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How to easily and quickly clean the entire apartment


Each housewife had a situation when her husband, not looking up from the monitor, said: “By the way, bunny, my mother called, she will be soon.” And it doesn’t matter whose mother called - the order in the house is far from what I would like to demonstrate to relatives.

The call of friends can also be attributed to the same stressful situations: “we are in your store, in 5 minutes we will be, what to take?”. Do not faint, take two deep breaths and exhale, set aside a relationship on a topic whose relatives and friends "can never warn in advance." You have another problem now - how to clean at home in 5 minutes ?!

At the start, attention, ran:

  1. With a loud sound, distract your husband from the gadget and give him a vacuum cleaner. For some reason, men deal with this technique best. Let it suck dust in all visible places, even where there is no carpet.
  2. Run into the bath and pour detergent on the toilet and sink. Take a large bag and put ALL that hangs on the dryer, lies on the washer and rolls on the floor. Dry, wet - you will understand after the end of the guest crisis. Package deep under the bath. There should be a guest towel and a couple of yours - only clean ones. Better hang out fresh ones.
  3. While the toilet and sink are soaking, take another bag and fold all the little things that are lying around the house. Books, pens, a T-shirt, empty bottles, packaging - everything you see in one package. No time to lay out. Remember! Order is horizontal empty surfaces. The table, the top of the dresser, the TV stand are empty and clean. You stuff the bag with small things into the wardrobe, we will restore order there later, without witnesses.
  4. The husband vacuumed, praise for the feat, and give a clear installation - carry everything edible from the rooms to the kitchen (it is better to immediately go to the refrigerator), all the cups there too. The man will cope, he distinguishes the food accurately.
  5. With a brush, go around the toilet, tear off a large piece of toilet paper, wipe the bezel, even paper, or napkins - the cover on both sides. One, two, done. Same thing with the mirror. Water + soft toilet paper, then dry and, lo and behold, everyone sees themselves without half an hour wiping the glass with a linen clean towel, as my mother taught.
  6. We wipe the floor only in the hallway and then in urgent need. The vacuum cleaner has already removed dust, hair and fine litter. There is no time for high-quality washing, but there is no point in simply wetting the laminate. And it’s not super clean, and it’s clear that we just ran and cleaned it.
  7. You don’t have time to wash the greasy dirty stove, do not even start. Remove the iron coasters and burners, line the surface firmly with foil and put everything back in place. At the puzzled looks of the guests, be horrified: “How ?! You do not line the foil plate ?! And you don’t need to wash after cooking and saves gas! ” And now you are a zealous mistress who does not move away from the stove.
  8. With dishes, everything is more complicated. It’s ideal to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher. You can arrange everything carefully and turn it on later. If there is no such unit, put your husband to wash the dishes. No time - just mention in passing that “only they gave water, just a couple of minutes ago, a mess in the housing and communal services, for which they only pay money!”

I noticed that such an express cleaning takes up to 10 minutes, if everything is done smoothly and does not hit into the inadmissible luxury of perfectionism.

Of course, what we have just done, cleaning can only be called a stretch. Therefore, let's figure out how to make it easier to clean, and there was more cleanliness and comfort.

Step 1 - save time and effort

Instead of wiping for a long and tiring period, for example, a plate stained with grease, apply detergent to it and leave it alone for a short while. Any dirt leaves with a few movements with a sponge, if you first moisten the surface with a good cleaning agent.

Before you begin, find all heavily soiled surfaces and prepare them for cleaning. Spray a special spray on the tile in the bathroom, the walls of the shower. Fill the toilet with gel. Soak the dishes in the sink or load them into the dishwasher. Wet stains of dried mud on the floor in the hallway and other places.

Tip: If you want to know how to quickly clean the apartment - learn one important rule that professional cleaners use in the elite homes of wealthy people - stock up on an arsenal of effective detergents specifically designed for various types of pollution.

Instead of scrubbing limescale in the bathroom for half an hour, simply treat the surface and leave the amount of time indicated on the package. Then simply wipe off all the dirt with one motion of your hand and rinse the surface - do the same with all of the above contaminated places.

Step 2 - remove all unnecessary

When thinking about how to start cleaning in a cluttered and long-unwashed apartment, remember - the less things there are in the room, the faster and easier to clean. Therefore, depending on the situation, you have 2 options for further action.

If you are waiting for guests in the evening, then simply collect all the scattered things, objects, any household items in packages - this is a one-time cleaning of the apartment, speed is important to you, so for now, put all this in a pantry or other place that is invisible to outsiders. Carefully make things that remain in sight, such as souvenirs in the living room or kitchen accessories.

If you do a spring cleaning and think about how to properly and permanently clean the apartment, you will have to conduct an audit.

All that is used and no longer needed is broken, just tired and lying around idly - ruthlessly throw it in the trash. Take away empty tubes of paste in the bathroom, unused products in the kitchen, old clothes that only take up space and nobody needs. And carefully put the necessary things in their places.

By the time guests arrive, be sure to change the towels in the bathroom and in the kitchen, put a new piece of soap for washing your hands, spray air freshener. All this creates the favorable impression that the whole apartment is perfectly ready for the arrival of people dear to this house.

Step 3 - Dust Fight!

Having freed up space for further cleaning, you can quickly and easily remove dust. Remember, when guests arrive or during spring cleaning, simply vacuuming the visible surfaces of the floor is not enough.

Vacuum upholstery, under sofas, on chandeliers - if you have the appropriate nozzles. If not, after vacuuming all possible surfaces, collect dust in hard-to-reach places with a wet rag.

If you are thinking about how to learn how to quickly and easily clean an apartment, use special equipment in addition to special chemicals. These are special rags for cleaning dust, mops with automatic extraction and a rotating nozzle, a variety of scrapers, sponges and brushes. A couple of special tools and rags will greatly facilitate your work.

They do not leave stains, delicately clean the desired surface, quickly absorb any dirt, and do not smear it like an old rag.

Step 4 - glass, mirrors, furniture, dishes

Before you clean the apartment completely, that is, go to the final stage - mopping, do not forget a few important details.

First, wash the surfaces that you previously soaked. Remove excess dishes and utensils from the stove and cupboards. Wipe the walls and all visible surfaces of household appliances and furniture (upholstery of upholstered furniture should be wiped with a damp cloth to refresh the color and the whole appearance).

Secondly, be sure to refresh the glass surfaces - if they do not sparkle, there is no feeling of a perfect cleaning.

Thirdly, ask the household to remove from the apartment everything that you collected and decided to throw away. Do not forget to prepare dishes for guests - perhaps teaspoons will require cleaning from coffee plaque, and plates and glasses should be wiped with a dry towel to a glossy shine. Remember that the smallest spot on the dishes can spoil the appetite and the whole impression of dinner.

Use a spray gun to refresh indoor plants. Remove wool, toys, pet supplies.

Step 5 - The Final Touch

Inspect the apartment - if all the surfaces sparkle, all the garbage is thrown away, the furniture has a fresh look, the dishes and all the accessories are ready, then you can finish your chores and worries. This can be called the most enjoyable stage, since it is the last - mopping. Lift the carpets and small furniture, and, starting from the farthest corners, gradually wash in parallel movements the entire floor covering, heading to the exit from the room. Do not disregard the places under the radiators and the skirting boards.

It is important not to rub the floor with the chaotic movements of the rag, since when it dries, the surface will not shine smoothly. Move in straight, straight movements so that the washed area is perpendicular to the exit from the room - so the floor will look most neat after drying.

How often do you need to clean the apartment?

For the average family, a weekly cleaning is enough to keep the apartment in a decent appearance. Someone prefers to allocate one day and clean the entire apartment, while someone daily maintains order in the whole house, performing a couple of household chores between the tasks.

According to sanitary standards, a regular wet cleaning should be carried out in the apartment so that pathogenic microbes and other pathogens do not accumulate in the house. In a small child’s room, wet cleaning is recommended daily. In adult rooms - at the personal discretion of each, optimally - every 4 to 5 days, depending on the condition of the apartment. The newer the furniture and interior decoration, the less dust - therefore, if you are tired of washing the dust daily from the TV, think about a major overhaul, and then wet cleaning will be required no more than once a week or even more.

Useful Tips

As a rule, those who prefer to clean the apartment quickly and efficiently monitor the order regularly. That is, in order not to spend the whole weekend on spring cleaning, it is better to maintain order during the week: throw out garbage and everything unnecessary immediately after use, wipe the stove immediately after cooking, load the washing machine in the evenings. You can go even further and take special measures in order to subsequently less trouble with cleaning.
For example:

Antistatic polish furniture and appliances - surfaces will not attract a lot of dust.

Use prophylactic agents, such as pills for a toilet bowl, to prevent contamination.

Distribute several responsibilities among family members for whom they alone will be responsible.

Easy and efficient cleaning is real, if you approach it thoughtfully and with an arsenal prepared in advance, now you know how to quickly clean the entire apartment! If you do not want to clean yourself or you do not have time for this, then you can contact our company for cleaning the apartment after repair or just a general cleaning on a daily or one-time basis. Our experts go to the facility on the day of the call. All necessary equipment is included in the cleaning price.