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How to fix door hinges: we disassemble the 3 most frequent breakdowns


What are loops for?

One of the most important parts of door hardware is hinges. Without them, the door cannot be installed, because with their help it is attached to the box. How to choose not only inexpensive, but also high-quality, most suitable in all respects? - a question that worries many who have taken up his decision closely. The right choice of these elements means ease of installation, reliability and durability of the door. In addition, reasonable price is also an important factor.

The Basics of the Right Choice

By configuration, the loops are divided into detachable and universal. The latter are suitable for all types of doors, no matter where they open. Detachable same must be selected depending on the option of closing-opening the door. The door can be removed from the detachable hinges without dismantling them; the door should only be slightly raised.

Choosing these so important accessories, it is worth paying attention to the composition from which they are made. Brass hinges are beautiful, practical and easy to use. However, they are inferior in strength to steel. Externally, they are not so attractive, but they are more durable and durable.
An important factor is the weight of the door leaf. Entrance doors are fastened with special strong steel hinges. Interior rooms can be installed on hinges made of brass or made of an alloy of zinc and steel.

Possible breakdowns

Reliable and long-term operation of the loop depends not only on the right choice, but also on a competent installation. By purchasing this hardware, it is worth stocking up with a few extra elements. Firstly, when repairing door hinges in the future, you don’t have to run around looking for exactly the same ones, and secondly, in bulk, everything is known to be cheaper.
Many of us are faced with the fact that every time the door becomes more difficult to open or close. This is due to its subsidence, due to the loosening of the door hinges.
Over time, many loops begin to creak unpleasantly.
In some cases, heavy steel doors sag and do not close at all.


Repairing door hinges does not always mean oiling them. Of course, after such a procedure, the creak will disappear, but the reason for its appearance is the friction of parts, which gradually destroys them. Therefore, sooner or later, the loops will have to be changed.
A small graphite rod placed in the loop gap will also help to get rid of squeaking.
If the doors are moving very tightly, then in all likelihood a door hinge repair is needed. It consists in more thorough fixing of the latter. For this, in most cases, it is enough to replace ordinary screws with long ones.
You can remove the sagging metal doors by reinstalling the hinges using welding equipment. Most often, only the top changes.

There is a rule according to which a heavier door fastens stronger. Therefore, the choice of loops, and the choice of specialists involved in installation and repair work, should be taken very seriously.

The main causes of breakdowns

There are several reasons:

  • frequent disassembly and assembly of furniture when moving,
  • incorrect assembly
  • Incorrect opening angle of the front door of the kitchen set or other furniture,
  • load on which neither the door nor the hinges are designed.

Now consider the problems in more detail and give tips on how to deal with them.

Loop torn from seat

This can happen due to shaky holes for fasteners, when the wrong size self-tapping screw is selected or the hole itself is loose due to the frequent opening and closing of the door. In this case, the treatment is quite simple - choose a screw with a slightly larger diameter or, if the hole is completely broken, insert a small round pin made of wood, greased with glue. After the glue has dried, the protruding part is cut off and the loop is placed in its original place.

The loop is torn with a part of the side wall, the seat is destroyed

The first thing you can do is to raise or lower the loop, making a new seat in the undamaged part of the rack. For this you need a Forstner drill Ø 35 mm. If there is no possibility to rearrange the loop, you should use epoxy glue. Put in place all the damaged parts, covering them with epoxy, apply a little glue to the loop itself. Wait a day and replace the facade. Practice shows that a product repaired in this way lasts a rather long time.

Seat cannot be restored

Here it’s more difficult to do with improvised means. In this case, the seat is partially removed, then a small patch is inserted into the resulting recess, having previously been treated with glue. Next, the loop is screwed into place.

For the most snug fit of the lining to the frame, it is advisable to use a clamp.

How to avoid damage

To avoid such damage, you need to be careful about furniture. Reasonably choose the height of hanging the upper cabinets in the kitchen - so that it is convenient for you to reach them.

If you make furniture yourself, it will be useful to know that furniture hinges differ in their functionality. They can be overhead and inset depending on the design of the furniture. Hinges can have different opening angles. The standard values ​​for this parameter are 30, 45, 90, 120, 135, 180, 270 °. The loop can be with or without a door closer. When making cabinets yourself, you need to remember that the weight of the canvas matters when choosing the number of loops. The facade of a high cabinet is best fixed on three, and in some cases, four loops.

Modern furniture hinges are adjustable in three planes: in depth (forward and backward), height (up and down) and the front surface (left and right). This makes it possible to adjust the position of the facade in such a way as to obtain the best fit of the door to the cabinet frame.

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  • Text: Vladimir Kunaev

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Door hinges

If the door hinges are not lubricated, severe wear of the rubbing parts occurs. This factor must be addressed immediately. For the manufacture of door hinges, various metals are used, the most durable are steel hinges. Hinges are collapsible and not collapsible.

  • Folding doors can be removed without disassembling the hinges
  • Non-collapsible structures must be disconnected from the jamb

The most popular steels are collapsible hinges, in which the core is fixed to the door frame. Door hinges are divided into right and left, depending on which side and how the doors will open.