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How to make a movie from a video at home


At friends or on the Internet, we sometimes find a beautiful clip consisting of photos, music and words. Romance, congratulations or other events can be combined into a good film that tells about those events or experiences that we want. To create you do not need special knowledge or skills. Everything is very simple and clear.

How to make a movie from photos. The easiest way would be to use the movie maker program or its analogue movie studio. Usually this product comes with the windows operating system, but is not always present in windows 7.

In order to see if you have this product do the following. Click "Start" - "all programs" and find "Movie maker" or "Movie Studio"

If you do not have such a program, and you have windows 7 or 8. You need to download and install it. It is completely free, and available as part of the operating system. You can learn more about how to download and install in the article “Download windows movie maker for windows 7”

The interface of the "movie studio" looks like this. In order to upload photos to the program, click on the window on the right or on the button “add video and photos” in the top menu “main”

In the movie maker, the older versions are slightly different, but the principle is the same.

We can download several or one photo at once. Now download the music. To do this, click the "Add Music" icon in the same "main" menu

To add text, you need to click "add caption", in this way you can write on the photo or picture what you want. You will see a text editing panel where you can choose the font size, color and more.

To create beautiful transitions between photos, go to the top menu "animation", select the transition, we can apply the same thing to everyone at once, but we can choose a separate one for each photo, set the time and another.

To scroll through the movie, what happened, just press the space bar or the play icon below. To save this to a movie, click on the menu icon in the upper left, select "Save Movie" - "Computer"

It is also necessary to save the project. So you can edit the movie. Those. if you don’t like something then just open the project, change and save the movie. To do this, again click on the menu on the top left and "save the project."

I described the simplest procedures, and so much more can be done in the program, there are whole books and lessons on working in a movie maker. Many find a job by studying the movie maker in detail.

How to make a movie from photos using the "movie studio" was described in this article. There are other programs for this, paid and free, simple and for professionals. But almost everyone starts with a “movie maker” in windows XP or a “movie studio” in windows 7.

Step 1. Install the program to create a movie

Download Windows Movie Maker. The program is distributed on shareware basis. It is compatible with the operating systems Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and the latest version of Win 10. The new improved software has a convenient user interface, nice design and many tools for creating films at home.

Click on the downloaded distribution package and install the program on the computer. Next, launch it from the shortcut on your desktop, and in the menu that opens, click on the “Create a new slide show” icon. Add video from PC memory.

Step 2. How to make a movie from a video

Click under the slide on the icon in the form of a pencil, or on the “Edit slide” on the right side of the menu. The editor opens. Click on the “Layer” tab, then, once click on the video itself so that a green frame appears on it, start editing.

Step 2.1 Trim the video

Click on the icon of the same name, set the cropping borders with black markers, then “Save”. Add a beautiful mask to the video - for this, click “Layer Mask”, and select one of the proposed options.

Step 2.2 Add Effects to Video

Click on the “+” icon in the left corner of the editor, here you can choose various types of improvements for your video. For example, click "Other Effects", select one of the options offered by the program - a blizzard. Click Add To Slide. Now in your film there is a beautiful snowfall!

Special effects for the camera are applied when you click on the icon with its image. Change here the position and inclination under which the film is shown, the type of animation - constant speed, pushing, bouncing, etc.

Step 3. Add captions

What high-quality film does without beautiful captions? Click on “Add Captions”, click on the option you like, then on “Add to Slideshow”. Now “Edit Slide”, in the list of layers, enter a new name for your movie. Add new labels through the “+” icon.

Step 4. Create a movie

The operation how to make a movie from video at home has been completed, now convert the file to a new format that is convenient for viewing. In the main menu of the program, click on the “Create” tab, then select one of the conversion types, for example, create a video for publication on the Internet.

See how to make a clip for a song, and then edit it with the tools of the new version of Windows Movie Maker. Store movies, videos and clips on your computer, record them on your phone, publish on the Internet, with this software the quality of your files is always at the highest level!

Creating a video consists of 5 stages:

- Adding files for the movie,

- Editing (optional),

- Insert transitions between video segments or between photos,

- Adding musical accompaniment to the film,

The user is offered several options: creating a new project, opening a project (if you had previously started editing the film, and did not finish, but now decided to continue editing), creating a video postcard and several more. For example, we will do slide shows, so we select "New project".

The following window will appear:

Since now all modern TVs and monitors have a 16: 9 resolution, we select the “16: 9 widescreen video” option and click the “Apply” button.

The working window of the program appears:

As described above, for example, we will create slide shows. The theme of the film will be “Notebook Evolution.” Therefore, for starters, download pre-prepared pictures for the film.

In the working window of the program, on the left side, an explorer is built-in so that it is easier for you to download the necessary files for installation. Using this explorer, we find the necessary folder in which our material is stored:

Now we take the first picture, hold it with the left mouse button, and drag (with the left mouse button pressed) to the very bottom, where the icon with the inscription "Add video" is located.

The result will look like this:

As you can see in the screenshot, a photo appeared in the video track. We carry out the same manipulations with all other pictures. If you have a small monitor, such as an old model, and you run out of space for adding pictures (as in the screenshot below)

just click on the slider at the very bottom of the screen, and drag it to the right.

And there will be a place to download:

The second option is to simply hover over the track and scroll the wheel.

And we continue to add pictures.

If you accidentally added the same pictures, click on the unnecessary picture, and click on the Delete button on the keyboard. The picture is deleted. And if you moved the pictures in the wrong order, hold the desired picture with the left mouse button and drag it to the desired location on the video track.

After all the necessary elements have been loaded onto the video track, click on the second tab called “Edit”.

First, set the duration of the photo. This is the time the picture will be displayed. The default is 10 seconds. We will do a little less, for example 34 seconds. In four seconds you can view the photo. On the left we indicate the desired duration - 4 seconds. If you want more, do more. This operation must be done on all pictures.

Next comes the Crop tab:

Here we can stretch the image, or fit.

The next tab is Effects.

Here you do everything at your discretion, in this film we will not apply any effects. But if you still decided to add effects to your film, then you need to apply an effect to each picture, even if you want one effect, for example, a negative, to be on all photos.

In the following tabs, everything is clear:

- Text and graphics - you can add text to the photo,

- Improvement - you can improve the quality of the picture (increase saturation, etc.)

- Replacing sound - you can substitute a melody.

Further we have transitions. They are inserted so that there is a beautiful transition between the pictures, and not the sharp appearance of the next photo.

On the right you can see how this transition will look. Click on any of the proposed options, and see on the right how it will look in your film.

Any transition you like must be moved to the blue box on the video track. To do this, hold down the transition with the left mouse button and drag down into the blue square. You can add different transitions to each box.

Next is the tab “Music”.

Click on the button “Add background music”, and look for the song of interest on the computer.

Since the duration of the project is only 22 seconds, it is necessary to trim the song:

Click on the scissors that are displayed next to the song:

The following window appears:

Move the right black slider until the required time. In our case, up to 22 seconds, and click the "Save" button.

Go to the "Create" tab.

We will save the video in AVI format.

Set the parameters for creating the video:

Click the "Create Video" button, select a storage location and write a name, then click save.

We are waiting for the end of the mount:

Done! After the installation is complete, close the program.

Russian analogue of the Pinnacle Studio program

Download the new version of the program
Pinnacle Studio with a Russian-language interface

(c) Adapted Russian version of Pinnacle Studio


Decide what idea you want to convey to the audience, and then decide on the direction of the film. Comedy, drama, horrors, documentary films have their own characteristics that should be considered before, during and even after shooting, when it comes to editing. Only after that proceed to the creation of the script. Do not skip this step even if you are editing a film from already shot material. Review the fragments and try to arrange them so that you get a full story.

Cut large videos as desired during installation. Thanks to this, you can remove unnecessary scenes from the video and rearrange any fragments in places.

To get started, write a script for the movie

Let's take an example! Imagine that you want to mount a film from the materials that have remained from the celebration of the New Year. Then:

  • on display tell the background. You can show the process of making holiday salads.
  • as ties It’s worth choosing an event that spoils everything. The hostess suddenly discovers that she is missing the most important ingredient.
  • at the climax emphasize the hopelessness of the situation. Is there nothing suitable in the footage? Add footage. A clock will do, which shows that there is not much time left before guests arrive.
  • in denouement add a scene with a solution to the problem. Let the hostess manage to find the ingredient and she will continue cooking with a calm soul.
  • in the final part worth summing up. You can demonstrate how guests praise the treat.

When editing a film from scratch, you will have more opportunities for creativity, as You don’t need to adapt to the material. Decide who will be the main character of the film. Think over his character, biography and identify the tasks that the character has to solve. Ask relatives and friends to play back the prepared images. So you can create a film for free, because you do not have to hire actors.

Ask relatives and friends to play your intended roles.

When looking for a place to shoot, proceed from the plot. It will be easier to cope with this task if you shoot something mundane and close to real life, for example, a birthday celebration. If in the scenario the film unfolds on a spaceship, then the task becomes more complicated.

Can't find the right scenery? Modern technology will come to the rescue! Shoot videos with chromakey. In the video editor, you can replace the background with any other.

Pay particular attention to the choice of scenery

When shooting, avoid static and long scenes shot from one angle. Otherwise, the viewer may get bored and simply will not watch the movie. If possible, shoot at the same time on several cameras installed at different points. This will make it easier for you to mount the movie.

Try to shoot video from different points

Be sure to fix important details! Suppose you take a moment in which a passerby does not notice how a wallet falls out of his pocket. In this case, do not limit yourself to general plans. Remove large and the wallet itself, which lies on the ground, and the face of a person who did not notice the loss. Then glue these scenes together in a video editor. It will turn out interesting!

You can change the appearance of the scene using the “Crop” option. In a couple of mouse clicks, you cut off the excess at the edges of the picture, you can turn the middle plan into a large plan, the distant plan into a medium one, etc.

  • Stability

The "camera shake effect" has traditionally been considered a shortcoming in video production. Even amateurs try to use a tripod when shooting or put the camera on any other stable surface. However, there are those who ignore this moment. As a reward, they get a picture endlessly jumping back and forth, from the view of which the audience begins to rock out worse than the ship during a storm.

Use a tripod when shooting

Want to shoot an action movie or show what is happening in a movie in the first person? Such an effect will have to be in place. In the first case, “shaking” will help create tension and emphasize dynamics. In the second - to achieve realism and give the viewer a chance to look at the world through the eyes of the hero.

Filmed without a tripod and got too "jumping" footage? Do not rush to re-shoot or exclude this fragment from the project. Try stabilization!

In order for the film to turn out to be of high quality, the material must be polished in a video editor. You can try to create a movie online, but it’s not very convenient: you usually can’t save the intermediate result there. To work on the video, it is better to choose full-fledged software for the PC. You can combine individual pieces in and bring them to mind in the VideoMONTAGE program. Download the video editor and get started on the movie!

Create a project

Add a video! Arrange the fragments in the correct order according to the scenario. If you want to change the sequence of scenes - not a problem. At any time, you can rearrange any scene in places. Also in the program you will find an extensive collection of footages that can be used as interruptions.

Be sure to complete the project captions. At the beginning, add a slide with the name, and at the end - with the names of people who participated in the creation of the film or thanks. You can save time by dragging the appropriate option from the built-in collection onto the pasteboard.

Add videos, screensavers, captions, and footages to your pasteboard

Remove excess

Is the video too long or does it have bad scenes? The function will help to cope with both problems. video slicing. You can go to it directly from the start window or through the "Tools" menu if you have already started to create a movie from a video.

Download the video you want to split into parts. Black mark the first area to be left. Then click on the “New fragment” button and mark the second section. Indicate the remaining important parts in the same way. Click "Next" and save the resulting files in the original format or convert to a new one. Then you can add the finished clips to the project.

Remove unnecessary fragments from the video

Alternate plans

Do not let the viewer get bored! If you create a documentary film in which the narrator has been in the frame for a long time, then divide the video into several parts, adding interruptions. Ideally, they should support the video and complement it.

But this may not be enough. In this case, you can resort to another trick - to work with plans. Alternate large, medium and long-range plans, focus on some details, then the viewer with great interest will follow what is happening on the screen. If you shot everything with one plan - it doesn’t matter. This can be fixed right in the video editing program.

Go to menu Edit> Crop. Click Crop Video. Choose your preferred aspect ratio: 16: 9 format is best for movies. Using the dotted frame, select the area that you want to leave in the frame. That's all! It remains to save the changes.

In the video editor, you can change the size of the plan

Improve the video

Even with professional operators, it’s not always possible to shoot videos of perfect quality. Due to the nature of the lighting, the movie may turn out dark or overexposed. These problems can and should be fixed during processing - the only way you can create a movie from a video is of high quality.

In the tab "Improvements" You can adjust the brightness and contrast of the video, make the picture more colorful due to the correction of saturation and color tone.Select parameters manually or save time by using auto-correction features. Need flexible configuration? Refer to the curves. They will be especially appreciated by users who are already familiar with video editing or are fond of processing photos.

Improve video quality manually

Video Montage will become a real lifesaver for those who shot video without a tripod. The program in one click allows you to stabilize the video and get rid of the "shaking" picture.

Add Hollywood Effects

Even an amateur film will look solid and atmospheric, if complemented by its effects. In the Video Editing directory, you will find 100+ filters that can instantly transform videos and combine disparate pieces into a single whole. See how the effect can change the attitude towards the film!

Transform video with effects

The program allows you to complement the video with music. At the same time, you can completely replace the original sound or simply overlay a suitable melody with the background.

The function will help emphasize the epic or dramatic nature of the moment, as well as try on the role of a superhero "Speed". With it, you can slow down time and draw attention, say, to the falling of the cake on the floor or, conversely, speed up the video by showing the transience of time.

Save in any format

When creating a movie in Video MONTAGE, you don’t have to adapt to the program - it will adapt itself to you! You can save the finished movie in any way convenient for you. Based on your own goals:

  • To play on PC any format will do. The clip can be saved in AVI or with any other extension: MP4, MOV, FLV, etc.
  • To view on DVD. The program "Video-editing" allows you to record movies on discs. You can complement them with an interactive menu that will simplify navigation through the content. This is useful if you want to record an entire series there or the current film is itself divided into chapters.
  • For smartphones and other gadgets have special profiles. Just select the appropriate make and device number. The program will save the video with the optimal settings, as a result, you will have 100% no problems with playing the file in the future.
  • For publication on the Internet. Do you want to share the result of VKontakte or with your subscribers on YouTube? Use the ready-made built-in program settings. Video Montage will save the video in good quality and in adequate size. This will greatly simplify the process of downloading videos to any site.

Save the finished movie in a convenient way!

Now you know where to make the film. Get started today! Video Montage will become your guide and assistant in the world of cinema and grandiose shows. In the program you will find all the necessary tools for work and more! The editor will give you a new hobby that brings joy to you and others. Download “Video MONTAGE” and realize all creative ideas right now!

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