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How to surprise a guy with a kiss


Each girl remembers her first kiss with a guy forever. His warm and tender lips, touch of hands, intermittent breathing ... And inside the butterflies flutter and something tickles in the lower abdomen. Time seems to stop, everything freezes around, and the couple becomes one.

But how to achieve unearthly bliss for those girls who do not even have an idea about how to kiss? It’s not to learn from tomatoes, as our mothers and grandmothers did. Of course, there is no clear instruction on how to prepare for such a delicate situation. But it is better to be aware in advance of all the subtleties and nuances, so that you do not get into trouble later.

How to prepare for the first kiss morally

Firstly, do not hope for a miracle, too overstate your expectations. Many young beauties, imagining how they are kissed by a guy they like, draw rainbow paintings. Well, if a young man is experienced in this business. He will help the girl relax and show indulgence when she does something wrong. But what kind of disappointment awaits the young representatives of the fair sex, if instead of a gentle and flashing touch of the lips something happens that resembles a camel kiss.

Secondly, we are struggling with complexes and fears. If you know that your date will end with a kiss, do not be afraid of it. If you tremble, move away, look to the side, it will not end in anything good. Your young man will think that he is indifferent to you or, even worse, disgusted. Smile, look in the eyes. And do not think that you have a pimple popped out on your nose, too cold hands or weathered lips. It is unlikely that the guy at this moment will think about such things.

Tips Before Kissing

To make the kiss pleasant and memorable for a long time, it is important to prepare for it correctly. First, oral hygiene is important. We are not talking about brushing your teeth and tongue - this is so understandable. But rinsing your mouth with a special liquid will not hurt if you go on a date. Chewing gum will also work here, as well as mint tablets or lozenges that will make your breath fresh.

It’s not very pleasant when you kiss someone who has a mouth full of saliva. Therefore, if you do not want to fill your chosen one with saliva, drink cold water and rinse your mouth with it before kissing. This technique will reduce the amount of saliva and make the kiss more pleasant.

Choose the right time

Stage of relationship. Your relationship should not be at the initial stage. You can’t just, for example, go to the stranger in the subway and try to kiss him. Of course, you can try, but the effect you need will not follow.

You also should not be just friends, in your relations definitely there must be some kind of romanticism. This romanticism can be achieved by visiting with the subject of your desire on one or more dates.

Time for a kiss. It is best to try to kiss him during a date or at the moment when it will come to an end. The very atmosphere of such meetings is a prelude to a kiss.

Choosing the right place

The first kiss needs a romantic atmosphere. The atmosphere does not act on boys as expressively as on girls, but the minimal effect will nevertheless occur, so you should prepare carefully. What can serve as an atmosphere for a first kiss:

  • Place for a date. Great if it's a cafe or movie theater. It may be a nightclub, but you need to consider that in such places it is very noisy, so the kiss may not turn out too romantic. And if your lover wants to whisper something pleasant in your ear, you won’t even hear it. It will be harder to kiss him just on the street, especially if it is light and quiet (for example, there is no salute).
  • Food. It is absolutely not necessary to eat tight before a kiss, but make sure that the guy ate at least a sandwich. His thoughts should be distracted from food, and if he is hungry, he will clearly not be up to kisses. Order a light snack, fruit dessert, or ice cream at the cafe.
  • Alcohol. Attention, alcohol should be a very small amount, it should be light (preferably wine or champagne). In no case do not exaggerate the dose, otherwise instead of a romantic kiss you will get a romantic sitting under the toilet, waiting for your drunk lover. Alcohol must be controlled by you, a guy on a date may be worried and unknowingly drink too much. But alcohol in minimal quantities will become your ally - it will help the guy to relax, and kissing him will not be so impossible. A little bit of alcohol will help you overcome your shyness in such a delicate matter, as well as your boyfriend.
  • Dimming the light. Choose a place for a meeting that is not very lit. It can be a small cozy cafe, an evening walk under the stars, or you can just sit in his car in the evening, if he has one. In the absence of bright light, people relax faster and you can implement your plan.
  • Music. Guys are not as sensitive to music as girls, but nonetheless, music also affects them. Pre-study his musical tastes - what kind of music he likes, to which songs he likes to relax. All these questions can be asked on a date. Do not forget that the questions you are interested in must be carefully entered into the text, and not asked in a stream, in the form of a questionnaire. Find a place where the music you want will play. If this is a cafe - look for places with pleasant music, if this is the interior of his car - first take a USB flash drive with the necessary music and ask him to put it.

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Bring a date to the first kiss

So, you have a date in a cozy cafe with pleasant relaxing music, or maybe you are sitting in his car or he will accompany you home. Now you need to choose the right moment for the first kiss. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Location relative to each other. An important point, because if you decide to kiss a guy in a cafe, and if you are sitting opposite each other, getting to him with a kiss will be problematic. Choose seats in a cafe or a nightclub not opposite, but next to it. It’s great if it will be one small sofa instead of two chairs. In a car, if it’s driving, do not sit in the back seat, but only nearby.
  • Conversation. Before the kiss, there must be a certain mood, so it is important to talk on abstract relaxed topics, which (like much on this list) you will prepare in advance. When you can relax him with a pleasant conversation that he likes, you can move on to action.
  • Moment. This is perhaps the most important point to consider. If you try to kiss the guy at the wrong time, the reaction may be the opposite. The prerequisites for such a moment will be: your relationship has reached a romantic level, you are in a pleasant place, relaxed, have a pleasant conversation with him and see through his eyes that he likes you.
  • Appearance on a date. Do not remind you once again that you need to dress appropriately for a date. He should see that you are cute and elegant, a kitten in slippers, a minimum of makeup and a maximum of naturalness on you. Do not repeat the worn-out mistakes, having a date in Native American coloring or having richly perfumed with spirits of strange production. It would be scary to get close to such a monster, not to kiss. The hair should be laid back, otherwise the guy will get tangled in your hair and will not get to his lips.
  • Your lips should radiate naturalness, the lipstick categorically should not be bright - this will scare guys away. It is better to use hygienic lipstick with a hint of strawberries or cherries - it will add color to the lips, but will not be persistently bright. Men do not want to eat your bright lipstick. Lips must be well-groomed and moisturized. The teeth should be brushed perfectly. Mouth can be freshened with chewing gum. If there is nothing with you - before a kiss, drink a large sip of wine and eat an impressive piece of chocolate for the taste of the kiss.

How to kiss a man

We came to the kiss itself. Now consider the technique of how to kiss a guy.

So, we have all the prerequisites: you are on a romantic date, a little wine, dim light, music, nice conversation. Be sure to make sure in his eyes that he likes you, and he wants a kiss, his eyes will tell you about it. You are sitting next to him on the sofa, sexually biting his lower lip, as in Fifty Shades of Gray. What to do next?

Slowly, we begin to move toward it, very slowly - millimeter by millimeter. This must be done smoothly, so that he does not notice during the conversation that you are already so close. Your task is to reduce the distance between you.

You can try to laugh in a conversation and, supposedly from laughter, bend to his chest. Or tell him something pleasant, for example, “You are so cute”, “And it’s fun with you,” “It’s cool with you,” and after that it is innocent to lie on his shoulder.

Ideally, the initiative should always come from the guy. This also applies to kisses. But sometimes guys at this moment behave indecisively. Why not give him a hint that you are not opposed? In our article, we will talk about how to do this carefully and tactfully.

Often guys themselves hint at a kiss when they are not sure of their feelings. All the details are in this article.

The fact that a man is not indifferent to you will be prompted by his gestures, facial expressions and “body language”.

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As an option, offer him a drink at the Brudershaft, where after a glass, as you can see, you will need to kiss each other. Then aim directly at his lips. After reducing the distance, be sure to gently look into his eyes and show with your whole body and eyes that you really like him and are very pleasant.

No need to rush at him and try to pierce his tongue. The first kiss is a very delicate thing. Just try to hug him and say something innocent, such as: "I'm so glad that we finally met." You can say something slightly provocative like: “Are you glad to see me?” Some of all this will surely lead him to take the initiative.

Interesting video in the topic:

Be sure to shorten the distance. In a conversation, sitting next to it, put a hand on his shoulder, as if by accident, drop a hand on his knee. Do everything very smoothly so as not to scare the guy. Your task is to gently approach his lips.

What should be the first kiss

Try to start kissing very softly and gently with a closed mouth, you do not need to immediately suck his lips with all his might. Gradually and very smoothly, you can increase the pressure and opening of the mouth. No need to stick like a leech. Make a stop. Kissed, pulled back a little, exhaled, swallowed saliva (no one wants to drink your saliva), and kissed again. Lips should be soft and relaxed, do not need to strain them very much.

Another useful video:

We are surprised by a kiss

The films often show how a girl, slowly licking her lips with her tongue, invites a man to kiss. This technique, although classic, but still does not cease to amaze.

A gentle and passionate kiss at the same time is a kiss on the neck. You can start with an earlobe and then gradually cover them with the neck of a loved one, and then the collarbone. In addition, you can still dream up by teasing him a little with your lips. Or whisper something in his ear while petting.

Kiss your beloved on the lips, but only around the edges, not reaching the middle. Do it as if you are drawing a pencil around your lips.

A tantalizing and very pleasant kiss. It starts from the forehead, then go to the kisses on the lips, and after - the whole face. But try to barely touch the skin.

The usual option. Just do it the way a child would.

Starting with a kiss on the upper lip, go gradually to the lower. Lick it, as if tasting it.

Kiss him in closed eyes in turn. Then you can gradually go to the lips.

Rub the tip of the nose against his nose, gently-gently. Such a kiss is both innocent, and pleasant, and unusual.

If you don’t know how to surprise a guy with a kiss, brush your lips with chocolate, honey or your favorite jam. You can also grip something sweet in your teeth: strawberries, a piece of chocolate, halva, etc. And let the beloved bite off a half. He will surely enjoy the taste of such a kiss!

Put an ice cube in your mouth. Kiss the guy on the neck, cheeks, lips, sometimes touching their surface with ice.

Rub your cheeks, then you should kiss your loved one on the cheek, and then on the lips.

Kiss your fingertips and then touch his lips.

Very, very quickly kisses the face of a loved one, then the neck, arms.

Try the following kind of kiss. Start kissing a guy passionately, quickly, even a little rudely. Then stop, pause, looking into his eyes. Two seconds - and again a passionate kiss.

Try something extraordinary. Not an ordinary kiss, but a virtual one. For example, you can record his sound and send the guy an email or phone. Or record a video of your kiss for him. You can also take a photo as you send it to a guy - so you will definitely surprise and delight him.

Remember, if even one of the kisses is really loved by your beloved, you should not stop at just one look. Try, experiment, fantasize and amaze your boyfriend. And then every day will be unusual, long-awaited and filled with love. Good luck

What to do before a kiss

  • Get rid of bad smell

Before you go on a date, be sure to brush your teeth. Fresh breath is the key to success. When you are together, try not to smoke, do not eat food with the specific smells of onions and garlic. Believe me, even chewing gum will not help get rid of such an aggressive flavor. And kissing a girl who smells bad, to put it mildly, is not very pleasant.

If you still go to a cafe to have a snack there, use after salads or coffee with chewing gum or a special spray. But picking your teeth with a toothpick is not worth it. It looks ugly. As a result, the guy simply does not want to kiss such an uncultured girl.

  • Use lipstick

If you have rough or chapped lips, apply a small amount of hygiene lipstick on your lips before leaving the house. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount so that your face is not oily. By the way, today there is a similar decorative cosmetics with different exotic tastes and smells.

As for gloss and ordinary lipsticks, caution should be exercised here. You do not want to come home with smeared cosmetics. Plus, guys don't really like to kiss a painted girl, as they are afraid to get smeared. At such a young age, future men take this too seriously.

If you have chewing gum, candy, etc. in your mouth, try to discard it discreetly. It is not very pleasant when such things get into the mouth during a kiss. At best, it will embarrass the guy, at worst it will cause disgust. Therefore, do not experience his stamina.

What you should not do for the first time

You only need to kiss the person you really like. Do not do this with the first comer. This action should be deliberate, not impulsive. Since at such a young age it is difficult to understand whether this is really love, your decision may be wrong. On the first evening it is better to walk by the handle, smile sweetly and say goodbye, kissing on the cheek. And next time you can do it in French.

The first step for a kiss is to choose a secluded place. Not very aesthetically pleasing are the couples who do this for all. Young children and the elderly do not need to look at such things. Someone will even be unpleasant. Of course, it is not necessary to go into the porch or hide in the bushes. But you can find a yard where no one is.

Secondly, do not pounce on a guy trying to swallow him. Everything should happen slowly, as if in a movie. In the beginning - a touch of lips. Then, if the young man answers, you can gently brush his tongue over his teeth. If you immediately go to the French kiss, all the charm will be gone.

And, most importantly: no need to move on to more serious actions. Skipping from the first kiss to sex is wrong. And let your head spin and your knees tremble, your heart jumps out of your chest, but this is not a reason to decide on such a desperate step. Everything has its time. Plus, then you can really regret it.

Также не стоит доводить парня до такой степени возбуждения, когда ему будет сложно сдерживать себя. К сожалению, молодые люди в подобных ситуациях могут проявлять агрессию, не контролируя при этом своих действий. Поэтому нужно вовремя остановиться. Для первого поцелуя хватит и тридцати секунд. В среднем на это должно уходить не более минуты. И следите за тем, чтобы вторая половинка не распускала руки. Чем больше вы позволяете, тем наглее мужчины будут себя вести.

How to kiss for the first time

Today, there are many kissing techniques, starting with a gentle and gentle touch, ending with a passionate and exciting manner. But remember that everything has its time and place. No need to try to show excessive enthusiasm on the first date and play the embarrassed girl on the tenth.

You come close to the partner, gently hug him by the neck, look into the eyes. Approaching the guy, slowly lower his eyelids, slightly tilt his head and touch his lips to his lips. Touch once, then move back a bit, as if playing with it. You can lightly touch his tongue with yours. We do everything without pressure or aggression.

This type of kisses symbolizes passion, fervor of feelings. It is better to go to them for the second or third time. So, hugging a partner tightly, push your chest to him. During the kiss, make circular movements with the tongue, slightly sucking on the lips of the partner. A manifestation of fantasy is welcome. Just do not make a tornado or a mill. Guys do not like excessive pressure and fussiness.

Learn to combine the two previous kisses. First flirt slightly with his lips, then go on the counterattack. Surrender to the will of feelings, act boldly and decisively. The only thing is not worth digging into your young man, like a vampire. Otherwise, a bruise or bruising will remain on the skin.

At first, the girl gently sucks the guy’s sweet mouth, then quickly swipes the tip of her tongue over it, as if a bee throws out its sting. Then he again turns to a gentle kiss. Please note: sticking the whole tongue to reach the tonsils is not worth it.

A soft kiss differs from the others in that the teeth of partners are also felt during the process. But be careful not to hit your soulmate and not knock out his jaw. So, kissing, lightly stroking his teeth with his tongue, occasionally touching his.

Make light touches with the tip of your tongue to the guy’s sky, gently moving left and right, up and down. But do not press hard, as this can cause discomfort.

Fears at the first kiss

Both boys and girls are afraid of the first kiss, like fire. A lot of extraneous thoughts are spinning in their head, they are scared to take the first step. And, if one of the partners does not show perseverance, even the tenth date may end with the usual “Bye” farewell.

The most common fear is that a girl simply does not know how to kiss. But after all, none of our grandmothers and mothers taught this. And the older girls, who have long been dating guys, were also once young and inexperienced in this matter. And, as they say, learning is never too early and never too late. It's like taking a bike for the first time. Yes, scary, but you don’t know how to control the wheel and pedal. But just a little training, and you will become a master of this matter.

The second fear is directly proportional to the first. The girl is afraid that the guy will understand everything and begin to laugh at the fact that she does not know how to kiss. But let's look into this situation. Adequate young man will normally react, prompt or direct in the right direction with movements. Plus, he will even be proud to be your teacher. After all, a sense of ownership has not been canceled.

If the guy will react violently, will be ironic and make jokes, then why do you need him? The second half should be a support, a person on whom you can rely on in any situation. By the way, becoming more adult, such a person will understand her mistake. But it will be late, since you will be with a more worthy partner.

Also, girls are afraid to be rejected. What could be worse if you kiss a guy, and he does not reciprocate. Everything is simple here. See how he behaves next to you. If he holds by the handle, looks into his eyes, does not allow him to communicate with other males, then he likes you. Perhaps he is afraid to take the first step, does not want to rush things, or does not know how to kiss.

Still in doubt? And what do you lose if you decide on this? Come close to him, look into his eyes and kiss. Gently, without tongue and nibble. Then pull back slightly and smile at him. Wait twenty to thirty seconds. This time the guy will need so that he can come to his senses.

Young women are worried that they may not like the kiss. If this procedure is really not to your liking, no one forces you to continue. Of course, do not tell your soulmate that the reason for this is halitosis or your squeamishness. Just try to switch his attention to another topic.

By the way, there is a category of people who are just unpleasant to kiss. Perhaps you just fall into their number. Therefore, do not worry, think that something is wrong with you. Perhaps you would like to hug your partner, hold his hand and the like kinds of caresses.

How to choose a moment for a kiss

Here the date comes to an end, he says goodbye to you and is going to leave. And you want the guy to hold him tight and kiss him. It won’t work, it’s time to act! The main thing is not to miss the moment. So make sure no one is around. A curious neighbor or mom can scare your fan. And, if you feel mutual sympathy, feel free to take the first step.

You can say nice compliments: “You have such delicate lips, I want to touch them ...” This is the very moment that you have been waiting for. Another rather interesting trick is to remove an invisible dust from the partner’s shoulders, correcting at the same time his T-shirt or sweater.

Now you know everything about how to kiss the guy you like for the first time. The main thing is not to be afraid, because you are not the first, not the last. And a couple of minutes after that, you will even remember with humor about your fears and experiences.