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How to flirt with a girl so that she likes it


What attracts girls to guys? Probably there is no such young man who would not ask this question at least once in his life. Most young men are sure that their appearance is important. Therefore, they try to look as cool as possible.

However, in reality, the way the guys look is secondary. Of course, facial features and figure should not cause disgust. But it’s not the appearance that attracts the girls in the guys, but the manner of communication. Young ladies should be interested next to young men. If a girl is pleased to talk with a young man, then she will go on a date with him with great pleasure.

Not without reason did the people say that men love with their eyes, and women with their ears. Therefore, if a guy wants to be popular with girls or to conquer only one of them, he needs to learn how to flirt. This skill is useful not only in direct communication, but also in correspondence.

What you need to know about flirting?

A young man about to master the science of seduction should remember a couple of simple axioms:

  • there are no identical women in the world,
  • There are no universal methods of flirting.

In other words, there is no single template or set of rules to follow when communicating with girls. What interests one is quite capable of disappointing and pushing the other.

Accordingly, the main rule of flirting is attention to the girl. There are no insignificant trifles, everything is important. A true master of flirting does not just notice the reactions of a woman; at a certain stage of communication, he already foresees them with ease.

What to look for in correspondence?

Of course, in how to flirt with a girl by correspondence, there is a specificity. After all, one cannot evaluate poses, gestures, facial expressions. What should you pay attention to?

The vast majority of young men are sure that they should follow the speed of the girl's answers. There is a certain amount of truth in this belief, because if the interlocutor is interested in communication, then she answers almost instantly. However, in fact, the speed of answers is not an indicator of interest in either the conversation or the guy himself. A girl can respond quickly only because at the given moment she is bored and has nothing to do. Long pauses between messages may indicate that the interlocutor is busy, and not that she does not like the topic of the conversation or the young man himself.

So how to flirt with a girl by correspondence, if you should not pay special attention to the speed of her answers? What gives out interest and what speaks of indifference? You can understand how much a girl is involved in communication by the manner of her answers and their design. The more a girl uses smiles and stickers, the better. Of course, only if they supplement the proposals, and not replace them.

You should pay attention to how talkative the interlocutor is. There are not so many silent people in the world. If the girl rarely answers and is laconic or even gets off with visual effects, then it is urgent to change the style and topic of the conversation.

How to communicate? Is it worth it to talk about yourself?

There is no single template for how to flirt with a girl in correspondence. You need to be sensitive to the interlocutor, to be careful and focus solely on her reaction. Pen pal flirting is like managing a sailboat. That is, the young man's task is to set sail in the direction of the wind, and not against it.

Do I need to tell my interlocutor about myself? In how to flirt with a girl by correspondence, the same stereotypes and psychological techniques apply as in live communication. This means that the interlocutor should speak, and the young man should listen and “encourage” to continue the conversation, noticing the fading interest of the girl in time. The specificity of the correspondence is that there are usually no particularly long monologues in it. As a rule, people exchange short messages, meaning nothing, playful phrases. Accordingly, phrases from the girl should be at least twice as much in the chat as from the boy.

Accordingly, lengthy self-tales are not appropriate. Of course, if a girl takes an interest in something, then she should answer, she does not need to make a “riddle” out of her person. However, one cannot lose leadership in a dialogue. Flirtation, although it implies reciprocity, but the man has the “main role” in it. He is a seducer, not his companion.

What should never be done? Flirting Failure Example

Although there is nothing complicated about flirting with each other, many guys make a number of mistakes at first. The most common of these is an exaggeration of one's own capabilities, incomes, and virtues. Not everyone is able to avoid the temptation to embellish reality. And not always lies without consequences.

An example is the following situation. The young man lied that he had a car. He communicates with a girl living in the same city. And one day between them there is such a dialogue:

J: Where are you now?

M: At McDee, I’m having lunch. Finish, go ride.

J: Yes? I'm at McDee too. Where's your car, man?

The guy, of course, felt very ashamed, and he stopped communicating with the girl. At the same time, it remained unknown whether the interlocutor asked him where the car was parked or simply quoted a phrase from a cult American film.

Accordingly, something that never needs to be done while flirting by correspondence is to embellish reality. Although the temptation to seem steep and rich is very great, the consequences of such a lie cannot be avoided.

What attracts girls to communication?

How to learn to flirt with a penpal? What to talk about with her? When to write messages? Do you use smiles? What topics to choose to start a dialogue? These and many other questions concern almost all the young men who spend most of their time at the computer. In fact, the ability to flirt with a girl by correspondence is not much different from that, which allows you to build live communication with the fair sex.

The conversation should not strain, cause discomfort or psychological inconvenience. Therefore, serious or specific topics should be avoided. Of course, communication should deliver positive emotions.

Girls like guys who sensitively catch the mood of their interlocutors, who can both laugh and show sympathy, tact. Of course, one should not forget about compliments.

Accordingly, girls in communication are attracted by the presence of understanding on the part of the guy or the illusion of this. That is, in order to please a girl, you need to joke, be interested in her mood, tell funny news and, on the whole, bring positive and diversity into her life. But at the same time, one needs to be sensitive to her worries and grievances, to be able to sympathize and console.

What should not be forgotten?

Flirting in correspondence with a girl saves a young man from many troubles that courtship requires in ordinary life. For example, he does not have to spend money on bouquets of flowers and movie tickets, visiting cafes.

However, the lack of real communication does not mean at all that one should forget about gallantry. To begin daily correspondence with an already familiar girl is necessary not with the banal expression “Hello, how are you?”, But with a good morning, a bouquet of flowers and a cup of coffee. Of course, a bouquet and coffee are emoticons or pictures found on the Internet. After this message, you do not need to dive into correspondence, you should go about your business. A girl whose morning begins with flowers and a cup of coffee "in bed", even if fake, will look forward to the evening and will gladly begin to communicate with the young man on any topic.

How to get to know a girl and start chatting with her?

In the virtual space there are a lot of different services specializing in “dating organization”. If a young man wants to attract the attention of a girl on one of these sites, then no tricks will be needed for this. It is enough just to turn to the woman you like, say hello to her and ask about something. The conversation will necessarily begin.

But how to start flirting with a pen-pal from dating sites, for example, on social networks? To begin with, you should study her interests and start visiting the pages of the groups she is viewing. It is necessary to put “like” marks in the same place where the girl does it. As soon as she leaves a comment under any post, it should be supported and developed. Thus, the acquaintance will begin “by chance” and logically go into private correspondence.

The main convenience of this method is that you do not need to come up with "original" phrases and themes. Correspondence will begin quite naturally and will not require any effort.

How to flirt with a pen pal? Good communication example

Quite often, young men who do not have much experience in communicating with girls in ordinary life or in virtual space look for examples of successful dialogs and try to “copy” them. This is a pretty good way to learn how to make an acquaintance on your own and develop relationships. However, one should not forget that flirting does not recognize patterns. During the conversation you need to focus not on the “sample” of the dialogue, but on the mood and reactions of the girl.

An example of a good and simple flirt:

M: Good evening, how was your weekend?

J: Hi, how can I tell you ...

M: Could it be better or worse?

J: It might not be so boring.

M: Well, you are not alone in this.

J: What are you? Probably went to the club himself?

M: Even in two clubs, but I swear to you, I missed you very much there. Fair.

The girl sends “laughing” emoticons and the conversation smoothly flows into the discussion of plans for the next week.

Why is this dialogue good? Firstly, it began with a polite and gallant phrase, which creates the impression of a writer as an adult and self-sufficient person who shows attention to a girl. The slight irony in the following phrase “knocks down” pessimism and apathy from her interlocutor, which her abstract answer gives out. This is followed by a provocation, ending with a veiled compliment and a hint of feelings. At the same time, the guy does not use any special tricks or “special phrases”.

How not to flirt through correspondence? Bad Communication Examples

Examples of flirting with a pen pal can not only clearly show how to communicate, but also demonstrate how this is not worth it.

An example of unsuccessful flirting:

M: Hello, how's it going?

J: Going to the store.

M: What did you do yesterday? You were not online.

J: I went to the movies.

J: Ok, I liked it.

M: Well, let's get in touch.

What is wrong with this conversation? Firstly, the guy begins it with a fairly familiar phrase that is appropriate when communicating with friends, and not with a lady of the heart. With such a greeting, he immediately psychologically assigns the girl the role of a friend, respectively, and she does not consider him as a potential gentleman. The second phrase is reminiscent of an interrogation arranged by parents for children. You can take an interest in what the girl was doing in a more gallant form.

With his third proposal, the guy gives out complete indifference to the interests and tastes of the interlocutor. One should ask what movie she watched and what she thought about him. Of course, the answer he receives is completely "template", devoid of personality coloring, emotions. And, finally, the youngest’s biggest mistake was that he practically “chopped off” the conversation.

This dialogue demonstrates the manner of communication of such a "beginner macho." The guy, perhaps, is not an egoist, but simply hesitates or hides his insecurity behind the ostentatious bravado and stereotypical phrases “about nothing”. Such conversations never lead to a romantic relationship, because they are boring and do not require continuation.

What can spoil a successful flirtation?

It often happens that the correspondence following a successful acquaintance gradually disappears. People begin to leave messages less often, and then completely cease to communicate. Why is this happening?

Flirting is easy and fun communication, which implies mutual interest of the parties. His “worst enemies” are boredom, lack of sincerity, far-fetched phrases. This should not be forgotten when considering options for what to talk with the girl about and how to do it.

What is flirting

Do you know what flirting is?

  • Flirting is a play on words and understatement. This is a communication strategy when you intrigue a girl with hints of eroticism or relationships, but do it carefully so that she has only to think out and you have nothing to present.
  • Flirting is often like manipulation. You lead the girl to a certain thought, trying to drive ambiguity crazy. But this manipulation is from a small category of pleasant ones - both participants are usually satisfied with the game and the result.
  • Flirting is a pleasure. From improvisation, from excitement, from thrills and teasing each other. This must be remembered. The most important thing here is not the strategy, but the process and the general buzz from it.
  • Girls love to flirt - he turns on. Guys love to flirt for the opportunity to show charisma and manipulate and for the pleasure he gives to girls. His task is not to fill up with inaudible hints and seem like the main mystery in the universe, but to have fun and have fun with the opportunity to get more than a playful answer in the end.

How to man flirt with a girl

The main and most pleasant thing in flirting is walking along the edge, a feeling of understatement and the pleasure of being teased or teased. In flirting, there is always ambiguity that you want to think out in a pleasant way. This is the man’s task - to know how to tease a girl, and do it competently.

  • Say hints, give the girl the opportunity to think out, but do not hit into frank vulgarity. “You eat fruit ice so professionally that I want to check how you handle other oblong forms” is a bad example of flirting, which is more like rudeness.
  • Intrigue, tease, but do not go beyond politeness or walk along its edge. If you cross this line and say something offensive - an unsuccessful attempt to flirt can ruin the relationship or at least push the girl away.
  • It is important not to let the girl lose her sense of security. Whatever you hint at, she should feel that she can stop it at any moment, that this is all - an elegant game. If you act too aggressively and do not see her attempt to stop you, then she will move away.

The most difficult thing is to be careful at the same time and quite bold and decisive. There is a fine line here that can only be caught with the help of experience and empathy: imagine how you yourself would react to your words, evaluate their insult and try not to go too far.

How to flirt in real life

A competent flirt is different from poorly veiled jokes below the waist and is set to hint to the girl that you are interested in her. To do this, when communicating live with a girl, use a victorious combo: body language, delicacy and teasing.

To hint not only in words, but also in body language, do this:

  • Gesture with your hands. This will make your speech brighter and more expressive, cause a brighter reaction in the girl. Do not close your arms over your chest so as not to look closed.
  • Lean toward her, try to be physically closer. Let me feel close. But do not go too far: do not violate personal boundaries and do not deprive the feeling of security.
  • Keep your posture. This will give a more confident look, which will help to be more convincing in any behavior with the girl.
  • Maintain eye contact. Show that you are fully focused on the girl. So she will listen to you more attentively, and her look also conveys emotions very well.
  • Smile This will show that you are cheerful, friendly and in a good mood. What you need to play convincingly even for the most discerning girl.

Delicacy refers to attention to a girl and her reactions. The opportunity and willingness to stop if she doesn’t like something, and try on all the remarks to herself in order to prevent resentment and not say something too sharp. And also - to pay attention to the girl and show that she is special.

Teasing is the same causticity and understatement, ambiguity. When you leave the girl a little confused: she seems to have noticed a hint, but didn’t he fancy it? Compliments on the verge of trolling are also a typical kind of teasing.

Flirt with a stranger

Flirting with a stranger is dangerous because you do not know her reactions. But this is not a familiar and dear to you girl, which means that losing her due to an error is not so scary. You won’t know if you like to flirt with strangers until you try.

We show examples of phrases so that you understand how to proceed:

  • Does Megan Fox know that she will never look as cool as you are in this dress?
  • Oh, what a gentle creature. But he won’t release the thorns if you touch them?
  • Good morning to the most charming girl in Arkhangelsk!
  • Girl, you should be careful ... So you got dressed that there will be continuous accidents on the roads you pass by!
  • Do you know what is the easiest way to hit a guy who fell in love at first sight?
  • Девушка, помогите: в моей жизни не хватает света. Прогуляйтесь со мной минут 15 — вы же светитесь вся, вам не жалко.
  • Не хотите ли выпить кофе? Не хотите? Ну и правильно! Сразу в ресторан на свидание пойдём.

Флирт с девушкой, которая нравится

With a girl that you like, you should be careful. But courage can be added - she knows you and can trust, and not be afraid of unexpected playful phrases. It is important to think about what to say when meeting a girl. If you know that it’s not a master to make compliments right away, think over the first remark in advance.

  • You look like you’re about to conquer Gazprom’s management today.
  • Aren't you afraid to anger the goddesses with such an appearance?
  • As far as I know you, I could not even imagine that you could look so feminine.
  • Today, obviously, is the most beautiful day in the history of our acquaintance.
  • These are curls! If you sold the soul to the devil for them, it was worth it!
  • You look so amazing today - for a complete set, only a smart guy is missing. I can help.
  • You know what the coolest guys and girls do on Friday evenings? Do not make plans for the near future, and I will show.

Correspondence Flirt

This type of flirting is easier because you have the opportunity to think through messages and reply at a convenient time. In addition, it is easier to confuse the interlocutor when there is no non-verbal component in the dialogue. It is more difficult for her to guess about the promise of your message when she does not hear the intonation of her voice, does not see facial expressions and gestures.

I show you how to flirt in VK and on dating sites.

  • Be an interesting conversationalist. She does not look at you and decides whether to answer or not, so if the conversation becomes boring or if it is from the very beginning, you have zero chance.
  • Let's get more emotion. Since it is possible to express them only in writing, use emoticons, exclamation marks, gifs and pictures, if the platform on which you communicate allows. But try to dispense with messages where emojis are more than text.
  • Give compliments. Optimal - about once an hour. This will warm up the girl’s interest and motivate her to communicate further. But remember that they must be sincere.
  • Be a little mysterious. People in general and girls in particular are curious creatures. She will be pleased to “guess” you, get to the bottom of some truth, invent something or find out.
  • Take the initiative. Suggest topics for conversation yourself (we talked about what to talk about with a girl in this article), but do not overdo it: there should be no more messages than her.
  • Write correctly. Avoid spelling and punctuation errors. You can avoid speech - you will be the king of grammar and flirting by correspondence :)

You can also read an article on how to fall in love with a pen pal.

With a stranger

Decided on a virtual flirt with a stranger girl - see how it happens.

  • I do not bite. If it is not required.
  • It's hard for guys to talk to chic girls like you. But then again, should that be your problem?
  • What a beautiful top of the dress to the hips in your photo! And where is the lower part of it?
  • Try not to faint until we see each other. From afar, it will be harder to catch you.
  • You make me be better.
  • I don’t know what to say to make you like me. Let's imagine that everything has already been said, and move on to more interesting topics? Preferably over a cup of coffee.
  • Such beautiful eyes as your sin to ever close - even at night.
  • On your page you can relax from any sorrow of the world. It’s a direct talent to be able to cheer people up with your photos.
  • Girl, and what else is wonderful in you, besides photos and described hobbies?
  • It is not clear why the site does not enter the label "Queen of the site." Your page is missing it.

With a girl friend

With a girlfriend you can be a little more confident in real life and in correspondence: she knows you and guesses what to expect.

  • What is your favorite berry? I guess something is sweeter. Strawberry? :)
  • You are so perfect - both in appearance and in study. Do you really have no piquant secrets? Everyone does something obscene,)
  • The Marvel Marvel Woman does not know how to be a real miracle. I think you could give her a couple of lessons.
  • If you could date a perfect guy, where would we go?
  • Anyone who sees you in the morning receives a greater charge of vivacity and good mood than from coffee.
  • It became curious what in the evenings the most charming girls in the world do. Quench my thirst for knowledge?
  • If I were a traveler in the desert, I would rather see you instead of an oasis.

How not to flirt

Flirting is a very free, improvisational and intuitive thing. But there are several taboos in it.

I give a list of what you can’t do so that you don’t stumble and ruin the game:

  • Be boring. It destroys everything at once. Boring flirting is simply not possible.
  • Too much fog. The girl should perceive you as an intriguing riddle, and not as an unsolvable puzzle.
  • Rude.
  • Hint at vulgarity - at least until a strong and lasting relationship is established, when vulgarity turns from a forbidden topic into a piquant one.
  • Press on the girl.
  • Hint at its flaws, about which there may be complexes. It would rather push her away than intrigue her.
  • Answer too fast.
  • To leave hints of direct expressions of desires - at this moment the flirtation ends.

Experiment on the best dating sites to find your best way to flirt and learn how to do it right away with any girl - friend or stranger. The more practice, the higher the skill!

Tell us in the comments:

  1. Are you afraid to start flirting on your own, or are you more afraid that you will not be able to navigate in the process?
  2. Do you manage to enjoy it at all?
  3. Are girls willing to flirt with you in return?

How to learn to flirt

Dear ladies, every woman has the ability to seduce a man. It's just that some girls are lucky, and they know how to do it on instincts, without really thinking, and others have to learn this. And there are several basic tricks that everyone should master:

  • Shoot your eyes. In fact, there is nothing tricky about this. You occasionally glance at a man to notice, but do not hold his eyes for a long time, but modestly hide him under the eyelashes. You can add a slight smile, so the eyes begin to shine.
  • Straighten hair. Touch them, tug, spin the lock on your finger in thought. It acts magnetically on men.
  • Do not look at him intently during a conversation. Your gaze should be on each part of his face individually, but especially on his lips. This will be a subtle hint to the man that you are not against a kiss.
  • Play with your lips. Apply lipstick to highlight them. Bite your lower lip slightly or lick with the very tip of your tongue the moment he looks at you.
  • Keep your posture. A straight back is a fail-safe weapon of seduction. She makes it clear that you are not easy prey, and you will have to fight for your attention (do not forget about men's hunting instincts). Plus, when the shoulders are laid back, it visually enlarges the chest.
  • Be a good listener. Men are very fond of attention (well, who does not?). Sometimes, to conquer it, just listen. Laugh with his jokes, participate in a conversation, smile and be cute.
  • Try to speak quietly and exhale. In order to hear better from you, he will sit closer, and the voice in this manner of conversation becomes more sexual.

All these tips work, tested by many generations of women. But the main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise it will all look comical. The whole game should be natural, and it is better to flirt barely noticeable than to look funny. And do not take an example from the heroines of films, otherwise you risk looking ridiculous. In the movie, it all looks appropriate, because it is a movie. In life, everything is much more prosaic.

Non-verbal flirtation

If desired, a woman can turn into a real temptation. And the right weapon will be gestures and facial expressions. They should be natural, you only need to adjust slightly so that everything looks elegant and easy:

  • Correct the lock of hair by stroking your head slightly. This is calming, and you demonstrate to a man your attractiveness.
  • Use the case too. Lean forward slightly when he is telling something interesting, raise one shoulder and tilt your head, then straighten your back, as if it was slightly numb.
  • Leaning your head back a little, run your fingertips across your lips and neck. You can make the look languidly thoughtful. Then this gesture will look natural.
  • Do not forget about facial expressions, it should be alive and out of place. Men love when a cute girl has a moving face. Throw up the edges, wrinkle the nose, slightly inflate the lips (do not overdo it, you don’t need to do the duck at all). And smile.
  • If nature has rewarded you with beautiful legs, use it. Cross your legs, swing the slipper at the tip of your finger. And the hike should be a little from the hip, so that his gaze will accompany you.
  • Remove the nonexistent mote from his shoulder or chest, straighten the collar, slightly ruffle the bangs. Any light touch that will show your tenderness and care.

Even if you have not noticed any signs of sympathy, but the young man is not indifferent to you, try to act yourself. Flirt, but not intrusively, try to be in sight and be nice. Watch a free video course that will teach you how to seduce a man using only his talents and natural attractiveness.

How to flirt with a pen man

In modern society, you can communicate not only live, but also using social networks or via SMS. This method can be used if you have already applied your female gadgets to a man, and he gave you his contacts. Or as an aperitif to live communication in order to interest him in the future to go on a date. But flirting by correspondence also has its own rules:

  • Do not overdo it. Do not push your interlocutor or send messages every 5 minutes. A couple of short correspondence per day is enough to stir up interest and not be bored.
  • Be careful. Correspondence flirtation is dangerous because you do not see the reaction of your interlocutor. There should be a fine line, which is not worth going over, until you probably know the feelings of a young man. Of course, if you are already in a relationship, then you can already allow yourself much more.
  • Write ambiguous phrases from time to time. Let the man’s fantasy work. Just, again, don't go too far with smart words. Too many complicated statements that you need to think about will tire a man and he will lose interest in correspondence.
  • Use emoticons to add color to the conversation. Only moderately and in the subject. Once a good friend told me that the sign “)))” does not resemble a joyful smile, but a triple chin O_O. It seems like a trifle, but it was remembered for a lifetime. So, just in case, use ready-made emoticons or pictures.
  • Use humor. Your wit can do a good job. But do not go into sarcasm: men, sometimes very touchy.
  • Talk about yourself to a minimum. There must remain an intrigue that the man wants to solve.
  • Show interest in a topic of interest to him. To find out the hobby of a young man, you can study his page on the social network. Perhaps he is a fan of some group or loves technology. There are 2 options: either start asking questions so that he begins to talk about your favorite hobby, or show your knowledge of the topic (the Internet is like a cheat sheet to you).

Flirty by correspondence, do not forget to hone your body seduction skills in front of a mirror. Indeed, the skill should extend to live communication.

Rules of flirting

Dear ladies, you need to adhere to some rules when flirting. They exist so as not to get into an awkward situation or not to pass for a special easy behavior:

  • Do not overdo it. I already wrote about this, but still repeat. All coquetry should be natural, without theatrical simulated gestures and memorized clumsy techniques. Shoot your eyes - do it beautifully and as it suits you (practice in front of the mirror), cross your legs - do not take the example of Sharon Stone. In life, it looks pretty funny.
  • Compliment the man, but do not exaggerate. Yes, they love to be appreciated. But if you sing praises to him with or without, you can just scare him away. Or he just will not take you seriously, which is also not very.
  • Do not be a hunter, leave it to him. Flirting is not a way to win a man. This is just a way to show your favor and give him a reason to seek you.
  • Do not be touchy. If you like a man, show it to him, you are not a little girl who is shy of her feelings. But you should not be intrusive.
  • You must understand how beautiful it is to flirt with a man. The phrases should be elegant, not very long and sometimes imply a double meaning. And make sure that there are no parasitic words, sometimes they can be annoying.

How to flirt with a married man

When you spend most of your time at work, you can often be surrounded by male colleagues who are already in a long relationship. And sometimes, in order to maintain good relations and a friendly atmosphere, it is better for a woman to adhere to the tactics of easy, non-binding flirting. It enlivens the atmosphere and helps the girl to feel attractive. This, incidentally, applies to any male team, not only at work.

But it is necessary to maintain a clear line of what is possible and what cannot be used from your arsenal on a married man. As a rule, they are tough nuts, and standard tricks are able to figure out right away. In addition, flirting tactics also depend on whether you are ready to fall in love with a man who is already busy:

  • Pay attention to your image. If the dress code allows, dress with a twist. Although the office suit can look very sexy if desired and a good cut. You need to use perfumes a little, so that after you was an easy, but recognizable train. Men do not like it when it smells of women, like from a perfume factory.
  • Be nice. The image of a simpleton who is always glad to see everyone is not worth doing, but goodwill must be present. Especially for this man.
  • Ask for advice. Life or work - it doesn’t matter. And when he speaks, several non-verbal signs can be used: straighten the hair or pendant on the neck, bend down to him, so that he can smell your perfume.
  • Pay attention to your gait. It should be light, with a slight sway of the hips, the back is straight, hands are relaxed. Your whole image should show your self-confidence and femininity.
  • Watch your appearance. Makeup should always be on top, hair clean, well-groomed hands.

As you can see, the emphasis must be placed on your appearance, because your task is much more complicated than when conquering a free man.


  1. Any woman can flirt, you just have to learn.
  2. You need to flirt naturally, avoiding theatricality.
  3. Flirting is not a hunt, but a way to show a man that you are not against his courtship.
  4. You can flirt with a man not only live, but also using social networks or SMS.

So we came to the end of the article. If you liked it, put a thumbs up and leave comments.