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How to make origami "Girl in a Kimono"


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Dress up game in which you can create a cute traditional (or not so) Japanese outfit for a girl - a kimono. The game allows not only to choose a pattern for a kimono, but also to completely change the face of the dressed-up doll. For this you have a lot of possibilities - in the game you can change the color and shape of the eyes, the shape of the mouth, use shadows and nail polish, create a hairstyle.

For kimonos, you can choose from traditional Japanese patterns for fabric, as well as a variety of prints in anime style or, for example, a funny pattern with pandas. Cute hair ornaments, flowers, bows or a fan will help to give the image a finish.

The game is controlled by the mouse. To save your work in the form of a picture on your computer - click on the “Save” button in the lower right corner of the game screen.

Will break in: I love Japan :)

Valkyrie: People, this is not China. this is japan!

Angel Adequacy: This is Japan, Alice.

Lerichka: Class, I like kimano by the way. This is an amazing outfit. But this is not like, of course with us.

Natasha: Game class.

Sonya: Mmmm. just great, it turns out beautifully. Thanks to the admins for the unusual dress up.

Alice Golovan: China, kimano, everything as I love.

Arina: A very beautiful game, kimano is cool!

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In today's world, this figure is studied in all schools in the course of geometry. Despite this, in order to better understand its structure, you can make an octahedron out of paper or wire.

Of course, the paper option is much simpler and best suited for children. This is what will be discussed in our article.

Before you start making the octahedron out of paper, you should stock up on the right components and tools. You will need:.

As you can see, all these materials are very common and you can easily find them at home.

Where to begin?

It is worth noting that a home-made toy will help the child better develop spatial thinking, and in the process of its manufacture - fine motor skills when working with paper. First you need to prepare a sketch for the future figure.

Below you can find a ready-made template that should be printed and transferred to the appropriate material. When you have already made the correct layout, you will need to cut it and glue it all together.

At the same time, try to make the template accurate - the more accurate it is, the better the figure will turn out. If the child cannot cut the template on his own, maybe he should help.

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So, as you know, the sweep of a figure consists of a number of regular and equal triangles, which are arranged in a certain sequence. The other two triangles are adjacent to the middle shapes. As you can see, making a do-it-yourself octahedron out of paper is actually very simple and easy. Before doing a sweep, you should choose the length of the face.

After you cut the shape, use the ruler to bend all the lines well.

Outwardly, it consists of six squares and eight triangles. Below we will present another way that will help you make an octahedron out of paper. For this you will need :. In addition to using paper for such purposes, you can use wire as the main material. True, for this you will need additional tools, because working with wire is much more difficult than with paper. First of all, you may need metal scissors and wire cutters - to cut the material.

You can make an octahedron from a wire according to the same principle as from paper - make a rigid square base and attach the remaining triangle parts to it.

When choosing a material, it is worth choosing one that can be soldered - this will simplify the connection of all parts. When working with wire, try to be extremely careful - you can inadvertently harm yourself.

The same applies to the use of a soldering iron - remember the safety precautions for using electrical appliances. Use of materials without the consent of the author and a direct indexed hyperlink to the UchiEto website. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Related News How to make a small sight in the cop?