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Woman - the keeper of the hearth


Being a homemaker has clear benefits, whether you live alone or are the mother of a large family. If you do not have enough skills in cleaning the apartment, cooking or sewing, then you may be scared by the prospect of mastering all these skills. The key is to start small and not overload yourself. Having patience, over time you can improve these skills and become the guardian of the hearth.

The woman - the keeper of the hearth

So, what should a woman be according to her main role? All heard from childhood: a woman - the keeper of the hearth. This means that it provides a comfortable atmosphere in the house and maintains that warmth that allows a man to relax after labor feats, to restore strength.

The women's mission is to be a caring and loving mother, to transmit moral values ​​to children, and also to keep peace and harmony in the family. A woman inspires a man for new achievements, creates conditions that contribute to the successful implementation of his mission.

Man - hunter, earner

The man is a hunter, a getter. His energy is aimed at external achievements: building a successful career, providing his family with everything necessary, active work to achieve their goals.

A man feels the need to take care of the family, to protect it, to protect it: from poverty, from an external threat, from life's difficulties. He gives his family a decent social status. Makes decisions and takes responsibility for his wife and children.

Remember your destination. Try to manifest it every day in a variety of situations. And believe me: living in harmony with your nature, you will achieve much more in life.

And your beloved will earn more if you do not take the role of breadwinner and family protector. Trust the man who was chosen as a life partner, show him that you need his help and support, that you cannot cope without him.

Understand. Forgive: Keeper of the Hearth

And constantly express gratitude to him even for the smallest achievements for the benefit of your family, support his aspirations and labor successes. And in your house there will be peace and prosperity.

The woman is the keeper of the hearth. And these are not just big words. Of course, the preservation of the family is a mutual process, and the family will live in harmony only if the spouses support each other. But, you must admit, it is the Woman who sets the tone in the house, it is she who gives birth to children, creates comfort and receives guests.

And in this article we will share secrets, knowing which, the Woman will be able to intelligently support the very hearth and save her family.

1. Do not talk about him behind his back.

If there is any problem in your relationship, if you have any doubts or suspicions, first discuss everything with him. And then it is advisable not to make dirty linen in public.

2. Intercede for him, even when he is not nearby.

If you hear something negative about him, stand up for him and protect him. Show that your marriage is your strength and unity.

3. Cook something delicious for him.

As Alice said in Wonderland, they’ll get kind of baking!

4. Do not saw it.

Focus on what he does, not what he doesn’t.

5. Thank him.

More often say “thank you” to him for everything he does, even in small things. Show that you value him.

6. Praise him.

Always find something to praise him for. This is very motivating for men.

7. Maintain his hobby.

Even if you are not a fan of football or fishing, learn to understand him, just as he possibly puts up with your yoga or oriental dances.

8. Show him that you believe in him.

Nobody is perfect, we all sometimes make mistakes. And if your husband is the main breadwinner in the family, then he feels a great responsibility. Find a way to show that you love and believe in him, however.

9. Kissing him passionately.

When he comes home from work, when he leaves for work, or simply when you meet with a look at home - I urge you to do this at least once a day!

10. Give him compliments.

Especially with regard to his masculinity: how strong and brave he is. Find reasons to say this sincerely: be careful, and you will find them.

11. Keep home comfort.

Your home should be a refuge for your husband, where he is warm and well. Meet him with a smile, make your corner literally comfortable.

12. Love his family.

It is not necessary to agree with them or even get along well. But you must respect them and love as his family, as people who are important to him and who formed him.

13. Experiment in bed.

Find out his sexual needs and desires. This is the key to his loyalty to you.

14. Nursing with him when he is sick.

Men love to be strong. They are our breadwinners. But when they get sick, they turn into little boys, and want to just have a sip. Let your husband feel like this before he returns to Superman mode.

15. Cook his favorite dish.

Do not wait when he asks for it, which means he has already waited. Pamper him at will.

16. Do not argue with him in front of others, especially your children.

For him, this is humiliation, this is disrespect. Never force children to support one of you. Your problems are only your problems.

Be loved and happy!

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Why is it the woman who keeps the family hearth and is responsible for it?

Surely, few people know who gave the woman the "title" of the keeper of the hearth, and from what time such a duty has been assigned to a woman. A similar family tradition originates from antiquity. Yes, not just from ancient times, but from very ancient, almost primitive.

In general, what is a home and what is its role? And the hearth is the heart of the house. A home is a source of heat and light. A fire always burned in the hearth, on it people cooked food and basked near it.

Surely, many people know how the ancient people made fire. Either with the help of friction or sparks were carved, trying, thus, to set fire to dry moss and fan the flame. Naturally, this method is quite time-consuming, it’s not for you to strike a match and not to turn the lighter wheel. And constantly making fire in this way is very difficult. Therefore, in the hearth of any house, fire constantly burned.

And it was the woman who kept (supported) the fire. And the man at this time chased through the forests for mammoths and other animals to get food for his family. It turns out that the woman was entrusted with a simple, but very important task, and thus her wife’s “suitability” was checked. If the fire in the hearth is often extinguished, then the woman looks poorly behind him and behind the house, in general.

In this case, it was necessary to make fire, and this, as we already said, was quite difficult to do. And it was not accepted to ask the neighbors to ask for fire, because it was considered a bad sign to give fire from their home. It was believed that in this way the owners give up a piece of their domestic warmth. And few in ancient times were ready to share their fire. And this fact made the female function of preserving the hearth in the house very important.

Both the hearth and the whole house are a woman's concern, first of all.

So, we talked about the fact that the woman kept fire and warmth in the house, created coziness and a unique atmosphere. And in this home environment, the woman invested a piece of herself. Energy at home carried a piece of energy women. Everywhere in the house, the hand of a woman mistress was guessed, and the home environment seemed to come to life, as if it had acquired a piece of the woman’s soul.

Each housewife in the house had its own atmosphere, reflecting the inner world of a woman. And in such a house it’s nice, I want to come home, relax, relax. A clean and beautiful house, as it were, energizes, fatigue passes, and anger and irritation disappear.

It turns out that the home environment is one of the important components of family happiness. If there is order in the house, then, as a rule, order reigns in a person’s thoughts. That is why, before cleaning the house, it is recommended, first, to put things in order in their thoughts.

Does a modern woman keep a hearth?

In modern society, many women do little to clean up the house, or do it through their sleeves. There are several reasons why this happens. This may be laziness and lack of habit. Well, a person is not used to cleaning the house, perhaps this is the cost of education. It is possible that a girl in childhood was not taught to keep clean and tidy in the house, and they did not explain that the internal state of the house is a reflection of the internal state of the woman herself.

And it may be that the woman is too busy. He works in a prestigious company, in a good position. He spends a lot of time at work and there is no way to do household chores, put things in order, put a part of himself into the atmosphere of the house.

As a rule, housework, a hired person, does the housework. Naturally, the housekeeper will clean the house, the house will be clean and tidy. But this will be "inanimate" purity. What does it mean? Well, for sure, many people lived in hotels or hotels. In the hotel rooms, the maids who work there are cleaned every day. The room is always clean and tidy. But, no matter how clean it is, the atmosphere in hotel rooms will never give a feeling of home coziness and comfort.

In general, no matter what a person does, if he does it with pleasure and love, he leaves his mark, his mark on his actions. If a woman herself, with pleasure, brings order to the house, then she brings her mark, her imprint, her energy to the home environment. And it is very felt. It often happens that you come to visit such a mistress, and you feel the comfort and harmony of this house, and you do not want to leave it.

And if it is not the mistress herself who dominates the house, but the hired maid, then there will be no such sensation. Of course, the house will be clean, there will be order. But the maid is removed "according to the pattern", without putting her soul into her actions. And the feelings from this situation will be completely different.

In conclusion, we can say that if a woman in the family is the guardian of the hearth, creates a harmonious atmosphere and puts a part of herself in the environment, then the family becomes happier and the relationship between husband and wife is more harmonious and the children grow up in a cozy atmosphere of love.

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