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Velvet skirt - what to wear: amazing ideas from the high fashion industry (85 photo video)


Velvet is a special fabric. Dressy and attractive, she looks rich, and this greatly limits the choice of clothes for her. Today we will learn how to wear a velvet skirt, how to choose the top and accessories for it.

What to wear with a velvet skirt?

Velvet skirt is the fashion trend of the season. For several years in a row, velvet clothes have not gone out of fashion, and this wardrobe item, as the very embodiment of femininity, has occupied a special place on the catwalk.

Let's start with the length. On top of a fashionable Olympus model on the floor. They are very difficult to wear for every day. And if in the evening style you can choose something suitable for the top, for example, a beautiful fitted top or an elegant blouse, then for every day a long velvet skirt looks too elegant.

But you can choose the right outfit for her, even in casual style. Also, maxi length looks great in a glamorous style. For the first, wear a skirt with a regular neutral turtleneck or sweater, plain white shirts will also be good.

For a glamorous outfit, pay attention to the blouses with a deep neckline, tops that open the back for the summer, in autumn the skirt can be worn with a leather jacket and a neutral t-shirt.

Also, a long velvet skirt is perfect for the style of boho. Wear it in autumn and spring in combination with a fox or raccoon fur vest.

Midi length, of course, is more versatile. A velvet “pencil” can be worn safely to work, picking it with a white blouse or shirt. It is better if it is a black, dark blue or dark green skirt.

In the style of business chic, the bell model is suitable. Such a skirt will be appropriate in youth, everyday styles. The model “sun” and “half-sun” can also be attributed to them. They are similar in that a fitting or at least semi-fitting top is desirable for all three styles so that the skirt comes to the fore in the ensemble.

For the same reasons, you should not wear bright things, especially if the skirt itself is colored. For example, if this is a burgundy model, put on her powder shoes, a white top and a pastel pink cardigan.

A model with lace is perfect for a romantic style. Especially if the lace is contrasting and stands out against the background of the skirt. For models that are not too decorated with lace, you can wear a tight blouse from the same material.

In other cases, it is better to dwell on something as simple as possible, but stylish. Choose cotton; in the fall, knitwear will do. If you dress for a gala evening, you can wear something shiny, such as a silk blouse.

How to choose accessories?

Small details for decorating the ensemble, in which there is a thing from velvet is a difficult task. It is necessary that they complement the image and not overshadow the velvet, and at the same time it should also look stylish.

But to do this is not as difficult as it seems. The most important thing is to know what suits velvet and what does not.

The first thing to know is do not use any velvet accessories. Bags, hairpins, jewelry with velvet - all this asks for an ensemble for a skirt, but it is better to restrain the impulse, since more than one velvet thing in a bow is not comme il faut. The exception is velvet in the company of a dress or a velvet suit.

For every day, it is better to choose simple casual accessories, except that they emphasize the lack of bright and intricate prints, an excess of accessories, and jewelry. A great choice of bag material is genuine leather.

If you need a belt to a skirt, also stop on the skin, and it is better to use matte than shiny and especially lacquered. Pick up a thin discreet belt with a miniature stylish buckle and this will be the best solution.

Another way to complete the image is to add antiquities to it. Velvet loves retro, but it’s important not to overdo it. You should not add more than one thing. It can be a brooch or other jewelry, a bag in the style of the 70s or even in the style of Chicago, matching shoes.

We select shoes

To the bottom of a fabric with a rich texture, you should choose shoes either with chic, or from the opposite - modest. Velor, for example, is perfect for velor and other “fleecy” material, but here you need to be very careful about the color and style.

The style of such shoes should be simple and classic. Beautiful, but modest and moderate accessories are allowed, try to make the shoes as a whole tasteful, stylish - this is very important.

The hue should be either black or the color of the skirt - tone-on-tone and without any prints. A modest pattern or two-tone models are allowed.

In other cases, stay on leather shoes. It is also desirable low-key, especially if you make the skirt the center of the ensemble (with velvet it is difficult to do otherwise). A minimum of finishes, accessories, follow the preferences from the example above. Leather must be expensive.

The color is better to choose the classics, but this is not necessary, you can choose shoes and the color of the skirt. Good, but sets of pastel skirts and more saturated shoes of the same color look somewhat bright. For example, a light red skirt and burgundy ankle boots or a sky blue skirt and blue boots.

By models, you can pick up almost everything, but do not go beyond the classics. For example, it can be boots, but not over the knee boots, shoes of different types, sandals, summer boots of classic styles are welcome.

What to wear with a velvet skirt?

The texture of velvet fabric is quite rich, it can shimmer in different shades, so the skirt should be as simple as possible.

In fact, you can combine a velor skirt with almost all the things from your wardrobe. If you bought a skirt with a long pile, in this case it is better to choose a blouse made of chiffon, leather, denim.

Smooth velvet goes well with all materials, with almost any type of blouse or sweater.

Designers like to combine strict velvet with a leather upper made with fur accents.

The combination of a black velor skirt with a leather fur vest is considered to be truly beautiful; the style is complemented by black embossed tights and patent leather shoes. Such an outfit will make any fashionista stylish, serious special.

Designers do not recommend using a lot of jewelry at once, usual watches with a leather strap will be enough.

At the peak of fashion today, velvet skirts with a leather strap, cut "tulip". Such an attribute of clothing will become indispensable for going to a restaurant, for working in an office.

It is believed that a velor skirt looks appropriate in the cold season, in autumn or winter. This opinion is quite justified by the fact that such clothes are worn with tights, because in the summer it will be hot in velvet fabric, and also against the background of bare legs it will look ugly.

Girls most often prefer to choose skirts from velvet in gray, black, milk color, bright shades still remained in the past decade.

Why do they love velvet?

To wear a skirt made of such material should be more careful, since the fabric is considered primarily elegant, supporting a business style.

Brave natures can wear bright, short skirts with warm leggings, as well as a thick velor jacket. Such a skirt shows freedom, originality, glamor, suitable for young unmarried girls.

Absolutely all girls and women love velvet shoes, and for good reason they can be perfectly combined with other velvet clothes.

In the cold season, long, classic suede boots or low shoes are perfect for such a skirt. Original with all this, velvet gloves or a handbag will look.

Most often, girls prefer to wear a suede bag with a skirt. A classic lacquered accessory will perfectly emphasize any style.

What can upset velvet fabric?

Unfortunately, everyone’s favorite velvet can wear out pretty quickly. Traces of abrasion appear on the material from constant wear, in those places where friction with objects occurs, whether it is a chair or a car seat.

Today you can find synthetic fabric imitating velvet. Such material is much cheaper and also worn longer.

Velvet things significantly increase the body in size, so people who are overweight should give up such things.

Velor fabric can sometimes add age, so be careful when choosing a color.

Velvet has always been considered a luxurious fabric. Designers even managed to give velvet things elegance, style, luxury with the help of the simplest touches.

With the help of velor clothes you can always look great and stylish, the main thing is to choose the right elements of clothing.

Material History

Velvet was invented in China in the 3rd century BC. It is a fabric with a cut pile, which is obtained using a special weave of threads. Since ancient times, velvet was considered the material of kings and persons close to it.

At the moment there is a large assortment of velvet fabrics: plain and colored, one-sided and double-sided with a pile forming a pattern. In recent years, polyester-based artificial velvet has often been used. As a result, the initial cost of the material has significantly decreased. Velvet fabrics look pretty luxurious and elegant every time.

Material advantages

  • Wear resistance - the purchased item will look like new for several years.
  • Does not fade during washing, does not sit and stretches, dries quickly.
  • It does not cause allergies.
  • Does not need ironing, ideal for business women who are often on business trips.
  • Warm but allows air to pass through.
  • Not electrified.
  • Due to the pile has a special softness.
  • Shimmers in the light.

How to care

Gentle pile requires careful care. Observing simple rules, you will be able to keep the product in its original form for a long time, and it will delight you for many years. Washing is not recommended; dry cleaning is better. If there is a need for washing, wash by hand or in a machine at a temperature of 30-35 degrees, in gentle mode, without spinning.

After washing, the product is gently squeezed in a towel and always laid out to dry on a cloth, in a horizontal position. Iron with hot steam. If you had to use an iron, do it from the wrong side through the fabric with a warm iron.

A slightly damp brush or cloth will help get rid of the dust. It is better to store a thing from velvet on a hanger in a straightened state in order to avoid creases on the fabric.

Velvet Eraser

The most popular type of velvet, more simply called velveteen. Strong fabric, soft, does not crease, durable, wear-resistant and significantly lower in price than natural velvet. The collections fall - winter 2017-2018 stylists presented trousers, dresses, sarafans and, of course, skirts of various styles.

Velvet in the latest collections

Designers have a special attitude to this fabric, the skirts made of it emphasize the luxury, sophistication and elegance of the ladies. In many recent collections, products from this aristocratic material made a splash. Fashion designers create all-new not only evening options, but also skirts for everyday wear, business style.

Velvet skirts - styles fall winter 2018- 2019

A wide variety of styles can be selected individually for each, regardless of the age of the lady, depending on the preferred style of clothing, figure. Velvet skirts in combination with other materials became an innovation of the season. Topical were knitwear inserts in combination with matte leather and suede. Consider the most interesting styles.

Pencil skirt - basic

In a casual style, a knee-length velvet skirt, narrowed downwards, will be appropriate, sometimes with a slit. On slender beauties, a pencil skirt with a high waist will sit perfectly.

Length can vary from mini to maxi. Maxi is mainly suitable for creating an evening, glamorous outfit. This is a universal style for women of any type of figure, age, height.

The color scheme is used in muted colors, rarely bright.

Tulip skirt

A model for everyone - the thin ones will add volume, the chubby ones will hide the extra weight. Narrows down, waist on a wide belt. Dark velvet suits casual wardrobe.

A long, velvet tulip skirt is perfect for a festive outfit. For lovers of shocking is possible in a catchy color.

Only for festive attire. In any color scheme, a velvet skirt will decorate a set matched for the holiday.

Girls, as well as slender, young ladies, can afford a short or medium-length skirt. Ladies older for special occasions recommend a long velvet bell skirt.

Long velvet skirt

We will talk about it separately. In any style - a pencil, a year, a tulip, a bell or just on an elastic band - this is exclusively an evening, festive option.

Depending on the age, color is selected: catchy tones are not advised to ladies in age - it will look screaming and vulgar.

Pleated or draped

With the right length and color palette, you can make a set of both a festive outfit and everyday. Maxi length will elegantly fit into the carnival or evening option.

Where to wear

Velvet is a complex material, and it’s not easy to figure out how and where to wear a velvet skirt. The skirt looks more massive than similar products from another material, so the top must be selected with all care. Stylists do not recommend pairing from the top of the same texture.

Let's figure out where to put on a velvet skirt:

  • office,
  • a business meeting,
  • official event.

Tip: a skirt of a dark tone, the top is often plain. Avoid bright colors.

Dark velvet pencil skirt or mid-length tulip. Paired with a light-colored shirt.

Navy skirt of a classic model. In a tandem with a tight-fitting turtleneck, a tone lighter.

Mustard skirt-year-long knee-length complete with a chiffon blouse in light beige color.

Classic - a black skirt of any style and a white top. Top - shirt, blouse, turtleneck or slim sweater.

A burgundy half-skirt with a knee-length in combination with a blazer of a soft shade.

A dark green pencil skirt will make an ensemble with a check shirt. We select the cage to match the skirt.

For a walk

A romantic date, a walk, a meeting with friends - here you can add some lightness and combine a velvet skirt with a colored top, experiment with the style and do everything so that you don’t look sad.

A mini skirt made of brick is in tandem with a pea blouse.

A red knee-length bell skirt combined with a terracotta chiffon blouse.

A black mini or midi tulip skirt with a black top and a vibrant print.

High-waisted purple skirt with knee length in ensemble with tone-on-tone lighter top and short fur cape.

A turquoise knee-length half-sun skirt paired with a chiffon blouse in turquoise peas.

Of course, a velvet skirt in an evening ensemble.

Not a single material can be compared with velvet in refinement, richness of appearance and luxury.

Evening out

Tip: when choosing an evening ensemble, reduce the number of accessories - the wealth of fabric is enough to shine the image.

Velvet skirt on the floor in an ensemble with a top on the straps, with lace decor. It will be combined in one color scheme or close in shade.

A skirt on the floor with a wrap, in tandem with a brocade corset, decorated with a complex print.

A mustard-colored floor-bell skirt paired with a white, lace blouse.

Black velvet skirt on the floor, tight-fitting cut in combination with a bright top in sequins.

A long navy floor skirt with high waist, printed pattern. The perfect combination with a corset is a tone lighter.

A very interesting model of a velvet skirt with pleats or drapes. Maxi length will add solemnity and the top can be modest, without decor.

Matching colors

Now, having decided on the type, go for a skirt. The color palette in velvet is multifaceted, so choose a color taking into account the style, type of figure, age and, of course, the purpose for which the skirt is purchased.

So, imagine the most popular colors of velvet skirts.

Want to be the center of attention? A red skirt of any style and length will immediately attract attention.

Not suitable for everyday wardrobe, red velvet is intended only for a bright event.

Black color in velvet is just a godsend. It is universal. With the right style, the skirt will fit into your everyday wardrobe and will brightly present you at a gala event, even on the red carpet.

A great option for a wedding celebration. Add a corset embroidered with gold or silver - the most sophisticated bride is ready!

The shade of blue is selected primarily by the type of figure. Ladies with magnificent forms will suit a skirt of dark blue color. Midi length is a casual look, maxi is an evening look.

Slender beauties can choose any shade - from bright blue to deep dark.

T-shirt in grunge style.

It would seem that this is the thing you expect to see next to velvet least. However, look at what a great combination of contrasts is a soft velvet skirt and a hooligan, a bit harsh T-shirt. Why does your soul lie more? People can only guess what you really are. Кстати, у нас получилась весьма универсальная пара — комбинируем её с кедами и рюкзаком в дневное время суток, а вечером — с босоножками, клатчем и броским ожерельем.

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Блейзер и блуза

Мы написали не одну сотню слов, какими вещичками разнообразить свой деловой гардероб. Почему бы и бархат не наделить такими полномочиями? Требования к юбке стандартные — свободная посадка, длина от 5-8 см. выше колена и, конечно же, сам бархат. The choice in favor of such material will play into your hands and help to declare yourself as a soft and flexible person. Be sure to put on such a skirt for negotiations. What's up? Everything is classic - a blazer combined with a white blouse.

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Denim shirt

We bet on a combination of contrasting materials - soft velvet and harsh denim. We combine a skirt with a classic denim shirt. The latter immediately tells us about the casual style, so we experiment freely with the length of the skirt here. And also with shoes and accessories. For a softer and more feminine look, we choose comfortable boats and a bag over your shoulder, and slip-ons and a backpack will give you maximum comfort.

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Dr Denim Blanch Shirt (3 846 rub.)

ASOS Shirt (2 154 rub.)

For lovers of total look images, we recommend taking note of velvet. The images in one color welcome the combination of different fabrics and textures. Putting total black to the party. Combine a black velvet skirt with. crop top to match. We remember the rule of one accent and select contrasting shoes or a clutch. Voila! We made a monochrome evening set according to all the rules and laws of style.

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Knitted sweater and lace blouse

The mix of fabrics always looks spectacular. We suggest combining a velvet skirt, a sweater and a lace blouse. This combination of materials will revive even a monochrome set of the most ordinary silhouettes. The tone of our selection will set the top. Large knitting and lace look very festive and are suitable for evening and cultural events. But the smaller details will settle well even in the office.

GCAROL Skirt (1 065 rub. / 639 rub.)

TANGNEST Skirt (1 745 rub. / 873 rub.)

Closet London Top (2 923 rub. / 2 154 rub.)

Jack Wills Jumper (4 615 rub.)

Silk blouse

Nowhere will velvet feel as comfortable as at an evening event. Therefore, we boldly purchase a velvet skirt for special occasions. For the top, choose something just as gentle and soft - for example, a blouse made of silk or satin. And products in one color scheme will create a delightful holistic image.

Shoes & Accessories

A good combination of velvet with a fabric such as satin. A long, velvet skirt with a satin top is suitable for significant events. Complete with stiletto heels in color top, plus a designer handbag.

The ensemble of a knee-length skirt and leather top is comfortable for a long trip - it will be convenient in the car, train. Accordingly, comfortable shoes are suitable here - ballet shoes, shoes on a low platform. Bag business style.

A sports T-shirt with inscriptions, plus a bully, short, velvet skirt will help to embody the informal image. In this image, with a bag, shoes, try to experiment. Shoes - sneakers, moccasins, slip-ons. Bag - a backpack, a large sports one, you can clutch, decorated with print.

Choose a dark pencil skirt for a white blouse made of chiffon or organza in a simple style - an image for negotiations is ready. The set will be complemented by strict shoes or classic heeled sandals, a modest bag.

In a casual wardrobe it is good to have a denim shirt. Paired with a pleated skirt to the knee, it will be appropriate anywhere. Shoes can be in different styles. Sneakers, moccasins, slip-ons look good. No worse than classic high-heeled pumps. Choose a bag for the style of shoes - sports or classic.

A short flared skirt is combined with a voluminous sweater. To match the sweater, we choose sports shoes, a tote bag, boho - a youth image has been created. Go for a walk, meet friends, study.

In youth style - a fur vest or jacket, paired with a lush, velvet skirt. Pick up shoes without a heel, the platform looks stylish. A baggy, bulk bag will harmoniously fit into the created image.

Choosing jewelry

Jewelry to the set with a velvet skirt, select carefully. Velvet - rich, royal fabric, even without accessories looks elegant. Therefore, do not overdo it: excess jewelry will ruin the look of the outfit.

Categorically impossible - velvet hats, hairpins, bags.

Pearl jewelry is perfect. Graceful and not bulky earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets will bring your look closer to the ideal. Leather accessories are harmoniously combined. A thin belt or a massive belt with the same bag will complete the finished kit.

Occasionally, patent leather belts and belts are used in combination with patent leather shoes. In a festive outfit, accessories in the "retro" style are suitable - they will bring you closer to the aristocrats of the last century.

Dear ladies! We hope the article helped you figure out how and what to wear with a velvet skirt. Replenish your wardrobe with a velvet skirt and be in trend. Choose your skirt option and be at the peak of fashion trends.