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How to answer the question - "What do you like about me"


Girls are used to using the attractiveness of appearance to win the guy’s heart.

Beauties fascinate at first sight. For many men, this is enough to have a partner, build a family.

But there are guys for whom appearance is not an indicator. The intellectual development of a person is more important, men with an IQ of not lower than average, they understand this.

In addition to visiting the gym, girls have to develop intellectually. Educational institutions help to raise the level of general knowledge, and to raise a sense of humor is more difficult.

A sense of humor is one of the most important qualities of a person. The world is full of pain and injustice, fears and anxieties.

And if a person nearby who is able to make you laugh, take him with both hands, carry him to the den, and do not let go anywhere.

And to take you to the den - develop a sense of humor, learn to be original, witty and funny. After all, beauty passes, but the ability to cheer remains.

How to answer a guy with humor to the question: “What are you doing?”

The most common question on the phone and in correspondence is: “What are you doing?” Friends, relatives, soulmate are interested in the current state of affairs.

Learn to respond with humor to periodically dilute a boring monotonous dialogue, sew off unpleasant interlocutors.

We answer the question in an original way:

SituationOptions for answering the question: “What are you doing?”
I want to be original“I answer your question”
I want to sew“I’m banging my head against the wall - so tired of stupid questions”
The goal is to intrigue“And try to guess. Guess - a cookie from me ”
I want to flirt“I’m talking with one smart and handsome guy.”

The most witty option

There is one very original answer to the question: “What are you doing?” - “I grow my hair.” The answer is a little rude, suitable for friends who are used to not being offended. Suitable to get away from the conversation.

The answer means that you can do anything, but this does not apply to your interlocutor. You call an immaterial thing: I grow my hair.

It is known: they grow without your participation. The answer may mean that you are not currently engaged in a certain type of activity.


  • Do not say so to parents.
  • Older people: grandmothers, teachers.
  • Beloved person.

Why can not you make a joke like that with your loved one? Relations imply intimacy: people reveal themselves to each other, waiting for affection, attention and reciprocity.

A similar answer to a simple question will be regarded as rudeness. This will offend, alert the partner.

Do not be a fool retelling memorized jokes anywhere. Know how to catch the moment. Think about what the reaction will be.

Joke as if you were simply exaggerating the facts. It is appropriate to laugh at your joke. This is subtle matter, do not get carried away.

It’s easier to learn how to react witty to a person in whose family it is customary to joke. A father or mother with a good sense of humor will pass on skills in the course of many years of communication.

A good example is a practice that allows you to develop skills. Want to be witty - watch programs where they joke well. They are on Russian television. One of the best is Stand-Up.

Interesting answers to man

Consider witty answers to different occasions:

"How are you feeling"?“I choose between: shoot yourself and hang yourself. What do you advise? ”
"How are you"?"I will not say. And then you’ll get hurt. ”
"How do you"?"Wonderful. Without you, the Earth did not stop spinning ”
"What do you like in me"?"You look like autism when you smile."
"What will do"?“Let's shoot ourselves. Or have some tea. Choose a sequence »
"When are you planning to get married"?“And when would you like to marry us?”
"How much money do you make"?“Average in my industry. But a little less than that of Bill Gates "
“When are you planning to have children?”“We have already started. We just don’t tell anyone about it. ” And then the question is: “Seriously”? You answer: "No." The tactless interlocutor will calm down a little
"How old are you"?"Eighteen, as always"
“Why so sad?”“I grieve for humanity”
"Have you recovered?"“I am looking for the perfect shape, experimenting”
“Doesn't your mom need a son-in-law?”"In queue". Or: "You will be the seventeenth." Or like this: “We have not finished the previous one”
"Why are you still not married"?“A martyr who wants to poison his life has not yet been born.” "I do not have the second half - I was born whole." "For I so want." The last phrase is a universal answer to almost any tactless question.

These answers are templates. They may not be used in all situations. To get away from a tactless question, it is enough to transfer the arrows to the interlocutor.

If you are asked about the reason for the absence of marriage or children, feel free to ask instead of answering.

To put an arrogant interlocutor in place, you can answer like this: “Why do you not live in a terrarium with your character?”

Or: “Do you think that without this a person cannot be happy? You have very limited ideas about life. ” Or so: “Marriage is not a sign of happiness. Take at least you.

You do not look happy in marriage. Or I'm wrong"? Such an answer will knock the soil from under the feet of an arrogant interlocutor.

But usually tactless people do not want to offend you, they are simply not educated enough to understand what causes discomfort.

Be considerate, smile sweetly, and ask how your interlocutor met his soul mate.

If you want to avoid awkward questions, ask yourself. People love talking about themselves.

Being in the spotlight, expressing oneself is important to everyone. This is the secret of a good interlocutor: know how to listen and support the interlocutor, to direct the conversation.

What do you like in me?

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Response to the question

Take a breath. By asking such a question, a person may take you by surprise or make you nervous, because you will not have time to think. Because of the experiences, we can blurt out the excess without thinking. Sometimes, due to nervousness, all thoughts immediately disappear somewhere, and you generally cannot think or speak of anything! Take a deep breath before answering.

Start with something simple. Is this person your friend? Maybe this is your partner? Family member? No matter who you are, praise him for how he fulfills his role in your life. If you feel that the interlocutor has taken you by surprise with this question, start again with something simple so that there is time to think about other reasons.

  • For example, you can tell a friend: "You are really a very good friend."
  • You can say to your boyfriend: "You are a very attentive guy."

Now get down to the details. As soon as you start with something, try to develop a thought by mentioning the specific qualities of a person. You can say something to a friend, like: "I like that you are always there. I feel your support." You can say to your partner: "You are very caring. You do a lot for our relationship." Here are some other details that can be said about:

  • "You're the first girl who treats me like I'm really special."
  • "I have been looking forward to seeing you all week! I enjoy spending time with you."

Support your statement with an example. Try to recall a specific case that will help confirm your words. For example, you can say to a friend: "You were there when my beloved dog Nayda died. I was so upset then, but you did not take the time to support me." You can say to your partner: "You thought very well (a) when you organized (a) a picnic for us on the occasion of two months of our relationship." Here are some more examples:

Focus on the positives

Use positive and specific words in your speech. Instead of saying, “You study well,” say, “You are very talented and draw well! Your last job was amazing! I would like to draw like that.” Instead of the neutral words "You are always friendly," you can say: "You always try to be yourself and be friendly to other people." Use in your speech special positive words that characterize a person, for example: “talented” and “compassionate”. Try saying something similar:

Mention the best character trait of your friend / partner. When you think about this person and his personality, what is the first good thought (or word) that comes to your mind? Maybe this person is funny? Smart? Sure? Talented? Happy? Attractive? Vigorous? Whatever it is, be sure to tell about it! For example, you could say:

  • “I like that you're so funny. You always manage to make me laugh when we spend time together! ”
  • “I like that you are such a positive and happy person. You create a special light atmosphere around you, and it’s very pleasant to be with you. ”

Focus on the personality traits of a person, not on his appearance. It would seem that mentioning something good about a person’s appearance is a great idea, but when asking this question, a person wants to hear more about his personality. It is quite normal to tell the person you are talking to that he is handsome or attractive - why not? But if you are talking only about appearance, a person will be upset and think that apart from appearance you don’t like anything about him. You can say these phrases:

  • “You are a wonderful listener.”
  • "You inspire me".
  • “You have a great kind heart.”

Think carefully

Take a moment to think about why the person is asking you this question. If your best friend just broke up with his girlfriend, most likely he is upset, and he has low self-esteem. Your partner may feel insecure about your relationship. If you recently quarreled with a friend, maybe he is upset and angry, and not sure if you still like him. If you have an idea why a person is asking you this question, try to give him an encouraging answer that would support the interlocutor. For example, you could say:

  • "I never felt anything serious about guys. But you are the whole world to me."
  • "Whatever happens, I will always be your friend."

Take this matter seriously. You may find this unexpected question strange or silly, but most likely the person really wants to understand why you like him. Therefore, postpone your affairs for a minute and pay attention to the interlocutor, think about a good answer. Smile and look a person in the eye when you answer a question. Really think over your words, do not try to get rid of the interlocutor with a short answer.

Your eyes are ugly blue, ”Ouma once said while lying in a strange bed and carefully watched every action of Kiibo.
The robot tensed slightly, which did not go unnoticed from the side. Although the response was a meaningless half-smile and a measured tap on the sheet with fingers.
“I'm not going to apologize for my own appearance,” the owner of those same eyes retorted, trying to look as casual as possible.
The pretentiously sad sigh behind him did not produce the planned effect - Kiibo continued to do his own thing, namely the study of a toy robot. Incidentally, he was found on the threshold of the dictator's room. And Kokichi, complaining that this was too suspicious and even scary for him, insolently settled with AI. At first, only a couple of days was discussed, but this disgrace has been going on for several weeks. Moreover, this individual completely refuses to sleep on the couch or in the chair, so he spent every night in someone else's bed. Often in the arms of Kiibo. But no, it's the other way around, it was the owner of the room who was in the arms of his annoying guest. And neither side objected to such a strange proximity. But then came the day when discontent nevertheless manifested itself. Let the robot and did not understand the reason for the birth thereof.
- Yes, I do not ask to do this. Just stating a fact, - Ouma’s gaze continued to drill someone else’s back, making it difficult to concentrate on a very “important” business.
AI, laying aside the toy, sat in such a way as to see the face of his interlocutor without any interference, that is, half-sideways.
“Honestly, something in you doesn't suit me either.”
- And what is it? - Kokichi even raised himself on his elbows, showing with all his appearance an interest in the conversation, - I can’t wait to find out.
In response, they only snorted strangely. Kiibo then threw back his head, pondering something.
- Let's just say that your character is not sugar. It is very difficult to sort out your feelings for a person who is only doing what he is looking for a way.
“Do you feel something for me?” - a monologue, full of frankness, shamelessly interrupted.
The robot, in an attempt to calm down, raised its eyes to the ceiling. This topic especially bothered him, so it’s better to somehow avoid talking about feelings.
- Imagine this. Sometimes I just want to gag and shut your mouth so as not to hear some phrases.
That's just such an answer did not suit the young manipulator. He, moving closer to the robot, shamelessly hugged his waist, and then, turning over to one side and slightly changing his position, laid his head on someone else's lap. Kiibo did not become indignant, only the mechanical fingers trembled a little, betraying the tension of his owner.
- And nothing more? - such innocence splashed in the depths of shameless eyes that it was almost impossible to lie, they seemed so honest.
AI, with a clear hitch, realized what was happening. They tried to liberate him, pull out the whole truth and, finally, finally plunge into the abyss of despair from which it is impossible to escape, just being next to this person.
- And what do you want to hear? - if you do not retreat, so do not retreat to the end, even if the loss is already known in advance.
And again, a smile lit up Ouma's face. Then he extended his hand to the face of the robot and carefully guided his cheek, outlining the line of his cheekbones. Then he went over to the lips, barely touching them with the fingertips. It was like a sweet torture. Kiibo resisted the urge to grab those slender fingers, to kiss every inch of the phalanx. But this would be too strange, irrational, devoid of any logic. It's not even that Kokichi was a guy, no. Here, the matter was rather in the AI ​​itself, in its attitude to this. Is it considered normal to have a romantic relationship with someone who is not human? After all, this is immoral, and the actions now emanating from Ouma do not carry anything in themselves.
- Enough to unlock. Take it as it is. But I see you through and through, - the fingers of others tangibly clung to the "ear", drawing its owner almost close to the dictator himself - I can not stand it when you draw parallels between completely unrelated things. It just freaks out! - and kissed.
This was actually quite expected, but Kiibo still fell into a stupor. Feeling the breath of others on his face and the warmth of the lips of others, he lost all thoughts, became suspiciously empty in his head, which has never happened lately. But after all the same, he ceased to restrain himself, burying his fingers in other people's hair, leading them into a slight mess. The kiss came out long, long and, perhaps, deep enough. The robot did not try to seize the initiative. What is the meaning of resisting what is already happening? Absolutely none. Weasel ended abruptly, causing an indignant sigh from the side, she felt too short.
“But I don’t like it when you start something and don’t bring it to the end.”
A soft chuckle was heard in response. Violet eyes radiated mischief, lips stretched out in a smug grin. The kiss was continued.