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Bouquet from clothes for newborns (master class)


When choosing a gift for a newborn, as well as for any other, we often strive to make it pleasant, useful, practical and preferably unusual. The most common gift option is, of course, clothing. Clothes for babies can be selected for any budget, without fear of making a mistake with the size, as there is always the opportunity to buy a larger item. Currently, there is a wide variety of beautiful and original clothes for children, so the choice of this gift option is usually a win-win, however, it will not be easy to surprise them.

A wonderful way to arrange a surprise is to make a bouquet of clothes for babies out of things.

It is done very quickly and simply, but it looks very impressive. To make a bouquet you will need:
- any items of clothing for babies: socks, romper suits, blouses, vests, bonnets, thin hats, slips, overalls,
- a basket, vase, bucket, flower pot or other suitable basis for a bouquet,
- materials for decoration: artificial flowers and leaves, bows, ribbons, pieces of fabric, colored paper, other decorative elements,
- skewers and scotch tape or teip tape in case the flowers are on the stems,
- wrapping.

Depending on the type of clothing, methods for making flowers from them are slightly different. To make a flower from socks, you first need to twist it into a tube.

It is necessary to twist tightly, but not tightening strongly. If the bud is weak, it will quickly fall apart or be shapeless. Next, you need to unscrew the edge of the sock on one side.

Then gently twist the edge on the other side, imitating rose petals.

This is how a bud from one sock should turn out.

If desired, the resulting flower can be fixed with tape or tape in the skewer and attach the leaves. In a similar way, a flower from a cap or hat is twisted. It is desirable to bend one edge so that the top of the flower is flat.

Then twist into a roll and bend the edges the same way as socks.

Sliders and trousers slide down from the bottom of the legs. If necessary, the legs are pre-bent on each side along the edge.

Separately, the legs are rolled up, then to the top edge together. From these garments, two roses are obtained.

Baby's undershirts, sweaters and other similar items of clothing can be rolled up separately, each receiving a small rose. To get a larger flower, the sleeves are bent inward.

If it's a jumpsuit or slip, it can be folded in half. Then the resulting rectangle rolls into a roll.

The result is such a rose.

If the thing is not folded in half and rolled up, then, depending on the size of the thing, two flowers can be obtained on each side, as is the case with sliders. Folding like a jumpsuit, you can get one big or four small buds from sleeves and trousers.

The resulting buds are collected in a bouquet and decorated. If the flowers are on the stems, then they are first fixed together in a vase, pot or wrapping paper. If the flowers are without stems, the buds are evenly laid on the base.

As decorative elements, you can use artificial flowers and leaves, bows, ribbons, pieces of fabric, colored paper, soft toys. For example, in such a bouquet artificial leaves are used, twigs of flowers of two sizes - small and medium, large roses.

To complete the resulting bouquet must be wrapped in a transparent wrapping paper and bandaged with a wide ribbon or bow. Such an original bouquet of clothes for newborns will be a wonderful gift, it will pleasantly surprise parents and delight the baby with useful things.

How to make a bouquet for a newborn with your own hands

- Diaper
- Baby things,
- Material for stems,
- A sheet of green paper,
- A cut of a satin ribbon,
- Rubber bands for money,
- Ruler,
- Scissors.
The assembly process is divided into several stages.
1. Making stems.
Cut three pieces of garter 40-50 cm long, fold each in half.

Twist each piece with a uniform spiral. So the stalks are ready!

2. The assembly of flowers.
Stuff things folded along.

After inserting the stem, begin to twist the snail.

Fix the rose on a stick with an elastic band for money.

Thus, form the desired number of roses.

3. Diaper packaging.
Fold the diaper (or plaid) with a square, place flowers from the center to one of the corners.

Cover the bouquet with the second half of the diaper square, fold the edge inward.

Fold the right corner of the diaper.

Cover the top left with the left corner to make an envelope.

Bend the corner down. Fasten the envelope with tape.

Tie the ribbon tightly on a knot, then tie a bow.

From green paper cut sepals and leaves. Decorate them with a bouquet.

A simple but original gift for a newborn is ready!