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Easy! Chat with a girl via SMS


I saw a beautiful girl - take it. Not you, then another. The competition is hellish. There are ten pick-ups for one girl on a dating site. While you think that to write a girl after the word hello, normal guys pump up seduction skills. On the other hand, your doubts brought you to our site - and that's great. It used to be hard for me to start an acquaintance. But I wanted to be different. Stuffed bumps, kicked himself, met the most beautiful girls. I did not seek a life partner. I gained experience. And today I am sharing it with you. First of all, I’ll tell you how to hook a girl with the first phrase. Come on, open the profile. Not her, but hers.

Before you write a girl, check: are you ready?

Correspondence is important. By as much as 30%, your literary talent determines whether she will answer or not. Guess what owns 70% of the acquaintance? Your profile. How to fill out a questionnaire on a dating site, we have already sorted. Open and read. Only then send the girl the first message. By the way, even if you are the coolest guy on the site, remember about PMS, commemorations of your beloved rat, broken nail and other fatal circumstances, which no man is able to overcome. Add “problematic, but beautiful” to the Favorites and switch to the next - here you will train later. Although, wait. You accidentally did not write to her: "Hello, how are you?" Then you simply did not notice. Let's talk seriously about what to write to the girl in the first message in order to start a fire of love or at least curiosity in her heart from the start.

How to anchor a girl from the first message: pickup lessons

Puzzling what question to ask a girl in order to interest her, do not reinvent the wheel. Everything has been invented for you. Write an opener. Opener called the first phrases of communication that impress. What catches her instincts, evokes emotions, attracts attention, sets you apart from the crowd of losers who sit around the clock on Vkontakte, on Odnoklassniki and dating sites without a chance of sex.

Thinking that you can write a girl on a dating site, try the game of intrigue. "Hello. I know about you that others do not know ... ", - you write, and it is unlikely that she could not resist scribbling you:" I wonder what? " More examples: “Wow! What are you doing here? ”Or“ Do you know what I liked about you? ” You combine two incompatible qualities. Men usually don’t like them, but I’m delighted. ” The girl is a curious creature. Will languish until she finds out the answers. Intriguing, do not forget to pause between messages.


Provocation is what will force her to answer you. On a dating site, provocation serves as a catalyst for communication. Avoid rudeness and vulgarity. Here are examples, take and use:

“I want to ask you an intimate question ...” Yes, it’s tense, but her attention is already riveted to you. Go on: “Do you happen to work in a creative environment — among designers, artists, photographers?” The young woman will be surprised, relax, and will surely ask what is intimate here. “Well then. This is a personal question. And personal is always the territory of the intimate. ” You not only provoked her reaction and emotion at the start, but also earned a reputation "not like everyone else."

Provocation on a dating portal is not incitement. Provocation in the context of making friends is devoid of aggression directed at the partner. Here provocation is motivation, stimulation, motivation. A game, not a conflict. Gender challenge, not confrontation.

Directive style

You can interest almost any woman in a style that pickupers call direct. It is a dominant manner of communication. Without misfires, she works with beautiful girls who, by default, are looking for a "Real Man." Domination is easy to mask the lack of experience with girls, fears and complexes. Practicing the direct style, broadcast the image of a strong and confident male, fearless leader of the tribe:

  • "Beautiful girl. I like you. Write your number. I'll meet you in a more convenient place for communication. ”
  • “Hi, pretty. You and I are meeting tomorrow. What time will you be free? ”

Choosing a directive style for the first message, return to your profile. Is the alpha male in the photographs?

The correct compliment

“You do not know what to write to a girl, write compliments,” my mother told me. Everyone loves flattery. Even you. In the meantime, you scratch your beard, what is it to write to a girl to make her happy, I will tell you: do not write platitudes. Flattery should be jewelry quality.

  • Not “you're beautiful,” but “you have an impeccable style.”
  • Not “drowning in your eyes”, but “how many men have you driven crazy with your gaze?”
  • Or so: “Hello! I’m one of those annoying freaks who thinks you're stunningly beautiful. "
  • Even better: “Your parents deserve the Nobel Prize. Or what is given to the creators of world masterpieces there? ”
  • And here’s what I’ll tell you: generate compliments by studying her profile. Pay attention to details - almost no one does this: “You have such thin aristocratic wrists”, “An original dress in the style of shabby chic. You have an impeccable taste. ”

The ability to make personal compliments more than once will help you climb the most impregnable mountain.

Answer the three main questions that interest her

What interests you, I know. She is interested in something else: who are you, what do you want and why did you choose her. An individual presentation will enhance the attractiveness of your profile and reduce the distance between correspondence and meeting. Without a pick-up “razvodilov”, it’s worth making an acquaintance, for good reason, for example, your own business. Come on, don't be shy. Trumps - right away. "Hello. My name is Ivan. You know, everything worked out for me. Business, house, tree. There is no main thing. I saw a photo where you look somewhere in the distance. And I felt we are looking in the same direction. ” With a feeling, sensibly and beautifully, writing a girl that you like can be done without business. Just do not lie, but embellish - it will be where to grow.

Examples of how to interest penpals

Ideally, your brain should generate intrigue, provocation and compliments. In the meantime, his muscle is training, I'll throw you a couple of examples.

  • “You know, the Constitution says that you can’t deprive a person of the right to happiness.”
  • “Today, I finally realized for whom I was registering on a dating site.”
  • “I saw photographs of Rome in the profile. Are you as much in love with him as I am? ”
  • "I lost the argument, and for this I have to invite the most beautiful girl on the site for a date."
  • “I think I'm not the first who wants to meet you. But I am the best. Will you check it? ”

Platitudes and stamps

What, trying to interest the girl "hi-how-to"? Remember the Duckface. “Hello-how-to-do” annoys a girl the same way you do “duck ducks”. Filtering stamps and platitudes is easy: the first thing that comes to mind is to dump into the basket.

Not a word about sex

Even in direct style about sex - not a word. The Internet is freeing your hands, but keep them on your keyboard. “Sexy babe. I want to get to know you better, ”you’ll go further with such a roll. Although….

As Yesenin correctly noted, "always and at all times, good, kind girls from the hooligans went crazy." So psychologists say: girls love aggressive, vulgar and rude guys. Good boys get into the friendzone.

Say hello to a girl and a cart with a claim to the IQ-150 after - also not an option. The young lady will not sit in an intellectual knockout. I saw a tattoo on my shoulder - do not write about the chemical composition of the ink. Say you want to stuff yourself too. Ask what kind of tattoos girls like, where it is better to fill (on the arm, stomach), which master.

Original phrases for dating a girl on the Internet: TOP-100

And the next cheat sheet you can print and hang on the wall. It will help to get acquainted with at least a hundred good girls. But I remind you, you are not the only one reading our site. Get inspired, not copy, so as not to get into that awkward situation when someone else wrote the same phrase to the same girl before you.

  1. Let me meet you, charming creature. And even if you make three grammatical mistakes in the word yes (in the form of letters n, e and t), I will not pay attention to this. There is much to forgive for beauty.
  2. Before I saw your profile, I considered myself a happy person - a man who has everything. Now I understand, something in my life is missing - you. Have you got tired legs in a day? In the morning I saw your profile, and all day you stand before your eyes. Sit down, let's get to know each other.
  3. I know how you look. I know your name (if you believe the information in the profile). But I want to know you more. Will you allow me?
  4. I am an employee of the employment service and really want to keep you busy with something interesting in the very near future. Do not mind?
  5. Hello! I am a guest from the future and have arrived on Mamba to save you from loneliness.
  6. Until today, he was a convinced bachelor. But it seems my preferences have just changed.
  7. Have you ever met a charismatic, purposeful, intelligent, wealthy, well-built and, most importantly, a very modest young man ?.
  8. Let's not tempt fate, hoping that we will meet somewhere by chance on the street, but we will meet right now.
  9. I propose to debunk the misconception that dating on the Internet is not serious. Let us prove the opposite?
  10. I’m sure your perfect coffee with dessert tonight will not be spoiled.
  11. I wrote you a long letter about how beautiful you are. And suddenly they turned off the light. Therefore, I will be brief. Hey. Let's get acquainted.
  12. You don’t have a strong thread to make our acquaintance?
  13. It’s somehow irrelevant to ask about my son-in-law today, but I really want to.
  14. I do not believe in love at first sight. So I had to look at you twice to understand exactly - this is love.
  15. In the place of such a unique girl like you, I would pay attention to such a special guy like me.
  16. Hi, my future personal life. And what are you doing here in the absence of me?
  17. I am writing a book about online dating. I want to ask you a couple of questions.
  18. I am writing an article about what beautiful girls want. I would like to hear your opinion.
  19. I am a journalist and I want to interview you. Tell me how it feels to be a beautiful girl.
  20. I want to change your plans for tonight. Will you allow me?
  21. What will you do tonight after our date?
  22. Hi, amazing. Tomorrow we have a date. What time is it convenient?
  23. What are your plans for life? I want to correct a little and become part of them.
  24. I’m sure that I’m far from the only one who wants to meet you. But I am the best. And I can prove it.
  25. Hey. I just read a romantic story about how a guy met a girl, and they lived happily ever after. Do you know how they met? He wrote to her: Hello. Just read a romantic story ....
  26. Your beauty will turn even a gay man into a normal man. Now imagine what you do with normal men like me?
  27. In vain you think that I just want to get to know you. I have other, more serious plans for you.
  28. Want to chat with someone who really liked you? You learn a lot about yourself and new.
  29. Such spectacular girls should not spend time online. Beauty needs to be walked. Let's walk you to a very decent place?
  30. Wasn't it painful to fall from heaven, beautiful Angel?
  31. Can you tell me where the paradise is? You look very much like an angel.
  32. Girl, your parents aren’t pirates by chance. Then where did they get such a treasure?
  33. Your parents need to be presented with a Pulitzer Prize. Or what is given to the creators of unique masterpieces there?
  34. Something happened to my eyes. They are stuck on your profile.
  35. Remember me? I'm from your dreams. However, when we met, I was on a white horse and in armor.
  36. Can I find out your real name? I want to try it on my last name.
  37. Sorry for the girls on this site. Your presence turns them into a gray mass.
  38. When I saw you, I thought it was such a blessing that I was not married.
  39. When I saw your profile, I was glad how great it is that I am free and we can meet.
  40. Girl, you hurt my heart. Give me first aid.
  41. Girl, I'm drowning in your bottomless eyes. Help me.
  42. Your eyes tell me a lot. They do not say only one thing - a phone number.
  43. In one of your photos you look somewhere in the distance. I think we are looking in the same direction with you.
  44. I can give you my free time in exchange for a phone number.
  45. Girl, do not tell me the recipe for cactus jam?
  46. Advise what can be cooked from dumplings.
  47. Hey. Tell me the best way to spend your salary.
  48. Do you know why this site is better than others? It was on him that we met. By the way, my name is Sergey.
  49. I thought dating sites were a waste of time. Until today I met your profile.
  50. What should an interesting guy write to a very beautiful girl so that she meets him?
  51. You probably don't believe in love from the first message, but I'm ready to write you more and more.
  52. I want to treat you to a delicious dinner and, if you will, an equally delicious breakfast in bed.
  53. I want to offer my courageous hand for support on a walk tonight.
  54. I think you are very bored in this gray crowd. I suggest to leave somewhere from here. For example, in a cafe.
  55. For a long time I was looking for a cafe where I can invite such a special girl like you. And today I found it. Reward me with presence and smile.
  56. I want to invite you to a cup of coffee with very serious intentions.
  57. What about laid-back flirting with obligations?
  58. Next year I run for president. Leave your number - I want to tell you the details of my election program.
  59. The creator of the Internet needs to put a monument. Without him, I would never have met a girl like you.
  60. And how can you call the Internet a time eater if there are girls like you?
  61. You spend a lot of time online. It is unhealthy. Reveal in real life ?.
  62. You can not spoil such beautiful eyes with a long sitting at the monitor! Let's go to the cafe.
  63. I found out from your profile that you love Italian cuisine. Unfortunately, on the Internet it is impossible to enjoy the taste of food. I want to treat you in real life.
  64. If you print all the compliments you deserve, the planet will be left without a forest. Let's get acquainted, beauty.
  65. Today I promised my hamster that I would meet the most beautiful girl on the site.
  66. Let me make you happy. But first, let's get to know each other.
  67. Awesome style. Are you a stylist or an innate sense of taste?
  68. You don’t have a spare heart? Mine has just been stolen.
  69. You are so beautiful that I forgot everything I knew about the pickup.
  70. And where have you been all my previous life?
  71. I will drown in your eyes, can I? (Eduard Asadov).
  72. I haven’t seen such beautiful ones (Sergey Yesenin).
  73. Seeing you, I realized that you need to cancel all plans for this evening.
  74. I have a great job going to the cafe. Will you respond?
  75. While you are a mystery to me, but I am ready to guess your secrets, secrets and desires.
  76. Can you tell me the way to your heart or at least to the phone number?
  77. I am a distributor of happiness. Do you want to give you all the happiness I have for free?
  78. I propose to change. You will give me all the sadness that has frozen in your eyes. And I give you all my joy.
  79. An adorable girl like you must have a spectacular font. I'm right?
  80. Lead me out of the maze of solitude, beautiful stranger.
  81. There are things that cannot exist without each other - day and night, river and riverbed, you and me.
  82. You have a good taste. True, some accessories are missing. But I can fix it.
  83. I wonder if your inner world is as beautiful as your appearance?
  84. The form is impeccable. What about the content?
  85. You know, you fit perfectly into the interior of my life.
  86. Perhaps you are often invited to the registry office? But you can start with a cafe.
  87. What an awesome dress in this photo. True, it will look much better on the back of the chair in my bedroom.
  88. I know exactly what our communication will lead to. But let's not rush. Nobody canceled the candy-bouquet period.
  89. I suggest playing the next game. You will tell me your number. I will call you. And then, holding hands, we will go for dinner.
  90. If you don’t answer me, I won’t be able to sleep all night. You will not be tormented by remorse?
  91. What feat should I accomplish for you to agree to drink coffee with me? For your sake, I’m ready to be Hercules.
  92. I saw you on the street today. Everyone came with frowning faces, and you smiled. What were you thinking at that moment?
  93. From now on, I cannot imagine my life without you.
  94. What do you think, beauty, what will I ask you now?
  95. I have a problem that only you can solve. The fact is that I do not have time to sit on the site for hours, but I do not want to lose you. Do not leave a phone number?
  96. You have beautiful wrists. Previously, such were considered a sign of aristocracy.
  97. Do not take me to a restaurant in the evening? Very afraid of the dark.
  98. I don’t want to clog your pretty head with all the pickup stuff. Let's just get to know each other.
  99. There are a lot of original phrases in my head, but I don’t want to fool you. Maybe we can do without beautiful, but meaningless words? My name is Ivan. I like you.

What to write to a girl if she answered: we are moving towards the goal

If they answered you, you are well done. And you’re a “boltologist” if you don’t get contact in the forefront of correspondence. While her attention is riveted to you, take a number and invite on a date. Например, на прогулку на лошадях. Кино и кафе – популярные, но провальные варианты свиданий. В кино не пообщаешься, а места для поцелуев пока не для тебя. Кафе может опустошить твою банковскую карту, ведь никогда не знаешь, какие трюфеля любит она.And by the way, you never know if on the laurels of the first success (“answered!”) You begin to plow the expanses of web-correspondence. Remember the "friend zone", in which there are always vacant places. So that you never get there, see the article Top - 12 places for a first date, so that she is surprised.

I suggested a couple of ideas on how to invite a girl to meet you on the Internet, but don’t copy it. Simply…

  • Be confident and in a good way arrogant.
  • Communicate on equal terms or even from a position from above.
  • Sharpen communication for a specific girl.
  • Do not talk too much - take the phone and call.

And further. The less a girl we write, the more she likes us. Good luck

We recommend a video to watch about what messages to write to girls: