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How to make a tablet in Minecraft


Tell me honestly, having finished crafting the next apartment in Minecraft (for example, on our article how to build a beautiful house in Minecraft), would you like to install a sign next to it with the proprietary inscription “MY!”? Minecraft creators are well aware of this desire. That is why the tablet (t.) In the game is a reality. This is a decorative element in the game, the purpose of which is to give you the opportunity to make various labels, pointers, etc. It has other properties that make it possible to use it for other purposes. But more on that after.

Well, a very "difficult" recipe

How to make a tablet? You can make it without even sweating. Craft is shown in the figure. Six boards and a stick. The result is a fragile block, on which, however, you can put solid blocks. Conversely, no one will stop you from putting a plate on full blocks. Minecraft has 12 ways to put it on them. Of course, the side with the inscription is facing the player. Yes, how to make an inscription? Very simple. Once the t. Is installed, the window for entering text is right there. You can enter 60 characters divided into 4 lines. Minecraft does not allow edits. Only new craft. Of course, one craft is not enough, and a new installation is needed.

Where to use?

Where are the signs used in Minecraft? In addition to the main function, they have other uses.

  • These blocks have a waterproofing property, thanks to which you can use them, for example, to craft fences through which water will not pass, although the player has no problems. Also, thanks to this property, in Minecraft you can breathe under water. Make, so to speak, craft an amphibian man. Put it underneath and breathe in health.
  • They do not burn. They can not be washed off. What can be done with such properties, think for yourself. This is a great field for new ideas.
  • From T. in Minecraft you can make armrests for upholstered furniture.
  • The plate is a perfect game object. With its help, you can make marks of microchips, bridges, vehicles, etc. This is the reason why many servers use it to manage some plugins.


| edit code]

Plates can be obtained with any tool, but using an ax speeds up the process.

Block Nameplate
Destruction Time [note 1]

  1. ↑ Time for unenchanted tools in seconds.

The plate drops out as an object if the block on which it was located was moved, removed or destroyed.

If you break the tablet while editing text, the player can [ Only for Java and Legacy Console Edition ] or cannot [ Only for Bedrock Edition ] continue to edit the text.

Colorize the text.

If you are no longer a newcomer to crafting regular t. In Minecraft, you can make the text on it color. Choose from sixteen colors. To do this, write the §X command. X in our case is a digit from 0 to F (the hexadecimal number system is used). To craft t., Animated by various characters, write §k on it.

In Minecraft, you can make characters colored in other ways. For example, using the Single Player Commands mod. With the cursor hovering over the subject of our article, write the following command in the chat:

/ sign edit "line 1" "line 2" "line 3" "line 4"

Only replace the paragraph character with an ampersand (&). There is also an MCEdit program. To edit a volume, double-click on it. Color is changed using the Color Code button.

Craft t. In Minecraft was not always possible. They were introduced to players in Survival. Then (apparently, someone in Mahjong has nothing to do) the function of their crafting disappeared. And reappeared in Indev mode. And this is good, since without crafting such a useful item we would not be so interested in playing.