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How to disguise bags under the eyes?


What to do if you need to look fresh and beautiful, but the circles under the eyes treacherously talk about yesterday's sleepless night? The main thing is to remain calm and devote a little more time to the usual morning care and makeup. We picked up a pair of beauty hacks to help save the situation.

Use a cooling stick for the skin around the eyes

Instead of the usual cream for the skin around the eyes, use an eye stick. Such a remedy is aimed at relieving swelling and swelling (look for caffeine in the composition and avoid alcohol-containing components). But a regular cream will not help you, because it is aimed at lifting and antiaging.

You can find men's skin care products around the eyes in the RIV GOSH perfume and cosmetics store.

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Disguise Rules

Moisturizing is a must for eye care. There are creams specialized for the skin around the eyes, which also have the ability to moisturize, relieve swelling and slightly adjust the blue due to the reflective pigment and pink tint in its composition.

Covering with concealer is the next step. Depending on the depth of blue, you can use the composition of the concealer from less thin to more dense.

How to apply concealer

To do this, we apply the concealer on the small pillow of the index finger and rub it with our fingers - with this action we warm up the product, which gives us a light coating, then we apply it with spot motions to the problem area.

It is also very important: you need to apply a triangle along the nose and blend it not along the eye, but perpendicularly. So that the concealer rolls less and does not get into wrinkles, it is necessary to apply matting or fixing powder on top.


2. Bronzing powder

A light tan on the periphery of the face further distracts attention from imperfections under the eyes, also corrects the oval of the face, making it more elegant. We apply the product on the most protruding part of the zygomatic bone, on the periphery of the forehead and blend it.

It is better to choose a blush with a pink tint. Apply blush to the part that sticks out in the cheek area when you smile.


But the most important point in disguising bruises and a bag under the eyes is their absence. Make a rule to get enough sleep, eat right and breathe fresh air and your skin will change.

Apply base

If you neglect the base during everyday makeup, this can be a big mistake. The foundation will be driven into fine wrinkles and add a couple of extra years. Hiding dark circles at this cost is a dubious achievement. So use the brightening base around your eyes to even out your tone and open your eyes.

Choose a suitable concealer or concealer

It is very important that the product has a light texture, without reflective particles and to match the skin. In extreme cases, the color of the corrector can be selected a couple of tones darker than the natural complexion, but in no case lighter, since a light shade will more strongly highlight swelling. Even with a huge thirst to hide hated circles, apply only one layer of corrector. Do not turn dark circles into light ones.

By the way, instead of the corrector, you can use a concealer. It is even preferable. Indeed, among the products you can find one that will specifically solve your problem. The main thing is to choose the right shade: yellow and orange - from violet-blue circles in the eye area, green - from a red tint, purple - from a yellowish bruise, pink - from brown.

But what if there was no corrector at hand? Find the red lipstick! This versatile option will help in an emergency. Distribute red lipstick over the entire area under the eyes. Start with a lighter layer and continue to apply lipstick until the bruises become invisible. Then take your favorite concealer and cover it with red pigment, gently blending it with a sponge.

It is important to apply the corrector or concealer correctly: in a semicircle from the inner corner of the eyes down the cheek (usually this is the line of the nasolacrimal groove).

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Fix the result

After concealer or corrector, you must apply the usual tone and lightly powder. Remember, your task is to even out the overall tone of the face, and not focus on bags under the eyes. Everything should be soft and natural.

However, do not apply ordinary powder: if it contains reflective particles, they can get into wrinkles and wrinkles, which only emphasize skin problems. It is advisable to have friable, transparent powder in its discharging - it is she who will come to the rescue in the situation with bruises under the eyes.

You can buy makeup fixing powder in the RIV GOSH stores. This universal tool can be used both for fixing the make-up, and independently.

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Set accents

You have several options for completing your makeup. Firstly, you can highlight the lips with bright lipstick to attract attention to them, and not to the eyes. Secondly, you can emphasize the upper eyelid with a dark eyeliner and bring the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with a flesh pencil to make the look shining. And in both cases, blush is needed - they will add freshness to the face.

If you want to focus on the eyes, we advise you to complete the makeup with NYX Professional Make Up Eye Pencil, which is available in various colors. If you decide to highlight the lips, use the juicy matte lipstick Max Factor.

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Emergency measures

If you have an extra quarter of an hour in the morning, attach slices of fresh cucumber to the lower eyelids and assume a horizontal position. Still brewed bags of green tea, coffee grounds, fresh cabbage juice and ice cubes from pure drinking water with the addition of lemon juice or from herbal infusions also help.

In addition, you can apply a very thin layer of ointment with a vasoconstrictive effect - “Heparin”, “Troxevasin”. Wipe off what is not absorbed with a cotton pad after 20 minutes.

Globally, all the funds listed will not solve the problem, but the general appearance of the face will become much fresher, and the bags will be less pronounced.

Eye cream

Apply makeup with a cream designed for the area around the eyes. Best of all, light, intensely moisturizing gels fight the problem.
Combine this procedure with massage, gently patting the lower eyelids with your fingertips in the direction from the temple to the bridge of the nose.
If you are forced to deal with this problem regularly, purchase a special roller with metal balls and keep it in the refrigerator. In the composition of such funds in significant concentrations there is caffeine and hyaluronic acid. Thus, you combine massage, the vasoconstrictive effect of cold and the effectiveness of a cosmetic product.

Then wait a few minutes for the cream to soak in well, and fine wrinkles to smoothen out, soak off the rest with a napkin and start makeup.

Makeup base

The foundation for makeup is originally designed to even out skin tone in the presence of pigmentation, traces of acne and enlarged pores. But in this case, it is quite suitable.
Apply a drop of the product just above the protruding part of the cheekbone and evenly blend with a sponge throughout the problem area.

Concealer, aka concealer, is specially designed to cover up bags and dark circles under the eyes. The most important thing is to find the most suitable tone by skin type and color of unwanted swelling.

A greater effect will give a tool with a light texture and without reflective particles. The latter will attract even more attention to the bags. It should not be lighter than your skin - problem areas will visually become even more convex.

Choose the color that best matches your skin or a little darker. But in any case, not pinkish or beige, but more yellowish.

Do not overdo it with the quantity. A generously applied product clogs the pores and prevents the skin from breathing, which does not contribute to the disappearance of bags under the eyes.

Evenly distribute the corrector with a brush until the feathers are completely shaded.

Mentally mark two inverted triangles under the eyelids, apply the product with a concealer on the designated area. Do not rush to immediately shade it, it is necessary that it acquires the temperature of your body and better clings to the skin of the face. At this time, you can do another procedure. After about 5 minutes, you can blend the concealer with your fingertips, a brush or a slightly damp sponge.

What is concealer and what is it for, you can read in detail here.

In hot weather or in high humidity outdoors, be prepared for the concealer to leak. Therefore, take the product with you so that you can carry out a “current repair” in time and avoid getting into skin folds and small wrinkles. This will sharply indicate the bags. Apply a little corrector to the lower eyelid and, patting, evenly distribute, shading the borders.


Cream foundation is a real panacea for those who want to correctly hide bags under the eyes. Its tone should exactly match your skin, otherwise instead of a beautiful complexion you will get an unnatural mask.

Coat the corrector with a thin even layer of foundation. Spread it with light pats of the fingertips.

Then apply the product on the T-zone and carefully blend it with a sponge down from the forehead along the temples, up from the chin along the jaw line and from the wings of the nose towards the outer corners of the eyes. Pay particular attention to the chin and forehead under the hairline.

Loose powder

To make-up after a short time does not "float", fix the result. This will help you matte friable (not compact) powder of a light, almost transparent shade. It is completely invisible, but helps to maintain the brightness and durability of the makeup.

Apply the powder in a circular motion, picking it up little by little with a specially designed wide brush or powder puff. From time to time, these things should be cleaned of the inevitably excess skin oil remaining on them, otherwise it will fall into powder. In this case, it turns into lumps and loses its properties. To apply means exactly then, it is almost impossible.
Like all other products, it should be matte. First, cover the lower eyelids in one layer, then move up and down from the cheeks. Several layers of powder will not give the skin a natural matte and velvety appearance. On the contrary, you will become like a plastic doll.

In this case, the powder is simply indispensable to visually smooth out all the unwanted bumps on the face. Properly applied means completely hides the bags under the eyes. Unaesthetic swelling leaves no visible trace.

Eye shadow and pencil

Shadows, like everything else, should not contain nacre particles. Choose a color that is soft and most appropriate for your eyes. Above the pupil under the eyebrow, put a dot of white, light beige or pale gray. So the eyes visually "open" and will appear wider.

Pencil - in contrast with shadows and a shade of the iris, much brighter and cold shade. So attention will immediately move to the upper eyelid, bypassing unwanted bags.

What can not be done?

When hiding bags under the eyes, do not use the following elements in your makeup.

  • Bold black, navy blue or deep brown eyeliner. If you circle her eyes completely, they will turn into narrow holes. If you bring only the upper eyelid, the look will become heavier, the whole expression will be harsh, and this will add you a few years. For those who have the outer corner of the eye below the top (the so-called “falling eye”), this eyeliner is generally contraindicated if you do not want to look like you were crying all night in the pillow.
  • Emphasis on eyelashes. Too thick, in several layers, the eyelashes stained with black ink resemble a fence or a forest of copies, beyond which your eyes are completely invisible. It looks especially ugly when mascara is of poor quality - eyelashes stick together, lumps form on them. Stop using black. Run a brush with chocolate brown or gray mascara 2-3 times over the eyelashes. The first goes well with a rich purple or noble blue arrow on the eyelids. The second is with emerald.
  • Unprocessed eyebrows. Be sure to shape them by treating them with styling gel and brushing them along the hairline. In order to focus on them, use opaque pressed shades of a brownish-gray shade. Begin to evenly apply them not from the nose, but from a point above the inner corner of the eye towards the temples.

Cosmetics applied in more than one layer may crack during the day, wrinkles appear and the face will become sloppy. Keep this in mind and bring along cosmetics for repair during the day!