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How to participate in blitz dates


Dating Blitz is a modern format for speed dating dating evenings. The organizers invite 12 girls and 12 men to the cafe, and sit them in pairs. Each couple communicates for 5-7 minutes, and after this time, the men will transfer to the next girl at the signal of the presenter. Five minutes later - again a transplant, and a new date. Thus, each participant is introduced to each participant. The next day they will receive the evening’s results: contacts of those with whom their sympathies are mutual (they note their sympathies in special questionnaires during the event).

Now the most important thing begins: the participants received each other's phones and can communicate in free form, without intermediaries. The organizers recommend going on a date with a few pretty candidates in order to choose "the very one" from them. Of course, mini-dating is not enough to see if a couple can build a relationship. But the goal of the blitz party is not this, but to select potential candidates. After the event, couples will have as much time as possible to look at each other! According to the organizers, the big plus is that the participants do not go on blind dates, as with an online acquaintance.

Date blitz in Moscow is collected by about 600 participants weekly. The contingent of such events is people with higher education who work in the intellectual fields. For example, businessmen, doctors, managers, IT specialists, students.

Why do people prefer to get to know this way?

Here is the event participant’s feedback:

“I come on dates for the second time, every time I get a lot of positive emotions. All people are different, with some I would never have met in real life. I am interested in knowing people what they live for, finding common ground with them. Am I looking for my soulmate here? Maybe. But not only. I like to chat live, I don’t understand those who prefer virtual reality. ”Elena, 23, student of the Faculty of Philology.

As the participants in quick dates themselves say, dating at such evenings is more interesting and brighter than online dating.

First of all, it’s immediately clear what kind of person is sitting opposite. Is it worth it to go on a date with him, or is it better to never meet? Agree, from the photo it is not always possible to understand. As a result, after online correspondence, people go on a date with a "pig in a poke." Therefore, often online dating ends in disappointment.

Secondly, the dating process itself is filled with emotions. So many new people, stories in one evening! Correspondence in online applications is sometimes delayed, and sometimes even remains a virtual history. According to statistics, no more than 30% of virtual dating ends in a real meeting.

Here's what men say about speed dating:

“At the moment, I’m only dating blitz dates. There are friends, but work takes too much time: you have to work even on weekends. With such a schedule, finding time for a hobby or partying is simply physically impossible. I come for the fourth time, and I hope that this time I will be lucky. The first times were quite successful, there were pretty girls, but it did not work out. So I’ll try! ”Andrey, 35, financial broker

Here is a tip from a girl who met her fiancé on a date blitz in Moscow:

“I went to an event for a company with a girlfriend. I did not believe in online dating, nor in such parties. She thought that my fate would find me herself. But in the end I met Lesha, my fiance. On the other hand, it happened - I met fate where I did not expect it. ”Olesya, 29, event manager.

Important Rules

Only clan players can participate in tournaments, and only fighters from the same clan can be part of one tournament team.

The number of teams from one clan is not limited.

The maximum possible number of teams in one tournament is 1024.

Each tournament takes place in several stages:

  1. Announcement.
  2. Registration of teams.
  3. Draw - the formation of the tournament grid and the schedule of fights.
  4. Conducting matches of tours and stages (their number depends on the rules of a particular tournament.
  5. The formation of the grid and the battle schedule according to the results of the stage.
  6. Closing the tournament and rewarding the winners.

How to participate

In the main menu of the game there is a button “Tournaments” that can lead you straight to fame and an impressive reward. Immediately after the update, the tournament menu will be empty, but when the first competition is launched, there will already be something to do:

At the bottom of the screen are not just icons - these are links to the full timetable and platforms where you can watch the key fights of the tournament
In the menu you can familiarize yourself with the prize pool and the tournament regulations, click the "Participate" button and start forming the team. Please note: a short version of the regulation will be presented in the game client. To read the full regulation, click on the World of Tanks Blitz logo at the bottom of the screen - it will lead you to the portal.

A team can be created by any player in the clan. This player becomes a captain and gets the opportunity to invite his co-clan members to the team and select fighters from the list of applicants

Invite fighters using the button in the lower left corner of the screen. Gathered a team? Click "Register"!
To register a team, equip it according to the requirements of the tournament. The standard composition that can be announced for the tournament is 7 main players (minimum required) and 3 substitutes (if possible and optional). The captain decides who will be the substitute and who will be the main one in a particular battle - there are no restrictions.

Important! After registration, it is impossible to change the composition of the team. In extreme cases, you can cancel the registration, change the team and try again to register. However, if by that time the system collects the maximum number of commands, then the registration will be closed. If, before the official completion of registration, a team cancels its application, registration will open again, and another team will be able to take its place.

On the tab “Matches” you will see the schedule of upcoming battles of the tour, and between the rounds - the results of past meetings.

5 minutes before the start of the match, all players in the team receive invitations to the tournament room. To get into battle, each player on the team must accept the invitation. If it is suddenly lost, go to the "News" menu and go to the "Tournaments" tab - all invitations regarding tournaments (to a team or to a battle) come here. Quickly click the "Accept" button!

Remember the start time of the next battle (you can even set an alarm just in case) and enter the game in advance.

The tournament room menu is almost identical to the training rooms you already know. Choose the appropriate technique according to the regulations, return to the room and click the “Ready” button.

Breaks between fights can be short - do not forget to click “Ready” first thing!

Battle start conditions

The fight starts automatically exactly on schedule. To start a battle, the following conditions must be met:
- The number of players selected by the captain in the battle corresponds to the restrictions of the regulation.
- The selected equipment complies with the regulations.
- All players on the team clicked the "Ready" button.
If any of the conditions is not met, the team is counted as a technical defeat. If both teams do not meet the requirements of the regulations, a technical defeat is counted by both. Be careful!
Read more about the mechanics of the tournament here.

What is express dating?

Participating in Speed ​​dating can make friends with 10-15 members of the opposite sex in a short time. In Russia, express dates appeared relatively recently, but many have already liked it. By no means always the consequence of acquaintances at such parties is the conclusion of marriage, but pleasant acquaintances and interesting pastimes are guaranteed to everyone.

With all the simplicity of express dates, someone has to take care of organizing them, so why not do this noble thing - connecting single hearts? You provide people with the opportunity to meet at a cafe table and chat, and they, in gratitude for this, pay you a small amount. Start-up capital for starting such a business is not required, only organizational skills are required.

How to organize a business on express dates?

Two business development options:

  1. You have your own restaurant or cafe for holding Speed ​​dating.
  2. You collect express dates at the rented premises. This option can be considered a business from scratch.

With the first option, everything is clear - organizational issues are reduced to holding and attracting visitors.

In the second case, you must first find a suitable room. Successful places will be the recently opened cafes, which have not yet had time to acquire regular customers. Cooperation will be beneficial for you and for the owner of the institution, receiving a stream of visitors.

The situation in the cafe should be comfortable and comfortable so that the participants do not strain and feel confident. The organizer’s task is to provide the meeting participants with a pleasant atmosphere, order light drinks, sandwiches, fruits, etc. The cost of organizing a party for 30-40 people will be approximately 10,000 rubles (with rental).

When the issue with the venue is resolved, you can begin to search for customers. Do not limit the choice to young people, as experience shows, people of mature age and even the elderly are happy to participate in Speed ​​dating. Groups should be made up of people of about the same age, interests and social status.

It has been noticed that in Europe countries couples go to such meetings, striving to diversify their relations. Do not try to form groups by eye, let customers fill out questionnaires, based on which you can judge the interests and goals of each person who has contacted you.

Surveys can be conducted when registering for Speed ​​dating via the Internet. To organize this business, access to the Internet is vital: you need your own website on which participants can register, there will also be information about the place and time of the meetings. It’s not difficult to make a site today, there are many different services (Wix, Tilda) that provide such opportunities for free, or for a small fee.

To attract participants, advertising in the local press, on the streets, in the cafe where the event is supposed to be useful. On average, advertising costs amount to 10,000-30,000 rubles per month.

How to hold meetings?

At the appointed time, participants gather in a cafe. The group should have the same number of women and men. Women occupy tables, and men sit down to them. Communication lasts seven minutes. At the signal, the men get up and change seats at the next table. So, moving from table to table, all men will communicate with all women. Participants put notes in the questionnaire, marking their interlocutors. In the matched pair, the participants exchange phone numbers.

If you invite 30 people to parties, selling them tickets at 500 rubles, then each event will bring about 5,000 rubles of net income. This is not bad considering the simplicity of the organization and the positive emotions of communication..