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Vegetarian wedding: how to interest guests?


In order to get married, you need to save up for a wedding for a whole year or borrow money from friends. You also need to take into account a million little things and prepare for it almost six months later: choose a hall and a stupid white dress, make a list of food and look for limousine rentals, think about the scenario and who to hire a host and photographer. That is, in order to spend the most important moment in your life, you must first have a lot of problems and be nervous, and in the end get absolutely the same holiday as everyone else. I always deep down (and not deep down too) realized how much a waste of time and money, from which only drunken tricks of the guests will remain in my memory, and not a magical feeling from the birth of a new family, and a sense of awkwardness from the fact that this a significant day passed in a completely unnatural setting for me. Therefore, I am very happy with those young people (we ourselves did not succeed) who organize their wedding in a different way than it should be, starting from not celebrating it at all, and ending with non-alcoholic or bicycle events.

Yes, of course, someone thinks completely differently. But for quite some time now I have become bored at the holidays, where the basis is food and drink. And even attempts to somehow bring people together through competitions do not rectify the situation. And on the wedding day, I really want something special, but behind the tinsel and decorations in the form of a limousine, a banquet and the whole festive program, the possibility of realizing that people become husband and wife is lost. How many I did not ask newly made newlyweds about sensations before / during / after, everyone answers - they say, nothing special. And ideally, it should be different! At least, I really wanted this at our wedding, and I think that Daria and I, in spite of all the distractions, managed to abstract and feel this moment.

Vegetarian and non-alcoholic wedding

I want to tell how a month ago I visited the wedding of friends, Denis and Nastya. Finally, I ended up at a wedding, which was organized more or less like what I wanted once. And as a joke, we called her with the groom - a wedding without violence, without violence against guests. And this was manifested in the fact that there was no need to wear a suit that I hated with a noose around my neck (which, by the way, I no longer have), I did not need to listen to the misty and boring speeches of the host, to voluntarily participate in competitions and feel all day at ease, from the fact that most of the people you don’t know and they are all with completely different interests, that there’s nothing to talk about.

The best thing you can think of on this day is a meeting of friends, a comfortable and homely atmosphere, the opportunity to talk with the bride and groom at any time (this is really not enough, as a rule). Usually such days are arranged after an official event, in a small group of friends. So, it seems to me that you can skip the banquet and go straight to friendly gatherings, which actually happened - the young ones signed quietly in the registry office and set sail to the cottage, where the next day we all met.

Handmade invitation with an individual verse in our honor

The groom sang a serenade so that his narrowed one would go out to him, then there was a feast and many interesting conversations, a small evening concert with the participation of the groom (he is our lead singer in the Seredin group) and the launch of sky lanterns in the night. Someone then stayed overnight in a tent, someone in the house, and I left home.

The relaxed atmosphere and sunny day contributed to the holiday. And the best part is that the wedding was non-alcoholic and vegetarian. Of course, not all were vegetarians, but one day you can tolerate without a chop and alcohol, there were no dissatisfied exclamations. I think this is very correct if the newlyweds make such a wedding as they want, on this day they can afford it.

Holiday table and each apple

A bit of scenery in the subject

If apples do not grow, they can be hung on ropes

Check-in to a country partnership is marked so that guests do not slip

All set the table together

Happy bride looks out of the window

A no less happy bridegroom sings her serenade

Friends explain what to do at one time or another

Friends explain what to do at one time or another

Young and small photo shoot

Not without recognition of the bride by the hand

Gifts are given periodically

Everyone with children was sent to this table :)

My constantly full plate

Everyone is sitting, talking

Sometimes children fly by

Play darts

And all around the beds

Nearby river canal

To really have fun you don’t need to drink, just swim

Young with close friends

The guests explained that the garter should be removed with his teeth, and he believed

Listening to great music

The entire music group assembled

In the evening, lights lit everywhere

Few sky lanterns for good luck

Few sky lanterns for good luck

One must be run together

The variety is almost raw, solid fruits and sour cream

I cannot but mention the fact that the whole wedding cost the guys 40 thousand rubles. It’s even budget, and there are much more positive emotions than in a traditional banquet. It’s better to spend the rest of the money on the trip, which they actually did, though before the wedding :) Of course, they had to do a lot themselves, and friends and parents provided significant help. But on the other hand, if you take training as a fun pastime, then it is akin to leisure, which also unites.

P.S. In any case, I’m glad for everyone who is married, love each other, this is no less important than the wedding itself, whatever it may be.

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It all starts with an invitation

Close people to whom you are not indifferent will come to the celebration in any case: will this wedding be vegetarian or not. It is important to understand this, and you should not be upset if someone refused to come to the celebration because of a non-standard wedding menu.

However, you cannot hide your decision from the guests. It is better to warn everyone about this in advance, so that later the menu does not come as a surprise to them. Therefore, tell about your idea in wedding invitations, make it clear, stylish and tasteful. And remember that you need to send them in a month, or even earlier, because in case of refusal you can accurately create a list of guests. What should such invitations look like? And what to write in them?

  • Indicate in the invitations why you decided to make the wedding vegetarian - for the sake of spiritual values, for religious reasons, because of a healthy lifestyle, love of animals, etc. Guests should know this, even if you hide the truth from them (maybe this).
  • Demonstrate to your guests that vegetarian meals can be delicious and non-alcoholic drinks can be delicious. For example, some vegetarians in invitations paste illustrations of meat-free dishes. And those invited can see for themselves what kind of food will be on the banquet table on the day of the wedding celebration.

Emphasis on beauty

Guests may not really like the vegetarian wedding theme. But instead of the forbidden, they can offer something very interesting. Organize your wedding in natural shades: juicy green and woody brown. Let naturalness be felt everywhere - in the decor, wedding dresses and accessories. Use floral or forest motifs. Make the space of the wedding hall bright, airy. You can even organize a wedding in nature. Invent separately an original menu that can impress everyone without exception. For example, a bar of oxygen cocktails can be organized at the celebration. And the person who distributes them will tell everyone how useful they are for the respiratory system and skin condition. Seeing all this beauty, the guests will be delighted.