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Flying paper rocket


Can children help scientists explore space? Yes! They will need courage, perseverance, paper and glue! Gosha Pyaterkin studies space with a homemade rocket. To make it, you will need only what each child has. And also, you will need a long stick, and the usual gum. Watch Abgdeyka after lessons on how to make a flying rocket out of paper.

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How to make a flying rocket out of paper (+ layout)

There are several ways to “make” a rocket fly. For example, using a pressure of water from a hose or a balloon (air bleed). But in this article we will consider in detail how to make a flying rocket out of paper. No serious scientific devices will be needed. You can start making such a toy with your children, and at the same time tell and demonstrate some of the laws of physics. And you can arrange a competition on the flight range and set records.

Rocket + straw for drinks

This is a very simple but tricky way to make a rocket fly. It will take quite a bit of materials and time to manufacture the structure. Children will definitely like to create and then launch such a rocket with a straw.

will need:

  • cardboard or heavy paper
  • any colored materials (felt-tip pens, paints, crayons)
  • two straws (one in diameter slightly wider than the other)
  • scissors
  • glue or tape
  • free template DOWNLOAD (click)

How to do:

We draw a small model of the rocket on paper (or print a template) - about 10-13 cm long. Color as desired

Cut along the contour lines,

Trim the straw, which is wider, along the length of the model of the rocket (or slightly less) and be sure to seal one endso that it is completely clogged.

Glue this straw (on adhesive tape (adhesive tape) or glue) to the back of the breadboard with the open end down.

Insert a straw that is already a diameter into the straw on the rocket.

The device is ready to launch! It is necessary to blow strongly into the tube and then the rocket will fly! The stronger you blow, the farther the flight.

You can also consider such physical issues with children:

  1. How the angle with which the launch occurs affects the range. Let the children try to blow (direct the rocket) from a different angle.
  2. You can draw several similar missiles of different lengths and with different wings and then compare how the shape of the rocket affects movement.
  3. Also try adding another wing, as this will affect the flight.

You can triple a master class on the manufacture of such a rocket at some children's party (for example, a birthday celebration) or in a kindergarten (for example, on the day of astronautics). And the winner, whose rocket will fly farthest than others, is to present some symbolic prize or diploma. 🙂 See also how to make a postcard-rocket.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make a paper rocket you will need the following materials, which are sure to be at home:

1. A sheet of paper (A4 is best)
2. Scissors
3. A large elastic band or elastic bandage.

Once you have collected these materials everything is ready to be launched!

Step 2: getting started

At the first stage, it is necessary to make a vertical fold in the center of the sheet and fold the corners along the fold, as shown in the image.

Mark the folds shown in the image and fold along them.

After step 3, fold the paper in the vertical crease.

Now fold as shown and fold along it.

Now, as soon as you finish with the previous step, make a small diagonal incision on the open side of the paper rocket, as shown in the picture.

Now open the rocket in a vertical fold, and you will have 2 diagonal cuts on both sides of the paper rocket.

Fold the bottom of the rocket (the part below the cut) on both sides, as shown in the images.

Now close the paper rocket again by folding along the vertical fold, as shown in the picture.

Step 9: Everything Is Ready To Launch A Paper Rocket

Now you have everything prepared for launch.

Grip 2 rubber bands as shown in the picture, and then hook the loop at one end onto the protrusion of the paper rocket, and hold the other in your hand. Now pull the rocket as high as you want to launch it into the air.

Do not direct a paper rocket at someone's face; it flies very quickly. Its speed is determined by an elastic band, which decides how high your rocket will fly. With good quality rubber, this boom cancer can fly up to 1000 feet.

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How to create a space rocket from improvised materials? Step-by-step instruction

1. Take a plastic bottle, wash and dry it. Pull the colored sock onto a clean, dry container. Then tie a thin cord under the bottom of the plastic bottle and cut the tail.

2. Cut out from red felt 2 circles with a diameter of 5 self. Next, stick the figures on the base of the rocket - these will be the windows. Use the glue gun to fix the same round foil parts on red circles, but with a smaller diameter (3.5 cm).

3. Draw three “fins” on a sheet of white cardboard. Cut out the figures, and then glue them to the rocket from 3 sides with the point down.

4. Cut the ring from the cardboard tube (from paper towels or toilet paper), 5-6 cm wide. Take a thick foil and wrap the part. Wrap red woolen threads on your palm, and then glue the resulting skein 1 side to the previously prepared part.

5. Similarly, do with yellow yarn. Thus, you will make the lower part of the rocket with unusual decorative flames. With a glue gun, fix the part on the bottom of the bottle. At this step-by-step master class for parents and children is completed!

How to make a beautiful bright rocket from paper and cardboard with your own hands? Models and schemes

If preschoolers are delighted and delighted with a small toy rocket the size of a bottle, then older children will definitely like the full-length spacecraft. Such an intergalactic ship will allow children to feel like real captains, and to show courage, courage and courage, as the main features of a masculine character.

Next, you will learn how to make a large model of a rocket out of cardboard and paper with your own hands and see step-by-step photos of this process, which will facilitate the task.

Prepare the following materials:

  • colored paper
  • carton boxes,
  • disposable plates
  • glasses of yogurt
  • plastic buttons and covers,
  • sticky numbers and letters,
  • flower pot,
  • thread bobbins,
  • letter stencils
  • pieces of fabric and foam wheel,
  • scissors,
  • markers
  • satin ribbons,
  • pencil,
  • glue gun
  • dense foil.

Step-by-step instructions for making a model of rocket from paper and cardboard

1. We recommend creating this rocket with your child. Let him help you using his toy tools. As the base of the rocket will be a large box of household appliances. Best if it is from the refrigerator.

2. Make the top of the painted flower pot, plastic bobbins from sewing thread and disposable tableware. Details can be decorated with voluminous stars of colored paper and pieces of satin ribbons.

3. Cut a round window into the front wall of the rocket. Wrap the foam circle with multi-colored satin ribbons, then glue them to the panel in place of the porthole. Glue a few reels a little higher and mark them with adhesive numbers. Thus, a small pilot will be able to more easily report the time to start. Below the porthole, make another dashboard, so that the rocket was even more interesting.

4. Equip the fuel tank cap using the plastic buttons. Make it on the right side of the space rocket. For this purpose, spools of thread, bottle caps, old buttons from various devices may come in handy.

5. Take care of the arrangement of the front door. To do this, draw a large oblong rectangle on the rear wall of the rocket and cut 3 sides (right, top and bottom). The left side will be a curtain. Decorate the captain's doors with decorative elements.

6. Draw two “legs” on thick cardboard, cut out the parts, and then paste over them with foil. On the bottom of the left and right rocket walls, fix the elements. Your spacecraft is ready for this. In the diagram you can clearly see how to do it correctly.

How to make a flying rocket with your own hands? Step by step instructions with photos

Using even the most primitive junk materials (cardboard tubes from napkins, boxes of chocolates, etc.), you can create your own original rocket that could fly. She may not be able to plow the expanses of the Universe, but she will definitely go on a trip through the children's room. Use our step by step photos to make your children a nice and interesting toy.

Materials needed for a flying paper rocket:

  • tube of paper towels,
  • glue,
  • thick cardboard
  • pencil,
  • scissors,
  • gouache paints and brushes,
  • yarn,
  • permanent marker
  • drinking straw.

DIY step-by-step instructions on how to make a flying rocket

1. Prepare the cardboard parts needed for the future product. Divide the long tube into two parts (short and long - 1 to 3). Make 3 cuts in both parts, as you see in the photo. Cut wings, racks, and other items from a flat sheet of cardboard.

2. Assemble all the details into a rocket mockup. If they do not fit well, trim or remove cuts.

3. If the elements converge normally, disassemble the constructor again and you can color them in white gouache. Leave the characteristic inscriptions and drawings in black pigment marker.

4. Fold the paper rackets, then glue the pieces together with PVA glue or silicone glue gun. Attach a straw to the spacecraft along the hull and fix it with tape.

5. Pull the thick thread through the straw and pull it from wall to wall. That's all the manipulation of creating a rocket out of paper that flies. For a spaceship to fly over a room, it is enough to push it a little.

Instructions for making a rocket from a bottle with a trigger so that it takes off

If the children have grown up long ago and are not interested in toy models made of cardboard, you can offer them to make a simple rocket with a satellite mechanism, which would effectively and high take off. Do not hesitate, the stunt with the take-off of the spacecraft will delight even an adult, not to mention teenagers.

Materials for making a simple rocket from a bottle with a trigger

  • two types of cardboard: thin and dense,
  • plastic bottle,
  • Scotch,
  • pencil,
  • wine cork
  • plasticine,
  • Bicycle Pump,
  • scissors.

Instructions for manufacturing a simple rocket with a trigger

1. Take a sheet of thin cardboard and fold it into a cone. Then trim the edge so that you get an even shape.

2. Paste the finished cone with colored tape to enhance its water resistance.

3. Wash and dry the plastic bottle. Color it in any color, you can make an inscription or draw an emblem.

4. Glue the cone (the main part of the rocket) to the bottom of the bottle with liquid silicone. Make the construction as even as possible.

5. Cut three to four right-angled triangles from thicker cardboard. Glue all the parts to the bottle. Thus, the rocket will have tail keels. Well, if the "legs" will end at the extreme point of the neck of the bottle.

6. Weight the bottom of the rocket. For this purpose, wrap part of the plasticine around the neck of the container and mask the load with adhesive tape.

7. Pour 1 liter of water into the bottle.

8. Make a thin hole in the cork using a needle. The size of the hole should never exceed the diameter of the needle from the bicycle pump.

9. Insert a cork into the neck of the bottle. Then firmly insert the needle from the bicycle pump so that it does not pop out.

10. Take your rocket with its neck up, then connect it to the pump. Turn the spaceship over and set it so that it does not fly in your direction.

11. Inflate the rocket with your hand while holding it. Release the craft and continue to pump air. A simple rocket with a plastic mechanism will take off when the cork can no longer hold the pressure.

These are such simple options for creating a paper rocket with your own hands. Good luck!