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How to strengthen nails at home


Nails are a real litmus test of our health, therefore they need to be strengthened both outside and inside. For this, many tools and procedures have been invented that can be done not only in the salon, but also at home. Let's talk about external means and not only.

Why are nails brittle: several reasons

First of all, health problems are to blame: for any malfunctions in the internal organs and their systems, the nails respond with brittleness, thinning or foliation. Therefore, first we go to the therapist and are examined, and then proceed to the strengthening procedures.

Guilty of the fragility of the nail plates and improper nail care: the use of low-quality manicure devices, inaccurate and incorrect manicure. And we forget to look after the cuticle: the strength of the nail plates depends a lot on the condition of the nail bed and cuticle. Nails react negatively to frequent extensions and to the rejection of gloves when doing homework.

Effective ways to strengthen

The struggle for the strength of nails can only be complex. First of all, nails need proper nutrition. Secondly, the menu must necessarily contain products with a high content of calcium or phosphorus. This is not only milk and fish, but also different varieties of cheese, almonds, sesame seeds. Also do not forget about calcium in tablets, dietary supplements and complexes of minerals and vitamins.

Gel and Biogel Strengthening

Gel strengthening is more of an extension than a healing procedure. Two-thirds of the gel consists of proteins (almost the same as in the nails) and resins that have a chemical composition similar to nails.

The gel not only adjusts the length and strength of the nail plates, but also protects them. How does all this happen? In several stages:

• the procedure begins with the mandatory disinfection of hands and nails,
• further, the gloss is removed from the nail plate with a file, the cuticle is treated, and the shape of the free edge of the nail plate is shaped,
• now the nails must be degreased, and on both sides,
• a preparation is applied for modeling,
• the gel itself is applied with a special brush,
• now fiberglass is placed on all the nail plates, that is, a fabric of silk and linen that will protect the gel from cracks,
• now everything is heated in the rays of an ultraviolet lamp for a couple of minutes,

• a model of the nail is formed and a film is removed from it,
• it remains only to file off the nail and degrease again,
• the plate is coated with a protective gel.

You need to correct them a couple of times a month.

Biogel correction is simpler, and a lamp is not needed for it. Therefore, you can strengthen your nails with biogel on your own and at home. It is important to choose the right gel, because it has a lot of varieties:
1. Biogel is transparent. Used as a base coat.
2. Biogel sculptural. Long-lasting and elastic, moisturizes, strengthens.
3. Royal Sealer. Gives shine and whitens the nail plate.
4. S-coating. Hard enough and hard, lengthens nails.
5. Biogel UV. Fastens fast, ideal for summer manicure.
6. Color biogel. It is applied in two layers.

The procedure for strengthening the nail plates with biogels is carried out in the following sequence:
• polish nails, smooth their surface with a file, treat the cuticle with oil, wipe the plate with polishing paper,
• the transparent biogel itself is applied with a thin layer, after which we wait a couple of minutes,
• biogel can be applied on top, a fixative on it,
• on each finger we put on a cap of foil, which will help the gels soak in, wait a few minutes. All is ready!

Before doing the procedure, carefully study its implementation in the video or go to the salon.

Why do nails peel?

There may be several reasons.

Perhaps you often walk in the cold season without gloves, and this is very harmful for thin and delicate skin of the hands.

Another possible reason - do you wash dishes and wash using aggressive means without rubber gloves? If you answered “yes” to these questions, know that sooner or later your nails will begin to deteriorate, and the top layer will peel off and you will have to decide how to strengthen them.

Make it a rule to do all the housework using household chemicals with gloves, and in the cold season - take care of your pens. If the nails are flaking, the reasons may be simple.

In addition, stratification can signal us about health problems, for example, a deficiency of certain substances in the body. This may be a lack of calcium or vitamin D, without which calcium is not absorbed. A lot of calcium is found in cottage cheese, milk, cheese or fish.

If suddenly a weakening of the nail plate appeared during pregnancy, do not worry, the body will get stronger after childbirth and everything will return to normal, including nails. Nevertheless, it will be useful to consult a doctor to drink a course of some vitamins.

Woman's hands talk a lot about the mistress. It is usually not difficult to bring the skin of your hands in order, the softening bath, nourishing cream and pens become soft and smooth. Another thing with nails. If they began to exfoliate and often break, then you need to take care of them comprehensively. Probably, the body lacks those vitamins that are responsible for health. So, nourish ourselves from within?

How to strengthen?

As mentioned above - make it a rule to always walk in warm gloves or mittens in the cold. In addition, always do all work with household chemicals only in rubber gloves. Eat well and avoid stress, which can also lead to the fact that the nail plates deteriorate.

Information! But for gel nails (see care should be different.

Pamper your handles with different nutrient baths for exfoliating nails with oils containing minerals to restore the nail plate. Because strengthening is available at home.

Start with a simple one - make nutritious baths, wipe them with lemon juice more often - it really strengthens the nail plate. If the body does not have enough iodine - lubricate the nail plate at night, you need to do this for so many days until the body is saturated and then the iodine will cease to be absorbed.

You can begin to eliminate visible defects. It is good to make it a rule to regularly visit a manicure specialist, but it is not necessary to do this often. A good specialist will ask "the right direction", give the right advice, but then you can handle it yourself.

How to strengthen at home

We list several requirements, observing which you can achieve an excellent result.

  • You need to get high-quality manicure scissors.
  • When cropping, try to do this very carefully.
  • If the nails are brittle, then you can change the trim to file. Soft and wide nail files are perfect for this type.

Interesting! Ceramic and glass models have become popular. The advantage of such files is that they “seal” the edge of the nail, thereby preventing dirt from penetrating into it and preventing it from delaminating.

Hard files are also useful. With their help, you can effectively treat rough skin.

Still need a stick to remove the cuticle. It is advisable that it be wooden, not metal, since in this case it will not damage the nail plate, and the procedure itself will be more pleasant.

It happens that the cuticle remains too rigid and does not want to move well even after a bath. In this case, you should use a special liquid to soften the cuticle.

One of the drawbacks is the yellow color and, wishing to disguise it, women paint their nails only with colored varnish. Polishing will help to cope with this problem, but you can do this no more than once every two weeks. In addition to polishing, you can bleach with a slice of lemon.

I would like to warn about one mistake that women often make in caring for damaged nails. Wanting to strengthen a brittle nail, many use a special reinforcer, not thinking that its frequent use leads to delamination of the nail plate. If such a problem arises, then change the manufacturer, find a good quality reinforcer.

Part of the care are baths. Some of them contribute to rapid growth, while others strengthen the nail plate. If there are no obvious problems, then you can do it once a week, but if you need to eliminate some drawback, then it is advisable to use the bath every 2-3 days.

With regular care, the bath will give a good healing effect. It should be remembered that only the area of ​​the nail should be immersed in the solution, and not the entire arm, and the temperature should not be more than 40 degrees.

To strengthen the nails and prevent their fragility, you can make an iodine bath. It would be better to make just a bath, and not just smear them with iodine, since the use of pure iodine does not work very sparingly. In order to prepare it in a glass of hot water you need to add 3-5 drops of iodine and to improve the effect add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of salt.

Sea salt

Well-proven bath with sea salt. It has a large number of trace elements that perfectly regenerate and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Nails have the ability to absorb beneficial substances, and you can strengthen the positive effect by adding decoctions of herbs, such as plantain, to the saline solution. If you do not want to mess with the decoction or do not have time, then you can add a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil or ylang-ylang.

A separate niche for care was occupied by oil baths. They have a nourishing effect on the nail and accelerate growth, and protection against fungus will be an added bonus. The main component in such a bath will be vegetable oil.

For example, burdock, olive, castor or even ordinary sunflower (unrefined only). You can use the oil both independently and in combination with other essential oils. Pre-heat it, but do not allow boiling, so as not to destroy beneficial substances.

Enough half a glass of base oil and three drops of essential. One of the advantages of an oil bath is its repeated use, such a composition can be stored for a long time. Keep your fingertips for about 15 minutes, and after the bath brush should be wiped with a napkin, but do not wash.

To prolong the beneficial effect of oils will help lightly rub it into the nail plate. You need to try to massage your fingertips as often as possible, this will improve the blood flow to the nail plate and have a positive effect on the entire body.

Soap and Soda

When the hands are very dirty, for example, after gardening, a soap and soda bath will be the best care. It effectively removes impurities and has disinfecting properties, whitens the nail.

Need to know! If there are cuts or cracks on the fingers, this composition should not be used.

The benefits of juices

You can apply them not only inside, but also in nail care. Most often, lemon juice, currant or another acidic fruit are used for this. Rubbing or applying slurry gives a whitening effect.

A positive effect, oddly enough, is exerted by aloe juice. A pair of leaflets of this plant should be kept in the refrigerator in a dark place, this activates nutrients. Then chop the leaves and pour a glass of water, keep in a cool place for a day. The resulting composition is added to the bath water.

Take care of your pens, because it is not so difficult, and the result will definitely please!

Why did the nails become weak?

The reasons for the deterioration of the condition of the nails can be a great many:

  • it is a long wearing of gel, shellac or,
  • lack of vitamins and minerals in the body,
  • mechanical damage to the nail plate (unsuccessfully removed shellac, for example),
  • hormonal changes (pregnancy, for example),
  • low-quality nail polishes and so on.

what exactly your nails become weak, you determine for yourself, and we will help you deal with the problem of weak nails, regardless of the cause of this problem. The only case in which our advice does not help is a situation with severe external damage to the nail, when the nail is pressed, pressed, and so on. In this case, it is better to wait until a healthy nail grows. And we will deal with everything else!

3 golden rules that will save your nails!

There are 3 main rules, observing which, you will not only cope with the problem of exfoliating and not strong nails, but also ensure your nails health for life. These steps need to be done not only when you have a problem, but always. Then your nails will be strong and beautiful. Consider this a lifelong prevention!

So, the 3 golden rules of healthy nails are as follows:

  1. Do not cut your nails with scissors. Clean the length of nails only with safe nail files: crystal or laser,
  2. always apply medicinal products as a base for varnish. Do not apply varnish on “bare” nails, only on the treatment base. If you use shellacs, then the day before applying shellac or treat your nail with restoring wax for nails.
  3. do salt baths and constantly use special nail oil.

Nail Strengthening Program in 10 Days!

Now you will find out what exactly needs to be done to promptly help weak nails. And we want to draw your attention to the fact that The list of therapeutic actions was called the program for good reason! If you want to get the maximum benefit, you will have to carry out care comprehensively, that is, you will need to do everything that is described in the program, and not selectively! Another important point - you will need to take care of your nails every day, or rather every evening! But do not worry, because the procedures will be pleasant, and all this will last only 10 days, but what a result awaits you!

So, the program for strengthening nails in 10 days:

  • refuse cutting tools. We file nails with the correct nail files. As you remember, it is crystal or laser.
  • every evening make a bath for nails with special firming salt. This nail biosol is a real find in the manicure world, it was created for the treatment of the nail canvas. That is, the composition of this product takes into account the dense structure of the nail and is designed to provide the most deep and high-quality penetration of useful elements into your nail. This step is the most important and necessary in this program! Do the salt bath necessarily!
  • after the bath, let the nails dry and apply healing nail polishfor example, a quick nails remover or a firming foundation with calcium.
  • all day you go with the applied medical varnish, and in the evening you remove it with a soft nail polish remover to to make a new procedure. Do not spare the applied product, because all the useful components are absorbed within 24 hours, and then the varnish serves only as a protective film.
  • the new procedure is to massage the nails and fingers using nutritious oil for nails and cuticles. This procedure is not complicated and very pleasant. Put a drop of oil on the finger, rub the oil into the fingernail and the skin of the finger and do a light massage until the oil is absorbed. And so with every finger. After the oil is completely absorbed, apply the same therapeutic varnish coating. And do not be afraid that the varnish will not last long (that the nail is saturated with oil), because tomorrow you will remove this treatment base again. By the way, you can apply a colored varnish on top of the base, but remember that tomorrow you will wash it off.
  • and again all day you go with the applied medical varnish, and in the evening you remove it with a soft nail polish remover to to do the following procedure. And this procedure is still the same salt bath. Next, you follow the same steps. So you alternate a bath with oil massage until the end of 10 days.

After the first procedure of the salt bath, you will notice the first improvements, but don’t give up at the very beginning or the middle, bring the program to the end and you will be satisfied with the result.

Your nails will get stronger, and the skin around the nails will become soft and tender. The health of your nails will be restored, and you can be proud that you achieved this yourself!

We wish you patience, diligence and perseverance. And may you get the most beautiful and healthy nails as a reward!

The products presented below will be required for you to complete all the steps of the Nail Strengthening Program in 10 days:

Acrylic Powder Strengthening

Acrylic is not considered the most useful thing for nails, but in fact, when building, the nail plates suffer more from sawing than from this material. But acrylic is very durable, so acrylic powder is also used in combination with gel. To do this, you need a base gel (adhesive UV gel needed to glue the nail and artificial materials), odorless acrylic powder and antiseptic. And we act like this:

1. We treat the plates and hands themselves with an antiseptic.
2. Now the nails are degreased, treated with a polishing buff (soft file).
3. We select tips, impose, grind.
4. We cover each plate with a primer and wait three minutes.
5. On already dried nails, apply the base gel from the tips to the center of the plate.
6. Powder with acrylic powder and shake off its remains.
7. We are waiting another half a minute. покрываем вторым слоем геля, при этом до кутикулы не доходим.
8. Опять припудриваем и подсушиваем с помощью ультрафиолетовой лампы.
9. You can apply the gel with powder for the third time, but not necessarily
10. Grind the nail plate.

Homemade recipes for strengthening nails

There are really many options here: baths, oils, and masks. The main thing is to treat your nails with care when performing a manicure and check all means for allergies.

Nails are similar in composition to hair, because these are also horny skin formations. Therefore, oils for their strengthening are also suitable.

Base oils
The best for the nail plates can be called olive, grape, almond and jojoba wax. They can be either rubbed into the nail plate, or used for baths. In both cases, the oils are heated, and in a water bath. By the way, you can even use oils for eyelashes - they also positively affect the condition of the nail plate.
To prepare an oil bath you need olive oil, a raw egg and honey. We heat everything (slightly so that the protein does not curl) and hold our hands for a third of an hour. Cream is not needed here.

Essential oils
They are needed as an addition to olive or almond, because aromatic oils can enhance certain basic effects.

Lemon and Bergamot
They perfectly bleach nails. Rub a couple of drops, connecting with the base,

Ylang Ylang and patchouli
Patchouli oil strengthens the cuticle and nail plates, gives them shine. Ylang-ylang oil is not only an aphrodisiac and hair product, but also suitable for nails: it strengthens, polishes, and relieves inflammation. It is used with jojoba wax in a 1: 1 ratio. Both patchouli and ylang-ylang stop nail stratification. For the same purposes, rosemary and lavender are suitable.

Tea tree
Remedy for fungi. In addition, it relieves inflammation of the cuticle and generally the skin around the nail plates.

There are many options. It is enough to dwell on a few recipes.

Sea salt bath
Sea salt can be found in cosmetic stores, and in pharmacies, and just in a supermarket. Dissolve a tablespoon of such a tool in a liter of water and hold your hands for half an hour. After do not forget about the cream or the same oil, which can be applied to the skin of the hands. We make a third of a month and maintain a break of a couple of weeks. And again we are treated with salt!

Iodine baths
Nails need iodine when exfoliating. All in the same solution of salt and water (and in the same proportions) add 6-7 drops of iodine and hold your hands for half an hour. Water after adding funds should turn brown. Also, iodine once every seven days, you can cover the nail plate.

Baths with lemon
Yellow citrus not only bleaches, but also saves too fragile and depleted nails. In addition, this citrus slows down cuticle growth. We take the fruit larger, cut into two parts and immerse the upper phalanges of the fingers in them! We wait a quarter of an hour, wash your hands and smear the cuticle with cream or oil.

Baths with wine
Do not be surprised, there are also such ones and they have a beneficial effect not only on the nails themselves, but also on the skin of the hands. We need 200-250 ml of wine (both red and white are suitable). Heat and add all the same sea salt (teaspoon). Hands hold in wine for about a third of an hour.

How to save results

To keep strong and healthy nails happy for a long time, follow a few rules. Use nail polishes to a minimum. Allowed only special, reinforcing.
Also, do not use acetone, and under any varnishes apply special therapeutic agents from pharmacies. Forget about metal files. Better to find coated with crystal.

Nails and hands are always in sight. That is why it is worth them to pay attention and do everything so that they are beautiful. Well, and healthy too. There are many possibilities, so just do not be lazy and make masks and baths. Also eat vitamins and healthy foods.

Causes of stratification of nails: external and internal

Nail stratification - a fairly common problem that can arise due to many reasons, among which can be distinguished as external as well as internal.
The following external causes can be distinguished:

environmental impactin severe frosts or too hot weather, the nails can dry out, which can lead to brittleness and delamination, going outside it is recommended to protect hands with seasonal gloves,
exposure to household chemicalswhen working at home or on a personal plot, it must be remembered that chemicals have a negative effect on the skin of the hands and the nail plate, penetrating the structure of the nail, they destroy its integrity, which leads to delamination,
water temperaturetry not to lower your hands for a long time in cold or hot water, this also negatively affects the condition of the nails, try to keep the temperature a little higher than room temperature, it is not recommended to keep your hands in water for a long time - the nail plate softens, and excess moisture destructively affects the integrity of its structure,
excessive build upthis procedure is carried out with a slight deformation of the surface of the nail to ensure maximum adhesion to the artificial plate, the penetration of glue into the structure of the nail also adversely affect its condition, It is recommended to alternate building with regenerative procedures.
nail plate injuriesdamage to the nail can lead to the destruction of the structure, the occurrence of delamination, if the nail is broken or injured, be sure to trim it with manicure scissorsDo not bite or break off.
weakening of the body due to past diseasesafter severe ailments, pay attention to the condition of the nails - they also weaken, lose a healthy color, become brittle and exfoliating, so when restoring the body, do not forget about nails (they need strengthening procedures, vitamins).
lack of vitamins and mineralsnot all and not always vitamins are absorbed in the body - should be diagnosed in order to find out if there are enough vitamins and minerals in the body for the full growth of nails and their healthy state,
dietsbeing carried away by diets, remember that trying to reduce food intake, you reduce the intake of necessary substances in the body, taking care of the figure, you can harm the condition of the nails, if you notice that the diet negatively affects the condition of the nails, it is recommended to either adjust the diet or completely abandon it.

Regardless of the reason why the nails began to exfoliate, it is necessary to urgently respond to what is happening, otherwise it will be difficult to restore a healthy look.

Stratification can go away by itself after some time, but it is better to help the nails with simple and affordable procedures and cost. The main thing is to conduct them not from case to case, but systematically and in combination.

Strengthening exfoliating nails

If your nails begin to exfoliate, be sure to try to find out the possible cause of the disease and eliminate it. To protect your nails, observe the following rules:

Protect your hands with gloves whenever you go outside, especially on hot days and at low temperatures,

try not to come into contact with household chemical products if your hands are not protected by gloves,

be sure to periodically take a course of vitamins that strengthen your nails,

be careful about your diet: eat foods that contain vitamins A, D,

regularly do procedures that strengthen the structure of nails and nourish it, even if there are no visible manifestations of delamination, do it for prevention,

daily apply a cream on the hands that will help soften the skin of the hands and cuticles, strengthen nails.

Nail stratification treatment at home

To strengthen the nail plate, it is not necessary to visit salons and do expensive procedures. You can take care of the nails at home, for this, establish the rule periodically, if the separation does not require serious treatment, do the following procedures:

Compresses with oils. Oils are able to soften the nail plate, nourish it with the necessary nutrients. Especially useful are olive, castor, burdock oils, pine and cedar oils.

They nourish the weakened structure, filling it with the necessary substances, internally strengthen the nail plate. Compresses are best done at night.

Apply a small amount of oil to the cotton pads, wrap the nails and put them in cosmetic gloves so that the pads do not move. Such compresses can be kept all night, and in the morning remove the oil residues with the same discs and apply your usual hand cream.

Rubbing oil. If for some reason you are not able to make compresses, you can apply oil several times a day to the nail plate, rubbing them into the nail with light massage movements. The convenience of this procedure is that it can be done even at the workplace, since it does not take much time.

Massage. It is recommended to massage the hands during the procedures, especially the fingers in the area of ​​nail growth. This stimulates blood circulation, which leads to the normalization of the supply of necessary nutrients to the nail plate.

Sealing nails with wax. A procedure that helps restore nails. Beeswax, most often used during sealing, contains a huge amount of nutrients that can penetrate the structure of the nail and soak it. Forming a protective layer on the surface of the nail plate, the wax makes the nails less permeable, and substances adversely affecting its structures do not fall, which helps to stop delamination.

Paraffin therapy. An alternative to sealing nails. By immersing the nails for half a minute in the cosmetic paraffin melted and diluted with oils, you fill the cracks on the surface of the nail, thereby strengthening it.

After 5-7 dives, put on cosmetic gloves on your hands and walk in them for 2-3 hours. Rub the remaining paraffin into the surface of the nail. Paraffin therapy is useful in cold weather, when nails are exposed to low temperatures. The procedure warms up the blood vessels, improving blood circulation and stimulating the flow of nutrients.

Baths for nails. When exfoliating nails, it is not recommended to make baths often, since water, penetrating the structure of the nail, not only nourishes, but also softens it. But you shouldn’t refuse the baths at all, it’s better to choose the right ingredients: when stratifying the nails, it is not recommended to make baths with salt, soda or iodine - they can aggressively affect the surface of the nail plate, causing even more stratification. But baths based on herbal decoctions and oils 1-2 times a month will be useful for the treatment of stratification.

With stratification of nails it is not recommended to align the nails with various scrubs, as they will only destroy the surface of the nail. Do not level the surface with polishing files. If the delamination starts from the edge of the nail, it is better to cut it off, because, becoming thin, it will break, which can lead to injury.

Prevention of delamination of nails

Exfoliation of nails is easier to prevent than to cure, therefore, regardless of whether your nails are affected by this disease or not, make a rule for yourself periodically, several times a month, to carry out procedures that can help strengthen your nails.

Pay attention to food! Exfoliation is provoked by a lack of vitamins and minerals. Introduce dairy products containing calcium, vegetables, legumes, and fruits into your diet. If necessary, drink a course of vitamins.
Do not get carried away building up. Be sure to take a rest break during which you take care of your nails. Beautiful nails are not only a delightful manicure, but also a healthy look. A stratification of nails does not make them attractive.

Even if your nails do not peel at the moment, as a preventive measure, do firming procedures using oils, wax, paraffin, decoctions of herbs. Be sure to take care of the skin of the hands and cuticle.

Never bite your nails, do not bite your burrs, treat the edges only with small files. When treating the edges with a nail file, make sure that they remain even, do not cling to hair and clothing. Be sure to grind off a broken nail, because an uneven edge can lead to delamination of the fragment and provoke further delamination. When manicuring, try not to injure the nail plate: the damage violates the integrity and can lead to delamination.

Remember: nails should also rest! Take them a “vacation” several times a year! At this time, try not to paint them with decorative varnish, to reduce the length. Indulge your nails with restorative and nourishing treatments. Daily care of nails will necessarily affect their appearance and health.