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The best options and tips: how to wash the cap in the washing machine and manually


A cap is a headdress worn by children, men and women, and which gets dirty more often than other hats. When worn regularly, it quickly becomes dirty, dust and sweat settle on it, and it requires good cleaning. Of course, you can turn to a dry cleaner for help, and there your cap will be cleaned. But if you decide to cope on your own, then “wind up” all the secrets about how to wash a cap, how to dry it using improvised means so that it does not lose its shape.

Are all caps washable?

Before you take care of this part of the wardrobe, read the instructions on the tag how to care for your cap. The main problem of cleaning is that they very quickly lose their original shape and their visor deteriorates. However, there are models of caps that can be washed both manually and in the washing machine.

But there are also models that can only be cleaned.

What does a cap wash do?

Prepare the following items that are necessary for washing it:

  • soft bristle brush
  • brush roller
  • Scotch,
  • sponge or rags
  • warm and cool water
  • detergent.

You will also need:

  • drying mold
  • Washer,
  • Dishwasher,
  • bank,
  • plate.

Basic rules for washing caps

Before washing the cap, take a dry brush with a soft pile and clean it. You can use a roller brush and clean the pile adhering to the fabric, fluff, hair, dust particles and specks. If you don’t have a roller brush on hand, then you can take a piece of tape and stick the cap carefully around the sticky side.

Now prepare the cap washing solution. To do this, take 2 cups of water and 3 tablespoons of washing powder.

Stir thoroughly and, using a foam sponge, apply the solution gently.

Particular attention should be paid to the rim of the garment, as this is usually the dirtiest place. Sweat and dirt usually accumulate here.

You can rub the rim with soap and leave it to lie down a bit, then gently rinse off the soap with a brush and clean water.

When it is washed, draw clean warm water and gently collect all the dirty foam from the cap. And then wash it gently with cool water.

If the cap does not come off

If using a hand wash your cap is still dirty, how to wash the cap then? You can try using a stain remover. Gently dilute the stain remover in warm water and apply it to the garment using a sponge.

You must wait 20 minutes and after 20 minutes you can gently rinse the stain remover with clean water.

How to wash a cap of various materials

Before you wash any baseball cap, you should study the instructions that correspond to the type of fabric from which it is made.

This material is moody, so if you have such an opportunity, it is best to hand over the thing to dry cleaning. When the services of professionals are not available, you can try to clean a leather product at home, using:

  • a mild soap solution, and without resorting to soaking. The surface of the headgear is simply passed with a damp sponge, after which the product is wiped dry with a soft cotton cloth,
  • coffee grounds for dark-colored caps. It must be placed in several layers of gauze and wiped the surface,
  • egg white for products from fair skin. It is mixed in equal proportions with milk, applied to the skin with a small piece of cotton wool and rubbed dry with a soft felt cloth,
  • ammonia. One tablespoon is dissolved in a glass of lukewarm water, moistened with a soft cloth and gently scrubbed the skin,
  • if the item is worn out and becomes dull, you can add shine to it with fresh juice of onions and lemon. To do this, wipe the surface with a freshly cut half of the vegetable, and then with a slice of lemon. You won’t believe it, the baseball cap will shine like a new one, and there will be no smell at all.

Among other things, the skin should be regularly treated with glycerin or castor oil so that it does not dry out, crack, scratch or warp, and remains soft and supple for a long time.

Caution: very wet genuine leather shrinks and becomes tough. The product is completely spoiled, and is not subject to further use.

When caring for any items of wool, follow the golden rule - no warm or hot water, otherwise the product will sit down. Do not forget to attend to the purchase of a high-quality laundry detergent, developed taking into account the peculiarities of caring for this material. Use a rinse aid to complete the wash. So your material will remain soft and pleasant for a long time.

It is impossible to squeeze woolen fabric, otherwise it will be deformed. They let her drain naturally or get wet with a bath towel.

Artificial fabrics easily tolerate washing in a typewriter at a low (30 degrees) temperature. The mode must be set to “Delicate”, “Synthetics” or “Hand wash”.

Fur products are only dry cleaned. For them use:

  • starch, semolina, flour, baby powder. A little substance is scattered on the fur and left to absorb dirt, for 15 minutes. Residues are removed with a soft brush,
  • liquid soap with starch. From these components make a thick slurry, which is carefully applied along the pile with an old toothbrush and combed with a wooden comb with wide teeth. But the most reliable way is still professional cleaning.

Cotton and linen

A cap made of such natural materials is not scary to machine wash. But it should be noted that in such models the visor must be plastic.

During washing, the delicate mode is set, the spin is turned off. The fabrics respond well to using soft bristle brushes and rinsing with the addition of conditioner.

Important: used products should not contain bleaching components. Under their influence, the material will change color, and you will get sloppy white spots. If necessary, test only oxygen bleach, first in an inconspicuous area.

Features of cleaning caps

A cap is an exclusively male wardrobe item. For many years it was a uniform in the armed and departmental forces of the state. According to tradition, only men were engaged in its cleaning. Despite the fact that this model is made on a solid base and equipped with a plastic visor, washing in a machine and dishwasher is not recommended. Professionals advise using a sponge or toothbrush with soft bristles for this. The process is as follows:

  1. The cap removes visible dirt with a non-rigid brush.
  2. Prepare a solution of cool water with liquid soap or a dishwasher (1 liter - 2 tablespoons).
  3. The sponge is moistened, squeezed and gently wiped with a cloth.
  4. If not all contaminants are removed, then add another tablespoon of the product to the water and repeat the procedure. Act so until there are no greasy areas left.
  5. The product is dried at room temperature in a dark, well-ventilated area.
  6. As a rule, additional smoothing and starches are not required.

It is interesting: uniform caps with removable fabric covers are now increasingly being issued. They are washed separately from the hard base, and are already clean and dry put on the frame.

Instructions for different types of washing baseball caps with a visor

Before the procedure, you must:

  1. Inspect. If the product does not get dirty slightly, try a dry, dry, dry cleaning.
  2. Examine the shortcut. Information on the composition of the tissue used will help determine the method of cleansing.
  3. Feel the visor. Hard and cardboard is not recommended to be exposed to machine exposure. Models with a direct peak allow both manual and technical cleaning, without the use of spin and drying.
  4. Buy a remedy. The most recommended is a liquid gel or powder. Universal bulk products leave too noticeable white stains on caps. Detergent should be selected, taking into account the composition of the fabric.
  5. Observe the correct temperature. With any method of washing, the degree of water should not be above 35, otherwise the material will deteriorate, shed, shrink.

Washing machine instruction

After you familiarize yourself with the label and determine that the product can be cleaned automatically, study the instructions on how to properly erase the cap in this way:

  1. Headgear can be put directly into the drum, or placed in a special mesh bag.
  2. The temperature should be set no higher than 40 degrees.
  3. Used washing modes: “Delicate”, “Manual”, “Synthetics” or “Wool”.
  4. Do not forget to press the “No spin” and “No drying” buttons or select the mode with low (400-600) rpm.
  5. Remember that even when using the most gentle mode, the probability of damage to things is extremely high, so it is best to prefer machine wash by hand.

Important: baseball caps made of thin and delicate fabrics are not recommended to be wetted. You can clean them with strips of tape or a sticky roller. They remove small spots after socks and dust.

Can I wash in a washing machine

In the machine it is forbidden to wash some models of hats:

  • leather and fur
  • from delicate or delicate fabrics (silk, suede, velveteen, cashmere, felt),
  • with a cardboard visor,
  • if the visor is too dense, for example, as in the “Adidas” baseball cap (in the process it can be very deformed).

Unusual way: using a dishwasher

Modern housewives have learned how to maximize the use of a dishwasher for all sorts of non-standard processes. It is now washed not only dishes, but also shoes, bags and, of course, hats. Do not worry, the process is completely uncomplicated, and consists in the following:

  • get rid of small impurities before diving, but you can put on a cap and so on
  • the product is placed upside down on the upper grill (focus on where there is more dirt),
  • add the necessary amount of liquid detergent for the machine into the compartment, taking into account the fabric from which the thing is sewn,
  • set the washing mode at which the temperature of the water used does not warm above 30 degrees,
  • hats usually tolerate this effect well, since the liquid is supplied from below and provides delicate cleaning,
  • upon completion of the process, without waiting for drying (if the manufacturer does not provide for washing without it), open the dishwasher, take out a clean thing and dry it.

How to clean manually

The most recommended cleaning method is hand washing. To do this, you will need:

  • brush with non-rigid bristles (for cleaning visible dirt),
  • sponge,
  • small capacity or sink,
  • suitable liquid powder
  • water at room temperature.

Before washing the cap, familiarize yourself with the correct sequence of actions.

  1. With vigorous movements, the surface of the baseball cap is cleaned of dust, small particles of dirt.
  2. 5 cups of warm water and ¼ cup of liquid remedy are collected in the container. The mixture must be vigorously stirred until dissolved, you can whip a thick foam.
  3. The dirtiest areas of matter are impregnated with a solution using a sponge or a soft cloth.
  4. With particular care, stop at places where the head rests (on the rim). After all, this part comes in contact with skin and hair, and constantly absorbs sweat, grease, and dirt.
  5. Wet and wring the sponge often while cleaning. It is possible that some places will require repeated exposure until the spots disappear.
  6. After the cap is cleaned, the water needs to be changed to colder, rinse the sponge under the tap from soap residues.
  7. Repeat the action using a clean liquid until the material is completely rid of the previous solution.

In conclusion, the thing needs to be dried.

There is another option for hand washing:

  1. The product is cleaned dry using the previous method (using a brush).
  2. Three tablespoons of the detergent are dissolved in 2 cups of water.
  3. Sponge them on the material, paying attention to excessively contaminated areas.
  4. The headgear is rinsed under a tap, allowed to drain on its own or blotted excess with a cloth.

Tip: baseball caps and caps, which have a direct visor, are dried by putting a load on it. And the products themselves are stuffed with paper. Dried by this method, they are not deformed.

Caps and baseball caps have a recognizable shape, and to keep it after washing, you need to properly dry the hat. There are several useful options:

  1. Terry towel. They blot the product, progressively ridding the matter of moisture. After the main fluid has been collected, pull the cap over a suitable shape (see below) and hold it on the prepared blank until it is completely dry.
  2. Bowl, jar, ball, ball, pan. Before the process, select a suitable bowl in the form, or take a three-liter jar. Place it upside down on a stable surface. After washing, put the baseball cap on the container and leave it until it dries completely.

How to beat off a cap

Even with the most proper drying, there is a risk of spoiling and crushing the thing. Therefore, take note of the ways how you can iron your favorite cap after washing and return it to its previous shape.

  1. A useful technique such as a steamer is useful for this. But if you don’t have such an appliance, hold the baseball cap over the spout of the boiling kettle for several minutes, and then dry it in a saucepan or ball. Checked - the original form will be restored.
  2. Moisten the fabric of the cap thoroughly (so that water flows), push in more paper bags, giving the product the desired shape, and secure them with an elastic band for money.
  3. Put on a damp cloth over your head and wear until completely dry.

In addition to the above methods, a thing can be starched. Usually for this purpose use:

  1. PVA glue. In a solution of glue and water at the rate of 1: 1, lower the cap and let it soak for 15 minutes. Excess moisture is removed with a soft cloth and dried on a blank, carefully straightened. The edges can be ironed with a warm iron.
  2. Starch. Used for three degrees of starches: low (1 tsp per 1 liter of water), medium (1 tbsp per 1 liter), high (2 tbsp per 1 liter). In any method, starch is dissolved in hot water, allowed to cool and the product is lowered into it for 15 minutes. After that, the excess substance is blotted and the thing is dried on the disc. The method is good if the cap has lost rigidity.
  3. Beer. Pour the product into a container of suitable volume, place the garment and leave for 30 minutes. Next, they take it out, let it drain and dry it, putting it on its head.
  4. Acrylic varnish. Gives rigidity and gloss. A sheet of plywood or cardboard wrapped in polyethylene should be placed on the table. Put the product on a jar, carefully straighten. The varnish dries quickly, so it is applied with a wide brush, without saturating the material, and left to dry completely.
  5. Special Starch Spray (Dr. Beckmann, SANO, Luxus Superform or others). A baseball cap is abundantly moistened with a tool, put on a blank and steamed with a steamer or iron.

Tip: oily traces and old spots are removed with the help of Fairy dissolved in water.

As you can see, cleaning a baseball cap at home is a snap. A lot of patience and accuracy, and your headpiece will again become clean and bright. And if he has already worn out, you can always find him a place in the country, and buy a new one for everyday life.

Rules and features of washing caps

  • Caps with a cardboard visor must not be washed in water, as the cardboard will get wet and lose its shape. These are fairly cheap products, so if it is very dirty, it’s easier to buy a new one. Ordinary dust and light dirt can be removed with a dry, soft brush.
  • Cotton or synthetic baseball caps with a plastic visor can be washed both manually and in a machine,
  • Fur and leather caps cannot be washed! Such materials are cleaned dry
  • Thoroughly clean the hat before washing. To do this, take a dry brush with a soft pile and a roller brush. They will remove dust and specks, remove adhered pile or fluff,
  • For washing, choose a delicate powder without chlorine, otherwise the hat may lose color. You can use powder for baby clothes,

  • To prevent the material from becoming too hard after water procedures, add fabric softener to the water or the machine during washing,
  • Even if the cap can be washed in a washing machine, it is better to choose a manual method. By the way, the product can be washed in the dishwasher. In this case, it will be firmly fixed and will not move throughout the drum, which will allow you to keep in shape,
  • After washing, rinse the product thoroughly so that there are no stains, and once again wipe the visor and the inside of the headgear with a brush,
  • Pay particular attention to drying the product. After washing, the cap is worn on some form. A children's ball or a three-liter jar will do. The product is left to dry completely.
  • It is not recommended to dry fabric hats in the sun, batteries and heaters, and it is strictly forbidden to do this for leather or fur caps.


Prepare a washing solution. To do this, dissolve three tablespoons of the powder with two glasses of water. Moisten a sponge or napkin in the solution and go over the entire surface of the cap inside and outside the product, removing stains and dirt.

If the contaminants are strong, apply the solution and leave for 10-20 minutes. Then remove dirt with a sponge. Наиболее сильные загрязнение потрите мягкой зубной щеткой.

Особое внимание уделите внутренней части и ободку бейсболки. If the rim is very dirty, rub it thoroughly with soap and leave for 15-30 minutes. Then the soap is washed off in warm water with a brush.

After you rub the headgear with a washing solution, dip the product in clean warm water and use a clean sponge to clean the dirty foam. Then the cap is washed and rinsed in cool water. When rinsing, go over the surface of the product again, inside the baseball cap and on the visor.

How to dry a cap after washing

When it is washed, put it on some form, you can put it on a three-liter jar and leave it in that form until it is completely dry.

You can use a terry towel to dry the cap. Blot it with a terry towel, gradually a terry towel absorbs all the moisture. After that, you can put the cap on some form. On a jar, ball, plate, and keep it in shape until it is completely dry.

And if your cap is not washable, it’s easier to buy a new one.

Using all of the above tips on how to wash your cap, you can easily tidy up your cap!

Washing machine

If the cap is allowed to be washed in the washing machine, this will be the easiest and fastest way. In this case, use only the delicate mode and temperatures up to 40 degrees for cotton, up to 30 for synthetics and wool.

When washing, choose a powder that is suitable for a particular type of material or fabric. For white and colored products, the appropriate powders are also chosen.

The easiest way to wash cotton hats, as they only require compliance with a delicate regime. When washing synthetic and wool models, only cool or cold water is used, since hot spoils the material and shape. Leather and fur caps can only be cleaned, but not washed!


In the dishwasher, the product will be fixed in one place and will not move inside, as in a washing machine. In addition, the dishwasher erases very neatly and delicately, so this can be used. The cap is placed on the upper tier, where glasses are usually placed. Pour the dishwashing powder and wash the product.

If heavy dirt and stains are present on the fabric of the product, or if the baseball cap does not come off after the first time, dilute a chlorine-free stain remover in water. Moisten a sponge in water and wipe the product.

Leave the hat on for twenty minutes and then carefully rinse off with clean, warm water. After this, do not forget to rinse the baseball cap thoroughly in cool water.

How to clean a leather cap

To clean the leather cap, dissolve a small amount of liquid soap in water. Or take a small piece of standard soap and rub on a coarse grater. Mix soap with water until foam. Take a soft sponge or cloth and soak in the resulting soapy solution. Carefully process the product inside and out, avoiding severe wetting of the skin.

After wiping, wipe the skin dry with a cloth or cloth from the flannel. After that, put the cap on the mold and leave to dry in a cool place. By the way, if the skin loses its color, wipe the surface with onion juice. To do this, cut the onion into two halves and wipe the skin with a cut.

Thus, the cap will return the color and presentable appearance. In addition, onions will help to mask spots and scratches on the skin. After the procedure, wipe the skin with a cotton pad with lemon juice or lemon pulp. This will give the product shine and eliminate the unpleasant smell of onions.

How to dry a cap

After washing, the cap will get wet, but not wiped with a bath towel until it absorbs most of the moisture. Then the product for drying is placed on a convex shape, which resembles the structure of the head. It can be a ball, a three-liter jar or other similar item. Place the cap on the drying pan and flatten the fabric so that there are no wrinkles or bends.

If the baseball cap has a straight, even and flat visor, put it under a stack of books or another similar press. This will straighten the visor, prevent it from deforming or twisting. If the cap has dried in the wrong form, moisten the surface with water from a spray or spray bottle, straighten the material and place it on the drying mold again.

If the material becomes too soft after water procedures, stir three tablespoons of starch in a liter of water. Rinse the hat with this solution, give it the desired shape and send it to dry.