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The Vampire Diaries - Final: Who Survived


Attention! This article contains important spoilers about the finale of The Vampire Diaries. Read at your own risk!

The finale of the Vampire Diaries series wasted no time. After the audience thought that Damon had inspired Stefan to let the elder Salvatore sacrifice himself to save Mystic Falls, the series “Everything was cool” showed a devastating plot twist in which Stefan was the one who died in the last episode of Far East.

But not the whole ending was in tears and grief. He also showed us the happy Damon and Elena, Caroline and Alarika, who open a school for (magically) gifted children and, most importantly, Stefan and Damon, who find peace.

Co-creator Kevin Williamson talked to about why Stefan had to die, about Claroline’s letter and Delena’s proposal, which had to be cut due to lack of time!

Why did you decide to end the series with Elena and Damon, who are reunited with their families in the afterlife?
I am sure if you ask Julie Plec about this, she will say that the ending is interpretable. The idea of ​​editing and shooting was that we assume what happened to our heroes. And Damon, as the voiceover says, worried that he would never see Stephen again. Elena simply assured him that peace exists. Over the course of several seasons, we have been dealing with a gloomy other side, but there is also a bright side on which Damon will find peace. If you are looking for it, you will always find it. And we wanted to see for the last time that yes, Elena found him, like Damon, and, it seems, his brother too.

Everyone else looks at the age at which they died. Why did Damon and Elena look so young? You just didn’t want to mess with makeup to age them?
Understand this interpretation. The idea was that the whole series was filled with grief and loss of people, and, ultimately, I think that the last idea is that all these people who shaped and directed us live inside us, and if you look into the soul, then you will find peace. In general, we have gone from reality and shown how it will look. In reality, they live life and age. But the voiceover, I can’t remember verbatim, but I think he says: "Damon will find peace." And we know how he looks. And then she looks at the porch and sees her family, while Damon returns to his house and meets Stefan.

I liked that the last shot was with Stefan and Damon.
That was important. Well, it’s important for me, I can’t speak for someone else, but it’s important for me that this phrase be the last.

The phrase "Hello brother" has become very important for the series. When you worked on the Pilot, imagined what it means?
No, but there are always such phrases. At Dawson's Creek, it was See You Joey. In general, the situations are similar. And I also wanted to hear Dear Diary. This is another phrase that is very important. I wanted Elena to say, "Dear diary." In the initial version, at the beginning this phrase was spoken by another person, and in the end - Elena. And at the last second, I thought: “No, no, no. We must start with the Dear Diary. We must make it pronounced in the cemetery. ” And Julie thought, “Yes, yes, yes!” And we started with her, and ended with her.

Do you have any other favorite callbacks that you managed to add to the finals?
My favorite phrase is "I know something, but here you are - a point, a point, a point." I always said that I like this phrase. And that is exactly what I always say as a screenwriter, because you always put an ellipsis. So I always said: "You know, blah blah blah, dot, dot, dot." And when I explain something in the scriptwriters' room, I always say: “Well, you know everything else, point, point, point.” And I created a line of dialogue from this, and then I said: “Do you know what? Katherine is older than Damon. How did Damon learn this phrase? From Katherine. So let Katherine tell her. ”

The series began with the fact that two brothers fought for the girl, but later he talked more about the subtleties in the relationship of the brothers. When did you first notice that this shift occurred?
From the very beginning, we wanted to write a series about the family. The series was about family, losses, grief, because the plot was about how Elena lost her family. And it started with her and Jeremy, who did much worse. And later the question arose - how will they find their family? Jeremy found his own way, and Elena needed to start living, and then, when she returns to life, will she ever be able to trust people and love them? And here the triangle began. But the plot has always been devoted to how Stefan and Elena experienced loss and grief, tried to learn how to live again. And she met several good vampires on her way.

Julie told me that two weeks before the script was written, someone was supposed to die. Can you tell who it was?
Oh, everyone had to die. There was a lot of talk about this in the writers room. Everyone had great ideas. I just feel sad that we could not show them all in the series, because it lasts only 42.5 minutes. But there were a lot of opportunities. The main thing for us was not to kill Bonnie. Bonnie should not have died for Elena’s happiness. We discussed: "Oh, Bonnie might be with Enzo, because that is exactly what she wanted." But no. Enzo would not want that. Bonnie needs a full life. She needs a happy ending. It was important to us, so we couldn't kill Bonnie. And we could not kill Matt, because if he had lived as a person for so long, his life should not end. If we were going to kill him, then this should have happened in the fourth season. You can't do it in the eighth. We chose between Damon and Stefan. As you know, we got rid of Katherine. We killed her. We knew we would get her out. We discussed that we would kill both Damon and Stephen. And then they discussed that Damon would kill Katherine, thereby saving the city and everyone else. When I returned and intervened in the plot, Stefan was a ripper for a long time and killed Enzo. I think the only way for him to survive these events is through death. That is why he had to die.

The appearance of Lexi after the death of Stephen facilitated his death. Why do you think Lexi was the perfect person to send him to the afterlife?
She was always with him. She has been his support from day one. I think that thanks to her appearance, Stefan began to like much more. From the moment you find out that they are best friends. And as soon as we found out who she was and what she did, she helped Stefan and Elena get to know each other better. And we saw Lexi open the other side of Stephen when he was an ordinary brooding vampire. She just revealed a little of his identity. You are like: “Dude, how did they even become friends? I like this lady. Now I also like Stefan much more. " She really helped shape him as a character. And she was always with him. It turns out that it was she who helped him cope with ripping. She was just next to him and covered her back. She is perfect.

The idea of ​​Stefan was a better person, but the finale says otherwise. Do you believe Damon is better?
I think that is exactly what Katherine said, and I think she did it because Damon got better. And I think that he really became what his brother wanted to see him - an immortal storyline. He became what his brother hoped to see him. And because his brother sacrificed himself for him, Damon lived a better life.

Stefan sacrificed himself almost immediately after the wedding with Caroline. Are you excited about the reaction of Steroline fans?
This is a difficult situation. I hope the audience understands that there is more to the good that Stephen told her about. “You will never hurt your children. Family is the most important. You understand this better than others. And because family is the main thing, you will understand why I do this. ” And she understood. "Family is the most important". She does not like this decision, and life is a cruel thing, but she understood everything. And we also gave a small gift in the form of a letter from Klaus!

Why did you decide to include this letter and hint that Klaus and Caroline have a future?
This is the storyline that we have sacrificed. You know, Klaus went to another series, and we never had to develop this story, but if Klaus stayed, then obviously they would have developed a relationship, and we would have developed this storyline. I miss her. And I always wanted to see her. But anything happens. However, I do not regret anything.

The letter definitely looked like a nice way to pay tribute to one of the series’s most passionate fandoms. When you were working on the finale, how did your desire to please the fans influence the process?
This was the guiding force. That's all. Julie and the screenwriters thought, “We have to thank them.” We started discussing the finals in general, why we like them, which ones we like and which ones not. We had the feeling that when we watch the finals, we like being rewarded. What you really want to say in the finale is thanks. In general, this was our main goal, and I really hope that the audience understands this. It’s really hard to please everyone. And in another universe, if Elena had not left the series after the sixth season, we could have a different ending, because I will always be a fan of Stela. But this ending makes me cry and smile at the same time, and this is what we wanted to achieve. We wanted to cry, cry through laughter.

Elena had an impressive ring on her finger, in the future she and Damon got married! Was there any talk of showing wedding moments?
Yes. We really had a moment for which there simply was not enough time - it had to be cut. It seems that the first version of the finale was 18 minutes longer. And there was a moment where he makes her an offer, and she replies that the wedding will be after medical school. And the point of this scene was to show that she became a doctor. And so we thought: “Oh, we can just dress her in the surgeon’s clothes and cut this scene.”

Bonnie went to travel and live her life to the fullest, how has the dynamics of her spiritual relationship with Enzo changed? Are they still talking, or is he just watching her?
He is watching her. He is going to let her live her life. I believe that the world looks like this: the people who guided us and shaped us, the people we loved, will always be inside us. And we just showed how it looks.

Did you imagine that when Bonnie eventually died, she would reunite with Enzo again?
If she wants to, she will reunite, because this is peace.

When we get an opportunity to look into the future, we see that they are all doing good things and are with the people they love, but Mett got the most, having received a bench in his honor. Do you think this speaks of Mette as a person and his priorities?
I think when we first started, Matt did not know who he was. He felt the unfortunate result of his reckless parents. He had a very dysfunctional family. And he created his own. He became the man whom people look and applaud. He always looked after Mystic Falls and is now ready for this role. Now he has a whole community of people who count on him. He radiates the light of responsibility and courage, and I think he has become a real hero. We see only a bench, but the fact is that when you get a bench, it means that you deserve a lot. I have a feeling that the bench represents a lot.

What will be the legacy of The Vampire Diaries?
I would hope that people with a big smile look back at the series and that he gave only good memories. You want people to remember him with love and say: “Wow, I liked this series. Dude, he was great. " *Broad smile*.

This article contains SPOILERS for the final episode of The Vampire Diaries

It took quite a while, but the story of the Salvatore and Mystic Falls brothers came to an end with the final episode of The Vampire Diaries. The road to their final destination was very uneven, even for the most dedicated fans - but when the series begins with such a strong pitch, as in this case, you can’t do without any obstacles on the way. Over the years, your favorite characters arrived, served, they were killed, resurrected, they reincarnated ... but all this led us to the final episode ... and the final sacrifice.

The amount of work for the finale of The Vampire Diaries was enormous, not every character was destined to meet a happy ending, many threats circled over Mystic Falls. In general, the tasks that needed to be solved were more than enough. However, in the end, the authors left their fan base more with warm feelings than with broken hearts. We’ll talk about this last frame, but first, let's go over the fate of our heroes and the last battle of Elena, Bonnie, Matt, Caroline, Damon, Stefan ... well, you understand.

Probably it wasn’t a special surprise for anyone to know that Katherine (Nina Dobrev) was the one who pulled the strings behind Cade and was the cause of almost every Salvatore's headache, and who later decided that the best farewell would be to set fire to the whole city in hellish flame.

Soon we will get to where the real Elena is, now I want to concentrate on a showdown between Damon and Katherine, she is trying to attract his attention again, despite the fact that both brothers chose Elena. Katherine does not give up, reminding Damon that Stefan pursues him in every endeavor. Simply put: "he is much better." Damon is forced to fight with the idea that Stefan and Elena would be better off without him, a little later these words of Katherine echo in the finale .. Fortunately, these were one of her last words ...

After she nearly died in the previous episode, Bonnie finds herself in the world of ethereal sleep, where she is confronted with Elena's consciousness face to face. For those who need to refresh their memory, Elena immediately notes that there is no way for the two to share one place further. Thanks to their connection, Elena can return to the world of the living only if Bonnie dies ... and she is still far from being sent to the afterlife. To finish the job, the spirit of Bonnie's lost love, Enzo, appears to tell her that even if she longs to reunite with him, this is a wrong desire. Her friends need her, and Bonnie returns with an answer to their problem. The real threat was not Katherine, but Vicki Donovan.

Bonnie understands that in order to save the city they need to stop trying to prevent Hellfire, they need to let him in so that she can send him back. (SPOILER) Bonnie’s got it all, she’s even been able to break the magic between her and Elena, bringing her back to life (don’t ask why, this is the ending). On this, its part in saving the day is over. The hardest part of the plan was left on the shoulders of the Salvatore brothers.

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Lavr # January 8, 2015 at 14:02 +2

Sorry, I didn’t understand. Is it TOP 10 quotes for season 1-3 or is it for everyone?

I am not a big fan of Damon, but what can I dissemble - without him, the series would have lost its charm, although many of his phrases for me are the merit of the translators because I watch only in voice acting.
It turned out to be a good top, but it seems to me that these are not his best quotes for three seasons (if you wrote 3, not one first). I can’t judge his eloquence in the first two seasons, but still I don’t think that this is the most relish (I understand that remembering all his incredible quotes is difficult after 5-6 years.

In general, the post is good, with pictures and gifs, I liked your comments after quotes, I think they emphasized your sympathy and concern for the fate of this character, but after watching I have a feeling that everything is fine, everything is in place, but something is missing , maybe more impudence, causticity, ingenuity, sometimes doom and brokenness, because Damon just gushes with magnificent quotes on the "verge of sarcasm and philosophy."
I repeat, if this is not only for the first season, then Dalaric and Dathryn expected at least.

I put a plus, because the choice of quotes is still a complex and subjective matter, but with the application for "objectivity", that is, the majority agrees with this choice)
but, if you continue posts with quotes, which I will be extremely glad to, choose better not the most famous and hackneyed phrases), for example, I’m better to read your extremely subjective post with quotes of a contradictory dubious nature, which may not have the right to be called the best (again I’m talking about different selection criteria and "objectivity"), rather than a post, of which there is a sea on the Internet with the same set of Damon word

Good girl! Good luck in the contest

If I stay. #January 9, 2015 at 11:14 a.m. +2
Lavr # January 9, 2015 at 20:30 +1
Well, what captured is not a disaster, just the name of the top is a little misleading))
Soon there will be a continuation (season 3)
But this I really look forward to!)) I started with season 3, so I know and remember that Damon annealed there too)))
Tanya # January 12, 2015 at 21:09 +1

As for the quotes of Damon Salvatore, then the top 10 is not just a little, but nothing at all. У Деймона фанатов много и они явно не простят, что взята такая маленькая крупица из его цитат. Тут либо топ 50 цитата Деймона, либо топ 10 на каждый сезон.

Пока ничего не поставлю, в раздумьях)
Спасибо за участие!

Стефан и Деймон

Еще одна часть плана Бонни требовала возвращения Кэтрин обратно в ад… и одному из них требовалось пожертвовать своей жизнью, чтобы это произошло. Это один из сильнейших моментов, ведь в "Дневники вампира" всегда были на пике, когда основывались на конфликтующей, но неуязвимой связью между братьями. Knowing this, you can find some truth in the words of Katherine, Damon believes that he should sacrifice himself and allow his brother, the “best man” to live on.

Stefan takes the opposite position, finally seeing that his incredibly long life allowed him to see how his brother is getting better, what he could be - once he was, he would not let him leave life with Elena, which is now possible. Sentiment begins to roll over when Damon forces Stephen to leave and not return before the sacrifice is completed. However, Stefan leaves only to return later, to administer to Damon a cure for vampirism and sacrificing himself taking Katherine together.

In the living world, Stephen’s farewell was Katherine’s words to burn in hell ... and the last "Farewell, brother" to Damon.

Stefan and Elena get the opportunity to say goodbye

Before being sent to the other side, Stefan makes it appear in front of Elena in the fairy-tale version of their high school - flashback in the early episodes of the series for the most devoted fans. Meeting her at the place where they first met, Stefan blesses Elena to live with the now vulnerable Damon. In the end, he tells her that she will finally be able to get acquainted with the version of his brother that he knew at the beginning of "when I was a boy."

Mystic Falls gang gets its happy ending

From here, the series shifts its focus to the lives of those who await those who survived the night, and the series. The saddest moment is related to Caroline, who was married to Stefan for a few hours before his death. But it seems that the couple has come to an understanding to the end, that anyway after the final battle, the family would be for Stefan as important as for her. He left the city with Alaric and their daughters, possibly anticipating that Stephen would never return. She left him a voice message, explaining that she understood and loved him. (the message he received).

Apparently, the audience, thanks to this small shot, got the opportunity to look into the future. Caroline and Alaric turned Salvatore's house into a home for “gifted” children, along with Jeremy and Dorian (they have some experience). Meanwhile, the spirit of Joe watches her daughters as they grow, and Caroline's mother does everything in her power to help Caroline with the new mission. Caroline also receives a letter from Klaus, where he expresses his hope to meet her again ... once (assuming that the story did not end while the first-born show runners were involved).

Final scene: Further life of Elena and Damon

It would not be the end if it had not been shown how the most incredible lovers of the series found the world. Their life became beautiful, Elena graduated from medical school and the couple returned back to Mystic Falls. The return of the famous Dear Diary moments happened when Elena wrote an introduction to Stefan’s grave, saying that she doesn’t believe Damon’s theory that Stefan went to hell after death. She believes that when everything is said and done, living a full life means completing it by returning to those whom you loved and who loved you. And she cannot be more right than now.

Years passed and they left, as was destined. Elena runs up to her house and reunites with her parents, Aunt Jenna, and even with her uncle (and biological father) John. Damon goes to the only place where his love awaits him: Salvatore's house. Stefan is standing there, watching the lights in the fireplace, suddenly he realizes that you need to go to the door, even without knocking. And he knows who he will see on the other side of the door.

Damon says the final, calm and warm: "Hello brother."

The final episodes, like the final seasons, should not only cope with the plot and characters. The departure of many key characters changed the writers' plans, so it was very nice to see some who were able to return for a great ending.

Many fans were finally able to see how their favorite characters found some kind of calm.