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Would you like to live in a society divided into fractions?


Divergent (USA, 2014)
Dir: Neil Burger
Cast: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Jay Courtney, Kate Winslet, Zoe Kravitz, Miles Teller,, Ashley Judd, Tony Goldwin, Maggie Kew, Ray Stevenson.

If you like it, then you will be delighted with the bathroom.

- Seriously?
- This is such a joke?
Are you joking?
You have to feel at home, right?
Everything is wide open here.
This is a joke?
Change clothes.
Who's in the shower?
Cool legs, altruist.

- Hello.
- How are you?
Will we sit there?
Have you ever seen a hamburger?
I saw, but never tried.
In Renunciation, they eat simple food, vegetables,
almost no sauces and seasonings.
What kind of textbook did you swallow?
I am also glad to meet you.
I will. Erudition.
Well, of course.
No offense, but I'm surprised that Renunciation generally eats something.
Too selfish, isn't it? Or what's on your mind.
You must be feeling very confident in having such a girlfriend.
What else does that mean?
You do not filter speech, say the first thing that comes to mind.
This is how to say: "You're an idiot"?
Cool joke! At least we are telling the truth.
Scholars tell the truth based on facts.
I do not want to hear more about your past Factions.
Now you are Fearless.
You came here too
or born among the fearless?
Are you kidding?
What makes you think you can talk to me?
Maybe because you look like that?
Be careful.
You, girlfriend, must be willing to die.
Do you know that he was the best in his group?
He was twice offered to become one of the Leaders, but refused.
get up!
You have chosen to join the ranks of the faction of warriors,
setting themselves the task of protecting the city and its inhabitants.
We believe in simple feats.
And in the courage that prompts one person.
stand up for another.
Remember this!
Make us proud of you!
Waiting for everyone in the pit. In two minutes.
There are two stages of learning.
The first is physical.
Bring to the limit your physical abilities and teach you how to fight.
The second stage is a test of your mental readiness.
Again, at the limit.
You will meet your worst fears and overcome them,
if they do not prevail over you first.
You will work separately from those born among the Fearless, but you will be evaluated with them.
After the initiation, the rating will determine what kind of work you are suitable for.
To be your leaders
protect the wall
or not allowing those without a fraction to kill each other.
The rating will also tell us who will have to leave.
To leave?
At the end of each stage of preparation, the worst will leave us.
What awaits them?
You can’t return to the family, so they will have to live without a fraction.

“Why didn't they tell us about this?”
- This is a new rule.
New rule? Above should have been warned about this.
So what? Would you make another choice then?
Out of fear?
If so, you can clean it right away.
If you are truly one of us, the possibility of defeat should not scare you
You have chosen us.

Who are Divergent?

Anna Kotova expressed her opinion:

- The divergent sees the system through the eyes of all fractions. He sees the futility of such an approach and seeks to destroy, considering it a rational approach. So he builds a new world. A divergent creates order out of chaos. This whole city in the film is an artificial order. Being a divergent is selfish enough, because, considering himself above all, he breaks the whole system of society.

As a result, we “sorted out” all the fractions, sorted out each of them. And they came to the conclusion: in order to really be needed by society, each person must have many qualities in him: friendliness, fearlessness, erudition, and sincerity. Father Alexey also drew the attention of the participants to the fact that these qualities alone cannot be useful if they do not rely on the spiritual core of a person.

The discussion was very exciting, all participants took an active part in it, expressing their opinion. Probably, for many, the study of the new personality traits proposed in the film, thinking about how a harmonious society and a harmonious person can be arranged will be a good help in shaping one’s own worldview.

Anastasia Lyutko, Grade 10

Not so long ago I attended a discussion on the film "Divergent" in Tomsk. The event was held on the 23rd at 19:00. Within its framework, there was a discussion of the pros and cons of the society represented in the movie. Since I do not expect all the people who read this text to watch this film, I will describe it in general terms.

There were not many people. But I think it was for the best. Among them were students of Tomsk universities, novice journalists.

It all started with watching a fragment of the film, which showed the general features of society and social structure. All people were divided into five certain groups according to the dominant character trait - fractions. Fearlessness, sincerity, friendliness, erudition and renunciation. Unsuitable for any of the fractions of people considered "Outcasts." During the discussion, we found out that such a system has a lot of errors. One participant managed to show them accurately enough, through a metaphor with hamsters. "Suppose there are hamsters, and each hamster belongs to a squad of other hamsters, sooner or later one of the squads wants to be the main one, while the other one too. But the problem is that one squad cannot live without the other."

We found out that one faction cannot live without another. “Fearless” protect the rest of the factions. "Friendly" grow healthy crops to feed everyone. The "sincere" administer justice. "Erudition" is the brain of this society. And “Renunciation” is taken care of by those who did not find a place in this system. But, as was said, sooner or later, any of the factions will want to become the main one, and then not avoid a war.

We discussed many more problems. And no matter how boring it may seem to you, dear reader, sitting and talking, reasoning with other people is extremely exciting. Opinions were different and similar, but through discussion we agreed on one thing. This led me to the thought: "Each person is a lens that distorts the thought in one direction or another, and can show one side of this thought, but ignore the other. Each person has his own opinion about a fact, but he will not be able to to understand and “tamp down” one’s thought accurately without the help of other people, because each person can see only a few or one side of the fact, and the others are completely different, but in order to get a single and correct picture, all opinions must either be confirmed or refuted counterarg And only then can people find a perfect and skeptical opinion.

What the Divergent film teaches

  1. Homeless people are people too. The film places particular emphasis on the harmony of society, where each has its own place and role. And even those poor fellows who could not find themselves are identified in a separate group of “outcasts”. They are not driven by the police, and they are not embarrassed by representatives of other factions. On the contrary, these hermits are assisted by volunteers who feed them, arrange overnight stays for them, and organize first-aid posts. If a person could not choose a social role, do not look down on him for it. In a harmonious society with understanding they even treat parasitic renegades who, by the will of fate, find themselves in the margins of society.
  2. All professions are important. Just as there are no ideal people, but there are ideal couples, there are no ideal professions, but there are harmonious societies consisting of representatives of different professions. If everyone went to work as lawyers, bankers and programmers, then who would repair the taps and take out the garbage? The film "Divergent" teaches a new look at representatives of even prestigious professions. When we hear that a person owns several businesses, even the timbre of our voice somehow changes and we begin to behave, or rather, more respectfully. But we find ourselves on the market near the seller of nuts or parsley, like a brain soaked with stereotypes, for some reason, immediately writes it to the losers. It should not be like that. In the end, there are people who love to sell nuts, and they do it very well. And I wouldn’t even mind working as a janitor somehow, because this is really a useful and noble work that makes the world a better place (by the way, in my childhood I helped the cleaner a couple of times). And the fact that few girls want to meet with a cleaner is a problem for society, not a cleaner. Moreover, in some countries, guys on garbage trucks earn more than some white-collar workers.
  3. The right choice of profession does not guarantee that it will be easy. Even if you have the ability to do something, you will have to go through fire, pipes and copper sulphate to achieve something. The main character of “Divergent”, even having made a difficult but true choice for himself and going to the “daredevil” camp, finds himself many times in situations requiring courage and perseverance. Fortunately, in this regard, the film is quite believable, since our heroine, being a weak altruistic renegade who never in her life went in for sports, despite all her desire and zeal, regularly grabbed a bream from stronger rivals.
  4. You can always start life from scratch. Shailene Woodley, in the person of her character named Beatrice, quickly caught on to the topic and changed her name to Tris. I did the same trick when I went to college and called myself George. When you come to a new community where people don’t know you, the past does not bother you, which means you can start all over again. Even though you are called Napoleon, people will have no other option but to accept you as such. In addition, there is an episode in the film when representatives of different factions who chose to be “fearless” sat at dinner and discussed the pros and cons of their innate inclinations, whether it was erudition, honesty or renunciation (volunteering), and at that moment their instructor sharply besieged them, reminding: “I do not want to hear about your previous fractions. You are fearless. Thus, the commander helped beginners forget the past, which would prevent them from learning a new profession and start living from scratch.
  5. Passion is more important than ability. Choosing between passion and abilities in a certain field, it makes sense to choose passion, because you can, like the heroine of the film, be equally capable in many areas, but love one thing at the same time. So, Tris, although she had abilities in such areas as volunteering-altruism, work-friendliness and fearlessness, at the last moment she nevertheless chose the last option - fearlessness. Because it was fearlessness that caused resonance in her nature. Yes, and, as Ma Yun, one of the richest people in China and the first Chinese to get on the cover of Forbes, used to say: "You should not do what you can, but what you should." For example, if you are fluent in English and have the ability to teach, this does not mean that you should definitely engage in teaching English. Although it seems that everything points to this (except for your inner desire, of course).

The film catches a lot more than that, in particular, acquaintance of the viewer with the very concept of “divergent”, which means a person with versatile abilities. Such people, based on the film, are extremely rare, although I would argue with that. As for me, in our society there are a lot of divergents who often do not know where to stick themselves.

So I would recommend this film not only to teenagers and students who are at the beginning of their journey and doubt their choice, but also to those of us who are now experiencing a midlife crisis.

Best Book Review

The book from the first moment carries away in its narrative. She captured me and did not let go until the very end. I saw other heroes jump onto the train, change their faction, fight the Likhachs, and I imagined as if I were next to them.

This book is about choice, about internal contradictions and about human qualities.
The plot itself is exciting, with the characters you want to not just get to know them; you want to be with them. Jump yourself into the carriage and head to the Dashing Camp, and jump from the roofs. I would like to change the fraction, even if there are none in our world.

The idea is relatively new. Fractions according to qualities. And then divergents appear, and everyone is afraid of them, and therefore they want to destroy them.
The book reads quickly, I literally "swallowed" page by page. Heroes are always active, they do not sit still, so you will not get bored.

This book is about how public order collapsed due to the ideas of one person. In humanity, this happens too often.
Altruists are hermits, Erudites are smart people, Cunning people are crazy, Truth-lovers are understandable, Comrades are funny people. And all these are the bodies that forced one state to function. The state whose orders were. weird. Not surprisingly, several fractions fell apart. But the people in it, they are so different, despite belonging to a fraction, each has its own character.

The book can be read when you want to escape from reality, and plunge into a new, unknown world.

The book from the first moment carries away in its narrative. She captured me and did not let go until the very end. I saw other heroes jump onto the train, change their faction, fight the Likhachs, and I imagined as if I were next to them.

This book is about choice, about internal contradictions and about human qualities.
The plot itself is exciting, with the characters you want to not just get to know them; you want to be with them. Jump yourself into the carriage and head to the Dashing Camp, and jump from the roofs. I would like to change the fraction, even if there are none in our world.

The idea is relatively new. Fractions according to qualities. And then divergents appear, and everyone is afraid of them, and therefore they want to destroy them.
The book reads quickly, I literally "swallowed" page by page. Heroes are always active, they do not sit still, so don’t ... Expand

Among the neophytes, Tris finds new friends: Christina and Ala from the Sincerity fraction and Will from the Scrabble fraction. She also finds rivals: Peter from the Sincere faction, Molly and Drew. Tris never had to fight or shoot, so her training progresses more slowly than everyone else, for which she is bullied or regretted. However, she tries to become stronger and more skilled in the struggle. Her triumph is the victory over one of the most powerful rivals - Molly. The victory becomes partly Tris's revenge for her public insult. Her friend Al, despite his enormous physical strength, refused to harm people, even his rivals, for no good reason and intentionally lost in almost all fights. At the end of the first stage, the name Tris is listed on the sixth, and this means that she remains in Fearlessness and will not become bezfraktsionnik. Al shows tender feelings for Tris, but this only causes her bewilderment and awkwardness between them. Against the backdrop of trials of initiation, a relationship develops between Tris and a neophyte instructor nicknamed Fore. At first, it seems to her that he finds fault with her unreasonably, but over time, she realizes that he simply encouraged her in this way and forced her to fight.

The second stage of initiation is based on an emotional test, and every day the initiates go through modeling processes that immerse them in a realistic world, where they must fight their fears, one by one, until a person either overcomes this fear or surrenders. For the initiates, the modeling process is very painful, but the fact that Tris is a Divergent allows her to realize the unreality of what is happening, which others can not, and as a result she is the first in the list. At night, Peter, Drew, and Al beat Tris and want to kill her by dropping off a cliff onto a cliff. But Fort accidentally found herself nearby saving her. Shortly after the incident, Al begs Tris to forgive him, but she refuses, threatening to kill him if he speaks to her again. In despair from her refusal and out of fear of becoming a bezfraktsionnik Al jumps off a cliff. Tris, Christina and Will are shocked by his act. Everyone in Fearlessness, led by Eric, extols Al's suicide, considering it a manifestation of courage, but Tris sees in this act only a manifestation of human cowardice.

Over the next days, the relationship between Tris and Fora is rapidly developing. He learns that Tris is a divergent and tries to protect her in every possible way from the dangers of life in the Fearlessness fraction. Tris learns that the third stage of initiation is a more advanced version of the simulation - the “landscape of fear” - where the initiates will have to overcome all their fears. During this test, the most important generals will be present, and if Tris exposes himself, then she will be killed. Faure decides to help Tris: he wants her to show herself as Fearless, and not a divergent. To do this, Faure and Tris go to his landscape of fear, where Tris learns his real name - Tobias, and also learns that in childhood he was abused by his father. Tris also finds out why Tobias is called Fore: he has only four fears (Four from English - four). This is the minimum amount of fear that a member of the Fearless faction has ever had. After training, Tobias shows Tris a tattoo on his back. It reflects images of all fractions. So Tris learns that Tobias is also a divergent.

Трис приходит в Эрудицию, чтобы увидеться со своим братом Калебом, однако замечает, что идеалы Эрудитов уже поселились в нём, и он уже не тот человек, которого она знала. Там же, в Эрудиции, её вызывает к себе их глава, Джанин Мэтьюз, автор обличительных, революционных статей против Отречения (и, в частности, против родителей самой Трис). Tris understands that Janine poses an immediate threat to her life and the well-being of the city, as she longs to have power over factions at all costs.

According to the results of the third stage, Tris takes the first line in the list. After the initiation ends, Eric introduces to all Fearless the latest version of the serum, which immerses non-Divergents in a kind of trance, during which they become a weak-willed tool for killing. On Tris and Tobias, as Divergent, serum does not work. They, merging with the spineless army of the Fearless, fall into Renunciation, but Eric exposes them, after which they are brought to the headquarters for the leader of the Scrabble - Janine. She introduces Tobias a new kind of serum that even works on Divergent. Tobias loses his will. The scholars try to kill Tris, but she is saved by Natalie, her mother, who happens to be a former member of the Fearless faction, and they both flee from headquarters. Along the way, Natalie dies, trying to save Tris, and tells her to find her father.

On the way to the shelter, Tris collides with Will, and is forced to shoot him, as he is under the influence of Janine's serum. Finding a father, she discovers with him her brother Caleb and Marcus (Tobias' father and the head of the Forsaken faction). Together, they decide to go to the Lair of the Fearless to prevent the genocide of the Forsaken faction. In the Fearless camp, they find Peter who has not been given serum. He shows them the way to the center and begs to take it with him. They get to the Fearless control center, but the Fearless serum kills Father Tris. She finds Tobias under the action of serum. They fight, and in the end Tris manages to regain Tobias. Tobias turns off the rest of the Fearless. Soldiers are sent to the control center, so Tris, Tobias, Peter, Caleb and Marcus climb on the train and go to Amity, where they can take cover for a while and decide what to do next.

Released on March 18, 2014. The main roles were played by Shailene Woodley and Theo James. The premiere in the Russian Federation took place on April 10, 2014.