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I am importing my WordPress posts into my Facebook account as Notes. In the end, I have two separate sets of comments for the same blog.

Is there a way to do two-way synchronization of these comments?

Does this follow the comments window (Facebook social plugin)?

Meaning .. if someone leaves a comment about the imported note on Facebook, will it appear in the list of comments on Facebook if I use the plugin?

I do not think that's possible.

The best way would be to simply share your resume in the form of a status update and basically get users to click on your blog to find out more.

It is for this reason that the entire Graph API / Facebook Connect came out, and everyone started using a similar plugin.

Also, to support why I don't think it's possible, TechCrunch applies. They are VIP members of, and I have not seen such features on this site.

I use Backtype Connect on my WordPress blog to get comments from FriendFeed, Digg and Reddit, and also mentions on Twitter. However, it does not seem to support Facebook.

WP Facebook Connect

You can install the Facebook Connect plugin in your WordPress blog, and thereby allow readers to log in using their Facebook accounts and comment on blog posts. Readers of your blog will not have to enter their data to comment on the blog, in addition, you can configure the blog comments to be displayed in the event stream in their Facebook profiles. Once a user leaves a comment, he can be easily found by the icon pointing to his Facebook profile.

Facebook Share Button

Despite the fact that there are many WordPress plugins that allow you to post material to Facebook, none of them are superior to the Facebook Share Button in terms of ease of use. Once you have inserted the html and javascript code on the site, a Share button is created, which can then be easily configured. If the user clicks on this button, the number of posts sent to Facebook appears. In addition, you can configure to also display related posts, user comments, posted posts, etc. If you prefer to deal with the code yourself, you can take the Share button code directly on Facebook.

Facebook Fan Box

If you have a fan page on Facebook and you want to increase their number through the WordPress blog, this is a very convenient plugin. You can add the Fan Box to the side menu of your blog and configure the display of updates to your page, the number of fans, their avatars, etc. We are convinced that placing this block as a new obvious area of ​​interest for your fans will also significantly increase the number of visitors to your site.

WordPress Blog Import Plugin on Facebook

Do you want your blog posts to be visible on your Facebook account? You can achieve this using the Facebook Notes application.

To activate this feature in the new Facebook interface, you must:

1. Select in the menu Account> Application Settings

2. Click the Notes link and then click the “Import a Blog” link.

3. Enter the RSS feed URL of the blog you want to import to Facebook

Each time you add a post to your WordPress blog, it will appear in the Notes tab, and a snapshot of the post will appear on the wall in your Facebook profile.

Networked Blogs App

Want your blog to appear on your Facebook page? While Facebook Notes serves only the basic functions, Networked Blogs automatically creates a stream of posts so you don’t have to update Facebook every time you add a new post to your blog. It is also very rare that there is a delay between the appearance of an entry on Networked Blogs and the appearance of an entry on your blog, whereas in the case of the Facebook Notes application, such delays can occur frequently. If you want to integrate your blog into your Facebook page, we recommend that you use this application.

Integration of WordPress Blog Posts and Facebook Feeds

This application, specially created for users, allows you to add all the basic functions of to your Facebook account. You can determine the frequency of publications, view visitor statistics and add bookmarks. At the same time, posts created using this application will be displayed on the pages of your WordPress blog. And posts from your WordPress account will appear on Facebook. You can set your display options, such as the number of posts, number of comments, etc. Although the application is not of particular value to those who host their own WordPress accounts, its use in cross-advertising is obvious. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say whether updates made from this application will immediately appear on your blog.

Add This Service

AddThis may already be familiar to you from the Firefox Social Media Application Guide. To post your blog post on Facebook, simply click the Add this button at the bottom of the blog post and select the Facebook service from the menu. As you can see, setting up a blog is pretty simple. The fastest way to configure this service (regardless of the plugin) is to go to the AddThis website and register.

Facebook friends

Using the Digsby plugin, you can continue to chat with your Facebook friends without leaving WordPress. Digsby is compatible with all popular chat clients, social networks and after installation, you can post it as a widget in your WordPress blog. You can also chat on Facebook using any jabber client.

Facebook Dashboard Widget

If you do not have enough time to look at Facebook, and you want to follow the status updates of your friends. Use the Facebook Dashboard widget and do it without leaving the WordPress blog. To do this, you need to enter the URL in the plugin settings. You can use separate widgets for options such as Friends’s status updates, Posted items, and Notfications.

Facebook plugin showing status update

Use the Status press widget plugin to display your Facebook status on a WordPress blog. To install it, you must select the Facebook service and specify the URL of the events feed of your Facebook profile.

Facebook Photos Plugin

Inserting images into blog posts by downloading the desired image from your computer or from the Internet is simple. However, if this is a photo from your Facebook album, and you want to insert it in your last post, the process becomes complicated. This is where the FacebookPhotos plugin comes in handy, which makes accessing your photos on Facebook easier, and creating blog posts easier.