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How to give a pill to a cat?


Even the healthiest cat sometimes needs to be given pills to rid the pet of worms. If the cat becomes ill, treatment can become a nightmare for the owner and the cat himself. Because cats can't stand pills. And it's not a bad character, but rather a rather gentle oral cavity. Well, in character too.

When it comes to pills, most cats meet the owner fully equipped.

There are several ways to give a pill to a cat, while maintaining its health and cat's nerves.

Is it mandatory to give a pill to a cat

First of all, ask the veterinarian if it is necessary to give the cat a pill in a “pure” form. Here is a list of questions for which the cat will be grateful to you:

  1. Can I mix a tablet with food?
  2. Is it possible to dissolve a tablet in water
  3. Is it possible to rub the tablet into powder

If the vet says yes, you're in luck. Otherwise, get ready for a difficult test, because some drugs can not be mixed with food or water. You have to force the cat to swallow the pill and not spit it out.

How to give a cat a pill

It’s not enough just to put the pill in the cat’s mouth. The tablet must be pushed as deep as possible. It is advisable to put it on the root of the tongue, slightly on the side. In this position, the cat is likely to swallow the medicine. If you just put the pill in its mouth, the cat will spit it out right there. If the cat does not swallow the pill, stroke its neck from top to bottom. This will cause a swallowing reflex.

Having taken the pill, the cat certainly will not drink it. An ordinary syringe without a needle will help you here. Place it on the cheek of the cat at the base of the jaw, it is not necessary to push between the teeth. Inject a little water, and the cat himself will begin to swallow it. By the way, this is a good way to give a cat a soluble suspension.

Three ways to give a pill to a cat

Let's move on to practice. There are few conscious cats in the world who agree to take medicine. Cats have a great sense of smell, so it is most likely that they will not be able to hide the medicine in food. But it's still worth a try. If it doesn’t work out, we turn to the trick.

  1. Replace the tablet for drops or solution. Ask your veterinarian about this. If it is impossible to replace the tablet with liquid analogues, we proceed to the second method.
  2. Grind the tablet into powder and mix it with a small amount of sour cream. Now take the cat to its knees so that it doesn’t run away, and smear its nose with the mixture. Try to make small strokes so that the cat licks them quickly.
  3. Set the cat on its knees or table. With one hand, press on the base of the jaw, and with the other hand, quickly push the tablet into the opened mouth.

The secret is to act confidently, but not put pressure on the cat. As soon as the pet realizes that they are trying to force him to do something, the resistance will increase greatly. It is sometimes advised to wrap the cat in a blanket to give a pill, but this is a rather dangerous way for you and the cat himself. The cat will begin to break out and twitch in its diaper, and you may get claws.

How to give a pill to a cat with a pill guide?

How does an introducer work? In fact, everything is as easy as shelling pears:

  • put the pill in the tip,
  • open your cat’s mouth
  • put it on the root of the tongue,
  • push on the piston to push out the tablet (or liquid preparation),
  • take out the introducer sheath.

After administering the medicine, do not forget to slightly raise the head of the pet and stroke it down the throat so that it swallows and does not spit out the pill.

Despite the fact that introducers are standard tools of veterinarians, any beginner can use them, and therefore they must be in your first-aid kit. Believe me, this will make life easier for you and your pet. You can buy them in almost all pet stores. The manufacturer is the company Kruuse (Buster).

By the way, sometimes the owners add a little water to the introducer sheath to make the cat swallow the drug more easily. But, as a rule, there are no problems with this.

Take care of your pets and do not give them any reason to be offended!

How to protect your hands

The main difficulty is to push the pill deeper. It is worth hesitating, and the cat can easily bite your finger, his teeth are quite suitable for this. The introducer will help you here. This is a small “syringe” for tablets, which helps to quickly put the tablet at the very base of the tongue. So the cat will be forced to swallow it.

Giving the cat a pill once is not so difficult. Problems begin when treatment requires constant medication. In this case, you can entrust the care of the cat to veterinarians. In our clinic there is a round-the-clock hospital where doctors constantly look after the pet. The hospital helps the animal recover after surgery and take all the prescribed medications on time.

Can veterinary drugs be added to food?

If the cat is categorically against taking the medicine, the first thing that comes to mind is to mix it into food. But this is not a good idea for a number of reasons:

  • Not all veterinary drugs can be mixed with food, some are taken strictly on an empty stomach. Funds in special shells and capsules cannot be divided into parts and crushed, as they are intended for assimilation only in the stomach, and not in the oral cavity. Be sure to check with your veterinarian or instructions for taking the recommended medication before adding it to food.
  • Many products have an unpleasant taste, and cats have a wonderful sense of smell and very sensitive taste buds. If you hide a tablet inside a piece of meat, the animal, as a rule, masterfully manages to eat a treat, and the medicine itself is left untouched.
  • A finely divided tablet or liquid mixed with wet food also does not always give the expected result. Even if the pet begins to eat, he may soon feel something was wrong and move away from the bowl. Thus, the owner cannot control how much the drug is eaten, which will only complicate matters.

To give a cat the right medicine, it’s better to act without tricks. How to do this depends on the prescribed dosage form. It is easier to give liquids and suspensions from a syringe, and tablets - using tweezers or a “tablet driver” (introducer).

How to give a cat syringe medicine

The problem of how to give a cat liquid medicine is solved very simply: it is enough to purchase an ordinary disposable syringe in a pharmacy and remove the needle from it. The syringe is calibrated in cubic centimeters. 1 cc cm is 1 ml.

Before manipulation, pre-dial the required amount of fluid into the syringe, and then fix the animal. It is better if the assistant does it, but in the absence of one, you can swaddle the animal in a towel to protect yourself from sharp claws.

The tip of the syringe is carefully pushed into the side of the jaw - just behind the canine, where there is a fairly wide gap between the teeth. With your left hand, hold the cat's head slightly elevated, but not thrown up.

If the animal behaves calmly, it is enough to clasp its neck with a palm from below and with an outstretched index finger slightly press on the jaw upward, preventing it from lowering its head. The syringe medicine should be given slowly, in small portions, each time waiting for the cat to swallow, and gently stroking it down the throat with the same index finger.

Make sure that the stream of liquid is directed strictly perpendicular to the jaw, and not into the throat, otherwise there is a high risk of moisture entering the airways.

Sometimes during the procedure, a furry patient starts drooling. This is considered the norm, but part of the active substance flows out along with saliva, therefore, it is necessary to slightly increase the dosage.

How to make a cat swallow a pill

Many readers are concerned about the question of how to give cats medications, for example, for worms in the form of tablets. This is somewhat more complicated, but nothing is impossible.

Often, owners simply don’t know how to open a cat’s mouth to give medicine, and they don’t act correctly. In fact, to perform this action in relation to a cat is much easier than, for example, in relation to a person whose jaws do not protrude forward.

So, with a hand grasp the animal’s head behind, put your thumb and forefinger between the lips in the corners of the jaw and gently press on them. The cat’s jaw will open slightly, and at this moment you need to quickly put the pill on the root of the tongue - if you get to this place exactly, the swallowing reflex will instantly work. Immediately after this, raise the cat's head and stroke it on the neck from top to bottom and not allowing to open its mouth.

For those who find this difficult enough or the cat is actively resisting, you can use an auxiliary tool - an introducer, or simply a “tablet driver”. This device resembles a syringe with a piston and a soft tip with several cuts.

A tablet is placed inside the tip, and a piston pushes it into the animal’s mouth. To facilitate swallowing, a small amount of water can also be drawn into the tip along with the pill.

Emotional mood

Do not forget throughout the procedure to calm the cat, gently talking with her. This is best done if you imagine that you have a very small child who still does not speak, whom you persuade to eat another spoon “for dad” and “for mom”. In women, the voice instinctively rises and gentle melodious intonations appear.

You can say, of course, anything and even execute children's sentences and nursery rhymes - practice shows that they act on cats as reassuringly as on babies. Try not to be nervous yourself, behave calmly and confidently, and we hope our advice will help you with this.

How to give medicine: help video

If it’s easier for you to see once what to hear a hundred times, then watch these videos - how to give the cat medicine itself, practicing veterinarians demonstrate.

Author: Elena Shlykova

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