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How to identify the original monster beats headphones?


Not so long ago, we talked about how to choose budget headphones for a smartphone. And in one of the comments we were asked to talk about Beats headphones. Many people have a diametrically opposite opinion about these headphones: some love them very much, and some just hate them. But in the end, it was decided to talk about how to buy Beats headphones, but most importantly - we will tell about the history of the origin of these headphones and, most importantly, why they should at least be respected.

Let's start with how, in principle, the Beats headphones appeared on the market and end with how to distinguish between the original Beats headphones and the fakes, when buying in a store in America.

Beats by Dr. Dre

Headphones Beats by Dr.Dre all associate with the famous rapper. In fact, the story began much earlier. It started with the Monster Cable brand. This is one of the best companies in the world for the production of various cables: for music, video and professional equipment. But in 2008, the company decided to enter the headphone market. A lot of different directions were launched, among which were dre headphones. They were based on the concept of very aggressive marketing to attract celebrities to these headphones. That is why among all the lines of headphones Beats by Dr. Dre and shot.

Monster Beats by Dr. Dre - that's what they were originally called, and if you think that the price of headphones at $ 250 is too high, then just look at the Monster website for the cost of an ordinary HDMI cable. Here, for example, such a cable for the same $ 250:

Beats by Dr. Dre must be respected. And here's why: this is the first brand that, in principle, popularized the direction of the headphones. Now, headphones have become not just a source of sound, but also a separate subculture. And, when buying Beats by Dr.Dre headphones, you begin to relate yourself to a certain segment of the population. You may not agree with the sound quality of the headphones or with their cost, but it cannot be ruled out that these headphones have greatly influenced the market.

Now headphones have become a fashion accessory, this is not just a story about sound. This is an image.

Thanks to the high-quality Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, people began to buy more headphones, look for cheaper alternatives, compare headphones by sound, by design, and certain types of businesses improved their position quite well. For example, there are stores that sell only headphones. And if not for the Beats, this probably would not have happened.

Now a little practice. How to distinguish fake Beats by Dr. Dre from fake Beats and how much beats headphones cost in America.

There are two ways to buy Beats by Dr. Dre in the USA: in the official store, where the guarantee for receiving the original goods is very high, or on, or you can buy beats a little cheaper on eBay or Amazon. But the most important thing when choosing headphones on these sites is to ask the seller for photos of the product that he will send you.

What photos need to be requested from the seller

Firstly, a photo of the package. Take a good look at the box and if you see the word Monster, this is a fake. On original Beats modern headphones you won't find a mention of Monster.

Secondly, be sure to request a photo of the bottom of the box. Original Beats by Dr. Dre always have a serial number. Using it you can check the information about the headphones on the official website, because all Beats by Dr.Dre headphones are unique and each has its own serial number.

But, of course, this is not a panacea, because the seller can photograph the box from the original, and put a fake inside. Therefore, you need to request also a photo of the headphones themselves. There you need to pay attention to the following things:

    designations L and R, that is, the left and right earphones. They should always be placed under the Beats label.

  • all screws must have hex recesses in the head. In no case cruciform. If you saw a Phillips screw - know, this is a Chinese fake
  • Well, and most importantly: if you buy on-ear headphones, then there must always be a five-digit code on the ear cup. This is the second serial number that can be checked on the company's website.
  • Here's a check you can make when buying Beats by Dr.Dre headphones.

    Chinese manufacturers in pursuit of profit

    The fact is that Dr. Dre, being part of the American show business on Wednesday, attracted first-rate stars to his own product campaign. We are talking about such artists as:

    • Lady gaga
    • Usher
    • Chris brown
    • David Guetta and many others.

    Chinese manufacturers, seeing the incredible demand for new headphones, immediately faked them. Today, the Internet is literally awash with "scorched beats." There are many qualities to distinguish a fake from the original. First of all, in terms of sound quality.

    In addition, do not forget that high quality cannot be sold at a price several times lower than on the official website of the brand.

    Criteria that are guaranteed to indicate fake

    Before buying, you can pay attention to the packaging of the headphones. At the top of the cover, two magnets should be located. The Chinese counterparts have either one magnet or the lid “fastens” with a cardboard tongue.

    Further, after you have printed the headphones, examine them in detail. All wires must be in sealed bags. They must be with special perforation so that they can be opened without scissors or a knife.

    Now you should pay attention to the serial number of the headphones (by the way, if it is not printed on the box itself, this should also alert you). At you can check the originality of the headphones by the verification code.

    This can only be done if you are registered on the site. Although the owners of personal accounts on social networks have the opportunity to verify using them.

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    • Do you think that in order to recover data on removable media and HDD you need to be a forensic specialist? Today it’s enough just to install special software -

    The video will tell you in detail about how not to fall for the “Chinese fishing rod” (how not to buy fake Beats headphones):

    Let's consider in more detail on examples

    Chinese copies in appearance are increasingly being made taking into account the growing number of nuances by which the fake can be calculated, so it becomes especially important attention to detail.

    Very often, the Chinese get confused in the colors of small details, as in this example, where the red insert on the Beats Solo and Beats Studio models is confused:

    It may be missed, or there may be superfluous inscriptions on the headphones, or it may be in the wrong places or in the wrong font:

    On all headphones, the movable elements are made of metal, the screws holding the handle structure are always screwed neatly into a special metal bracket:

    A transparent tape with instructions on how to open / operate them is ALWAYS glued on the controls and removable parts of the headphones:

    We hope that our recommendations have helped you learn how to distinguish a fake, and now you will enjoy the original, high-quality sound in the most iconic and stylish headphones in the world today!

    3 main differences between the original Beats Pro and the fake:

    Examples are considered on the Beats Pro and Beats Solo models, but they are relevant for all models.

    The very first thing that can give you an alarm is of course the box. Take a look and check the serial number on the sticker. For example, with fake headphones, it is imprinted in the package, in the original is a sticker:

    There is also a description in 5 different languages, while a fake has only 3, and sometimes more than 5.

    , plus to the whole image printed on the box differs in picture quality:

    2) Original Bits - are out of any bags and procrastination:

    The cable is noticeably different in color from the original:

    Headphones Monster Beats - how to distinguish a fake?

    Let's start with the main thing: Monster Beats headphones are no longer produced! The fact is that the collaboration between Monster Cable and Beats Electronics has been terminated since 2012, and Beats Electronics is the sole owner of the Beats By Dr Dre logo. This means that the fans' Monsters earphones are now fans of the Beats brand with the Beats By Dr Dre logo.

    In the descriptions of the goods on our site there are phrases "Monster Beats". We took this step in order to make it easier for you to find us. By far, not everyone who wants to buy legendary headphones knows that “Monster Beats” are now simply called “Beats”. We also draw your attention to the fact that all the headphones presented in our online store are called “Beats”, produced by “Beats Electronics”: Beats Tour, Beats Pro, Beats Solo HD, Beats Studio, Beats Pill, etc. .

    If we talk about general recommendations that can be given to determine the originality of purchased accessories, then we can stop at the following:

    • Pay attention to the entire range of the online store. If you show any headphones 2013/2014/2015 of the year of release with the monster beats logo, then the store is clearly unscrupulous about its customers and offers them a popular brand that no longer exists.
    • Check the packaging:
    • the original is high-quality printing, instructions in different languages,
    • the lid opens on the side along with the side and top of the package,
    • two magnets hold the lid,
    • the serial number must be stamped on the removable sides or on the plug,
    • the logo is clear and not blurry,

    Headphones Monster Beats original

    Further, I would like to give the distinctive features of the three most popular Beats headphone models from the 2012/13/14/15 collection.

    Headphones Beats Tour:

    • The plug is required with a serial number.
    • Included is a case with an extruded “B” logo.
    • Headphones are packed in a special plastic pocket.

    Headphones Beats Studio:

    • Two AAA batteries are included.
    • Headphones work only on batteries!
    • The mute button.
    • Under the cover of the left “ear”, the serial number is embossed.
    • There is a power indicator. If you turn on the headphones, a special lever with a red light will light up.
    • The kit includes a napkin with the inscription Beats and a jack adapter.

    Headphones Beats Pro:

    • The headband of the headphones and the bowls are soft, the seams are even, without flaws.
    • Gold-plated jack adapter included.
    • Detachable spiral wire.
    • In general, in any Monster Beats kit with a headband, the wire can be disconnected.

    3) The whole truth is in the details

    If you carefully peer into the headphones, you can find a lot of clues by which it is easy to determine the originality of the headset or to refute it:

    On the headphone case, in clear and understandable language you can see the well-known inscription “Beats”:

    The engraving on the inside and cable is also clearly visible., and in a fake everything is applied with cheap paint:

    The easiest way to distinguish a fake Beats Solo is by price:

    If you find a price for a new model, at least 50% lower, be sure that you have a fake.

    Having played a little “find 3 differences”, everything will immediately become clear to you :). It's easier than ever to look at the price by comparing it with the original and everything will instantly become clear.

    Organizations that are engaged in fakes as if not trying to copy the product, ideally they still will not do it. A fake remains a fake and will always be different: unevenly glued labels or non-symmetrical details.

    If everyone specifically wants to buy a fake, then this is your choice. But neither good sound, nor the strength of materials, nor comfort, you will not see. Good luck with your investment.

    In order to definitely not buy a fake, you have 2 ways:

    • The official Beats or Apple store (which is the same thing),
    • Licensed and verified stores in or in reality. Eldorado, doctorhead, pleer and others.