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Masturbation addiction, how to get rid of it


Hello, I want to tell you my story only in order to find help. I am 14 years old, I am a girl and I have been masturbating for about three years. No, at first it was not penetration into the vagina, but simple water masturbation. I substituted a strong stream of water to the clitoris and enjoyed it. Then I decided to try to penetrate the vagina with my fingers. It seemed painful to me, and I stopped it for a while. This was normal for me, but as I was growing up, I began to realize that it was very bad. Everyone around me is considered quiet and shy, my parents love me, my friends admire me. But I am so ashamed that I secretly masturbate, dream of perversions. After all, people do not even suspect this of me. For them, I'm kind of an angel. I tried to stop masturbating, but this is already like addiction. The maximum exposure is a month. And then again in the shower for pleasure. I hate myself for that. With friends, I say "fu" to vulgar jokes and so on, and at home. Help me in this situation, please! What can you advise? AND THIS IS NOT NORMAL. I want to get rid of the vulgar thoughts and pranks of the hand, and she should consider it normal at that age.

Masturbation as a natural element of human sexuality

Masturbation (masturbation) is genital stimulation, with the goal of causing sexual arousal, which often ends with an orgasm. Masturbation is possible with the help of hands or erotic accessories. Some use ordinary household items for this purpose.

According to studies, masturbation is a normal occurrence and a natural element of human sexuality. There is no evidence that masturbation can cause illness or mental illness. The main threat stemming from masturbation is the risk of addiction.

The consequences of masturbation in sexual relations

If masturbation becomes a compulsive phenomenon, that is, occurs several times a day (or more often), we can talk about addictions. This dangerous phenomenon can have consequences, primarily psychological.

Masturbation addiction makes masturbation begin dominate in everyday life - a dependent person includes masturbation in a daily schedule, looking for places where you could masturbate. The dependent person becomes unnaturally excited, distracted, has problems with concentration.

The result of masturbation is a mess in relationships with the opposite sex. Masturbation negatively affects relationships - in a dependent person masturbation dominates the need for intimacy with a partner.

If dependence on masturbation concerns a single person, he may have great difficulties in building relationships with others and maintaining healthy sexual relations with the opposite sex.

A person with a penchant for masturbation over time begins to look for more and more acute sensations - sex a loved one becomes not interesting enough. He may engage in risky sexual relationships. The situation is extremely dangerous when dependence on masturbation is associated with the use of methods that threaten health or even life.

Addiction from masturbation significantly affects mood: causes its deterioration or fluctuations. The result of a dependency may be:

  • Decreased self-esteem
  • fear,
  • anxiety,
  • fatigue,
  • lack of energy for action,
  • feeling of loneliness
  • estrangement and depression.

How to understand that a dependency has appeared

In case of addiction, masturbation:

For an addicted person, it becomes the goal and meaning of life, getting rid of problems, a way to relieve stress, tension, comfort and reward. However, masturbation brings satisfaction in a short time - the need to do masturbation reappears very quickly.

A dependent person cannot refrain from this behavior. In extreme cases, he can masturbate up to several tens of times a day. Due to masturbation he may neglect his duties, cannot build friendships or destroys current ones.

The dependent person prefers to satisfy himself independently, especially since it is much easier for him to achieve orgasm through masturbation than sexually.

There is another risk: if a person dependent on masturbation needs additional incentives to cause arousal, this can lead to additional dependence, for example, on pornography.

We recommend that you look at these drugs.

How to stop it?

Dependence can occur in both men and women. When it becomes an integral part of life, specialist intervention is required. The treatment of masturbation is a joint work of a dependent person, psychologist, psychiatrist and sexologist.

what can make addicted person:

  • Spend time actively. Compulsive masturbation contributes to boredom and lack of interest. You must find an interesting job.
  • Go in for sports. Physical activity is an effective way to relieve stress and usefully spend time if the cause of masturbation is boredom. Thanks to regular activities, the body releases substances that improve well-being.
  • A good idea is team sports - a person who is addicted to masturbation should seek contact with other people.
  • Tell someone you trust your problem with. If the addict is in a relationship, he should talk with his partner.
  • Use a healthy diet. A properly balanced menu has a positive effect on the mind and mood. However, when preparing your diet, avoid food aphrodisiacs - oysters, avocados, bananas, chocolate, salmon, chili peppers, coffee, asparagus, ginger, honey, anise, figs, almonds.
  • Spend as much time as possible among people, especially friends and family.
  • Set the blocking of porn sites on your computer (you can ask a specialist).
  • Find your goal in life. It can be an interesting professional project, blog, travel. Filling your life with interesting activities will distract attention from masturbation.

What can do specialist:

1.Since masturbation can be a form of escape from problems or complexes, the psychologist must first determine the cause. This will help you cope with everyday problems and increase your self-esteem.
2.The psychologist will tell you how to deal with stress effectively.
3.The specialist will tell you how important it is to maintain a balance between masturbation and sexual contact with another person of the opposite sex
4.Thanks to the help of specialists, a person who is addicted to masturbation will learn how to build long-term love relationships based on healthy sex
5.Specialist can offer participation in support groups

Treatment for masturbation addiction may include the need to take medications to lower libido - only as directed by your doctor.

Top 10 aphrodisiacs videos

From the video you can learn about the best aphrodisiacs.

Is it worth it to abandon masturbation?

Let’s say right away. Throwing onanism makes sense. To any man. In a previously dependent person, life can change so dramatically and so powerfully that he himself does not recognize. After all, all his life he lives on the residual principle, when 80% of his resources are consumed by his personal demon. And the rest of life goes by 20%. Although it may not be very easy for an addicted person to part with the “work of life”, and sometimes it is not at all easy (even to the most severe psychological breakdowns). But it is certainly worth it.

In the case, if you have not yet developed dependence, but just a habit, quitting also makes sense. First, so that it does not become addictive over time. Secondly, and you will experience very significant bonuses in life, abandoning masturbation:

  • first of all, it’s a burst of energy (which previously literally went down the toilet with sperm),
  • self-confidence growth
  • the liberation of time and consciousness from onanistic content,
  • and as a result, the emergence of new life opportunities that you were not even aware of.

This is about positive. Now about more difficult things.

Throwing can be difficult. Sometimes, it is painfully difficult, as with any other heavy and long-term addiction.

Why is it hard to give up onanism?

Masturbation is a form of sexual addiction. You can defend masturbation. You may not see reasons to give up masturbation. However, nothing will change the truth that masturbation is a real addiction. Like any compulsive behavior, it harms our psyche. I wrote about this in detail in the article “What is compulsive behavior?” I recommend reading it.

By force, masturbation is equivalent to alcohol or drug addiction. And this is not an exaggeration.

Easy access to masturbation and its "congenital"Further makes a person mistakenly believe that this is"naturally"And nothing to worry about.

This article will be given step-by-step concrete action plan how to quit masturbation.

Onanism mechanism

Before giving up onanism, it’s helpful to understand how it controls us.

The sole purpose of an act of masturbation is to remove the internal pain and tension that masturbation itself creates.

No one will deny that every act of masturbation has a strong short-term positive effect, which prevents the abandonment of masturbation. A person gets high from the process and from the end of the action.

On average, an act lasts only a few minutes. Then the person feels temporary relief.

The main harm of masturbation is the symptoms of weaning.

However, not everything is so simple, and the resulting high is not given to a person free of charge. Most people ignore or are not aware of the serious negative consequences that masturbation causes.

Every act of masturbation lays long-term symptoms of weaning. They are the same as the symptoms of weaning in alcohol dependence.

Weaning symptoms are inadequate feelings that a person begins to experience if a certain time does not apply dependent behavior - masturbation.

Weaning symptoms occur on the psychic plane, affecting the whole organism as a whole. Only by realizing them, you can understand how to abandon masturbation forever.

The process of weaning symptoms

After the act of masturbation, we feel relaxed, but literally through 1-2 hours The following symptoms appear. They reflect the main harm of masturbation and prevent us from giving up masturbation:

  1. Mood drop
  2. The feeling of "dissatisfaction"
  3. Tension
  4. Feeling of internal contraction and pain (in the central area of ​​the chest)
  5. Apathy
  6. Increased fatigue
  7. Low energy
  8. State of depression

Often a person blames the arising symptoms on the fact that he is really tired and he just needs to relax. Also, a person begins to look for external causes of poor health (problems in life, at work, in relationships, etc.) I wrote about this in the article "Projection of pain on external circumstances." However, all negative conditions are a direct result of the use of masturbation.

The Harm and Effect of Masturbation on Thinking

Against the background of the symptoms of weaning, thinking also changes in the direction of the negative. Thoughts begin to wear predominantly anxious and worried.

Then the symptoms of weaning are further aggravated:

  • A constant feeling of anxiety comes
  • There is a feeling anxiety, panic, fear
  • It seems that the world is becoming uncontrollable. A person loses control of his own feelings and thinking.

The brain offers the idea of ​​“masturbate"- as a simple solution to remove pain and relieve stress. A man finds some justification for this action and commits an act of masturbation.

On the graph, I reflected how a person receives short-term relief, but this also makes it even more dependent on masturbation. Further damage is caused to the mental system. The trap of masturbation slams.

Dependence on masturbation is constantly evolving:

  1. Over time, the pleasure of masturbation a person will receive less
  2. He will want to masturbate more and more (use more perverse fantasies or pornography)
  3. A person will receive more suffering.

5 misconceptions to quit masturbation

  1. Masturbation is natural. This is an inborn need.

To justify his addiction, a man explains masturbation as natural need.

Masturbation is not a natural need, such as food or sleep. He is not a vital necessity of man. What is the difference, how do we cut down “buzz”: pumping up alcohol, drugs or “exploiting” our reproductive system? In all cases, we are guaranteed to receive negative consequences. The harm of masturbation is obvious.

Masturbation is an easily accessible drug.

Masturbation does not fruitfully solve life problems. Agree, it is difficult to do business when inside you is “breaking” and when you are constantly in a depressed state?

  1. If you rarely masturbate, then you can.

Sometimes it’s difficult for a person to give up masturbation, because he believes that he does this rarely or little, and he cannot develop addiction.

It doesn’t matter if a person masturbates every day or only once a week. By any act of masturbation, a person aggravates addiction. Any act of masturbation lays for a long time ahead (for weeks and months) long-term pain, dysfunction and other unpleasant symptoms of weaning that a person will receive all the time without ceasing.

Zero acts of masturbation - this is the norm for this occupation.

  1. All are engaged in masturbation. This is normal.

If everyone does this, this does not mean that this is normal.

If other people do it, it just means that they are also in a strong dependence, which destroys their lives, provokes new addictions and destroys the personality as a whole, whether they realize it or not.

  1. Masturbation is vital. Jerking off is good and that's fine.

The legend that jerking off is good and that’s normal is perhaps the most popular folk fable, like “a glass of beer a day is good”.

There is nothing more destructive than rumors that circulate among people and begin with the phrase “so say the doctors ...», «in terms of medicine ...". This excuse prevents you from quitting masturbation more than others.

I believe that the articles that say that masturbation is useful are written by drochs who also cannot give up masturbation and at the same time try to justify their dependence in front of society in every possible way.

The deceptive feeling that it is difficult to give up masturbation is supported by addiction itself.

The addict also believes that injecting heroin is vital for him. Feel the resemblance?

For life, a person needs air, food, water and sleep. Everything!

If You Think You Need To Survive "something"Besides these things, most likely you have a strong dependence on this thing.

  1. Masturbation allows you to relieve sexual tension

Yes, masturbation relieves sexual tension, but he creates it!

You feel sexual tension only because you constantly masturbate and force the reproductive system to work in full steam. Also constantly fantasizing on the topic of sex, you do not let the reproductive system calm down (mental masturbation). The body has no choice but to direct all the energy to the reproductive center. If you stop this activity, at first the sexual energy by inertia will accumulate and really create sexual tension. But, if you refrain from masturbation and stop fantasizing about sexual topics, it will dissolve and after that it will be sent to other areas where energy is more necessary. But for this you need to go through a period of 10-14 days.

If from this day you never commit an act of masturbation, your life will only improve every day.

How to quit masturbation. Step-by-step instruction.

  1. Stop fantasies about sex.

To quit masturbation, you need to stop any sexual fantasies. It even refers to them when you look at a girl and begin to mentally imagine how you have sex with her.

Your fantasies about sex are the main reason for masturbation.

  1. Stop watching pornography

It is also necessary to completely stop watching pornography, erotic photographs (even with one eye). This also provokes masturbation.

It seems that these are harmless activities, but it is they that lead you over time into an uncontrollable state when you commit an act of masturbation.

  1. Complete abstinence from masturbation.

Any act of masturbation will actively support addiction and immediately return you to the center of addiction, no matter what path you have taken. A decision must be made to end masturbation once and for all, without allowing indulgences in the future.

  1. Do not get excited for a long period (more than 10 minutes)
  2. Do not touch genitals (all the more not to fumble them).
  3. Be prepared to wait the weaning period

Getting rid of masturbation is a process.

The psyche that has been harmed as a result of your addictive behavior is damaged. And she needs time to readjust to normal work.

The weaning period, when you will experience the symptoms of weaning, can last from 10 to 30 days.

It must be remembered that over time, destructive feelings will disappear after you began to refrain from masturbation. But on condition that you also stop any sexual fantasies and viewing pornography.

Нужно практиковать другие способы расслабления и отдыха, которые не вызывают зависимости.

Помните, что со временем период дисфункции, когда «очень хочется спустить напряжение» проходит. И такие состояния перестанут появляться.

I think you have learned information about how to quit masturbation and realized the real harm of masturbation that affects our body.

Applying the recommendations of the article, you can cut down the root of addiction and give up masturbation once and for all.

If you liked the article, leave your comments.

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206 Comments “How to quit masturbation forever? The hidden harm of masturbation ”

Interesting article. I never thought about that. Since he is also the same drocher, although his wife is.

Damn also can not get rid of masturbation for 16 years

Yeah dude and I'm 33 still a jerk off and there is no wife. Well, if at 16 I would at least think about how you would now have a completely different life. Masturbation takes time that cannot be returned

time is still half the trouble, but it also greatly affects the psyche and human health. As a result, a person begins to suffer greatly. even during the abandonment of masturbation.

This is normal at 12 years old. Please give advice

No bro, I also started at the age of 12, now it will stop. I can’t worsen my memory.

this is not normal because the body is forming and getting used to it, I know it myself because I started at 12 and thought with time to die down, but it wasn’t there, I still can’t cope !!

I masturbate from 5 years old and threw at 16

I also started at age 12 and still can’t get rid of it.

As I understand you, he is the same

I don’t remember when I started, but I started 16 long ago and I just can’t quit. I thought I would start smoking and help, I smoked when I wanted to. And then it stopped helping. Smoking was able to quit. And I can’t

Well, I watched a video on YouTube where they say that this is normal, but now I understand that this is not so. I’m also 12 years old

xs well i'm 13 the same problem

Max! You have a million advice! Throw this thing if you want to live NORMALLY! And not like a nerd!

Now I’ll tell you such a star. I’ve masturbated from the age of 14, now - 35. Nobody taught, At that time I didn’t even know what it was. Once, before going to bed, driven by an unknown hand, he pulled the dick properly, and there was a discharge. What I was incredibly surprised at - well, in principle, I did not know what it was, grew up in an intelligent family, brought up an aunt who, naturally, did not raise such topics. (Just now, typing these lines, I realized that my son will definitely have to talk on this topic, as he grows up, one of my fears is that God forbid he will go on my rotten rails) Next. At about 20 years old, I tried amphetamine (who does not know, this is a psychostimulant that, in addition to the main effects, inhibits and enhances sexual desire, sensuality, imagination, etc.). On the second day without sleep, having remade everything that is possible and not possible in order to kill time with something, I decided to turn on porn and get jerked off. Thus, he made, it seems, the biggest mistake in my life. The discovery of a bunch of "nudge under stimulants" and "fuck under stimulants." I’ll omit the next 10 years of my life in the story, I’ll just mention that in order to save substance and enhance the effect, I, again, guided by an unknown hand and a bad head, learned to inject the substance intravenously (that is, no one “planted” the needle), put it on the needle of his comrade (who later successfully transferred to heroin, and now is serving a term of 228 each) and discovered for himself much more powerful and destructive stimulants - screw and met ... So, how is the current "routine" of my life arranged: once again I promise to masturbate under dope (individually, these with I’m not interested in things for a long time), I hate myself, I endure, I come back to normal after the previous flight, it all lasts 2-3 months, meanwhile the stress accumulates and in the end I break again, I get trash, I lose it, I. And Now the fun part. Under stimulants, you sit in front of the monitor and masturbate on porn while they act. that is, at least 6-8 hours. It happened for two days with a catch-up substance. Sometimes I interfered with stimuli with psychedelics and literally put on the act of porn, there, behind the screen. I touched asses and other actresses who invitingly looked into my eyes with the prodigal gazes of their black eyes without irises (and you look closely, 80 percent of the actresses are stubborn with methamphetamine, this is a drug of fornication), their rare remarks were addressed to me. True, when once an evil grinning devil appeared to me in the middle of all this action, and then for a day an unpleasant voice appeared in my head ordering all crap, like among schizophrenics, I felt that it was already too much, prayed to God, let me go, and subsequently managed without 3D effects and complete immersion in what is happening. ... So, after the next session with substances and porn, I squeezed like a lemon, I know that next week I will walk a limp pale shadow and stupidly endure an outcast until my psyche and body get in order, I’ll prosra a bunch of projects and opportunities, once again all plans collapsed, etc., once again fucked himself ... .... In general, such sessions 4-6 times a year, and occasionally take a nap in the dry, although this is not interesting. And now I see that, in essence, I have already pissed off my life and I pound the lives of my loved ones, who depend on me. 100% the very concept of droshcheva determines the course of your life globally, that is - there is movement, but there is no progress. I'm feeling it. I completely agree with the author’s article, and in my case it’s even more lamentable: the synergy of destructive effects from masturbation and from drugs.

Yes, bro, even to tears, I feel sorry for the time that went nowhere. I have not achieved anything in my life for 33 years. I believe that this is due to masturbation

Hi, I'm 13. I'm addicted to jerking off too. I WANT TO STOP. It takes my life from me. (I jerk off 5 times a week). I watched all kinds of motivating kinds. Nothing helps. Blame pornography. He swore many times: it’s the last time. NOTHING. But I will stop tomorrow NG. I'll start it all from scratch.

It’s the same thing, but you’re only 13 and I don’t really like that 12, I also swear all the rules all the time, I don’t think about it, you understood what and forget about it like a bad dream

Well, you are at least 5 a week, 3-4 times a day
Ahhh guys save

And one more thing: this world is so arranged that nothing happens “just like that”, even such a useless phenomenon as jerking, brings certain benefits to someone, otherwise this rubbish would not be so intrusive. There is a consideration that in the process of droshing a huge amount of energy is released, which they take to themselves - call them what you want, in accordance with your worldview - evil and hostile parasitic entities towards us, in my vocabulary there are demons. That is, onanists are like aphids for ants.

Read highly spiritual literature. Do meditation. Regular. Communicate with God. Ask Him. At Edigogo. Make a prayer. Muslims are easier in this regard. You need to do it regularly. Then you can recover. Sport. Start with an evening walk before bedtime. Further more. Meet successful people. Walk to the stadium in the morning. There you will find them.

in stadiums, everyone is stupid, ugly with a shift of convolutions in the body, like women have a straight, bro
fucking and jerking off heart rate is helpful

I’m 15, masturbating from 10 years old. I tried to quit 100 times (without exaggeration) for the longest period of abstinence a month, got addicted to anal masturbation and began to watch porn about shemales and gays, I hate myself so much, the only thing that did not allow me to become a concrete biomass still a virgin even though there were up to &% of cases when the girls were sticking together (but because of masturbation I lost my ability, I lost sexual strength, as in 1 movie “all the strength in sperm” which is true. the point is that because of masturbation I lost so much opportunities that just ahu # &% * now wanna drop to start a new life, brainwash yourself to go to college for a resuscitator, pump up, get a girl but I NEED SUPPORT who can help ?!

From this day, no one is undeveloped.

Do sports swing boxing books distract yourself

Drochalygy :) Earn grandmothers, read books, take a walk .... I want to jerk off - take off the whores :) I’m tired, look for the chick ... ..never did it with me, fuu ... "to fuck your hand is like sucking to yourself." So rebji, MOB with two hands :))

Your advice to develop the will of the will engage in self-development will help and the rich will be successful if you win, if you are not rich, but you feel so confident that you didn’t have any luck before

It is necessary to quit, otherwise every day apathy and depression .. It is very difficult (

Masturbation is exactly the same addiction as alcoholism and smoking. So drop this activity, which brings you to the grave ahead of time. Most importantly, don't give up. Do not stop throwing. Make a firm decision to quit this habit once and for all. This is for those who are addicted to masturbation and want to end it once and for all, and for those people who have never done this, to them I can only say this: never try or start. Once you try, spoil your whole life.

First met such an article. The entire Internet is filled with tips that it is even useful. But I agree - this is addiction and energy loss. Itself got on this dependence. Before the revolution, newspapers even advertised various remedies for masturbation. Even then, it was believed that abuse of this matter leads to weakness and despondency. Many thanks to the author for posing the problem.

Well done Oleg, that he understood the essence. But my husband, too, Oleg did not understand so far.

and what to do if a girl prepares for sex with a man. How is she to do this? Disruptions from questions about future sexual activity, mental arousal and disruption.

You do not need to prepare for sex. Your reproductive system is not some kind of muscle that needs to be kept in good shape. On the contrary, the more you exploit it, the worse.
Disruption comes more from your fantasies on secular topics.
What to do?
Stop fantasizing.
In 90% of cases, it is fantasies that lead to excitement.
Believe me, you can not have sexual fantasies at all and still live well.

1000%, I agree with every word and I can add only that sexual energy needs to be transformed and directed in a positive direction.

And how to stop fantasizing? It’s like a fix idea, it’s hard to escape from it

Hello Arseny, I have such a question for you, I started to masturbate when I was 10 years old, but rarely did this business until 12 or 13 years old, then I started doing it 5-6-7 times every day, now it’s the 8th day of my abstinence , 2 days ago, I noticed that some kind of anxious restless feeling was starting to happen for me, I became very active Sergo was beating right, I was thinking that something was happening with my head, they always climbed into my head and now they’re climbing a little stupid soaps about it that I have something not so disturbing feeling of anxiety the fear two days ago was very elevated, I could not concentrate on anything, I always thought that I had some kind of problem with my head, that I was becoming full, or that I already became or would have a feeling of anxiety and so on, it all causes me thoughts do not always come that one day I’ll just throw myself out the window or something will affect it when I even think about it, I start to get scared like that and even during these thoughts my anxiety and anxiety increased, Arseniy that should I do in that case ??

This is called after-drug withdrawal, and this is a panic attack, an emotional state that does not have practical benefits, you just need to survive this period of loss of concentration, get enough sleep to take a contrast shower, go in for sports, sing natural soothing valerian or something else. Special substances are released into the body that increase fear and, like intoxication, you feel like a different person, you just need to relocate yourself and everything will return to normal. Drug addicts can be broken, something like this, the main thing is not to be afraid and honest, just pray, repent for sins, it will become easier, the Lord always hears our prayers.

What I wrote is my opinion.

that's how I, too, thought in my youth, and articles heated up that it’s USEFUL to jerk off. The result of neither family nor work, I understand everything, but worse than a drug addict.

I, too, very addicted also sit 23 years on this abomination

Che really so deplorable? From masturbation? For myself, too, it became scary

This is not just addiction, it is a life-destroying disease. I was planted as a child, at 3 or 4 years old, like that, there were teachers There was a period when I was in a blindfold for several years. Now 41 years old, I understand everything, but it really became a rag, minus everything is a problem with health and normal communication. I’ll add to the article, I found out on myself that the brain is really damaged, neural connections, making it harder to live and quit. I quit, time passes, but I noticed that the subconscious has changed a lot, examples: while I was sitting at the hairdresser, or in the bus next to the woman, there are many examples, in short, the body is already releasing hormones into the bloodstream creating tension, by the evening the roof goes, in two days it breaks down like in a fog everything. Only later I realize looking back what happened to me. And women contributed to this situation when I worked in a female team, they were probably turned on, started me up, 3 years of work in such an environment changed my brain, now they just have a roof over the contact. There is no family, the result is a breakdown, after a breakdown. This addiction really changes the brain, because there are so many addicted people.

He wrote everything correctly and clearly, temptations are everywhere, and there are many who are addicted to it, but little is written about this.

I am very sorry for you, I also have a delicate addiction, but I stopped doing this and forgot about it.

How did you quit. How many days do you have to endure?

The most effective way is to recognize that there is such a problem. How to solve there are two ways. The first of them is to go in for sports and strengthen physical health, let’s say A 2 - this is the way of spiritual enlightenment. You need to completely clear the brain of foreign ones. These are the thoughts, because if thoughts are clear and the body it will be in order then, accordingly, the problem of this plan will not be any at all simply because our psyche suffers and is not involved

Grateful for all the articles and instructions! This is not taught at school. Much will have to be recognized and accepted in connection with what has been read ... and applied, since living in such a regime (the power of instincts and addictions) is simply unbearable. Thanks to the author.

you're welcome.
I'm glad you found something useful for yourself.

Hello! and if a girl masturbates to a guy, is this also harmful?

Well this is the same as asking. if I’m not myself, but I ask my friend to inject heroin, then there will be no consequences?
Of course, heroin and masturbation are different in strength, but I think you understand the principle.

I’m a teenager, and I’ve been engaged in masturbation for a long time ... I don’t sometimes think a magician about past topics ... tell me how to be, how to be distracted and move away from this topic?

If a girl masturbates to a guy in bed, there is nothing wrong with that, I am convinced. Although he abandoned this case, I agree that it destroys a man. But girl, have mercy, let me be pampered. You still say that it is harmful to have sex

And there’s another question: what should I do if during abstinence I have exactly the following symptoms: A constant feeling of anxiety comes, a feeling of anxiety, panic of fear, and that I lose control of my feelings and thinking what to do in such a situation?

Believe me, Dasha, I’m 41 years old and I realized for myself that the conception of children is not harmful, and sex for the sake of highs destroys the psyche. For sex addicts, the brain from one thought of sex flashes like a Christmas tree decorated with lanterns. On YouTube there is a film about porn addiction, there they made and showed films to a young brain MRI driller, and as soon as he began to see hints of sex, the brain was “boiling” and “sparkling”, even heroin addicts do not!

I completely agree. Sexual arousal is stronger and more affordable than any drug. And the problem is that it is always easy to satisfy (unlike hard-to-reach drugs). This addiction is more dangerous than any drug. More destructive and inconspicuous!
Save yourself people.

The article is just the same - SCREAM OF SOUL!
So many drochermen in the country - the whole army and I am among them. In reality, all psychologists and sexologists (well, more than 50% for sure) write and say that sometimes it should be, because unloading in life is necessary. But there really is such a global problem in handjob that it’s not so difficult to quit (there are periods of 10 and 15 and 30 days), but how after this period you don’t go to this business again. And it’s not a hunt to do this anymore, but a hunt to learn to enjoy it again. And when you start this season anew, the hunt will again learn to give up all these exploits.
HARM of masturbation is OBVIOUS. the psyche is changing - even if you are a capable person and without bad habits, then under the influence of these influences you begin to be afraid of a lot and fears appear, and I'm not saying that apathy and feelings of unfulfillment simply create complete discomfort and all-consuming Depression.
REALLY! IF TO APPLY THOSE THESE 5 RULES written by the author, that is, a chance to quit (naturally, as I understand it, quit masturbation - but continue sex with one partner).
masturbation = addiction. so you have to say goodbye to her. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE .

Fuck ATP, I now definitely decided that I’ll give up this horseradish, I perfectly see vleane masturbation

I give up forever thanks to the author.

please max! You will succeed!

How? How long did it last?

Thanks for the article))) How tin breaks! The abstinence is not very long ... I learned a lot.

Блин у меня такая большая история у меня вся жизнь испортилась из за он анимация мне 18 лет дрочу уже где-то лет7 постоянно хочу бросить держусь 2-7 но рекорд был 1 раз 18 дней потом просто не выдержал и сломался прям за 30 сек кончил ((даже незнаю как бросить я пытаюсь не смотреть не трогать но через где то 7-10 дней я смотря на девушек хочу их прям на месте обтрахат ь извините за выражение но это так эхххх очень много проблем от этой зависимости сегодня опять был срыв( просто организм автоматом делает все заходит в порно сайт я даже остановиться немогу что посоветуете ?

As soon as thoughts come about that would visit porn sites, although it is very difficult, you just need to turn off your phone, computer, tablet, and just go outside for a walk with a friend, when you return, sexual stress will be several times less, but it can resume , and if this happens, you can try to work out on the horizontal bar, or push up from the floor, in general physical activity, this is one of not many really working methods

Is it possible to hold out for a year? I'm 30

Can. Moreover, after a few months, the habit, as a matter of course, disappears. Only tension does not disappear, and the adaptation process lasts very slowly. I read a lot where - including here - that it takes a couple of weeks or a month. It is not true. After 2-4 weeks you will have enthusiasm, but then it will disappear. In order for real changes in the psyche to take place, years are needed, each of which will give something new - count the months, monitor the state. So, throwing a jerk off, you need to tune in immediately for a couple of years (although the habit itself will go away after a couple of months), otherwise self-confidence and the expectation of quick results will invariably play a trick on a person.

Lies, I lasted 4.5 months and nothing helped ... Only when I started again I now masturbate every half hour ...

I drop it myself, but I get frustrated when I drink, even a little. It is necessary to give up alcohol along with this, in my case at least.

I’ve been married to my doctor for 15 years almost day in a day, I’m trying to leave the church right now, there are some small successes. The article is too weak instruction to quit ... right now, at every step, debauchery and porn, flesh rampage begin to abstain and thoughts themselves stick, even when you don’t think and don’t want like an alcoholic’s thoughts go and go ... ... Personally, I read the works of the Holy Fathers about struggle with passions, including with fornication, which includes ananism, there are practical tips that work .. And this article vryatli will help an avid drocher, even if he wants to quit from the heart ... I’ll add from personal experience try to refrain from words, in touch, eye do not look at it