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How to beat like Cristiano Ronaldo?


Cristiano Ronaldo is a legendary football player. His calling card as a player is a powerful blow to the ball. He is one of the best performers of free kicks from a long distance. Football experts say that Cristiano has one of the most effective models of using force during a strike, to which accuracy is added. The result is a “punch” mixture in the literal sense.

To find out in more detail how Ronaldo learned to beat like that, and what else contributes to his super punches, scientists conducted an interesting study involving Cristiano.

It was decided to analyze the penalty Ronaldo in the smallest details. To do this, special reflectors are attached to the body of the football player. This is a kind of beacons that will transmit signals to infrared cameras. The result is a 3D model of body movement during a strike. By the way, this method is used by the creators of computer games during the development of characters and graphics.

So, beacons are fixed on the body (they are also called “markers”). Markers on the legs are especially important. Since in addition to just movements, it is important to determine the detailed mechanics of the parts of the leg. Therefore, several markers are fixed on the foot of the football player. 3 pieces on the thigh, one on the patella and one on the ankle.

Ronaldo says he trains free kicks once a week. He makes a session of 25 shots on goal with the goalkeeper. To create realism, a team mate Ronaldo was invited during the experiment.

First, Cristiano takes the hit as usual. That is, from a long distance and through the players wall. A soccer player prepares, runs, and strikes. The ball first flies somewhere upward (flying around the wall), and then begins to decline and hits directly on target in the upper right corner. In slow motion, you can see that the ball, like a homing missile flies into the goal. By the way, such strikes Ronaldo and nicknamed the "rocket."

By the way, in his training, the athlete often uses branded Adidas balls. See the balls of this manufacturer at There and find out the price.

Why it happens? Why does the ball fly along such an arched path? A scientist physicist answers this question.

“Ronaldo does not hit the center of the ball, but slightly with a shift to the right. That is, it turns out, as it were, to the side. As a result, a pressure difference occurs inside, and rotation forms. And where there is rotation and pressure drop, the body begins to move towards lower resistance. Therefore, after some time, the ball changes its path. ”

For the goalkeeper, such strikes are just punishment. Firstly, he does not see the moment of impact from behind the wall. And when the ball appears, it seems that he is flying past the goal. And only at the very last moment the ball changes its path and rushes into the goal. The goalkeeper sometimes does not even attempt to catch him, because he understands that he was late.

The second blow to Ronaldo - "gun". With this blow, the ball practically does not rotate, but flies at an incredible speed (and, therefore, force), and at the last moment also deviates to the side. The goalkeeper, as in the first case, has very little chance of pulling such a ball. This time, the blow is applied to the very center of the ball. The goalkeeper admits that such a ball is even harder than that which rotates. Because a spinning ball can even predict where it will fly, but this one seems to fly straight, and at the last moment dives to the side.

In this blow, Ronaldo is assisted by the laws of aerodynamics. And although the blow is applied to the center, and does not rotate, it is still treacherously for the goalkeeper to go aside. The secret at the seams of the ball. When there is a significant speed of flight without rotation, the ball seams as it clings to the air, and changes its trajectory.

The goalkeeper, after the second ball not reflected, admits: “The hit is rather difficult to read, and when it becomes clear where the ball is flying, there is not enough time for reaction. It seems that the ball, like a balloon, and due to the lack of rotation, the flight speed is worse perceived. I’m sure many goalkeepers are really scared when Cristiano gets a free kick. ”

Thanks to 3D shooting, another very important point was noticeable. Ronaldo's supporting leg contributes to the kick. It, as it were, accumulates energy during a swing, and transfers this energy to the shock leg. That is, first the supporting leg bends a little at the knee, and then during the contact of the second leg with the ball, it straightens abruptly, and the ball receives additional energy.

Another feature - Ronaldo's shock leg is like a whip, where the ankle is the tip. Imagine how cowboys handle a whip. First, a sharp swing, then a sudden stop and the tip of the whip hits with maximum force. Similarly, Ronaldo uses his leg during a strike. He swings, puts the strength of the supporting leg, and before touching the ball, he suddenly stops the thigh, and transfers all the power down from the knee to the ankle.

The result is a whip.

Now you know in great detail how the greatest football player makes his shots. But the most important thing to remember is that no information can replace real practice. Therefore, exercise more.

What you need:

  • Gates (namely the gates, not the wall of the house)
  • Shoes (preferably football, but regular sneakers are also possible)
  • Ball

I play football, so I’ll say it as it happens in practice, and not in theory.
Have you seen Ronaldo fly the ball? At first it flies high, and by the end of the flight the ball drops sharply down.
In many posts and videos it is written that this is due to the fact that the blow is applied to the nipple on the ball, that you have to spread your legs wide and sharply stand on the kicking leg before the kick when you take off, but this is not so, the blow to the nipple gives strength and speed the ball, but does not affect the flight path, the legs apart are also small, which depends, like the abrupt stop on the kicking leg, the whole thing is in the blow itself.

The ball can be put a nipple to yourself and hit it, but this is if you want to make the blow stronger and faster.
I start the run a little to the side of the ball, but at the end of the run I run opposite the ball, and not just to the side, because if you scatter a little to the side of the ball, the ball may not start flying directly, but it will not start spinning. It is not necessary to spread your legs (this is just a visiting card of Cristiano); Go to the ball, place a supporting leg near it and take a few wide steps back (this is necessary for a more accurate take-off)

You have moved a certain distance and now you need to aim, it’s not difficult, just select an angle and remember its location, since you should not look at it when you take a run and hit it.
Then look at the ball, you need to hit about the center of the ball, the lower you hit the ball, the higher the flight path, the higher you hit, the lower the path accordingly.
So you have chosen where you are going to hit and chosen the place of impact on the ball.

During the take-off and at the very impact, look at the ball! You need to get exactly where you want, you need to beat with “lacing”, the place where the laces are. Upon impact, it is necessary to bend the supporting leg a little in the knee. Start swinging with your whole leg, but just before the blow, stop the thigh and begin to straighten your knee, the blow is a sharp “whip”, all kinetic energy passes from the foot to the ball. The force of the blow you choose yourself, roughly imagine how the ball should fly.

When hitting, bend the body, as shown in the picture, from above because of this the center of gravity shifts down and the ball is pressed closer to the ground, which will prevent it from flying above the goal even with a strong blow (but do not hit at random, the ball is pressed, but not so) this allows the ball to fall sharply at the end of the flight.
And now about the strange trajectory of the ball during flight.
The fact is that when you spin the ball, for example, you want to spin the ball to the right, you hit a little on the side of the ball, it starts spinning and in flight, high pressure is created on one side of the ball (the far one), and on the other (which is closer to you) low pressure, which makes the ball spin in the near side (where there is low pressure). And when Cristiano Ronaldo hits the ball, it flies almost without spinning and the air “clings” to the ball’s seams, therefore it jerks, then left or right, which makes the flight unusual (it’s hard for the goalkeeper to guess where to jump). That's all and all, I trained for about a week and started to get it, now for the second month I’ve been training 7 out of 10 exactly like Cristiano’s)

Watch the video

Probably, each of the football fans will agree that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most talented players of his time. His game is bewitching and sometimes even surprising. But learning to hit like Ronaldo is not so easy, because each player has his own style of punch. Our article will tell you how to send the ball along the correct path, forcing the goalkeeper by surprise.

How to beat free throws like Ronaldo: instruction for football players

Cristiano always adheres to the same principle when sending the ball. It starts with the correct installation on the lawn, and then prepares for a run. He moves exactly five broad steps away from the ball.

Standing at the right distance and starting the run, Cristiano Ronaldo first takes a step to the left and only then begins to move towards the ball. So the player is always located a little to the left of the ball, thereby its concentration is completely spent on the blow. It is worth noting that Ronaldo takes a run slowly and pays all attention to ensuring that the supporting leg is next to the ball. Take-off runs along a trajectory curve.

The Portuguese left foot is slightly behind the ball. At the same time, he turns his body back, stretches his left leg fully in full length. Further, the body tilts forward slightly so that the ball does not fly high. He brings his right hand back so that the blow is powerful. Then the footballer inflicts a strong kick with his right foot on the left side of the ball. The trick that the Portuguese footballer uses is that he looks at the ball during the strike, not at the goal.


As we said above, Ronaldo kicks with his right foot in the left sector of the ball. The result of such manipulations will be a trajectory in the form of a parabola. When the ball takes off, it seems that it will immediately fall back down, but the flight path changes. Due to the fact that the lateral rotation of the ball stops, the ball floats further. At the same time, it seems that such a ball cannot be repelled.

Using this technique, Cristiano Ronaldo created his own style of free kick. Portuguese footballer hits in such a way that baffles the best goalkeepers in the world.