9 and other holidays. Here is a short list of those: belt, watch, e-book, player, money, gift coupon ...
  9. Choosing a souvenir is a creative and interesting process that requires knowledge and money. You need to choose it in a good mood and you can with a friend or girlfriend, a gift and presenting it is a pleasant and memorable process, and the present itself is a long memory! For this, do not skimp on and choose with a soul.
  10. Gifts hide a lot of information about the donor. People who constantly consider their income and expenses, or those who have the character of a guardian, usually prefer to buy useful, functional things. Lovers, most often make extraordinary and unexpected surprises, over which they think and pick up for a very long time, traveling through many shops and scouring the Internet. There is a special kind that first of all insanely pleases the donor himself - these are the ones that your loved ones wanted, and you doubted to take one or the other and when you see the person’s joyful face, inside you shout “Hurray, I guessed right”.

Giving and exchanging gifts on New Year's Eve is an ancient tradition, and you should not create torments and problems from it for yourself. The ideal option is to choose one that brings joy and a warming soul, that's what really matters! There is no need to suffer from searches at all - it should always be a pleasure. There are presentations from which the girl will be delighted, even if you have met or have already lived a lot, they will be very relevant.

Top inexpensive gifts for a girl for the New Year 2019

When you don’t have enough money to buy an expensive gift, but you want to please your beloved with something, then we have a list of inexpensive but good gifts that will become a reminder for the girl about you and how much you love her.

  • Plush toys (here the first place is occupied by a teddy bear, 2nd bunny, 3rd heart)
  • A tea set will be a great option for your beloved. This personalized set includes twelve servings of tea, it includes tea with a rose and vanilla.
  • Romantic and unusual chocolate sweets - in every city there are already handmade chocolate crafts (suitable for a sweet tooth)
  • Cosmetic bag or small thing for beauty.
  • Heart-shaped pillow with your photo together.

Top original gifts for a girl for 2019

Sometimes it’s better for a girl to give an original gift that will not only be useful, but that will surprise her. Our list will help you quickly make a choice.

  • Erotic underwear - many girls love sex as much as we do, only this is not always shown (for passionate girls)
  • The Hollywood star Funny (ceramic) with her name will delight the girl.
  • A pet - a kitten, a parrot, a dog (for girls who are often at home and are waiting for their guys, husbands)
  • Gift voucher of the Shopping Center where your girlfriend is often bought up.

The best gifts for a girl for the New Year

It is best to give the girl something cool and creative that will be useful for her in everyday life. Our list of the best gifts will help you choose the truly necessary gift.

  • Ring - (a super gift for your girlfriend, which she will always appreciate, the only reminder of the ring should be gold, because gold is the metal of love and wealth, and silver is friendship)
  • Chain or earrings
  • Elite perfumes - expensive perfumes of such manufacturers (Dior, Versace, Chanel, Gucci Guilty, Nina Ricci, COCO) you only need to know the taste of your girlfriend
  • A romantic trip to Paris - explaining why I think it’s not worth it 🙂

DIY gifts for a girl for the New Year 2019

  1. But it’s best not to be lazy and release your own magazine, which will be dedicated to your loved one. Today, the network has many templates for the cover of the magazine, on the first page of which you need to make all the main events in the life of the person whom you decided to glorify with your glossy number. But you need to make sure that on New Year's Eve, your loved one himself accidentally stumbles upon this miracle in the mailbox and appreciates all your efforts.
  2. You can give a personalized website with a beautiful template in the form of a heart or a photo, where you can do anything: debug photos, videos, communicate with the whole world.
  3. You can record a disc for a loved one, picking up only those songs that can cause him positive associations and good memories. But for this you need to be as knowledgeable as possible in the recipient's tastes. And for the disc, you can also make a personalized box with best wishes with your own hands.
  4. As options, you can bake pizza steams with ingredients that you like and show your imagination with the inscription “To my beloved, to my best mom in the world”, buy a simple cookie and pour it with chocolate icing so that it can be seen that this is your job. Everything will depend on the tastes of the person to whom you plan to make a surprise.

The best ideas for a girl's gift for the New 2019 year with their own hands

  • A small notebook for notes or a personal diary
  • Gift Certificate
  • Scarf
  • Case for phone or tablet
  • Photo Frame
  • Unique t-shirt
  • Cup clothes
  • Basket
  • Pillow
  • Cool calendar
  • Bauble
  • Handmade soap
  • Piggy bank
  • Aroma candles
  • Postcard
  • Cake
  • Soft toy
  • Video film
  • Photo collage
  • Piggy bank

In the end

So our article ended, I think now you have no question what you can give a girl for New Year 2019 to be sure to like it! Remember the main thing when choosing a gift, think about the person to whom it is intended and try to put the kindest feelings and emotions into it, then it will succeed 100%! :-). Happy New Year 2019! WITH NEW HAPPINESS!