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How to connect an Xbox gamepad to a computer, from 360 and One


The mutual use of peripherals from different generations of consoles has always interested users, especially before buying a new gaming platform. Today we’ll talk about how compatible the Xbox 360 and Xbox One are in every way.

In this article we will touch not only on gamepads and kinekt, but also touch on the topic of games, relevant for owners of the old consoles from Microsoft.

Question 1: how to connect an Xbox 360 controller to an Xbox One

The desire to use the old controller on the new console is understandable. If you have only one Xbox Controller for Xbox One, to play with a friend will have to buy a second.

Those who have an Xbox 360 would like to play with the joystick from it, but in practice this is not possible. Several factors contributed to this: the incompatibility of systems and hardware, as well as the market conditions that Microsoft follows.

According to engineers, when developing a gamepad from Xbox One they had to make over forty changes into a familiar concept to make it more attractive, functional and technological. Accordingly, they needed to cooperate with software developers in order to create all the conditions for comfortable use of a new device.

This means that all programs, games and the Xbox One operating system itself were originally created for a new gamepad. Therefore, the old controller will not interact with them correctly.

Xbox 360: Fat, Slim, E, and Xbox One and One S

Now, about the market. The company was free to create the conditions to support the old input device, but it would take additional resources, both temporary and monetary. In addition, the use of old controllers directly prevents the flow of funds from the unit sales of the Xbox One gamepad, and this, as you already understood, is completely unprofitable.

The only way you can connect the joystick from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One is start DVR modebroadcasting the image from the console to the computer screen. The old gamepad must be connected to the computer. Only in this way can you play it.

Question 2: Can I use Kinekt from Xbox 360 for Xbox One

Microsoft has treated Kinect very cruelly. Once a revolutionary project gradually came to naught and did disappeared from the everyday life of gamers.

Kinekt from the 360th Xbox does not work on the One version, for the same reasons that we described earlier. But that is not all.

With the release of One S, it turned out that even connecting a new camera to it is no longer so easy, since it does not have a corresponding connector. Would need special adapter.

Question 3: How to play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One

And here we will please you, play old games on the new platform - You can, and for free. Of course, you do not need to give money to those who have already purchased games from them. Others will have to pay, but much less.

Every day, the Xbox 360 Project Library available backward compatibility program, gradually replenished with new titles.

Xbox One Iron allows run old games through the emulator, the stability of which, before its appearance, was in doubt, but later they were all dispelled. By launching such games, you will get a decent picture, almost devoid of artifacts, a sufficient number of frames per second, in the region of 30, as well as the pleasure of passing through familiar games.

1) Wired connection via micro-USB cable

We recommend using a controller from Microsoft, but you can always save and buy a quality wired gamepad for the Xbox One at a discounted price.

The Xbox One controller can be connected to a PC using a USB cable. To do this, you must have:

  • Xbox One Wireless Controller
  • Cable “USB - micro-USB”,
  • PC with Windows 7 and higher.

We connect one part of the wire to the gamepad, and insert the other into the USB connector on the computer. Most often, the driver downloads automatically. For owners of Windows 10, you don’t have to configure anything yourself.

  1. Go to “Settings”, then to “Devices” and below “Device Manager”,
  2. Select the line "Microsoft XboxOne Gamepad", then right-click and "Update Drivers",
  3. We do "Automatic search ..." (need internet),
  4. We are waiting for the driver installation and check.

If the joey did not work, then switch it to another USB connector on the computer.

2) Xbox Wireless Adapter for PC

For the controller to work, do the following:

  1. We connect the adapter to the PC via the USB connector,
  2. Go to “Settings” - “Devices” - “Bluetooth and other devices”,
  3. There we click "Add Bluetooth or another device",
  4. Find "Everyone else" and click on "Gamepad from XboxOne"
  5. We install and check the operability of the controller.

3) Bluetooth connection

A distinctive feature of the updated gamepad from Xbox One S and Future X, is that it has Bluetooth technology. The device is compatible with any hardware on which the operating room is installed. Windows-10 system.

To connect the gamepad with a PC via Bluetooth, do the following:

  1. Turn on the Xbox One S controller,
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on the computer and go to “Settings” - “Devices” - “Add Bluetooth or another device”,
  3. We’re looking for the “XboxOne Gamepad” and activate the device,
  4. We check and enjoy.

1) Xbox 360 Wired Joystick.

Drivers are installed automatically on Win10, no difficulties should arise.

On Windows 7, 8 or 8.1You may need to install the software yourself:

  1. We go to the Microsoft store, look for the desired gamepad, and click "Downloads".
  2. We select the necessary version of the OS (7, Vista or XP).
  3. Download, install and reboot the PC,
  4. We connect the Xbox 360 gamepad and check.

For Windows 8 and 8.1 use compatibility mode with Win7. To do this, you must:

  • Download software for 7,
  • After downloading, right-click on the file and select the “Properties” command,
  • “Compatibility” tab and check the box “Run this program in compatibility mode”,
  • We select the “Windows 7” OS and the “OK” button,
  • We start the installation of drivers, after which we connect the gamepad and check the settings.

2) Xbox 360 Wireless Joystick.

  1. We connect the receiver to the USB-2.0 input on the PC.
  2. Installation of drivers will start automatically, but they can be installed from disk or from the Internet.
  3. Turn on the controller from XBox 360.
  4. Push the button on the receiver, and then click the "Connect" button on Gamepad 360 (on top between the triggers).
  5. Communication will be established when the lights stop blinking and light up in steady green.


Today, it makes no sense to buy a joy from 360 boxing. It is expensive, but offers few opportunities. Another thing if it is already in stock.

The best option for purchase, at the time of publication of the article, is controller from XBOX-ONE. It works with Vin-10 via Bluetooth and has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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"On Win10, the drivers are installed automatically; there shouldn’t be any difficulties."
I’m probably lucky, it’s not swinging)) 0) and I can’t play from the gamepad)) 0)

- Turn on automatic updates in Windows 10.
- Update the software of the gamepad itself.

More information about connections is indicated on the official Microsoft page:

I have a wireless receiver from the xbox 360 controller, will the xbox one joystick work on it, or will I need a new adapter?

The Xbox One controller will not work with the Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver.
You can connect your Xbox One gamepad to your computer with a USB-MicroUSB cable.

Good evening! Tell me, can the xbox one gamepad be connected to the computer through the adapter from the xbox 360 controller?

Connect Xbox 360 Joystick to Xbox One

We immediately cut off the extra intrigue - you cannot connect the Xbox 360 gamepad to the new generation Xbox. This was stated by the developers long before the release of the new set-top box.

Microsoft decided to distinguish between the old generation and the new. For what purpose this was done, no one knows for sure, but it can be assumed.

Firstly, the new Xbox One gamepad not only looks different, but is also “sharpened” exclusively for its console. The concept remains the same, but inside, as well as outside, it noticeably transformed.

According to the designers, they made over 40 changes not only in the outer shell, but also in the "iron". From this we can conclude that the Xbox 360 gamepad is incompatible for some technical reasons, which is quite logical.

Secondly, no one has canceled marketing laws. The fewer Xbox One gamepads sold, the less money the manufacturer will make.

Well and thirdly, most likely, Microsoft does not want players only half felt all those sensationswhich the new console should invoke. Since it is new, then the sensations should differ, but this is more a philosophical question.

Of course, curious users could not come to terms with this decision of the developers and found a way to connect the controller from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One. "Dances with a tambourine" bore fruit, after which articles appeared in the network describing complete list of actions.

In short, it helped to resolve the issue. DVR function. Going into the settings, you can enable streaming video to a computer or laptop to which the gamepad will already be connected. The computer, unlike the Xbox One, is just supports Xbox 360 controller. In fact, you control the computer, but everything that happens on it also happens on the console.

Connect Kinekt from Xbox 360 to Xbox One

On Xbox One, there are catastrophically few Kinect-enabled games. This begs the question, why is it incompatible with accessories from the Xbox 360 and why buy a newif you can use the old one. Here, most likely, a similar situation, as with gamepads.

It is clear that Kinect 2.0 is more tech and is designed to solve the problems of new consoles, but why pay 8-10 thousand for a new camera, for which content is practically not released, it is not entirely clear.

Now the camera is often used for recording sound and talking on Skype. Given the cost of the device, the prospects are rather dubious.

Xbox One S even more disappointed fans of virtual fitness and sports simulations. The fact is that the updated version of the console does not have a port for connecting Kinect. You can only buy a special adapter and use it.

Most likely, Microsoft believes that this technology was not to everyone's taste, and decided to gradually get rid of it.

In our workshops produced repair Xbox One joysticks . You can safely trust the many years of experience of our experts. Call and sign up!

Previously, the company announced the development of new augmented reality technology using a VR helmet and a device like Kinect. This project did not live long and was canceled, but who knows, maybe someday we will still see the dawn of the kinekt, but on a completely different plane.

My TV only has one HDMI port. Can I connect my Xbox 360 to my TV through my Xbox One?

Yes. You can connect your Xbox 360 console to your Xbox One through the input HDMI on the Xbox One.

Note. If you connected two consoles and at the same time use Kinect sensors on both consoles, we recommend that you turn off the sound on one of the Kinect microphones so that voice commands are not executed on two consoles at the same time and do not interfere with each other.

Can I connect a removable hard drive from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One console?

Not. Xbox 360 Hard Drive is not compatible with Xbox One. The Xbox profile on the Xbox 360 will be automatically downloaded to the Xbox One console during installation.

The Xbox One console has a built-in 500 GB hard drive, and you can connect a compatible external drive to it. For information on installing and managing external storage devices for the Xbox One console, see Storage Management on Xbox One.

How is the new Kinect sensor different from the Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360? Can I use the Xbox 360 Kinect with the Xbox One?

Compared to the previous model for the Xbox 360, the new Kinect for the Xbox One is equipped with a 1080p camcorder and can be used in smaller game spaces. The new Kinect also tracks 1: 1 movement with virtually no delay.

Optionally, you can not use the Kinect sensor with the Xbox One console. However, without it, some functions will not work, such as automatic player identification, as well as voice and gesture control.

Note. Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360 not works on Xbox One.