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How to sell a car correctly and safely


Buying and selling cars is the foundation of the automotive market. This procedure itself is quite simple - not taking into account the choice of the car and the pitfalls associated with it, of course. At the end of 2013, it became even easier - there was no need to remove the car from the register and change numbers every time during the sale. Today we’ll figure out how to make a deal.

Execute the procedure for buying and selling a car - that is, buy or sell an available car, having fulfilled all the documentary requirements.

The contract of sale is a simple document, you can draw it up yourself and write by hand, and certification by a notary is not mandatory at all. The contract form is relatively free - on the Internet you can find many different forms: for example, a standard form can be downloaded here.

The main thing is that the contract should contain basic data, such as complete information about the seller, buyer and car, the agreed cost of the car, signatures of the parties to the transaction and the date of signing the contract. The date of signing is extremely important for the seller - it starts with the countdown of 10 days, for which the new owner is obliged to reissue the car in the traffic police in his name.

The sales contract must be made in triplicate: for the seller, the buyer and the provision of the traffic police when re-registering the car. In addition, the seller must sign the passport of the vehicle - in the free column “signature of the former owner”.

After signing the contract of sale, affixing a signature to the TCP and receiving money for the car, the seller’s participation in the procedure actually ends - the transaction is completed. All further worries about re-registering the car rest with the buyer. He must arrive at any convenient traffic police department within 10 days after the purchase to reissue the car in his name - change registration data due to a change in ownership.

To reissue the car, the new owner must arrive at the traffic police department with a car ready for inspection and a package of documents in which come in:

  • a standard form statement about a change in registration data in connection with the transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle,
  • identity document
  • a document certifying the applicant’s authority to represent the interests of the owner of the vehicle (if any),
  • vehicle passport
  • vehicle registration certificate,
  • documents proving ownership of the vehicle (sales contract),
  • compulsory third party liability insurance of the new owner of the vehicle,
  • a document on the payment of the state fee for registration actions related to the issuance of a certificate of registration of a vehicle and for amendments to a previously issued vehicle passport.

An application for changing registration data can be filled out directly in the traffic police department, or you can prepare and print it in advance by downloading it from the official website of the traffic police - here. Before you hand over all the collected documents for re-issuance, you need to go there to the traffic police to pass an inspection of the car, during which the numbers of the body, frame and license plates will be checked for compliance with those specified in the TCP.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that to reissue a car, you need a compulsory motor liability insurance contract (how to draw it up, we already told), drawn up in the name of the new owner - the old insurance expires. The previous owner, by the way, can contact the insurance company and return part of the cost of the policy by terminating the contract before the expiration of its validity - details can be clarified directly with the insurer.

After checking the package of documents required for registration, you will be returned the passport and the CTP policy, and then they will be issued with the TCP as amended on the data of the car owner and a new registration certificate in the name of the current owner.

To do this, you need to submit an application for changing the data of the vehicle owner in electronic form through the public service portal and pay the state fee for issuing a certificate of registration of the vehicle and amending the previously issued passport of the vehicle by bank transfer. In this case, a 30% discount will be given on payment of fees: the first will cost 350 rubles instead of 500, and the second - 245 instead of 350. The total cost of re-issuance, therefore, will be 595 rubles instead of 850.

It must be remembered that until the new owner has renewed the car, you are his formal owner - and, therefore, the responsibility, for example, for paying fines will rest with you. If the buyer neglected the law and did not renew the car in the prescribed 10 days, you have the right to contact the traffic police and stop registering the car by writing a statement. In this case, the nonchalant new owner faces a fine not only for failure to comply with the requirements for timely re-issuance, but also for driving a vehicle that is not registered in the prescribed manner, and for you this means getting rid of the burden of new fines. Theoretically, you can not only stop registering a car, but even remove it from the registration account - you just need to remember that in this case the car turns into a pile of spare parts, since restoration of accounting is formally impossible. So it is hardly worth it to do such a radical harm to a buyer who delayed re-registering, permanently depriving him of a newly acquired car.

To sell a car, today you do not need to contact the traffic police to remove the vehicle from the register. And many Russians are afraid of such independence. For them - our detailed algorithm of actions.

How did you resell the car in the old days? To check for legal cleanliness, we drove along with a potential buyer to a traffic police post, removed the car from the register before the sale, drew up the sales contract in the “commission”, checked the money received there, and only then the new owner again went to the traffic police to register the purchase and get new numbers. Now you can check the history on the Avtokod portal, the procedure for deregistration “for sale” has been canceled, and the contract can be drawn up and signed without giving the blood rubles to paramedic mediators.

So, the buyer is found, the price is negotiated, you can proceed to the deal. First, make sure that the TCP has at least one free column where you can enter the data of the new owner. If the main document of the car is already filled out, you will have to get a new one from the traffic police. Otherwise, there will be no place to reflect customer information. Moreover, we do not recommend changing the form on our own initiative in advance. The inscription "Duplicate" on the TCP can scare off a potential buyer, and the sale will be delayed. It is better to show the original, in which the history of the car will be visible.

How to fill out a car purchase contract?

The contract must indicate the date and place of its preparation, the cost of the vehicle, last name, first name, middle name of the seller and buyer, their addresses and passport details, vehicle identification data (make, model, color, year of manufacture, VIN), series, number , date of issue of the vehicle passport (PTS), as well as data from the registration document (STS) and license plate number (if any). It will be useful to indicate that the buyer accepts the vehicle in good condition and has no complaints.

The contract is made in triplicate. One remains with the seller, two with the buyer, who, in turn, will give one to the traffic police when registering the car.

General recommendations

Before moving on to the details of how to properly sell a car, we will give some general tips and be sure to watch the video!

  1. The season affects the price of a car. Experts are inclined to believe that it is best to sell in the spring, but to buy in the winter. In the summer, when everyone is on vacation and at the dachas, finding a buyer will be very problematic. In general, the market shows a decline in prices by 5-10%,
  2. Better not to try to trick the buyer. The fact that the meter breaks or twists will eventually come out, providing you with considerable problems,
  3. Do not sell the car in installments. If the buyer does not have enough money, he can always apply for a loan from the bank, or come up with another way how to make money.

Factors Affecting Selling Price

  • Make or model
  • Year of issue,
  • Mileage,
  • Equipment,
  • Manufacturer and country
  • Type of gearbox
  • Steering wheel position
  • Number of former owners
  • Body condition and coating,
  • Clarity of the engine and gearbox,
  • Optics and Suspension Condition,
  • Clean interior
  • Terms of Use,
  • Additional options, restyling and airbrushing,
  • Battery, wheels and tires.

Car pre-sale

All those who at least once engaged in the sale will unanimously say that pre-sale preparation of the car is mandatory. However, what should you pay attention to first of all?

Most often, buyers first pay attention to two important parameters: visible and audible defects. This category includes various dents, chips, cracks, as well as oil leaks and uneven motor operation. This is what should be addressed first. It will never be superfluous to polish the body (as well as the headlights) - the external shine and gloss attract buyers. Chips should be painted over, and dents - straightened.

Before you sell the car, fill in good gasoline - with it the engine will work more smoothly. Alternatively, you should use a fuel with a higher octane rating. Be sure to replace the candles and check the wiring. In most cases, after such work, the sound of the engine becomes much smoother. Fresh gasket will help to avoid a loud roar of the motor, which will scare away a potential buyer, and tightened belts will eliminate the whistle.

Should I wash the engine? Situationally. If the car is already many years old, and its motor does not look different from a huge lump of dirt, then be sure to wash it. Do not think that a washed engine will scare away buyers: according to sellers statistics, the number of buyers who do not like a washed motor is no more than those who do not like that it is dirty. Try to figure out for yourself whether a clean engine can add value to a car or not.

Separately, it is worth touching the twisting of the odometer. In Russia, his testimony is rarely believed, so is it worth spending your money on correcting the testimony? It is up to everyone to decide. In any case, the aforementioned preparation should already help to sell the car expensively.

Where and to whom to sell a car

There are several ways to quickly sell a car. Here are the most popular:

To relatives

The method is both good and bad. Among the obvious disadvantages, it’s worth taking at least a relative request to drop the price, give installments, etc. Yes, and later found problems you will begin to remember for a long time. Anyway, it will be necessary to answer such claims, both morally and financially - this is simply inevitable. But it will be possible to sell the car quickly enough, and the price should be very attractive.

Glass stickers

You can place an advertisement for the sale not only in the newspaper, but also on the machine itself. A sticker with the word "For Sale" and a phone number - and here is the product as it is in front of the buyer. Every passerby will be able to see the announcement, but only in the place where the car is. The special charm of the method is that a potential buyer can immediately inspect the car for body defects, etc. One minus - with this method you have to walk on foot until the car is sold.

Car market

Today, every major city has its own automobile market. Unfortunately, most often they are paid and for a day of parking you will have to pay a certain amount. On the other hand, you can always not only show yourself, but also look at others - choose an option for further purchase, argue about prices. Going at least once to the market will always be useful - there you can re-evaluate your own car closer to reality.

As for the benefits of such a method, it is difficult to judge. Someone sells the first time, someone stays there all weekend for several months, which turns out to be a noticeable waste.

There are two important nuances here: before going to the market, it is better to immediately clear the interior and trunk of personal belongings. It is possible that it will be possible to sell a used car today, and as a result you will have to run around and think where to put everything. You should also be afraid of resellers - they will curl over the machine, convincing you of its disgusting state in an attempt to get a lower price. To stay away from such people, of course, is far away.

Newspaper Ads

Despite the fact that advertisements in newspapers today are not read as often as before the ubiquity of the Internet, this method is still relevant. Especially in the regions - there often buyers in search of the right product turn to "Hand to Hand" and similar publications.

Online sale

Perhaps the best way. The whole country will be able to see the announcement, you won’t have to pay for its placement, and to go somewhere to submit. It remains only to sit and wait for calls. The most popular portals for this today are Avito, Avto and Drom. The latter focuses more on Japanese cars.

When placing multiple ads on different portals, it is better to work hard and publish various pictures. Someone can hook one, another - another. Thus, you can increase the flow of potential buyers.

The art of writing ads

Properly written advertisement for the sale will help to sell the car quickly and profitably. It is also able to slow down the whole process as many times. After you decide on which site you are going to place an advertisement for the sale, the time comes to compile it.

The first thing you should pay attention to when placing an ad is photos of the car. It is on them that potential buyers will look. If you don’t place them at all, nobody will notice the ad. If you place low-quality or frankly unsuccessful - instead of attracting, you can scare away buyers.

In addition, the announcement must be filled with information. It’s not worth singing in high style all the advantages of a car - instead, try to lay out all the information as clearly and easily as possible. It should help you stand out from the general row.

These two factors are fundamental, but the nuances of how to sell a car that has been deregistered are enough.

What to choose photos

There are two main points here. Firstly, you should choose photos that correspond to the season of sale, so that it is clear that they are fresh, and not taken no matter how long ago. You need to take pictures from all sides and always in the daytime. Experts recommend taking dozens of pictures in bulk and after that choose the most beautiful ones.

Photos can also tell a lot about the car, and they are required to do so. If the car has external defects that will be quickly detected during a visual inspection, do not try to hide them in the photo, specially ignoring it.

What to write

No less important and well-written text. First of all, it should include a full description of the car. Do not get along with some general phrases, try to mention all the pluses. The person who looks into the ad must understand whether he needs such a transport or not. This will help ensure that only truly interested customers call you.

It is also important that the description is fully true. In no case should I mention that the car was not beaten and not repainted, if this is not true. An experienced buyer will immediately figure out the truth, which will result in a scandal. Mention that bargaining is possible, but it should be carried out exclusively in person. Many experienced sellers know that even if the buyer triples everything completely, including the price, he will still bargain. That is why it is necessary to put a higher price in the ad - in practice, during the bidding process, it can be painlessly reduced to the initial one.

On the Internet, there is a buyer for everything, even the most rotten and beaten car. You should not only talk about its merits, if it can barely stand on the go - it is better to immediately reveal all the cards and wait for your customer.

7 steps to a quick car sale

1. Choose a sale period

The most important point is to pre-select how quickly we need to implement the car. It depends on what actions should be taken in the future. It is worth remembering that urgency and high price are incompatible concepts. The more time you have, the wider the range of options. Если же средства нужны прямо сейчас, придется разместить объявление с максимально привлекательной ценой или же сразу отдать авто перекупам.

2. Определяем желаемую цену

Здесь все сложнее. It is advisable to immediately go through various publications and portals with thematic announcements in order to evaluate a car by analogy with cars of one year of manufacture, country of production, etc.

3. Determine the desired method of sale

There are many options here, from the announcement to the newspaper and ending with the trade-in program, which will help change an old vehicle to a new one with a minimum surcharge. In the latter case, you should remember that they will appreciate your car much cheaper. About a third compared to the average price.

4. We make pre-sale preparation

Its importance has already been said before. Remember that once again rubbed glass and a washed interior can bring more than one thousand rubles.

5. Writing ads and advertising

An ad should not write a highly artistic novel. Everything should be said clearly and in essence. It will be enough to carefully list all the characteristics, note the strengths and weaknesses, chips, additions and improvements. In addition, the ad should be periodically updated and supplemented with relevant photos.

6. Negotiation and bidding

After the potential buyers see the ad, some of them may ask for more information. At this stage, the more calls - the better. Experienced sellers recommend purchasing a separate SIM card, since it is not safe to show your real phone number today, and after the sale is completed, you can simply postpone it, in which case you will not get bored with calls.

A few words about the negotiations. The golden rule here: do not panic. People can be very different, but often the following categories will start calling you:

  • Resellers. You can distinguish them very simply: they will immediately offer their price, most often 20-30% lower than yours. At the same time, the state of the machine does not interest them at all. Contacting such people is recommended only as a last resort,
  • The irresponsible buyers who make appointments. But then they themselves do not come to them. To protect yourself from unnecessary useless running around, it would be better to make appointments as close to home as possible.

You should not let go of buyers who are going to "just go for the money." Demand a deposit from them. If the buyer does not agree - you should look for the next. With potential buyers you should not "be crazy", choose a hard line of behavior. In no case do not let them drive a car - often in this case, the sellers received as a result some trouble.

7. Paperwork

Very often you can come across a proposal to sell a car by proxy. A separate item of the material is devoted to this, but in short we can say so - this option will be inconvenient, both for the seller and for the buyer himself.

Sale of a car without deregistration

Recent changes in legislation allow owners to sell cars even without having to deregister them. True, this is available only to participants in the transaction living in the same region. The step-by-step instructions here are as follows:

  1. The contract of sale is made in 3 copies. The first remains with the seller, and the remaining is transferred to the buyer, of the latter one will be required for registration with MREO. An important point: it is not necessary to fasten the contract with a notary, it will be enough to write it by hand, filling in your passport details, as well as indicating information about the car. On paper must be a date and two signatures: the seller and the buyer. No corrections to the contract are allowed,
  2. After receiving funds from the buyer, the new owner should be recorded in the passport of the technical equipment. In the column for signature you should leave your own autograph. It will not be superfluous to make a copy of the TCP for yourself, and the passport itself will be given to the buyer,
  3. He should also be given a technical inspection ticket, a certificate of registration of the car and keys. The obligation to make an insurance policy rests with the buyer,
  4. In order to simplify their lives in case of problems, the seller and the buyer can exchange photocopies of passports.

According to the results of all actions, the owner should have the following papers: the contract of sale, money, a copy of the title deed and, optionally, a photocopy of the passport.

It should be noted right away: this method of selling a car without deregistration has a negative point. Currently, even experts do not really know how motorists who bought an unregistered car will defend their rights in court. Only time will be able to show whether the court will require the traffic police to register cars.

Used car rating

One of the main problems that will certainly arise for those who are going to sell their car is the price. How much can you realize your “iron horse” and at the same time not cheapen? How to determine the value of a used car? How to take stock for bargaining and is it worth doing at all? Typically, you can calculate the optimal price without any tricky formulas or lengthy calculations.

Most often, the seller follows the following path: he opens ads in the newspaper or goes to thematic forums on the Internet and looks at how much similar cars are sold for. This path is reasonable and correct, but only partly. Thanks to him, we can only find approximate prices, because there are simply no two similar machines and circumstances of the sale. On the other hand, with this approach, we can find out at least an indicative price framework.

There are three more effective ways to evaluate a car for sale:

  1. Contacting a bank or other credit organization. Simply ask her to calculate the potential value of the car as a possible collateral for the loan. Moreover, taking a loan in this case is not necessary. The named amount can be quite calmly increased by 10-15%, and put up a car with a price tag for sale,
  2. Contact your car dealer. The option is almost identical, but here you should ask for estimated prices for the exchange program for a used car for a new one with payment. Here a little more should be added to the amount - about 20%,
  3. The third option is insurance organizations. You should be interested in a potential valuation of Casco. It should be noted right away - in this embodiment, the price of the car will not be called to you, but the cost of the policy is quite. That's just it is calculated just based on the price of the car. To get it, just add 90% to the amount.

Attention: all of the above applies only to relatively young cars, not older than 10 years. For machines with a longer service life, you will have to spend much more effort. The main criterion here is mileage.

It’s unlikely that it will be possible to determine the exact amount, but experts recommend proceeding as follows: first, we look through the ads and choose the maximum price among the analogues. If no one has responded to the announcement within a month, we decrease the requested amount by 5%. We continue the process until the desired result is achieved.

Sale by proxy

Among motorists, you can often hear the term "possession by proxy." This sales method has its pros and cons, which we will discuss now.

It’s worth starting with the fact that such a method itself means the transfer of ownership, disposal and use of rights to a third party. As a result, the vehicle, as it were, drops out of the hands of the owner and becomes the property of the attorney. However, all this is no more than temporary.

The inconvenience with this method of ownership can be faced by both the buyer and seller. Let's start with the first one:

  • The attorney is not the owner of the car, so the owner can unilaterally cancel the agreement,
  • If the owner is seized, the court may seize the car from the attorney,
  • In the event of the death of the owner, the car may go to the heirs,
  • If the car is stolen, the attorney again loses it,
  • A second sale by proxy is not possible or requires notarization (depending on the drawn up contract),
  • The attorney cannot re-register the car,
  • In case of loss of power of attorney will have to contact the owner,
  • It will be practically impossible to defend one’s interests in the event of a technical malfunction.

The owner has certain risks:

  • Taxes for the car will have to pay him,
  • If the car is used for criminal purposes, then the owner will have to feel all the troubles with the law first.

Sale of broken cars

There are times when you need to realize a car after an accident. So how to sell a broken car? In this case, the usual selling methods rarely give the desired result. There are three main ways:

1. Buying out broken cars

The method is both the most obvious and the least profitable. Most often, sellers fall on resellers who try to buy a car to sell more afterwards, so you should not expect a real price from them. In the end, if all units except the body are in good condition, then it will be more profitable to sell the car for parts - the final arrival will be much higher. Unfortunately, in this case, you will have to create and monitor immediately a whole bunch of ads, which hardly anyone will like.

2. Selling a car without repair

One of the most controversial options. A crumpled and battered car is purely psychologically unlikely to please anyone. However, others will take this as a plus - you can immediately see all the shortcomings and vulnerabilities, which could turn out to be beneficial. Do not think that such a car will not find its buyer. That's just the price will be lower than the repair and sale of a repaired car. But more on that later.

3. Sale of a repaired car

This option is used by those who are going to hide the “pig in a poke” to some extent. It is worth remembering that serious damage can be masked, but as a result, they will still come out. One of the main problems here is buyer fear. When selling a repaired car, you will have to try and prove that the damage was minimal. Only in this case will it be possible to get the proper high price for the car.

Selling a broken car for parts

A few words about how to sell a car for parts. Just disassembling a vehicle and selling it in pieces will not work - first you need to obtain the consent of the tax, for which an appropriate examination is carried out.

At the next stage, you will need to photograph the car and place its photo on various platforms (they have already been mentioned above). Keep a broken car in the garage or in the parking lot - otherwise the attackers will solve the task of dismantling and selling. As for the initial price - take immediately the average for the market. If you cannot find similar offers, you can always consult with familiar experts.

Selling a car for parts quickly is unlikely to succeed. As an option - you can immediately contact the resellers. If you have friends - it is worth talking with the masters and agree on 60-70% of the price of each sold part. Revenues will be frankly low, but at least part of the funds will be recaptured.

Selling a car without documents

Periodically, advertisements for the sale of cars without documents appear on the Web. The reasons for their absence are called very different, but most often people immediately think about whether the car is listed as a car theft. In fact, this is far from always the case. As an alternative example, we can highlight at least the “left” customs clearance or the banal loss of documents. Most often, they prefer to buy such cars for parts - this is due to the fact that without documents it will not be possible to register a car.

How to sell a car without documents? It is worth saying right away: legally this is impossible. The sales contract simply will not hold the agent. Moreover, this is also true for those cases when the car is not stolen, and the documents really were simply lost for one reason or another. When buying such a car, you should be very careful - you should check in advance whether the car itself or any of its main units are listed in theft.

Credit car sale

Some people buy a car for a bank loan and as a result they encounter a situation when they simply cannot return it. As a result, they have a completely logical question: how to sell a credit car? The answer is simple: simple enough and there are several ways to do this. They will be discussed.

Implementation through a bank

Just driving a car to the door of the bank is a futile option, no one will take it, but very often credit organizations have partners who are involved in the sale of collateral. There are even special auctions where cars get by court order. They are one of the ways to sell a credit car. Just get the full price for the car in this case, of course, is unlikely to succeed.

In more detail, the algorithm can be explained as follows: the seller, together with the buyer, contact the credit institution, where the contract of sale is concluded. In this case, the buyer must open a bank account to which the balance of the loan debt is paid, and the remaining price is issued to the seller. As soon as the loan is thus repaid, the bank must issue its opinion to both parties, which means the performance of the obligation secured by the pledge.

An important point: at the conclusion of the initial contract, the buyer can prescribe in it additional functions of the seller, for example, registration of the vehicle. In general: it is possible to sell a car to a bank, but not too profitably.

Self sale

You can try to sell the car yourself, but you still have to resort to the services of a bank. It will be necessary to conclude a tripartite agreement, which states the following: the buyer transfers the seller a certain amount, he gives the car with documents in return, and spends the proceeds to repay the loan. After completing this procedure, the vehicle is removed from the registry of collateral. Among the losses should be noted banking services and income tax.

It is also possible to reissue a loan to a new owner. With this approach, the car needs to be deregistered and re-registered as a buyer, it will take about $ 200 to spend.

Which way to choose? It should be based on priorities: if you want to quickly close a loan, it is better to delegate the sale to the bank, if you want to get a good amount - we do everything on our own. The bank will be able to do everything on its own, but in the end the price will drop significantly, about 25%. But the method allows you to completely withdraw from the sale - a special broker will take care of everything.

Car Sales Taxes

When selling a credit car in some cases, you will need to pay tax. It is paid if:

  • The price of the vehicle is above 250,000 rubles,
  • The selling price is higher than the acquisition price,
  • Service life less than 3 years.

The tax rate for individuals is 13%.

  • When selling, you will need to confirm the transaction amount and the initial price of the vehicle. The easiest way to calculate the tax if the car is worth 250 thousand, that is, more than a tax deduction. The law only imposes an amount exceeding it,
  • If the seller has owned the car for more than 3 years and all this time he had only one insurer, then no tax is paid on the sale. The moment is very important - if you fail to comply with the conditions of one insurer, you can get a significant fine,
  • If the proceeds from the sale of collateral vehicles are lower than the original price, then the vehicle sales tax is not paid,
  • Some sellers agree with buyers so that the contract indicates a reduced transaction amount than the actual one. This is especially common when it comes to a vehicle younger than 3 years old, sold at a price that is higher than what was indicated at the time of purchase. This practice requires almost complete trust between the parties,
  • After the sale of a vehicle with a service life of less than 3 years, after implementation it will be required to report the fact of the transaction to the tax office. To do this, fill out a 3NDFL form, to which documents confirming the fact of sale are added.

As you can see, the question "how to sell a car under a contract of sale" is solved very simply.

Car Sales Documentation

Each car purchase and sale transaction must be properly executed. The main document is the contract, which is the legal main sale, which confirms the fact of ownership. It is filled in triplicate with a dark colored pen. As soon as the contract is signed, the car becomes the property of the new owner.

At the end of this stage, you will need to register the vehicle with the traffic police. For this, the owner is given a period of 10 days, during which time the machine must be registered, and its registration data is accordingly changed. If the buyer does not have time, he will be fined. Более того – продавец через 10 дней может сам написать заявление и прекратить свою регистрацию.

Для постановки и переоформления ТС потребуются следующие бумаги:

  • Паспорт собственника и транспортного средства,
  • Заявление о регистрации,
  • Договор купли-продажи,
  • Свидетельство о регистрации,
  • ОСАГО,
  • Документ об оплате госпошлины за выдачу свидетельства о регистрации и за внесение изменений в ПТС (350+500 рублей),
  • certificate of payment of state duty for registration marks in case of need to change the number (2000 rubles).

So, how to arrange a car sale. Starting in 2016, the transaction itself is being processed according to the new rules. You can make it even without removing the vehicle from the register, and temporary transit numbers are no longer issued. The car is deregistered in one of two cases: when sent for scrap or abroad. Used cars are sold with their numbers.

The parties can issue a transaction without involving a notary. In addition to a pre-prepared agreement, each of the parties must have passports, and the seller must also have a passport of the vehicle. The latter will help the buyer to find out important nuances about the past of the vehicle. If the old one has been lost, and you issue a new one with a note - the buyer will immediately beware. Such cases always become the first bell that the car is listed in theft.

  • Sometimes, due to old age or due to corrosion, the body number ceases to be read. In order to avoid problems in the future, it is better to pass a forensic examination in advance. It’s just been done long enough, so it’s better to postpone the sale of the car for several months,
  • Upon receipt, check the money for authenticity. All banks provide this service without exception, and its price is relatively low. Alternatively, agree to deposit funds to the card account. You can withdraw cash at any time,
  • And again about the important: to sell a car by proxy is one of the worst options among the possible. Claims, taxes, fines - all this will come to your name,
  • If the insurance policy is valid at the time of sale, you can contact the insurance institution with a request for a refund.

How to fill in the TCP?

Now you can start filling in the TCP. In the new field (there are six in total), the full name of the new owner, his address of registration and the date of the transaction must be indicated. In the column "Document on the right of ownership" simply indicate "The contract of sale of such a date." The seller (former owner) and buyer (current owner) put their signatures below. If the car is sold by a legal entity, you will need to stamp it.

At what point do you transfer money?

Exchange of money for a car is the most slippery issue of the transaction. Each of the parties (and most often these are strangers) to a certain extent does not trust the partner. From a legal point of view, ownership passes with the signing of a contract of sale. Therefore, filling out the contract and the TCP, it is better not to put signatures on them immediately. Make it more correct immediately at the time of calculation. The seller receives the money, the buyer receives documents and car keys. At the same time, the parties by their autographs in the contract and the TCP certify that the transaction has taken place.

Do I need a car handover certificate?

In addition to the above documents, we recommend that you draw up an act of acceptance of the machine. He will separately confirm the fact of transfer of property to the new owner. It is necessary to put down the exact time. The fact is that the law gives the buyer ten days to re-register the car. Up to this point, it’s yours for the cameras for recording violations. With the help of the contract and the act, the “letters of happiness” obtained after the sale can be challenged, while providing the traffic police with all the data of the real violator. Just keep in mind that the appeal of a fine is given only 10 days from the entry into force of the decision. So immediately after the sale of the car, it is advisable to monitor the information on fines on the traffic police website, so that in case of which they can quickly appeal.

Which documents are retained by the former owner, and which are transferred to the new?

The former owner gives the buyer TCP. Later, the traffic police will add the remaining information to this passport, and the STS will issue a new one.

As for the previous certificate of registration of the vehicle, it is usually given to the new owner, and he, in turn, submits this document to the traffic police when re-registering the car. So the inspector has less reason to doubt the legality of the car sale transaction. But formally STS does not have to be handed over to the traffic police.

Moreover, if there are doubts about the good faith of the buyer, it is better to leave STS at home. Indeed, in theory, the new owner will be able to ride with your STS until you contact the traffic police for deregistration. All this time you will receive fines and transport tax.

Room Replacement

License plates remain on the car. If the seller wants to keep the numbers for the next car, he must first re-register the car before selling. Old “tins” will remain in storage in the traffic police unit for 180 days, with the new vehicle transferred to the buyer. In turn, the buyer may also ask to replace the numbers when registering the purchase in his own name.

Do I need to draw up a new insurance policy?

The insurance policy remains with the previous owner. In it, you can change the list of persons allowed to manage and the owner of the car, but not the insured. And this is the main person for the insurance company! In the event of an accident, she will conduct business with him, the old owner. That is, the new owner will have to look for a seller or, at the time of buying a car, take a power of attorney from him to represent the interests of the insurer. Are such difficulties worth a few thousand rubles saved?

But the seller can still get benefits from the old OSAGO policy. It is enough to come to the office of the insurance company and write a statement about the termination of the contract and the return of a part of the paid insurance premium. Interestingly, the law does not allow this procedure to be done “just like that” (for example, if you decide not to use the machine for several months). The insurer must provide documents confirming the fact of the sale of the car.

To draw up a new MTPL policy, the buyer of the car must first obtain a diagnostic card. So, if its validity has not expired, the seller can give it to the new owner. Please note that the buyer has 10 days from the date of conclusion of the transaction to draw up a new MTPL policy.

First, fill out the contract of sale, TCP and the act of acceptance. We sign all three documents simultaneously with the transfer of money. The new owner passes TCP, license plates and a diagnostic card. The CTP policy remains with the seller, STS - by agreement of the parties.

Samples of required documents:

What should be done

  1. Wash the car. You can do it yourself, but it's better to go to the sink.
  2. Wash the engine. It is better a few weeks before the sale, so that he has time to become dusty and with his brilliance does not arouse suspicion among buyers.
  3. Polish the body. This is especially true for cars of a dark color, on which micro-scratches are clearly visible.
  4. Clean the cabin. Wipe off the dust, polish the dashboard, vacuum the seats, wash the rugs, remove all unnecessary from the glove compartment, and clean the ashtray.
  5. Put your boot in order. Vacuum, remove all trash, hang a freshener.
  6. Troubleshoot eye-catching issues: blinked turn signals, antifreeze or knocks in the suspension.

What not to do

  1. Do not repaint the body. Fresh paint, even in small areas of body parts, will cause suspicions that the car has been in an accident. In addition, it costs a lot of money.
  2. Do not change consumables. The new owner will still have to do it himself, so there is no need to waste money on oil, belts and brake fluid.

Step 2. Choose a selling method

Our goal is to sell the car as expensive as possible, so we do not consider resellers, car dealerships and trade-in services at car dealerships. There are several ways to find a buyer for self-sale: from ads on the Internet and newspapers to visits to car markets. Let's consider each of them in more detail.

Internet ad

The most common and effective way that most car owners resort to. The good thing is that you can get a huge audience of potential buyers from all regions of the country for free. By placing an ad on the Internet, you can safely work or go about your business, and your car will be sold in the meantime.

Here are some sites for placing ads for sale:

  1. «Auto RU» - The largest and most famous portal of automotive-related ads.
  2. - another bulletin board that hosts thousands of offers for the sale of cars.
  3. is a popular classifieds site with an extensive automotive section.

If you are selling a popular car model, you can also place an ad for sale in the appropriate thread of the club forum. The audience there is smaller than on the ad portals, but it is much more interested in purchasing your car.

A good strategy would be to place your ad on multiple sites at once to expand your reach.

In this case, you can even compose slightly different descriptions and take different photos. Perhaps on one site the buyer will not pay attention to the car, and on the other he will be interested.

Ad directly by car

The simplest method, sometimes no less effective. Especially if you travel a lot and are often in crowded places. It is enough to buy the sticker “Sell” and fix it on the rear window by entering the phone number and brief information about the car.

However, you can not even go anywhere. Just park your car in the parking lots at the supermarket, near the car wash or auto parts store. Buyers will be able to immediately assess the condition of the body and look into the cabin, and if they are interested, they will call you. The only negative is that you have to walk a little.

You can stick the “Sell” plate on the machine in addition to the main announcement. Even if you do not go anywhere other than work. Who knows, maybe your buyer lives in a neighboring house or works in an office across the street.

Ad in the paper

Do not write off such a seemingly outdated method. It can be very effective if you live in a small town. In the regions, many people resort to newspapers when they need to sell or buy something.

There are quite a few newspapers, such as From Hand to Hand, Everything for You, with paid and free ads. Text and photos can often be uploaded to the newspaper’s website, and thousands of potential buyers will see them in the next issue.

The most troublesome way of all presented. Nevertheless, it also works. There are always a lot of people in car markets and, with luck, a car can be sold almost immediately.

The disadvantages of this method include a large number of resellers eager to get a good car at the lowest price, and the need to pay for a parking space. A day will have to pay about a thousand rubles, and sometimes more: it all depends on the city.

You should go to the car market at least once to understand what price to ask for a car.

Going there, try to remove everything superfluous from the trunk: you may find a buyer and have to urgently complete a deal.

However, rely only on the car market is not worth it, it is better to place ads at the same time. The markets work only on weekends, which means that the car will be idle all week and the sale may take a long time.

Step 3. Decide on the price

The next step is to evaluate the car. To do this, you need to run ads with similar cars, call several phones and talk with the employees of the car service in which you are served. After analyzing other offers, you can find out the average price in the market and, starting from it, choose your own taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of your car.

Even two identical cars of the same year of manufacture can cost differently. It all depends on the condition, mileage, equipment and lots of other factors. The final cost is influenced by the following criteria (when discussing the price with the buyer, they can and should be used as arguments):

  1. Model and year of manufacture. Find out the average price for this year's model and build on it. The newer the car, the higher the price.
  2. Mileage. The average mileage for the year is 10-15 thousand kilometers. If you sell a ten-year car with a mileage of less than 100 thousand kilometers, you can add a price. For large runs, be prepared to make a discount.
  3. Equipment. The more options the car has, the more expensive it costs. Of course, provided that all the bells and whistles work properly.
  4. Tuning But tuning almost does not affect the price. At least, the money invested in the installation of the audio system, rear wings and body kit, is unlikely to be returned. Unless there is a connoisseur.
  5. Producing country. If a car was produced at several plants and a particular assembly is valued more, then this is another reason to increase the price.
  6. Engine capacity and transmission. The larger the volume, the more expensive the car. The exception is more successful engine options, which are valued higher. An automatic machine is always more expensive than mechanics, although everything here also depends on practicality. Sometimes they prefer a simpler manual gearbox.
  7. The number of owners. Obviously, if the car was in the same hands, there is a chance to sell it more expensive.
  8. Availability of service book. It will help to prove that the car was always timely serviced. This is a good reason to ask for more.
  9. Body condition. An important criterion that directly affects the price. If everything is perfect, you can safely set the price higher.
  10. Engine operation. If there are any problems, it is better to immediately talk about them and reduce the price. This is unlikely to hide.
  11. The condition of the cabin. This is the first thing they pay attention to. A well-groomed, non-smoked interior is a great reason to bargain for a great price.
  12. Suspension condition. Hide defects will not work. So, if there are shortcomings, it is better not to remain silent about them and make a small discount.
  13. Wheels and tires. Good alloy wheels not only make cars more attractive, but also raise its price. Same thing with a spare tire kit.
  14. Operating and storage conditions. A carefully maintained and well-preserved car will cost more. If yours is just that, feel free to talk about it.

Step 4. Make an announcement

After assessing the condition, identifying all the strengths and weaknesses of your car, you can start compiling an announcement. The main rule is to tell only the truth.

Do not embellish reality or put pressure on pity, telling stories about moving to another country or raising money for treatment. Even if this is true, it will look pathetic and will only push customers away.

Do without formulaic phrases that do not carry any information, such as “Machine is fire, everything is serviced, does not require investments. He sat down and went. " They are annoying and alarming. If you do not want to go into details, just list the characteristics, equipment, replaced parts, the availability of bonuses and indicate the price. Also be sure to note whether you are willing to bargain.

Checklist for writing the right ad

  1. Basic Information: model, body type, year of manufacture, color, engine displacement, type of transmission, mileage. In ads on sites, all this is selected from the finished form.
  2. Equipment. Indicate all options and additional equipment (leather interior, climate control, power mirrors, heated seats, audio conditioning, airbags).
  3. Replaced parts. The list of works and replaced units over the past year or two. Indicate everything except consumables. If the age of the machine is less than three years, it is better to skip this item.
  4. Bonuses and gifts: set of tires, floor mats, tools. Describe everything that is given to the machine in addition.
  5. Price and contacts. Be sure to indicate the hours at which you are available and write whether bargaining is appropriate.

What should be the photo of the car

In addition to a sensible description, you need to make high-quality photos. They are even more important than the text, because their buyer sees in the first place and depends on their attractiveness whether the person will open your ad or scroll further.

You can do with a smartphone, but it's better to look for a good camera with friends. Remove the car from all sides, choosing the most successful angle, make a couple of close-ups on the wheel arches and sills, and also pay attention to the engine compartment and trunk. Inside, you need to shoot the general plan, the dashboard, the rear seats and the ceiling. In general, the more photos, the better.

If the car has not been sold for a long time, try to update the description more often and re-publish the advertisement with new photos in order to attract the attention of buyers.

At the same time, all pictures must be fresh and must be appropriate for the season. If it’s summer in the yard, in no case do not expose photos that show snow, no matter how successful they may be.

The location and background are also important. More confidence will cause pictures in the courtyard of the house than anywhere else at the gas station.

Step 5. Correctly communicate and bargain with customers

So, we have reached the most interesting and difficult stage. The announcement interested buyers, and they begin to call, bargain and make an appointment. How to behave, what to say, what is and is not worth doing? Let's get it right.

Whatever method of sale you choose, you will have to provide a phone number for communication. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a new SIM card. So you won’t have to shine your personal number, and after selling the car you won’t have to answer calls from late buyers.

First of all, you need to be confident in yourself and talk politely, but strictly. Если покажете растерянность, есть риск, что покупатель откажется иметь с вами дело, приняв её за скрытность, или же, наоборот, будет действовать нахрапом и навяжет собственные условия.

Заранее подготовьтесь и отвечайте на вопросы коротко и по сути, без лирических отступлений, которые могут вызвать у покупателя подозрения.

If the caller is only interested in the price, then this is a reseller, who is better to immediately politely send. He will brazenly bargain and in any case, he won’t buy a car for the price you proposed.

Try to adapt to the buyer when choosing a venue and agree to check the car in a car service, if he takes care of all the costs of the diagnosis.

When you meet you should not endlessly chatting, praising the car. First, let the buyer calmly examine the car. When he has questions, he will ask them himself.

Do not let the buyer drive, but rather ride it yourself.

During a test drive, it’s not worth scamming, showing the capabilities of the car. Under the meanness law, you get caught by a policeman or something breaks in the car.

If the buyer liked everything and he agrees to the deal, be sure to take a deposit. Do not give in to any persuasion to keep the car, and if a person refuses to give a deposit, then turn around and leave.

Step 6. Make a deal

Since 2013, in Russia you can make a deal without removing the car from the register. No transit numbers: the old registration plate remains on the machine, unless you want to keep it for yourself.

Under the new rules, a contract of sale can be drawn up by hand or filled out a printed form. It is not necessary to certify it with a notary.

Be sure to check the money for authenticity at the bank. You can simply deposit them into your account, and then a bank employee will check everything for free.

For registration, you only need a TCP, a certificate of registration of the car, as well as the passport of the seller and buyer. Registration data is entered in the relevant fields of the contract, after which the buyer settles with the seller and receives the title deed and the sales contract. It is also advisable to take a receipt from the buyer, which will indicate that he has no complaints, and you received money for the car.

After this, the buyer is obliged to appear with the documents in the traffic police and arrange the car for himself within ten days. Since during this period you are still the owner of the car and all possible fines will come in your name, it is better to indicate in the contract not only the date, but also the time of sale. This can come in handy for appealing fines. For the same reason, never agree to sell by proxy.

If your OSAGO policy is still valid during the sale, you can contact the insurance company, terminate the contract and receive part of the money for the unused period.