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Watermelon juice


Preserving watermelon juice for the winter is easy! I also like this recipe because it can be used to make a drink even from unsweetened watermelons! After all, how often this happens: it seems like they bought ripe, striped and fragrant berries, brought home, washed and cut, and it is juicy, but not sweet. It is from such watermelons that you create juice - according to the recipe, granulated sugar is added to the drink.

So that when cooking the juice does not change its color, be sure to use citric acid or lemon juice, it can be concentrated. Try to choose not only dark bones, but also light ones. If you do not like soft drinks, pass the watermelon puree through a double layer of gauze or through a strainer, removing the cake. By the way, in taste and aroma, such preservation is very similar to pumpkin juice.

So, prepare the necessary ingredients and start cooking.

From a watermelon, if it is small, or half of it, cut the red flesh, simultaneously removing all the seeds. Before cutting, rinse the watermelon in water.

Slice the pulp into the blender or chopper bowl.

Pressurize for 3-4 minutes until smooth, trying not to miss large parts of the pulp. It is best to use pulsating mode!

Pour the prepared juice into a cauldron or pan. If desired, you can skip through a strainer.

Add granulated sugar and citric acid.

Bring the contents of the container to a boil and cook for about 5-10 minutes, depending on the volume. You can remove the resulting foam.

Scald jars and lids with boiling water, pour boiling juice into them.

Immediately seal with threaded or turn-key caps, check for leaks and leave to cool completely before transferring to the pantry. Shelf life of the workpiece is 1 year.

ingredients for 4 servings or - the number of products for the servings you need will be calculated automatically! '>

Weight of composition:100 gr
Calorie content
25 kcal
Protein:1 gr
Zhirov:0 gr
Carbohydrates:6 gr
B / W / W:14 / 0 / 86
H 0 / C 0 / V 100

Cooking time: 10 min

cooking method

Juice from a watermelon requires nothing but, in fact, the watermelon itself. This is especially true for ripe fruits. What we need in the first place is to peel the fruits from the peels, and put the flesh into a juicer. For lack thereof, a sieve can be used.

Turning the pulp into mashed potatoes, squeeze out all the juices from it using gauze. On this our elementary cooking ends. We drink watermelon juice, as much as you like! Keep in mind that it is not stored for long.


  • Watermelon Pulp 600-700 Gram
  • Sugar 300 grams

1. First you need to peel the watermelon from the peel and, if possible, from the seeds. Cut into small pieces and send to the pan (preferably with a thick bottom) with sugar.

2. Given that watermelon is very watery, the recipe for making syrup from watermelon juice does not involve the addition of another liquid. This makes it more saturated. Simmer a watermelon with sugar over low heat for about 30-35 minutes.

3. During cooking, the mass may change color. It is necessary to mix more often and make sure that the syrup does not burn.

4. Cool slightly boiled watermelon and wipe through a sieve. There is another option for the preparation of such a syrup. You can start by whipping a watermelon in a blender and rubbing it through a sieve. Then just send to the fire and cook with sugar. However, in this case, the remaining pulp can be perfectly used as an ingredient in dessert or as an additive to ice cream.

5. Squeezed juice again send to the fire and boil until the required consistency. Depending on the type of watermelon and its water content, the syrup from watermelon juice at home can boil from 30 minutes to 2-3 hours (if you want to get a thick syrup). Pour ready and cooled syrup and send to the refrigerator.