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How to be an Assistant Golfer


up to 40 000 rub. before personal income tax

Vsevolozhsk, Club Street, 1

The country of the vacancy placement is Russia.

The resume does not indicate that you are ready to move there.

Required work experience: not required

Full-time, shift schedule

Golf ClubMillcreekinvites the assistant golfer to his team


  • learning the golf course and rules
  • preparation of the field for the game
  • accompanying a player during the game
  • preparing equipment for the game
  • keeping clean cars and other equipment, etc.


  • willingness to work in the fresh air
  • activity
  • learning ability
  • sociability


  • intensive golf fundamentals
  • execution in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation
  • work schedule 2/2, seasonal until 10/31/19
  • work on the territory of the golf club Vsevolozhsk, ul.Klubnaya house 1
  • corporate delivery metro station Ladozhskaya

Key terms and definitions used in golf:

Iron - club with a flat head. The full set of irons includes clubs with numbers from the 2nd to the 9th, as well as pitching wedge, sand wedge and forehead wedge. View photos and detailed description of the iron

Albatross - the number of strokes in one hole is three strokes lower than the pairs of this hole (in par-5 holes). That is, this is a five-pair hole, completed in two strokes. This is more about luck than skill.

Birdie - the number of strokes in one hole is one less than the steam (if the hole with steam is 3, then birdie is the passage of the moon for 2 strokes instead of 3, that is, with one stroke you must come to the green and roll the ball with another hit on the green to the hole).

Bogey - the number of strokes in one hole is one more than pairs. Double bogie - 2 more steam, triple bogie - 3, etc. (that is, if the hole is par 3, then having passed it in 4 strokes, you get bogs, for 5 strokes - a double bogey, for 6 strokes - a triple bogi).

Break - a specially made slope of the green, thanks to which the ball deviates to the side upon impact.

Bunker (bunker, sand trap) - A sand trap specially made on the field to complicate the player’s task. Bunkers can be located on fairways or next to greens, be deep and not. Here everything is at the discretion of the one who ordered this field and the one who designed it.

Bag (bag) - a bag for clubs. It has several compartments for different types of clubs, equipped with many pockets, an umbrella mount, carrying straps, rain cover and some other specific functions.

Collar, collar - A section of the field around the green, shorn shorter than the fairway, but above the green.

Wood - a club with a large head. The larger the number of the club, the shorter the handle and the greater the angle of inclination of the impact surface. Usually there are two woods in the player’s run - No. 1 (driver) and No. 3. However, some golfers who find playing with woods easier than with irons carry No. 5 with them.

Handicap - the level of preparation of the player. Handicap - the difference between the number of strokes performed by a golfer to pass a hole / field and his (hole / field) steam (standard). For example, if a field of 18 holes has a pair of 72 (this is the most common value of a pair of fields), then passing this field in 90 strokes, your level will correspond to a handicap of +18 (90-72 = 18), and after passing it in 68 strokes, you get a handicap of -4 (68-72 = -4), and this is a very cool indicator - approximately, as a master of sports of international class.

Greenkeeper - Specialist, club employee serving the field and monitoring its condition. In my opinion, it is a very difficult profession due to the specific requirements for golf courses, unlike, for example, football ones.

Grip - rubber or leather cover of the stick. I have not tried sticks with leather flu, but for those that I use (Dunlop), rubber holds very well in my hand.

Draw (draw) - a blow in which the ball flies straight, but at the end slightly deviates to the left (for a player with a right-handed stance). This is one of those kicks that are the goal of training.

Eagle (eagle) - the number of strokes in one hole is 2 strokes lower than the pairs of this hole. In simple words, if you go through a hole with steam equal to 5, for 3 strokes. Again this is more out of luck than skill.

Car (car, buggy) or golf car - A small electric or gasoline car to move around the field. There are cars and trucks golf carts. You can specifically look at the passenger car on this page and the truck on this one.

Short game - Closer hits to the green with minimal risk of miss. For example, in a hole 250 yards long, you can take a chance and play a driver to immediately get on the green, but in the event of an inaccurate hit you risk being far from the green and in a very uncomfortable position, returning to the green from which with one hit will be impossible. In order not to be in this situation, you play 2 hits with irons (for example 150 and 100 yards) and are guaranteed to be on the green. This is called a short game.

Caddy - an assistant player who wears his clubs and has the right to give him advice during the game.

Hole (hole) - This term has two meanings. 1) The first, obvious is the "glass" itself, dug into the ground, having an inner diameter of 4.25 inches (108 mm), a depth of at least 100 mm and a mount for setting the flag. 2) The second meaning of the term “hole” is a section of the field that includes a tee, fairway, and green with several bunkers. The length of the hole can vary from 80 m (for minipoles) to 660 m (for superfields). The golf course includes 18 holes of different lengths with different terrain and bunker locations, with and without trees and small ponds.

Marker - 1) A circle marking the position of the ball on the green; 2) A counter, a referee counting the player's shots.

Marshal - An official on the field monitoring the speed of players and their observance of etiquette.

Match (match play) - match game. One of the two main types of golf competition, in which the result is calculated separately on each hole, and the golfer who wins more holes wins.

Steam - a conditional norm, constantly used to calculate the result and assess the level of players. Steam is the number of strokes that a golfer must make in one hole or in the entire field with a successful game. The steam of one hole is defined as follows: it is believed that if the distance from tee to green is not more than 200 meters, the player must hit the green with one hit, if it is not more than 400 meters - with two strokes, and if more - with three strokes. If the ball hits the green, a good result is hit in the hole with two strokes putter. Thus, the first type of holes will be called “pairs 3”, the second - “pairs 4”, and the third - “pairs 5”. The sum of the vapors of all holes makes up the total field pair (as a rule, equal to 70 - 72 for a standard field of 18 holes). It is clear that the player can show the result both above and below the pair. Accordingly, its result will have a “+” or “-” sign. For example, if a player in a hole 150 meters long (“par 3”) made 5 strokes, then his result can be called “plus 2”, and if he made 2 strokes, then the result is “minus 1”.

Putt - a rolling hit performed on the green. For all its apparent simplicity, it requires a lot of time for development and subsequent training. You can learn to hit the green well and then not hit the target (hole) for a long time.

PGA (PGA) - The Association of Professional Golfers, bringing together instructors (club professionals) and golfers who constantly play on the Tour (tournament professionals). PGA exist in all countries developing golf, including in Russia.

Pitch Wedge (PW) - a club, the next in the set after the number 9 iron. View photos and descriptions of witches

Pitching green - A training field for practicing short-range strikes with a high trajectory, after which the ball almost does not roll.

Hazard - an element of the playing field, specially constructed or deliberately left on it (bunker, water barrier) in order to complicate the game.

Obstruction - an object that prevents the player from carrying out a strike, which should not be on the field as planned by the architect. In accordance with the rules, a player has the right to remove an obstacle preventing him or move the ball to another point.

Proshop - A golf store where you can purchase golf equipment, clothes, and souvenirs. Typically, this definition applies to a store located in the golf club itself.

Pool - a blow in which the ball flies out to the left of the goal (for a player with a right-handed stance).

Push - a blow after which the ball flies out to the right of the goal (for a player with a left-handed stance).

Rough (rough) - a zone of wild grass and vegetation (overgrown, in simple words), starting immediately after the fairway. A ball caught in a raff is much harder to knock out. It is even more difficult to give it the desired flight direction and calculate the range.

Swing - The main movement of the blow with all the "long" clubs. This is the most powerful blow. Swing consists of club sticking (swing), downward movement, direct impact and completion. Watch Swing Video

Set (set) - a set of clubs, it is allowed to have a maximum of 14, usually this kit includes: a driver, 2 woods, a hybrid, 9 irons and 1 putter.

Slice - a blow in which the ball flies straight out, but then deviates significantly to the right (for a player with a right-handed stance).

Sand Wedge (sand wedge, SW) - Iron-stick, the next in the set after the pitching wedge. This "sand" club is used to knock the ball out of the bunkers. See photos and descriptions of wedges

Tee - 1) A specially marked field field from where the game starts at each hole. 2) A wooden or plastic stand (in shape resembles a screw) for installing the ball for impact.

Fade - a blow in which the ball flies straight, but at the end slightly deviates to the right (for a player with a right-handed stance). This is also one of those blows that one must strive to master.

Fairway - a plot of the field (with short grass up to 50 mm) from the tee platform to the green. Fireworks come in very different widths and shapes, have certain inclinations, etc.

Fo (fore) - This word is shouted out by golfers when they want to warn other people on the field that they are in the zone of a possible ball hit. Do you hear "Fo" - close your head just in case.

Hole-in-one - “hole at a time,” that is, hitting a hole from a tee pad with one hit. It happens very rarely, the probability of hitting an “average” player is 1 in 46,000. Sometimes special prizes are set for this in competitions. This is the highest step in the series "not skill, but luck."

Hook- a blow in which the ball flies straight, but after that it deviates significantly to the left (for a player with a right-handed stance).

Shaft (shaft) - a metal or carbon fiber (formerly wooden) rod of variable cross section, to the end of which a head is attached on one side and the flu is worn on the other side.

Schenk (shank) - hit by the heel of the club, after which the ball flies to the side.

Chip - a short short stroke, after which the ball rolls a relatively large distance, is usually used when playing in the immediate vicinity of the green. Watch the chip video

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