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How to determine that a man wants you?


Your relationship has been going on for a very long time, but there is no recognition or hint of the seriousness of the relationship from the man. You can put up with this for a while, but sooner or later you will start to wonder: what is the reason for this behavior, how to understand that serious relationship?

And there is another situation: a man at the first meeting does not take his eyes off you, but does not dare to invite you to a date or to get acquainted. Girls rarely discard principles and get to know them first, so a moment that can turn into a serious relationship is often missed.

It should be understood that the declaration of love for men is a serious step and, fearing refusal, they do not run the risk of confessing their feelings. However, how do you understand that a man is serious and not interested in just a fleeting romance with you?

Signs of a serious man’s relationship

Today, the psychology of relationships defines four of the most important signs that speak of the seriousness of a man’s intentions for his chosen one:

The first thing you can notice when a man feels sincere sympathy for a woman, and maybe even love, is the desire to spend as much time with her as possible. Your chosen one will find not only time, but also an occasion to stay with you as long as possible.

The manifestation of caring and tenderness, while not requiring anything in return, is the second sign of a serious relationship with you.

Your requests are not ignored, while the man takes the initiative and all appeals do not go unnoticed.

When you heard from his friends that in the absence of you, the chosen one becomes more withdrawn, his mood is rapidly falling.

Does he love you: how to determine?

Still from the film "Dear John", 2010.

When a man is truly in love, he will not necessarily talk about it daily. But there are cases when for the opposite sex, the words of love are an empty phrase, so they are "sprayed" by them quite often, without investing any special meaning. But silence is often a signal of sincere feelings. So, how to understand the true intentions of men? Often, just look at the sign language and try to analyze them.

At the sight of his chosen one, to whom a man has a crazy passion, he will begin to draw in his stomach, straighten his shoulders, and shake off dust particles from his shoulder. You can notice how the pupils of a man expand at the sight of you. Many psychologists say that such a reaction occurs only in love with people. Pay attention to his body position. Your partner will try to be as close as possible to you, hold by the hand, try to fence off others. A man in love, as often as possible during a conversation, will try to look into your eyes, catching your every move.

Points to Watch

An important point in understanding the relationship of a man to a woman is the emotions that he shows next to her. Communicating with the chosen one, in whom the man is in love, you can see how the smile does not leave his face, while he will constantly look into her eyes.

A seriously-minded man will constantly look for ways to please you and pleasantly surprise you, without waiting for a special occasion.

If you still doubt the sincerity of your chosen one, and think about how to understand the guy’s intentions, then try to find out what kind of relationship he had before you. You should not continue the relationship and especially wait for a declaration of love from typical womanizer or a married man. Being married, a man is unlikely to want to destroy him for your sake, and for a womanizer you will be another beautiful girl in his "collection".

When you know that a man is not keen on short novels and does not support them, and is also lonely, then the chances of his sincerity to you increase many times. Feel free to watch your partner, his emotions and ask his friends about his former relationship. Indeed, the continuation of your communication depends on such information.

Still from the film "Diary of memory", 2004.

The seriousness of the intentions of the chosen one: how to recognize?

You are already quite a long period with your man. The candy-bouquet period is left behind and you are tormented by the question of the seriousness of the intentions of your chosen one. Especially a woman is worried when a man is not the first year, but offers of a hand and heart are not received. At such a moment, doubts and experiences are quite natural.

So, how do you understand about the seriousness of a man to you, about his desire to associate fate with you? First of all, look at his behavior, as well as the topics of conversation. A serious man, at least occasionally, will hint to you about living together and even marriage. He will want to meet your parents and introduce you to his own. Do not forget that for such a chosen one you will always be a priority and he will prove it in every way. Such a man will not disappear for a week after the next date, but will try to call or see each other as often as possible.

Another important point is proximity. The beloved chosen one will not rush you, and at the time of intimacy he will not be limited to his own pleasure, forgetting about his companion. Other women will become a taboo for him, he will not allow himself familiar with him communication and especially light flirting.

Does love live in a man’s heart?

Still from the film "Diary of memory", 2004.

How to find out if the chosen one loves you and understand that the man is serious? Of course, the most accurate answer can only be obtained from your chosen one, but what to do when you have no strength to wait and you want to understand how he feels for you.

At the first stage, you can try to ask his friends. He probably has repeatedly discussed your relationship and feelings for you. However, there is a risk that your friends will not want to give you such personal information or the answer will not be to your liking. Do not be upset in this case, because the words of strangers do not always contain the truth. As already described above, the only sure way to understand a man’s intention is to observe his behavior. Another sign of a serious relationship to you will be jealousy on his part. He will not allow the opposite sex to show excessive attention to you, if necessary, delicately explain that you are not alone.

It would be nice to say a joke about living together and look at the reaction of a man. If he joked in the direction of the fact that he is not ready yet, then it is hardly a question of a serious attitude towards you. When a man decides to be together, he himself offers to come together and as soon as possible. Thus, your boyfriend will show that he is set up for a serious relationship.

Still from the film "Dear John", 2010.

It is important to understand that not all men will prove true love with minute attention and expensive gifts. In many cases, your chosen one will begin to take care of his career more diligently, possibly looking for a new job. Most likely, he sees you as a future wife, so he will try to do everything to make life together as comfortable as possible.

Unfortunately, men do not always show their love the way we (women) would like to see or are used to watching in romantic films. Do not forget about the psychological characteristics of men. Often, your chosen one can show sincere feelings not with a bouquet of dozens of roses, but with banal care, in the form of a warm scarf and hot tea when you are sick.

Simple signs will say it all!

There are simple actions that will definitely give out male desires. Just do not confuse lust with love - such a delusion often confuses women and girls.

If a man really wants a woman, this suggests that she attracted him with her sexuality, attractiveness, she attracts him and makes him dream, to be in sweet fantasies.

But this does not mean at all that the man is in love, has some serious feelings and wants to be with this girl! Perhaps this will come in the future, but sexual lust often disappears after an intimate relationship.

However, a wise woman knows how to wrap up male desire true. And if you use your feminine power correctly, you can achieve a lot from your beloved.

Of course, if you surrender to a man immediately, then besides the fleeting pleasure you are unlikely to get something. And if you show cunning and mind, then you can really tie it to yourself and build a good strong relationship.

But for this it is worth learning to recognize the signs that give out male desires. Let’s figure out how to understand that a man really wants a woman?

  • It behaves with the attractive young lady not like with the rest.
  • His gaze is literally attracted to her.
  • He compliments, shows other signs of attention.
  • The man is clearly trying to look good when meeting.
  • He is looking for a reason to gently touch, to be closer, to smell a woman.
  • In a common company, this man is trying to stand out from the others.

There are many more signs, but these are the most obvious. From them you can accurately understand that your friend is clearly attracted. We consider each feature separately.

A special attitude is a sure sign!

Communicating with a man in the company, it is easy to notice if he distinguishes you from the rest. Pay close attention to how he communicates with other representatives of your gender - his intonations, speech, expressions, his gestures, where his eyes look.

Therefore, compare these signs with the same, but in relation to you. If they are clearly different - you can draw conclusions.

Look at his gestures. As a rule, during a conversation, the hands of a man are at the level of the abdomen or chest.

And when he talks to the woman he really wants, all his gestures will be concentrated in the pelvic area (if he is sitting). This is psychosomatics, and you can not argue with it: gestures give out internal desires and thoughts.

Also, a man can make involuntary movements with his hips or knees, this happens very naturally and almost imperceptibly for himself. And it is a sure sign that mentally he is already making passionate love with you.

A man’s speech and voice will also be different. Listen to how he speaks with other ladies and compare. If in a conversation with you he tries to be more polite, his voice is softer and quieter, this is also a clear sign of his craving for you.

Eyes will tell everyone!

If a man during a conversation looks at your lips, neck, chest, legs - it is obvious that he wants you. Moreover, such views are often not intentional.

This is how the strong sex works - his eyes are simply attracted by attractive parts of the female body, there is nothing to be done! So watch out for eyes that can say a lot!

And this is especially noticeable if you are on the sidelines. When a man longs for a woman, he will glance at her every few seconds.

Being in the general company, step aside, and try to observe. While he is busy with some business or, for example, talking with someone, he will periodically cast glances in your direction.

If you work together, it is especially easy to notice: such a man from time to time will look at your legs, high-heeled shoes, chest. In conversation about business or something abstract, he will not be sufficiently focused, and it will not be difficult to understand this in his eyes.

Signs of obvious attention

In fact, it’s easy to understand if a man wants you. He will not hide it much.

It is important for women not to show their sympathy and to be humble, mysterious, intrigue and make men suffer in ignorance. But the stronger sex is arranged differently - its representatives are usually very direct, open and persistent.

Most likely, the man will begin to show signs of attention, because he does not just want a woman - he certainly thinks how to get her. And to achieve this, you need to look after her hard, give nice gifts and flowers, say nice compliments and so on.

The presence of sexual lust will make him choose special gifts and speak special words. This will be different from the romantic youthful impulses, and will certainly have a subtle sexual connotation. So you can reliably and accurately understand what’s on the mind of a gentleman.

If he presented you with sexy underwear, a peignoir or a dressing gown - this is an open offer, and not even a hint. But this happens rarely, more often a man who wants a woman gives her very cute trinkets - soft teddy bears, cute jewelry, bouquets and sweets.

Suddenly became so beautiful ...

Every man understands perfectly well that in order for you to fall into his strong arms, he must be attractive.

So he suddenly changes - he puts on fresh shirts, it always starts to smell good from him, and you can no longer remember when he was unshaven.

Appearance will give you a direct answer - if he always began to look tidy and fresh, going to meet you, it is likely that he is attracted and hopes to get you.

Hands reach like a magnet ...

For every man, the female body is an object of admiration. And if a man wants you, then he will first of all feel an irresistible desire to touch. It is very simple to distinguish simple, friendly touches from those that carry sexual overtones.

If his touches are gentle, very light, often as if random, this is a clear sign of sexual desire.

It is also worth knowing the places to which men's hands reach. This place is slightly lower than the waist (a well-mannered man is unlikely to grab your buttocks, although he will certainly have such a desire), hair and neck, face, wrists, hips, knees, legs.

Also, the smell of men is always very exciting for women. Therefore, you can notice that the man seeks to smell you - say something in your ear, while breathing in the smell of your hair, kiss, inhale the aroma of perfume.

He is better than the rest!

If you are with the man of your choice in the general company, and there are other representatives of his gender, then he will obviously try to be better than the rest.

Men by their nature are leaders, conquerors, it is very important for them to be the first. So he will try his best to be much better than others in order to achieve your location.

In general, it is not difficult for a woman to determine that a man really wants her. Everything in him betrays this desire: the eyes become as if with a wand, the gaze wanders and cannot stop before your eyes, he is a little nervous, pays clear attention and as if watching you like a predatory beast.

Even the most humble and timid guy will not be able to hide his desire. It is too strong, and one way or another it will be manifested anyway.

Another thing is how to use this knowledge. A woman was born to be admired, to be the object of desire and dreams.

But at the same time it’s worthwhile to remain a woman - to behave with dignity and not vulgarly, not to forget about modesty and manners. Then the man will not only experience a strong sexual desire, but also want something much more ...
Author: Vasilina Serova

1. He often looks into your eyes.

Men love with their eyes - and this is not just folk wisdom, but a fact proved by scientists. When a man is in love, he literally cannot take his eyes off the object of his passion. If you notice that your new acquaintance is stealthily looking at you and indecently does not look away, be sure - he hopes to continue and wants to read the response in your eyes.

A man avoids serious relationships in the following cases

1. Restricts you access to your life . You still do not know his friends, although he spends a lot of time with them. He simply believes that you do not have to get to know them. Any woman wants to get to know people from the environment of a loved one to understand him even better. But a man who restricts access to his family, friends and relatives does not want a relationship; for him, meeting or meeting you is very superficial.

2. A man makes plans, forgetting to mention you . Perhaps he has a dream to change his city or country, job, or even his partner. He will constantly talk about this and somehow strive to change the current situation. Listen carefully to his monologue, if he mentions you or at least somehow hints that you will also have to make an important decision, then he wants a relationship.

If he talks about himself in the singular and forgets to say about you, do not expect him to be taken seriously, he is very likely to do what he dreams about, but without you. He can talk about a possible trip to the sea in the summer, that you will go there together, but this does not mean anything, perhaps you are a toy for him, which is intended only for entertainment.

3. The man had a negative experience with other women . If he recently survived a divorce or his girlfriend abandoned him, it is unlikely that he will want a new relationship in the near future. Try to find out all the details so that you do not waste your time on a person who does not want to build a relationship, just having fun, trying to get distracted and struggling with pain. Чтоб он захотел вновь вступить в отношения с представительницей прекрасно пола, вам придется приложить максимум усилий и убедить его в том, что вы не такая, как другие его женщины. Сделать это достаточно сложно, но если любите - обязательно попытайтесь.

4. Вы чувствуете холод в его глазах, словах, поступках . Влюбленный будет очень нежным и заботливым, ему будет без вас плохо, а если захочет отношений - будет проявлять различные знаки внимания. Но если вы чувствуете холод и отрешенность, велика вероятность, что отношений он не хочет.

If he does not pay attention to you, is constantly immersed in his thoughts and dreams, then he does not think about you at all, but about someone else, or is not at all disposed to relationships. You can always feel the heat if you try to take a closer look, you can also notice the cold, so be careful and do not let yourself be fooled.

5. It speaks directly about it . Men rarely give any hints, he would rather say as is, than spend hours playing games with his girlfriend. But many women refuse to listen and hear all that he wants to convey. Often men say that they don’t see anything good in a serious relationship, that this is a waste of time and a certain framework into which he pinches himself is unclear for what.

Maybe he still young , and later will be able to decide on a serious relationship, but so far he wants to feel freedom. Sometimes he openly says that he can not promise you anything about relationships, because he is not confident in himself and his actions. Therefore, sometimes it’s worth just listening or looking at how he speaks about his friends who have decided on a serious relationship.

6. The man has no people close to him . He is lonely, and at the same time looks completely self-sufficient. Such people exist, even if they are quite rare. Close people can expand his horizons, help in a difficult situation or support him, but he does not need it. He can completely devote himself to his work, conduct his own life or engage in his favorite hobby, but he does not need people for this.

Therefore, do not rely on him to trust you and decide to start serious relationship . He just lost the habit of letting people in, both men and women. In any case, if he does not have close friends, you should be wary, maybe he is an extremely strange person with a very complex character.

If you are finally in a long-term relationship with a guy and you want to do everything possible so that this relationship does not remain in the past. But sometimes, it's hard to understand guys who want such a relationship. You will get a chance to enjoy long love when you learn a few keys to the mind of your chosen one.

Make him feel macho

Be a partner in making decisions. No matter how you feel that you will get approval from your boyfriend in making any decision, it would be better to ask him first. Men want to feel that they are making decisions because they want their partners to be happy, and not because they have to do it. Do not use words for request, use lips and eyes to convince your man when words do not work.

Let the man feel big and strong. He loves to play the role of a knight in shining armor. Despite the fact that you yourself feel strong and independent without his help, let him feel like someone who cares and protects you. In this case, you will make him happy. Appreciate chivalrous gestures, for example, when he opens the door for you or allows you to enter the room first.

Let him take the initiative. It will be easier for you to convince a man to do something if you convince him that this is his idea. Use subtle hints to gently push him to make the right decisions.

Respect his independence. Do not tell your friends (especially if it is standing nearby) that you can circle it around your finger. Do not say as if you could force him to do something or control him. The last thing your boyfriend wants is to be humiliated in the eyes of your friends or family.

Do not cling to past relationships. No need to constantly talk about your ex or compare your current boyfriend with your ex. Also, don't meet the new guy unless you really forgot the former. Your new boyfriend does not deserve to be accused of not meeting any other standards. Comparing him to your ex makes you feel second-rate, so don't do it.

Communicate simply and directly

Interpret male emotions. Male emotions are less complex than female ones. They know what they want and what they don’t want and it’s easy to scare them. The guys usually do not discuss feelings and rarely open emotionally, if they are not very comfortable with you. In many societies, men avoid displaying their feelings so that they cannot be suspected that someone has control over them.

Learn to read the hidden meaning of words. Some men will answer yes and no, and some will not. If you want him to do something, he can say yes when he really doesn’t want it. You should know the guy well enough to find out if his “yes” is just an opportunity to please you or is it “yes” because he wants to do something. He will not be very upset if you do not understand this, but he may not like the feeling that he is under control.

Avoid criticism or manipulation. Constant criticism and manipulation will surely push him away.

  • Listen to his ideas, even if they are different from yours. When you understand him, you can understand whether you want to stay with him or look for other relationships.
  • If he has something that you would like to change in him before you decide to live with him, then let him know how you feel and stick to your point of view. You may need to change jobs, cities, religions, or something else to make you happy. However, changes may not take place and this may become a serious problem in the future.
  • Be prepared to give up relationships, and not ask him to be someone he is not. At the same time, be who you are and do not try to change what you value. That is how he should accept you.

Expect physical contact

Let him know the boundaries. The guys want to be told directly what they should and should not do physically, because they are not always able to figure it out on their own. His feelings will not hurt and he will not destroy the moment that is right for him. In any case, it will be a relief to know your boundaries. Give subtle hints and tell him what is in order and what is not.

Accept his obsessions. Guys can have obsessions about the eyes, hair, hands, or other parts of their partners' bodies. If he loves when you do something with your hair, try to do it more often. If he loves your hands and gives you a ring, wear it every time you are together. If he likes more intimate parts of the body, enjoy it. Many women would kill for the attention he gives to your body.

Be gentle. Hold his hand with both hands or hug him. Put your hand on his face, run your fingers up and down, or hold your hand on his face and chest. It's normal to be a gentle person until you become sticky. Attachment speaks of devotion and love, adherence speaks of property. Follow his non-verbal cues to find out what he loves and doesn't love.

Use your touch to soothe it. If he had a bad day at work, then pat him on the shoulder while he talks about it. Say something sympathetic about his day and say that you love and appreciate him.

Enjoy your sexuality. When you let him know what you like about how he touches you, you give him a powerful impulse. Again, talk about what you like and what you do wrong. When he gives you what you like, do the same for him in return.

Maintain a love life

Be thankful for what he does. The guys like to know that his partner feels grateful for the opportunity to be with him. If you make him feel that he is not good enough, then he may become insecure or he may leave you. Guys don't like to feel humiliated even more than girls.

Take care of him. Of course, he wants to take care of you, but you must reciprocate. Learn about things that make you feel appreciated and loved. For example, if he loves homemade food and you like to cook, cook his favorite dishes to show that you love him.

Show him that you value him. Remember how it was at the very beginning when you both tried to do something for each other. Adhere to a general way of thinking and treat it like a person whom you are afraid to lose. Just make sure he does the same for you.

Let him know that you will support him in everything. Tell him you will never stay away. Never stick to thin ice in a relationship so that everything is your way. Do not threaten to end the relationship to get something really insignificant. On the other hand, you need to know which things are worth the candle and which are not, so you should not maintain relationships that do not meet your needs.

Trust him. When he says that he will never leave you for nothing, and his behavior is consistent with his words, then it is worth believing them. Do not ask him constantly whether he loves you, because by doing this you will get on his nerves and by doing so you can scare him away.

Be prepared for a little possessive behavior. Guys, as a rule, are owners and jealous, especially if their partners pay attention to other guys.

  • Respect feelings and avoid too emotional or physical contact with other men.
  • Secret is always good. Do not wear too open clothes when you are in public. No matter how much he loves your bends, he will not like the fact that you will show them to others, because he does not want anyone else to look at his lady. Look your best, but don't dress like a prostitute. Keep revelation until you are alone.
  • Be prepared for jealousy if you often walk yourself. The guys watch too many films where a girl meets someone new when she is far away and runs away with him. Try to take it with you as often as possible. When you return home from a walk without him, let him know that you are happy to be at home.

Enjoy something in common. Your man wants to be aware of what you are doing. At the same time, respect what he likes to do, even if you are not very familiar with it.

  • If he likes to watch sports, then try to learn something about sports or play along with him. If you hate it, then you should not do it, but at least try.
  • Give him gifts based on his interests, not on the basis of your own. This will show that you care about him.

Know when to give him free space. Men are afraid of losing their independence, and they still want to be able to hang out with their buddies and at the same time love you. While he may have to spend less time with his friends than when he was alone, he still needs to meet with them from time to time. Make sure that you also maintain friendships, in addition to your relationship with your boyfriend, that you have maintained your own personal life.

  • Find out if he wants to have children. If you want children, but he doesn’t, it can ruin your relationship in the future. Also, talk about how you were raised and how he was raised to make sure you think the same when it comes to raising children.

2. He wants to know as much as possible about you.

As a rule, during an acquaintance, people manage with a dozen on-duty phrases and a couple of unobtrusive topics. But if a man intends to transfer your acquaintance to the category of a serious relationship, he will learn as much information about you as possible. In addition, you will feel that the interest on his part is extremely sincere. Through time, you will notice that the man remembers absolutely everything that you once told him about yourself.

3. He seeks to touch you.

And although tactile communication is present not only between lovers, if a man is interested in you as a woman, he will try to reduce existing borders as quickly as possible, inadvertently touching you. Shaking hands, correcting the curl, or supporting your elbow while you are walking down the stairs seem harmless at first glance, but in fact they say that you are pleasant to a person in physical terms.

4. He introduces you to friends.

Men love to show off to their friends. Moreover, they boast not only about new cars, sports devices or any other things dear to them, but also to the girls with whom they intend to build a serious relationship. No matter what stage your romance is at, if a man insists on your acquaintance with his company, he sees in you his life partner. Firstly, consciously or not, he wants his comrades to envy him. And secondly, he hopes that you will accept and approve of his friends.

5. He introduces you to his family.

Even if the previous paragraphs have passed your relationship, but your chosen one is inviting you to have dinner with his parents, you can have no doubt about the seriousness of his intentions. The desire to introduce a girl to her parents or family never arises spontaneously. Most likely, the man thought his decision well and hopes that soon you will also become a member of his family.

6. He does not need a reason to contact you.

Often, girls amuse themselves with vain illusions, hoping that a man does not call because of his excessive modesty and delicacy. In fact, a truly in love man will terrorize you with calls and SMS to make sure that everything is fine with you and that you do not spend time in the company of another.

7. He turns into a jealous person.

The innocuous mention of the name of his colleague or a telephone conversation with a long-time acquaintance will cause a man hoping for a serious relationship, a real fit of jealousy. And even if your chosen one is wise enough not to arrange scenes, you will feel his interest in people of the opposite sex surrounding you. At first, the man will unobtrusively ask you about your social circle, trying to find out if you have more than friendly feelings for someone.

8. He easily compromises.

A man in love will do his best to make you happy. He will easily refuse to go to a concert of his beloved band, learning about your poor health, instead, bringing to your home a cold medicine and a fruit basket. He will give up Saturday sleep before lunch to take your cat to the veterinary clinic and fix all the sockets in your house, instead of watching his favorite movie. In a word, men in love turn into real altruists, doing everything possible to conquer the object of their passion.

9. He cannot be angry with you.

We do not always do the right thing, we can forget the promise, inadvertently wounding the feelings of a loved one. However, if a man is really in love, regardless of the severity of “sin,” he will not be able to be angry with you. And even if you yourself will be ashamed of your act, a man will justify you, because you are the ideal of his dreams.

10. He confesses his love to you and you believe him.

It seems that the phrase “I love you” is far from always based on sincerity, however, most men, admitting their feelings, really experience them. A man who sees his soul mate in you will not be wasted words. He will utter such a coveted phrase only when you are ready for it. When your relationship ceases to be a non-binding novel, he will not waste time and will reveal his cards to you.

These signs are not an axiom, but, as a rule, lovers think and act the same way. Therefore, if his intentions are really serious, sooner or later he himself will manifest them.

“Men from Mars, women from Venus” - sometimes it’s really easy to believe. Maybe we really are, since it’s so difficult for us to understand each other’s goals and desires, it’s so difficult to understand. And while men think: “What do women want?”, Women ask themselves: “How to understand that he wants a relationship?” Every woman at least once asked herself about this, so let's try to figure it out.

5 signs that a guy is not indifferent to you

All men express their sympathy for the girl in different ways, someone from the first day showers her with compliments, flowers and sweets, and someone more timid may not show their feelings at all. However, there are signs that are characteristic of every man in love:

  1. He seeks tactile contact, whether it is a pronounced desire to hug you or a modest, almost random touch on the hand,
  2. He is the most attentive listener. If you are in the company, then you should start some kind of topic, as everything is riveted only to you. He’s interested in what you’re talking about, as he is trying to get to know you more,
  3. Eye contact. He always looks into your eyes and tries to catch your eye,
  4. Looking for a meeting with you. He can invite to a movie or cafe, or maybe, as if by accident, appear in places where you most often visit,
  5. He wants to please you. Delicious chocolates, flowers, or a nice compliment is a way to make you smile.

Serious intentions

Когда вы разобрались с симпатиями, и уже уверены, что парень в вас влюблен, вы задумываетесь: «По-настоящему ли он меня любит или я для него мимолетное приятное увлечение? Как понять серьезное отношение мужчины?» Судите о его чувствах не по словам, а по действиям и поступкам:

  • Он готов делить с вами свое жизненное пространство. Будь то его квартира, машина или какие-то личные вещи. Он впускает вас в свою жизнь, а это несерьезным отношением уже не назовешь,
  • Он познакомил вас со своими друзьями. Men are very kind to their male friendship, so they won’t lead a girl to their company if they don’t have serious plans for her,
  • He introduced you. Maternal opinion is always of great importance. And if your chosen one decided on such a step as meeting his parents, you can not doubt the seriousness of his intentions,
  • He tells you about his experiences, fears and dreams. Sharing feelings and emotions for men is always not easy, if you notice such a behavior in your young man, that means he trusts you and you become a good friend to him,
  • He includes you in his plans for the future. This is not necessarily talk about the wedding, children, grandchildren and grandchildren of their grandchildren, as we would like, maybe he just wants to spend a vacation together,
  • He does not regret his time for you. He enjoys spending his weekends with you, calls any free minute or walks with you in the park all evening, not. The most valuable thing that one person can give to another is his time.

How to behave so as not to push him away?

You managed to understand that he is serious and perhaps even wants to become your husband, how to behave now?

  • The foundation of all healthy relationships is respect. Your task is to build a model of relationships where mutual respect will come first. Quarrels are the eternal companion of love. But do not let emotions take precedence at such moments, do not go on insults and do not “hit” the sore spots. This "battle" will end sooner or later, but the losses may remain irreparable,
  • To make you feel comfortable and in a relationship together, leave room for personal freedom. Everyone has the right to see friends or pursue a favorite hobby without feeling remorse,
  • Do not be afraid to talk about problems. Do it tactfully, easily and unobtrusively. If everything that does not suit you, you will only store in your head, sooner or later there will accumulate so much that the unwashed cup will be the cause of your “explosion”. The man in this case does not understand why you made such a grand scandal. He sees only the unwashed cup, and has no idea what is in your head. Such troubles can be avoided if you always talk about what worries and worries you,
  • Do not forget about yourself. Dissolving completely in your partner is not always good. , take care of yourself, remember your hobbies and life goals, then your chosen one will not lose interest in you for a long time.

Orthodox calendar

Monday, March 18, 2019 (March 5, St.)
Week of Great Lent
Mch Konon of Isauria (I)
The acquisition of the relics of blgv. princes Theodore of Smolensk and his children David and Constantine, Yaroslavl miracle workers (1463)
Memorial Day:
Mch Onisia (I). Mch Konon Hradar (III). Pr Postnik Brand (V). Pr Hesychia of Fasting (c. 790). Prmch. Adrian Poshekhonsky, Yaroslavsky (1550). Mts. Iraids. Mch Eulogy, like in Palestine. Mch Eulampia. The acquisition of the relics of St. Luke, archbishop Simferopolsky (1996).
Memorial Day of the Confessors and New Martyrs of the Russian Church:
Hmmm. Nicholas Pokrovsky presbyter (1919), schmch. St. John the Peacemaker and elders. Mardaria Isaev and Feofan Grafov (1938).
Day of veneration of the icons of the Mother of God:
Icons of the Mother of God, called "Education".
Great post.
Marriage does not occur during Lent.
Readings of the day
Gospel and Apostle:
For ever.: - Genesis 3: 21-4: 7, Proverbs 3: 34-4: 22 At the 6th hour: - Isa. 4: 2-5: 7
In the morning: - Ps. 24-31, Ps. 32-36, Ps. 37-45 For ever.: - Ps. 119-133

When you are looking for a romantic partner, you pay close attention to the signs that betray reciprocity. No one is interested in wasting their time, playing a "guessing game" and tormented by obsessive thoughts. Your intuition could be a decisive factor, but, unfortunately, the “sixth sense” can fail. If you are confused, there are obvious signs that you can understand that the guy wants to remain friends.

You always initiate meetings

All your meetings are initiated exclusively by you. You probably believe that your chosen one simply does not want to take on the leadership role. You like to spend time together and secretly you hope that he will someday invite you to a movie or an amusement park. However, this proposal will not follow. Tip: stop initiating meetings, if he is bored without your company, he will definitely call.

He is talking about friends

When lovers meet, their conversations line up around each other's feelings and needs. But when you meet your chosen one, he constantly talks about his friends. You do not leave the feeling that he is playing the role of matchmaker and trying to interest you in one of his friends. Tip: ask him to create a portrait of a person who would ideally suit you. If he offers his exact opposite as a candidate, this is a bad sign.

Your meetings are held in groups.

You rarely meet in private. Most often you see each other in a noisy company. You vainly seize the moment to take your chosen one aside and talk about your plans for the coming weekend. But every time when the opportunity arises for you to be alone, he is not alone in the meeting. Advice: invite him to meet in an environment that does not imply the presence of third parties. If for some reason your chosen one backtracked, he is afraid of the consequences.

You never meet in the evenings

Everyone knows that evening or night is the best time for romance. Lovers often make an appointment by candlelight, go to watch the sunset or the starry sky. A wonderful evening can flow smoothly into an unforgettable night. However, meetings with your chosen one take place only during the day, mainly in a cafe for lunch.

Your relationship is evolving through text messaging

You live in one city, but you get the feeling that you and your chosen one are separated by at least one and a half thousand kilometers. All your communication comes down to text messaging and photo sharing. When you try to initiate a meeting, your friend always finds some “urgent” business.

He talks about other girls.

It is one thing when in a conversation you discuss the actions of your mutual friends, and quite another when your boyfriend is busy discussing the looks of attractive and interesting girls. Pay attention to this sign: if a young man really wants to build a romantic relationship with you, he will not spend hours discussing attractive strangers. He will show you maximum respect and show that today you are a priority for him. Pay attention to conversations about his romantic adventures. He clearly wants to hint to you that he has someone.

Public meetings

Your chosen one never calls you to meet in a secluded quiet place, preferring to make an appointment in open areas. It seems to you that he is doing everything possible to surround himself with numerous "witnesses", inviting you to a football or to a hamburger-eating festival. Tip: invite your chosen one to the cinema and choose tickets on the last row. If he is afraid of a relationship with you, he will not agree to "accept the challenge."

Personal space

Whenever you walk in the park, you are visited by an irresistible desire to be closer to this person physically. You are drawn to this person by some unknown magnet. It is strange that so far he has not felt this attraction on his part. When you walk near, he tends to move away from you at a respectful distance. The same thing happens when you decide to rest on a bench. By all means, this guy maintains his personal space and tries to establish boundaries between you.

He makes no effort

When a person is looking for a romantic relationship, he makes every effort to make a proper impression on the object of desire. The boyfriend in love is trying to please his beloved, longing for a smile once again to appear on her face. If your friend does not make any efforts to become your hero, a romantic relationship is not included in his plans.

He treats you like a friend

Here is one of the simplest tests that can clarify the situation. Watch the guy introduce you to his acquaintances. If he calls you by name, it means that he already told friends about you. The phrase "heard a lot (a)" from third parties should inspire you. But if he intentionally emphasizes that you are “just friends”, he lights a green light in front of other girls.

He stares at the other girls

When two people love each other, in the whole world for them there is no one but the two of them. At least, this happens in the first months of acquaintance. But if, while spending time with a guy, you notice his wandering and predatory look in the direction of other women, this indicates that he is not interested in you as a potential romantic partner.

How to understand when a man is sincerely passionate, and when he simply plays on his feelings? For each girl, this question, of course, is important - because the sooner you understand the manipulator and break off these relationships, the less valuable time will be lost, and the more chances there will be to meet your true love. And the very presence of a man who uses you can disadvantageously affect the appearance and health of a woman. She becomes sad, languishes, becomes dizzy, gets fat and does not understand - why.

Here are a few basic signs that a man is manipulating you:

Sudden disappearances from a woman’s life and equally sudden, without warning, appearance in her. This indicates that the man does not care about the feelings of women. Watch out if after a stormy night a man disappears somewhere, doesn't pick up the phone, and a week later appears on the doorstep, as if nothing had happened. Also offended if you start to blame him. Of course, he will find a million and a thousand reasons to justify in your eyes and appear innocent. But if this is repeated regularly - this is a serious reason to think.

A man is inattentive to your needs. Believe me, a man in love will always remember what exactly his woman likes, what kind of ice cream she prefers, what her favorite perfume and other details. But if a woman is uninteresting or interesting only for strictly defined purposes, the man will not even “take a steam bath” in order to memorize any information he gives her.

You can make sure that the young man does not love you if you read. In it we collected all the verbal and non-verbal signs that he had cooled.

And vice versa, if a guy is really in love, then there is nothing to fear. Even if he hides it, he will be given out by “body language”.

If a man really deceives you and does not value relations, then the only right decision is to forget him as soon as possible and live on.

If the gentleman does not take into account your desires - This is a clear sign that, most likely, he does not care about you. For example, he can go to a film, which is interesting only to him, and not to you. Or in a restaurant he orders wine that he likes, and you have to drink it. And many more such “pulls of the blanket” on himself.

This attitude clearly demonstrates that a man is not too interested in a woman. Otherwise, it certainly would have been more closely. And the woman’s comfort does not bother him either - such a partner nearby will not be able to cope, is it convenient for her, is she blowing out of the window.

His words diverge from actions by actions. If in words a man has already promised the sun, moon, star, house - a full bowl and more, but in fact appears in your life once a week, then there is a clear inconsistency. Most likely, he simply actively hangs “noodles” on your beautiful ears to deceive vigilance.

The criticality and bad mood of a man in your presence. If a man is in love with a woman, or if he simply likes her, then he will always be in high spirits in her presence. But if the appearance of a woman does not cause any joy, then it is very difficult for a man to hide it.

Latent dissatisfaction with the situation translates into comments, criticism, irritation. Being close to such an individual is very difficult and there is only one way out - to solve the problem, because with his bad mood the critic spoils it for you as well.

If a man does not introduce you to friends, does not introduce you to acquaintances - It is highly likely that intentions regarding you are not serious. Perhaps, of course, it is still early, and you have only known each other for a month. But usually a man takes a little time to understand if he is interested in a woman or not, and how far he is ready to let her into his life.

If she doesn’t represent her friends, then she doesn’t want her to go too deep into his life, doesn’t let her in, keeps her distance. And why? Because he doesn’t need this woman so close. It is necessary only for certain purposes - they met, had sex, and until the next meeting. In between these meetings, he has his own life.

Your candy-bouquet period is over before you start. If a man has far-reaching plans and sincerely likes a woman, he will “stretch the pleasure”. Yes, of course, he will want her, but he will try to approach this issue smoothly, and not immediately with a cavalry swoop, drag a woman into bed.

If a man insistently hints specifically at the bed, but forgets about the small pleasant signs of attention, this suggests that his interests in relation to you come down to sex alone.

A man does not follow “the market”, does not try to speak beautifully and without mats in your presence. If you can swear, be rude, allow yourself insults, even if not against you, this is a serious reason to think about it. He does not try to appear better in your eyes, this is a bad sign.

A man carelessly treats your feelings. He can afford to walk with another girl. And even if he was noticed by your mutual friends, he will not call you in an attempt to justify himself. She will behave completely calmly, because she considers herself a free person without obligations.

And most importantly, what YOU should think about is how you arranged for yourself with your behavior that a man can behave this way with you?

1. Perhaps you are in the position of Victim and it is read from the body too

2. Perhaps you do not love yourself, self-esteem is underestimated and you are ready to communicate with anyone who is comfortable

3. Perhaps you have repeatedly allowed you to use?

A tyrant does not exist without a Victim; a Manipulator will not appear without someone to be manipulated.

If you are finally in a long-term relationship with a guy and you want to do everything possible so that this relationship does not remain in the past. But sometimes, it's hard to understand guys who want such a relationship. You will get a chance to enjoy long love when you learn a few keys to the mind of your chosen one.

Make him feel macho

Be a partner in making decisions. No matter how you feel that you will get approval from your boyfriend in making any decision, it would be better to ask him first. Men want to feel that they are making decisions because they want their partners to be happy, and not because they have to do it. Do not use words for request, use lips and eyes to convince your man when words do not work.

Let the man feel big and strong. He loves to play the role of a knight in shining armor. Despite the fact that you yourself feel strong and independent without his help, let him feel like someone who cares and protects you. In this case, you will make him happy. Appreciate chivalrous gestures, for example, when he opens the door for you or allows you to enter the room first.

Let him take the initiative. It will be easier for you to convince a man to do something if you convince him that this is his idea. Use subtle hints to gently push him to make the right decisions.

Respect his independence. Do not tell your friends (especially if it is standing nearby) that you can circle it around your finger. Do not say as if you could force him to do something or control him. The last thing your boyfriend wants is to be humiliated in the eyes of your friends or family.

Do not cling to past relationships. No need to constantly talk about your ex or compare your current boyfriend with your ex. Also, don't meet the new guy unless you really forgot the former. Your new boyfriend does not deserve to be accused of not meeting any other standards. Comparing him to your ex makes you feel second-rate, so don't do it.

  • Find out if he wants to have children. If you want children, but he doesn’t, it can ruin your relationship in the future. Also, talk about how you were raised and how he was raised to make sure you think the same when it comes to raising children.