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Slide show in Power Point 2010 - simple but high quality


Microsoft Powerpoint is designed to create business presentations, not colorful entertainment videos, so you should not count on a stunning result. Let's see what steps you need to complete to prepare a slide show.

Step 1. Getting started. When you open the program, the first slide will appear. Right-click on the white field, select the line "Layout" in the drop-down list. Find a template among the templates.

Select the layout of the first slide

Step 2. Fill in the slide. Depending on the type of layout on the sheet, there may be a field for text, a place for inserting tables, diagrams, pictures. In the box with the replacement text, enter your option. To add photos or other images, click on the corresponding icon.

Fill in the slide fields

Step 3. Add new slides. Click “Create Slide” in the top menu. To make the appearance more interesting, right-click on the slide and select “Background Format” from the list. Make it a different color, add a gradient transition, or use another image as a background.

Add new slides

Step 4. Decorate the slides shapes with text, add animation. The program offers several simple effects for highlighting, appearing, and leaving slide elements. You can find them in the corresponding tab. You can also insert music into a presentation.

Step 5. Set up transitions between slides so that one replaces the other more smoothly and beautifully.

Step 6. Saving. In the "File" drop-down menu, find the "Save" item, left-click. Select a save location and enter the name of the project.

Done! You learned how to create a slide show in Powerpoint. Unfortunately, the software does not offer dozens of colorful effects, and the transitions between the slides are quite ordinary. With it, you can create high-quality presentations of a working draft or slide show to protect your diploma, but it’s unlikely that a fun video from family photos or a gentle love story for the wedding will work out.

How to be After all, I would like to show the film to friends, and myself to enjoy watching it. In fact, you should not cycle on a single, albeit widely known, software. A good Powerpoint analog, sharpened for creating a slide show, will achieve truly amazing results, turning a selection of pictures into a colorful movie. Just download the program to your computer!

Why is the analog better than Powerpoint?

  • Sharpening under a slide show. This is a specialized software whose interface is tailored to the needs of users. Forget about binding to inconvenient Powerpoint templates, create your own projects the way you like.
  • Ready collages. Combine themed photos with one click. Dozens of thoughtful collages will allow you to create a beautiful animated slide in a few seconds.

Choose a finished collage

  • Captions and screensavers. A variety of templates for thematic and universal slides with which you can start or end a movie so that it looks complete and complete.
  • Awesome effects. When you make a slide show of photos in Powerpoint, the look and number of effects is more discouraging than inspiring. A similar editor, designed specifically for creating clips from pictures, will offer a truly rich selection. You will find stunning beauty frames, weather effects, 3D animation, complex effects like fluttering butterflies and flying balloons and much more. Show your imagination to the fullest!

    Effect with hearts

  • Transitions. Over thirty interesting smooth transitions between slides. Gradients, mosaics, page turning, director's clapper board - this is only a small part of the available variety. Set the same transitions for all slides or your own for each.
  • Music. Who would like to watch a slide show in complete silence? The ability to add a music file and voice comments allows you to turn the usual flickering of vivid pictures into a real movie! Add your favorite songs, create a mood!
  • A variety of save formats. Prepare the video for viewing on your PC and phone, for burning to DVD or for YouTube. For comparison, Powerpoint offers only one video format - WMV.
  • In fact, there are much more opportunities if you master more complex methods of working in the program. Read tutorials on the site to delve deeper into the process, learn new ideas, and understand the finer settings for effects. Try to get started with the following articles:

    Impressed by the huge possibilities? It's time to create your own unforgettable slide shows. Check out what an incredible selection of bright, original special effects, transitions and screensavers the analogue program offers. By creating a slide show in Microsoft Powerpoint, you will never find anything like it. Turn photos into wonderful movies that you want to watch again and again!

    Start creating your own unique slideshow now!

    Download now Buy at a discount Works great on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

    By the way, Step 4 and Step 5. can be swapped.

    Step 6 Recording, for slide show. This step is done to demonstrate your product freely. And during the demonstration, you can record on Camtasia Studio, for example. Or use another recording program for subsequent upload to any video hosting. You get a link that you can share with friends or publish on social networks. How to record a free demo, I showed in detail in the video.

    In power point

    Power Point is one of the most popular presentation software. Included in the Microsoft Office package, which is installed on every third home computer. Actually, that’s why I want to consider the option of creating a slide show in it (especially since it has all the necessary functions, and everything is done quite simply).

    If you don’t have the opportunity to install Microsoft Office, I recommend paying attention to free analogues - (note: in addition to Excel and Word, these software packages have a full replacement and Power Point).

    I will consider all the steps in steps (using the example of Power Point 2016 as the latest version to date).

      After starting Power Point, you will see a window with a choice of templates and themes. I recommend staying at the "Empty Presentation".

    Next, open the "Insert" section and click on the "Photo Album" tool.

    Then click on the button File or Disk and add all the photos you would like to see in your slide show.

    Adding photos to the project

    Then check off all added photos and click the "Create" button (an example of this action is shown in the screenshot below).

    Create an album from photos

    Actually, the photo album is ready (i.e. slide show)! Now you can proceed to its detailed settings.

    To set the time of the show, go to the "Slide show" section and click on the "Set time" item: your slideshow should start viewing, where you can set the time for each slide to be shown.

    Slide show - time setting

    Various transitions between photos look very impressive (I recommend adding them). To configure them, open the "Transitions" section and select one for each slide. The choice is quite wide, among them there are: fading, shift, appearance, panorama, cutting, etc.

    Transitions between photos

    The music. To insert music into your work - use the "Insert" section, then the "Multimedia / Sound" subsection.

    A fairly common question for users is "How to save your Power Point slide show in video format". If you have a modern version of Power Point - just click to File / Save As , then select the folder to save, and specify the file type, for example, "Video Mpeg-4" . In this regard, Power Point has a lot of different formats for saving!

    Online Ways

    The network now has dozens (if not hundreds) of sites offering to create slide shows without any programs at all, simply by uploading a dozen or two photos to the site. On the one hand, it’s convenient, but not always suitable: not everyone has a good and fast Internet, there is not always a desire to upload very personal photos to an unfamiliar site.

    Nevertheless, the method is working, and is gaining popularity!

    Note: I recommend updating Adobe Flash Player (if you haven’t done this for a long time), as many sites use flash animation. About how this is done, see here -

    A great site with a huge selection of different slide show topics: wedding, greeting, kids, travel, etc. All actions are performed easily and naturally. For high-quality slide shows you have to fork out a little.

    Another site with some interesting free slide show templates. By the way, on this service you can create quite large slide shows - from 20-30-40 photos! Real space for fans to take pictures.

    That's all for me, all have good and enjoyable views!

    Video on how to create a slide show with music in PowerPoint 2007

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