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How to download and listen to audio books on iPhone?


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How to upload an audiobook to iPhone?

You can download an audiobook to an "apple" device if the file has one of the following 2 formats: mp3 or m4b. m4b - a special audiobook format for iOS, such files are recognized by the application iBooks. In the m4b format, licensed records are most often distributed, which by definition cannot be free.

Books of both formats can be listened to through the standard application “Music” - however, this method is not very convenient, because a book lover is deprived of the opportunity, for example, to bookmark.

It is most convenient to search for audiobooks in mp3 on the VKontakte social network. It’s enough to drive “audio books»- a huge number of suitable groups will appear in the search results.

We will search in the community "Explosive audio books”( This group is convenient in that it contains torrent links to audio files. However, even if there are no torrents, you can download books from VKontakte using one of the browser extensions (add-ons). For example, we will use "Download Music VKontakte»In the browser from Yandex - after installing this add-on, a small button with an arrow pointing down appears next to each audio track.

For download, we chose the work of W. Groom "Forrest Gump". We downloaded the book through a browser add-on and got the file in mp3 format.

Next, you need to upload an audiobook to iPhone. Users should stick to this algorithm:

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to the PC with a USB cable and launch iTunes.

Step 2. Click CTRL + O Is a key combination for adding a file to the library. Explorer will open - through it, select the appropriate audio file.

Then click on the “Open". The book will appear in the library.

Step 3. Proceed to the device control menu in iTunes (by clicking the button on which the smartphone is displayed) and synchronize the gadget with the media combiner.

The book will appear in the application “Music».

You can listen to it in the same way as any other audio file.

How to download listen to audio books on iPhone in m4b format?

In order to convert mp3 to m4b, only a few converters cope. For this procedure, you can use, for example, a simple program MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter. Download this utility on this site.

Using the program is simple: you need to download an audio file in mp3 format via the "Add", Then click"Start conversion».

After the progress bar reaches the end, the audio file in m4b format will be in the same folder as the source.

Still, it’s better to download files from the Internet that are originally in the m4b format than to solve the conversion problem later. Converted files will not be able to boast of chapters - and this is one of the main advantages of m4b-books.

You should search for books for Apple on torrent distribution sites such as and We download S. King’s book from the second site “Wind through the keyhole". The description indicates that the book has a wired cover and is divided into chapters - this is always worth paying attention to.

To download the m4b book on iPhone, proceed as follows:

Step 1. Launch iTunes and again add the file using CTRL + O.

Step 2. Follow to the tab “Books"- there you will find the m4b file.

If the tabs "Books"No, it means that you have not added it to the work panel yet. Click on the button with three dots, then select “Edit».

In the list that appears, check the box next to "Books" and press "Done».

Step 3. Go to the device control menu and select the "Audiobooks". After that, check the box next to "Sync audiobooks».

Users most often have problems copying audio books due to the fact that they skip this item.

Step 4. Click the "Synchronize»And wait until the copying of the audiobooks to the mobile device is completed.

You can also listen to m4b books through the Music application, but you will not find them in the list of ordinary music compositions. In the built-in iPhone player, click on the “Still».

In this tab, select the "Audiobooks».

In section "Audiobooks»You will see m4b files that you downloaded.

The player for audio books looks a bit different. It has a couple of additional functions: rewind the audio track 15 seconds back and forth (1) and switch the speed of sound playback to slow or fast (2).

You can use other applications to listen to audio books on iPhone.

IPhone Audiobook Applications

The "book" application from Apple iBooks is now installed only on iPhones with iOS 10, so for most users it is, alas, not available. Fortunately, in the AppStore you can find programs that are suitable for listening to audio books even more.

Please note that many applications from the AppStore are not designed to play audio files previously downloaded to the device - they offer to download books from your own library on a reimbursable basis. Such applications include, say, “Listen! "From Litres and"Loudbook Audiobooks". If your iPhone already has a suitable audio file, it is obvious that the listed programs will not suit you.

The best application for listening to audio books downloaded to iPhone in m4b format is MP3 Audiobook Player. You need to add books to the directory of this program via iTunes - in the “Shared files"Section"Programs". The application will give more accurate instructions immediately after the user begins to familiarize themselves with it.

The program has a number of advantages:

    Flexible setting. In the application settings, you can set the speed of sound reproduction, the duration of the rewind, the color theme and other parameters. Volume fade function. This feature is invaluable for book lovers who love falling asleep to the voice of the speaker. If the user sets the time to 10 minutes and the interval for automatic sound adjustment to 50%, then the speaker's voice volume will slowly decrease over 10 minutes until it reaches half of the original. After that, audio playback will stop. If the user has not yet fallen asleep by that time, he can gently slap his hand on the iPhone, and the volume will begin to gradually recover. Sleep timer. If you activate the timer, the program will stop playing audio after a certain period of time - 10, 30, 60 minutes - or at the end of the chapter.

Developers expect over time to equip MP3 Audiobook Player with their own browser for downloading books and integrate with cloud storage.

MP3 Audiobook Player has excellent reviews in the AppStore, is supported by the Apple Watch and does not require the latest iOS - version 8.0 is enough. The program has a free version that annoys the user with advertising and plays only 12 hours of storytelling. At the end of the trial period, the user is invited to buy MP3 Audiobook Player Pro for 229 rubles. It is not worth rushing to abandon the application because it is paid: in the AppStore you still can’t find players for m4b audiobooks distributed free of charge.


Upload books to iPhone is free You can not only through iTunes - applications with their own libraries (such as "LoudBook Audiobooks") also offer free access to literature. However, this literature, as a rule, is third-rate - high price tags are put on books with high artistic value.

The task of downloading audiobooks to iPhone is simplified if the mobile device itself has a jailbreak. In this case, you can install a tweak iTransmission and download data from torrent distributions directly to the gadget.

Purchase and download audiobooks

To view audio books, open Apple Books and click the Audiobooks tab () at the bottom of the screen. Browse through the lists of new and popular audiobooks or tap at the top of the screen to see all genres and sections of the bookstore. To find books voiced by your favorite storyteller, celebrities or audio performances, click on “Best Storytellers”. You can also go to the “Search” tab () at the bottom of the screen to find a specific audiobook.

Having found the audiobook you are interested in, you can listen to its fragment. Click an audiobook, and then -.

To buy an audiobook, click it, and then - "Buy." To view all your audio books, go to the Library tab (). For more information about library management, see this article.

On a Mac or PC, you can use iTunes to purchase audio books.

If the audiobook you purchased does not look like an item from the Book Store, you can find it in the list of previous purchases and download it again.

Listening to audio books

Open the Books program, go to the Library tab () and select the audio book you want to listen to. You can adjust the volume, pause the audiobook, or rewind the current track. To go forward or backward 15 seconds, press or, respectively. To change the playback speed, press. To change tracks, click in the upper right corner and select a track to listen to.

If you want to stop playing an audiobook after a certain period of time, set the sleep timer by pressing.

If you want to play the audio book through another speaker, press. For more information about broadcasting audio through AirPlay, see this article.

To start listening to an audiobook, you must download it to your device. For more information about reloading previous purchases, see this article.

On a Mac or PC, you can use iTunes to listen to audio books.