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Business Plan: Hostel


Open a hostel from scratch will allow the presence of desire, the necessary financial investments, facilities and free time. A risky, but at the same time real profitable business will be successful with a successful choice of location. The second success factor can be called proper advertising, because this is what will attract significant customer traffic. The third factor lies in the hospitality and comfort of accommodating guests who will form the base of regular customers.

Hostels are popular for tourists who are interested in low-cost accommodation with an acceptable level of comfort. The crisis only increased the demand for hostels and people are happy to stay in such hotels where you can rent not a room, but a bed for the night. But the success of mini-hotels can be explained not only by the interest of students and young travelers with a low budget, the hostels are also actively used by adults, very successful people who choose a certain philosophy of life that is closest to the definition of “downshifting”. This accommodation option has its own “hostel romance”; first of all, it is a good option to make useful contacts with people from different countries and find travel companions for the future. All these factors aroused the desire of entrepreneurs to wonder - what you need to open a hostel?

Significant demand for cheap housing makes the project payback extremely high. For start-up entrepreneurs, you can recommend the option of starting by buying a franchise, which is accompanied by a detailed business plan with key indicators of the entire process, as well as step-by-step development instructions. The payback of a hostel can be quite fast - opening a business in an apartment can be reached within 6-12 months. A hostel in a non-residential building will require from 1 year to 2 years, investments in projects will be approximately 250 thousand and 1 million rubles, respectively.

The rooms in these hotels are often equipped with several bunk beds. In fact, this is a hostel, where they settle not in separate rooms, but in common ones, payment is taken for a bed (although it is possible to arrange several separate rooms). Common facilities: kitchen, bathroom and shower. The option is very convenient for large groups of backpackers traveling around the world with one backpack.

As a business, opening a hostel is of interest to entrepreneurs in large cities, and the reasons for this are obvious:

  • many people come here all year round who need to stop somewhere,
  • the hotel business is always in demand among customers, which ensures a stable income,
  • it refers to the opening of a small enterprise, the paperwork for which will not cause problems.

Hostels can be divided into three types:

  1. Great hostel for a hundred guests. The room is divided into blocks, there is a kitchen and a recreation area. To open such a variant of the business will require a large investment of funds, time and effort, but the payback comes faster. These hostels can book companies organizing meetings or seminars for employees. You can count on the conclusion of a contract for ongoing cooperation.
  2. Medium Hostel with a capacity of thirty or more people. Each room can accommodate six or eight guests. Under this option, a pair of neighboring apartments on one floor is used, the other is given for domestic premises and a room for spending leisure time.
  3. Small hostel in the apartment. The room accommodates up to four people in bunk beds. The option does not require significant costs, such a hostel is easier to manage. This option is suitable for many due to silence and comfort, because the price of accommodation can be 10% higher than in large hostels.

The right choice of premises

Under the mini-hotel you can rent a large apartment, a floor or several floors, as well as a separate building. The cost per square meter will cost about 1-1.5 thousand rubles per month or 15-18 thousand rubles per year. The purchase of a separate house will cost 4-5 million rubles, at least 9-10 million should be invested in the construction of a new building.

The best place for your first hostel will be the city center, but not the most central streets, where real estate is too expensive. It is best to choose places not far from the center that are easily accessible by transport or metro. The size of the room depends on the number of guests, but the leaders of this business recommend starting with a minimum of 10-15 beds.

The owners of spacious apartments think about whether it is profitable to open a hostel, especially if it is located on the ground floor.

How to open a hostel in an apartment

The owners of the hostels in the apartment claim that this is a good option for making money, while not recommending considering it as the main one. The apartment does not accommodate so many people, and you can’t set a high price - it’s still not a hotel, but a hostel.

Since 2015, the State Duma has been considering Bill No. 876688-6, which is aimed at banning the use of residential premises for a hotel. Market experts believe that amending the Housing Code, known as the "Hostal Ban Act," is unlikely. You can insure against changes by transferring housing into non-residential status. The apartment should be on the 1st floor. However, this is a complex and expensive process.

Pitfalls can arise in communication with neighbors - their consent is initially required. Next, you need to equip a separate entrance and take care of sound insulation.

To accommodate ten guests, the correct redevelopment of a three-room apartment will suffice. The interior should appeal to the main audience of the hostel - youth, so you need to create creative design concepts based on bright colors.

Standards for accommodation of residents in hostels:

  • Basements and rooms without windows are not allowed under the bedroom. Those can only be reserved for utility rooms.
  • Each bed should have at least 4 square meters. m. Norma also takes into account the area occupied by the bed itself. For bunk beds, the standard is the same.
  • The distance between the upper berth and the ceiling should not be less than 75 cm. Mandatory ceiling height - not less than 2.5 m.
  • Showers, washbasins and toilets are installed at the rate of at least 1 unit for 15 residents.

Hostels are subject to compliance with sanitary standards and fire safety rules established by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Emergencies and Human Welfare.

Investments in the hostel

A lot of nuances can affect the success of a business, the answer to the question will depend on their accounting how much does it cost to open a hostel from scratch. The hostel’s proposed business plan provides estimated prices for an illustrative example of the amount of waste; they can vary by 10-20%.

When the premises are found, the following steps to open a hostel will be:

  1. Repair with redevelopment - from 4 to 8 thousand rubles / sq. meter., in total up to 100 thousand rubles,
  2. The purchase of furniture 200-300 thousand. More in the following paragraph,
  3. Purchase of necessary household items: bedding, towels, rugs, curtains, etc. from 50 thousand rubles.

Optional but preferred amenitiesable to increase the attractiveness of any hotel:

  • High-speed Internet - for many, its availability becomes a decisive factor in choosing a place to live,
  • Good sound insulation, installation of high-quality windows and doors. Thus, you can distance yourself from neighbors that can interfere with business,
  • Split system Air conditioning has become the standard for hotels at any level,
  • Common hall and kitchen. There is a need to prepare a simple lunch or drink tea. People need a place to relax in the evenings at the TV or laptop, they will be grateful for such facilities. Customers will have the memory of comfort in your hostel.
  • It’s worth considering the storage options for valuables, for which you need to put several cells of the left-luggage office,
  • Laundry service, ironing board and ironing facilities,
  • Installing a cooler with drinking water.

Necessary equipment in the hostel

In dormitory room:

8-13 thousand rubles / piece.

Kitchen equipment:

3-5 thousand rubles, refrigerator

10-19 thousand rubles, coffee machine or coffee maker

1,5-6 thousand rubles, washing machine

8-12 thousand rubles, a full kitchen

10-20 thousand rubles.

Reception and relaxation area:

900-1.5 thousand rubles,

  • Laptop - 20 thousand rubles.
  • Hygiene Room:

      shower stall / corner

    8-14 thousand rubles, toilet

    3-4 thousand rubles, wash basin

    1,5-2 thousand rubles / piece,

    Other costs:

    • Internet payment - 500-800 rubles / month,
    • Payment of utility services

    Hiring staff, their functions and pay

    • Administrator. It is engaged in the reception and accommodation of guests and provides guests with everything necessary. In the duties of monitoring the state of the premises wanted, receiving calls. At first, one administrator is enough, but soon a second one will be needed to work in shifts. Administrator salary: 20-35 thousand rubles.
    • Maid. The responsibilities include maintaining the cleanliness of rooms and kitchen equipment, showers, sinks, toilets, and their periodic disinfection. You can limit yourself to a part-time job, since a permanent presence at the hotel is not necessary, in addition, it is convenient for students looking for part-time jobs. The size of salaries is from 8 to 18 thousand rubles.
    • Accountant. It may be "coming", working several days a month. Salary - from 15 thousand rubles.

    Making the employees of the mini-hotel on a “white” salary, it is necessary to take into account deductions to various funds, which for 2017 in most cases make up 30, 2%. Payroll taxes are a plus to expenses and a minus to income.

    What are the hostel requirements?

    The hostel's activities are regulated by GOST 56184-2014. This document obliges hosters not to use rooms of basements and basements as well as rooms that do not have windows as numbers. In the basements you can make showers, toilets, launderettes, a buffet, a shop and luggage storage rooms. There are no mandatory requirements for the obligatory equipment of kitchens, but a place for communication can be done outdoors.

    As for the area, the hostels are allowed to allocate 4 square meters. meters per bed, it doesn’t matter which one: one-story or two-story, and the place occupied by the bed is also taken into account. That is, to give an overnight stay to 10 people, you need a living space of 20 square meters. meters with bunk beds. In this case, the ceiling from the top of the bed should be at least 75 cm.

    GOST does not prohibit the organization of mixed dormitories for women and men. However, guests must be notified in advance. By the way, there are no special requirements for the mandatory equipment of kitchens, although there must be a place for cooking. In any case, customers should be notified of the peculiarities of their establishment even before check-in.

    Fire safety requirements oblige to place an evacuation plan in case of emergency.

    Is it possible to organize a hostel in an apartment?

    In paragraph 5.7.18 of GOST 56184-2014 it is said that the law does not prohibit making a hostel from your apartment. For this you need to go through legal registration. Well, and then the hostel is obliged to comply with "hygiene standards for noise, sound, vibration, electromagnetic radiation and the rules of living in residential buildings." That is, complaints from neighbors may become the basis for terminating the business.

    How much does it cost to open your hostel: draw up a cost plan

    When drawing up a business plan, it is necessary to calculate the potential expenses for the start and for the formation period. The amount of starting investments depends on what area the businessman will use:

    • use of own housing,
    • renting a room to accommodate a budget hotel,
    • purchase of non-residential premises and its re-equipment ..

    The best option is to rent a bed for your home, for example, a second apartment with the goal of paying a mortgage. Hotel business experts advise that the premises on the ground floor with a separate entrance be reserved for this business. In this case, when creating a business plan, you need to consider the following expenses:

    • registration and “paperwork” - from 15 thousand rubles (depending on the city),
    • expenses under a lease if someone else’s premises are being rented (prices vary significantly, should be considered separately),
    • repairs worth 10 thousand rubles per sq. square meter
    • the organization of one berth at the rate of 15 thousand rubles, including household appliances,
    • 3-month payroll fund for 4 people: approximately 423 thousand rubles, including taxes,
    • organization of an advertising campaign in the amount of at least 50 thousand rubles,
    • contingencies, which usually make up 20% of the estimate.

    To organize a hostel in a 2-room apartment with a living area of ​​32 sq. M. meters and 48 square meters. meters of total area for 14 guests will need:

    15,000 (registration) + 48 sq. mx 10,000 rubles (repair) + 14 people x 15,000 (cost of a berth) +423,000 rubles (wage fund) + 50,000 rubles (advertising) = 1,178,000 rubles.

    Plus unforeseen expenses in the amount of 20% of the amount of 1,178,000 rubles, i.e. 235,000 rubles. Total investments in the business plan will amount to 1 million 413 thousand rubles.

    If you rent someone else’s premises, for example, an apartment, then the cost of the start increases by the amount of a half-year rental payment, which depends on the city and the district. A more thorough calculation of the plan will be needed when buying a room.

    Necessary equipment

    For the normal functioning of the hostel you will need a minimum set of furniture and household appliances:

    • single beds, double and bunk beds,
    • bedside tables with locks,
    • dining tables and chairs,
    • sofa for guests
    • television,
    • coffee table,
    • individual lockers (preferably metal) for clothes with locks,
    • Reception desk
    • individual night lighting,
    • individual electrical outlet,
    • shared refrigerator
    • electric kettles,
    • microwave
    • router for wireless internet.

    The cost of the necessary furniture and equipment to open a hostel from scratch depends on the entrepreneur’s ability to choose the best option in terms of price and quality.

    The experience of using hostels with 15-20 beds shows that the hotel should have an administrator around the clock (or a security guard in the evening and at night).

    Still need a cleaning lady. Hostels usually recruit security guards and cleaners for “young” retirees who are happy with any extra income. Let's calculate the staff costs for the hostel’s business plan (calculations are relevant for Moscow):


    Note: This business plan, like all others in the section Business plans, contains calculations of average prices, which in your case may differ. Therefore, we recommend that you do the calculations for your business individually.

    Over the past few years, hostels have become popular in Russia. This is due to the inexpensive cost for an acceptable level of comfort. If we compare prices with hotel prices, we can say that hostels are much cheaper. In connection with the crisis, the popularity and demand for this type of mini-hotels has only increased. Therefore, novice entrepreneurs are increasingly wondering how to open a hostel.

    We will consider the hostel’s business plan with settlements in a three-room rented apartment.

    Market analysis

    Today in Russia there are more than 5 thousand mini-hotels and hostels. Half of them are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In other cities, the potential of this type of business is great. About 2.6 million rubles on average annually as a revenue (not profit!) Receive Russian hostels.

    Over the past two years, the number of hostels has more than doubled, which indicates the increased attention of entrepreneurs to this type of business and the demand from potential customers.

    As a rule, hostels with a capacity of 10-30 people are created. Their share is more than 50% of all hostels, in some regions and more. This is due to a relatively low level of investment and high profitability. It is worth noting that over the past 2-3 years, investment in this area has increased. So, for example, in St. Petersburg this figure has more than doubled, the total amount of investments has already exceeded 500 million rubles.

    Before you open your hostel, you need to analyze the situation in the hotel business market. This can best be done by collecting data in booking systems. In addition, this information is in the public domain. For clarity, it is better to compile the information in the form of a table, having examined each object separately.

    TitleServicesRating (it is better to apply to several booking systems)Capacity (number of rooms)Number of booked roomsOccupancy rate

    If it is difficult or not to collect information yourself, you can entrust this to freelancers.

    There are several ways to open hostels:

    • Buying a franchise.
    • Starting your own business with the acquisition of premises.
    • Starting your own business with the rental of premises.

    For the majority, the third option seems to be the most acceptable and budget option. It will be he who will be considered.

    It is very important to evaluate your own level of competitiveness, familiarizing yourself with the services of other hotel enterprises. Competitors will be: hotels, hotels, other hostels, rented apartments (daily). Конкурировать с гостиницами и отелями поможет более низкая цена, а с другими хостелами и квартирами – качество предоставляемых услуг и какая-нибудь «фишка», которая сделает заведение запоминающимся, узнаваемым.

    Портрет потенциального покупателя: основными потребителями станут представители техх слоев населения, которые имеют средний уровень достатка. Это, как правило, будут туристы, путешествующие энтузиасты, молодежь. Если говорить о людях среднего возраста, то это будут обычные служащие, не имеющие консервативного взгляда на жизнь. Свыше 65% всех студентов мира ежегодно посещают все новые и новые места. They will be the main customers of the hostel.

    SWOT analysis

    Intrinsic factorsExternal factors

    1. The prospects of this type of business.

    2. The constant demand for services, regardless of the situation in the country, inflation, the severity of the crisis.

    3. Low cost.

    4. Since the main investments are made in real estate and household items, losses are reduced in case of a possible failure.

    5. The presence of "chips".


    1. A developing segment of the market in which investors are willing to invest their money.

    2. Offer additional services (breakfast, development of excursions, etc.).

    3. Increase in advertising.

    4. Improving the quality.

    5. Increase the speed of service and the provision of services.


    1. Lack of double beds.

    2. Lack of breakfast.

    3. Lack of parking.

    4. Inability to cater for large events due to small capacity.


    1. Economic instability in the country.

    2. High level of competition.

    3. Seasonality of demand.

    Opportunity Assessment

    You can increase opportunities by entering additional services, raising their level. Increased demand will directly depend on promotional events.

    It is necessary to take into account the seasonality of demand for hotel services.

    The organization’s working hours will be around the clock, seven days a week.

    Legal issues:

    • The choice of OPF enterprise. When opening one hostel, it is best to stay at the IP. With further expansion, you can think about registering a legal entity, opening an LLC. OKVED codes can be: 55.23 - activities of other places for living. Or 55.23.5 - the activity of other places for temporary residence, not included in other groups. This will depend on the maximum length of stay of customers.
    • Registration with the tax office, obtaining a certificate, choosing a tax system. You can start by choosing a simplified taxation system (STS), as it provides many benefits. One of the following objects can be selected as a tax base: 6% of income or 15% of the difference (income-expenses). In the second case, the rate may vary depending on the region in which the business is registered.
    • We also recommend that you accept payment by credit card from your customers. To do this, open a bank account. By the way, we wrote an article about which bank to open a bank account in.
    • If the hostel opens in an apartment or a separate room, no licenses will be required.
    • Compliance with sanitary standards. However, additional documents are not received. However, after some time, the relevant services may come and check. When decorating, it is worth getting certificates of conformity of the materials used (in order to avoid possible problems).
    • Obtaining the conclusion of the fire inspection on the satisfaction of all norms and standards in the room. This document guarantees safety not only for visitors, but also for workers. Its receipt is required.
    • Conclusion of a lease agreement.

    A few more legal requirements:

    • The hostel cannot be located in the basement or in the basement.
    • When settling foreign citizens, migration records should be kept.
    • Redevelopment will require contacting the Housing Inspectorate.

    Leased premises: it will be a three-room apartment on the ground floor, best with a separate exit. It is advisable that the property has already been converted into commercial property, as this procedure is not simple and lengthy.

    Service Description

    Actually, the service is the provision of temporary residence. It includes:

    • sleeping place,
    • kitchen with necessary utensils (including electric appliances, utensils),
    • bathroom (shower, toilet),
    • relaxation room (with TV, laptop, game console),
    • Wi-Fi
    • use of dryers, washing machine, iron.

    Such a range of services will certainly attract more visitors to the hostel.

    The order will be processed through the administrator, who accepts applications by phone or online.

    Drawing up a marketing plan

    One of the main factors in the demand for hostel services is advertising. You should not wait for independent promotion - it will be a very long process. The following strategies must be used:

    1. Work with educational institutions (schools, universities). Students and students very often go on excursions to other cities, various Olympiads. In addition, turning to you, they will advise this place to others. And this is a completely free bonus in the form of a word of mouth. The main thing is that they like the hostel.
    2. It is necessary to register a hostel in various social networks that are popular. It will also be useful to open your own website with feedback and contact details. Be sure to indicate the location, phones. It is worth placing photos of rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms. Having good reviews can also inspire confidence in the quality of services to potential customers.
    3. Work with various schools (sports, music), clubs, teams. Talented people often travel.
    4. Development of commercial offers with a system of bonuses, promotions, discounts. You can associate them with seasonality, the number of visitors, for example.
    5. Work with travel agencies.
    6. Check-in at travel sites and applications like
    7. Corporate discount system.
    8. Distribution of leaflets.

    These are far from all possible ways of advertising. It is worth paying attention to this part of the question.

    Payment for accommodation will be made after the entry of residents. You do not have to pay anything in advance. Checkout time - 12:00. Payment is in cash.

    Period1 month
    Number of seats (total)12 places
    % occupancy84%
    Number of seats10 places
    The cost of one place700 p.
    Total revenue210 000 p.

    The cost of one place is set at 700 rubles, as the hostel has a kitchen, a bathroom, a room with a TV, laptop and game console. In addition, there is an iron and a washing machine. In general, prices for this type of service vary from 350 to 1500 rubles, depending on the conditions of the hostel, city, location.

    Production plan

    For work, you need a room. It will be a three-room apartment on the first floor with a separate entrance. Repair of the premises will be required, which will include redevelopment. The apartment will contain:

    • kitchen (10 m 2),
    • bathroom (4 m 2),
    • toilet (4 m 2),
    • corridor (4 m 2),
    • hall (8 m 2),
    • cabinet for the administrator and consumables (5 m 2),
    • 2 rooms (30 m 2 each),

    Total total area will be: 95 m 2.

    The repair will include the decoration of the premises, the installation of lamps, chandeliers, the complete equipment of the bathroom and the bathroom, the installation of the sink in the kitchen. The cost will be 700,000 rubles.

    Important: For 12 residents there should be 1 toilet, 1 shower, 2 sinks.

    The apartment will need the following furniture:

    • kitchen set (1 pc.),
    • dining table (1 pc),
    • chairs (5pcs),
    • bunk beds (6pcs),
    • sofa (1pc),
    • bedside tables (6pcs),
    • cabinets (2pcs),
    • tables (2pcs),
    • dryers (2pcs),
    • armchairs (2pcs).

    Furniture can be bought new or used, by buying it, for example, on Avito.

    You will also need to purchase the following equipment:

    • fridge,
    • microwave
    • cooker
    • television,
    • game console (preferably),
    • a vacuum cleaner,
    • 2 laptops (1 for administrator, 1 for residents),
    • Washer,
    • iron
    • Electric kettle.

    Not without the purchase of dishes, which will be required for cooking.

    Job titleNumber of staffPayment methodSalary (including taxes and insurance premiums)General PHOT
    Administrator4Salary20 000 p.80 000 p.
    Cleaning lady2Salary12 000 p.24 000 p.
    Total6104 000 p.

    Cleaning ladies clean rooms in the morning in shifts (rooms before the arrival of new residents, other rooms - 2 times a day).

    Administrators work around the clock in shifts. Their duties include receiving applications, monitoring them, adding information about promotions, special offers, settlements with guests, their settlement, consulting.

    Salary is issued 2 times a month (advance and salary).

    People with work experience are hired. The knowledge of foreign languages ​​is appreciated by administrators; excellent computer and Internet skills are also required.

    Organizational plan

    1 month2 month3 month
    Registration IP6 800 p.
    Conclusion of a lease
    Search for colleagues
    Competition analysis (booking systems)
    Advertising10 000 rubles
    Purchase of equipment135 000 p.
    Furniture purchase102 000 p.
    Buying bedding42 000 p.
    Buying dishes30 000 p.
    Purchase of curtains, towels20 000 p.
    Household purchase6 000 p.
    Grocery shopping1 000 p.
    Website creation11 000 p.
    Cash register purchase15 000 p.
    Repair of premises300 000 p.
    Obtaining the conclusion of fire
    Internet browsing600 p.
    Equipment Installation
    Apartment Equipment
    Total679 400 p.

    An entrepreneur is engaged in the search and placement of employees; he also studies the available booking systems for assessing competition. Advertising includes placement on the Internet, contracts with travel agencies.

    The purchase of bedding includes mattresses, pillows, blankets, bed linen (2 sets for each bed).

    Household products include stocks of shampoo, shower gel, soap, as well as funds necessary for cleaning rooms (including mops, rags).

    Food stocks are understood as sugar, coffee, tea.

    Financial plan

    Monthly income - 210,000 rubles.

    Initial costs - 679,400 rubles.

    Periodic costs (calculation for 30 days):

    Rent15 000 p.
    Electricity700 p.
    Water2 000 p.
    Heating2 000 p.
    Wifi400 p.
    Advertising10 000 p.
    Phone500 p.
    Tea, coffee, sugar1 000 p.
    Soap supplies1 000 p.
    Wage104 000 p.
    Detergents (for cleaning)500 p.
    Cash desk service1 400 p.
    Depreciation deductions, maintenance5 000 p.
    Total:143 500 p.

    Thus, the profit before tax will be: 210,000 - 143,500 = 66,500 rubles.

    Taxes: 66,500 * 0.15 = 9,995 rubles.

    Net profit: 56 525 rubles.

    Profitability = 56 525/210 000 = 26.92%.

    Payback period = 679,400 / 56,525 = 12.02. Consequently, a business idea will pay off in just over a year.

    Break-even point is reached after 205 settlements per day.

    RiskProbability of occurrenceAvoiding MethodsPossible threats
    Tighter legislation, new standards.LowOrganizational issuesAdditional expenses.

    Decrease in profitability. Emergencies, accidents.LowInsuranceDamage to property.

    Suspension of activity. Increased competition.AverageFormation of a customer base.

    Development of special offers.

    Quality improvement.Lower income.

    Decrease in profitability.

    Loss of part of customers. Seasonal fluctuations in demand.High Domestic Choosing a disadvantageous location.AverageGeomarketing research.Fewer customers.

    Lower income. Low level of staff qualifications.AverageRecruitment of experienced workers.

    Training.Dissatisfaction with the service on the part of customers.

    Reducing the number of potential buyers. Technological risksAverageTimely repair of equipment.

    Purchase of new equipment at the expense of depreciation fund.Decline in the quality of the service provided.

    Tips, advanced features

    You might consider developing a hostel for a specific consumer. For example, athletes or musicians with the appropriate attributes (gym, studio room for rehearsals).

    It is very important to timely replace old or broken equipment. You can not ignore the things that are used constantly. You cannot save on these things.

    It is worth considering the offer of additional services. For example, developing excursions, preparing breakfast for guests.

    Make your hostel original, unlike everyone else. Maybe it will be a games room or an entertainment room. In a word, everything that will surprise and be remembered!

    Of course, you must constantly maintain cleanliness of the premises.

    After the promotion of the premises, you can think about opening another point.

    We also recommend watching one of the many videos about entrepreneurs who opened the hostel:

    Important: Remember that you can independently draw up a business plan specifically for your business. To do this, read the articles:

    Last request: We are all human and we can make mistakes, ignore something, etc. Do not judge strictly if this business plan or others in the Business plans section seemed incomplete to you. If you have experience in a particular activity or if you saw a flaw and can supplement the article, please inform in the comments! Only in this way can we together make business plans more complete, detailed and relevant. Thanks for attention!

    How to attract customers

    The hostel’s business plan includes advertising and promotion.

    1. Own site. At the initial stage, you should not invest heavily in your online representation, it is better to pay attention to the points below.
    2. International sites. By agreeing with their owner about the announcement, you can attract foreign customers. Some can be accommodated for free, others will have to pay.
    3. contextual advertising. Yandex Direct and Google Adwords are an effective business tool used by many hotels. The final cost is the sum of the number of key queries for which the ad will be displayed, cost per click and competition in the region. The advantage of advertising in payment is not for ad impressions, but solely for potential customer’s clicks on your site. You can lay here from 15 thousand rubles or more. In order not to let the whole budget go, without getting the desired return, you should contact the specialists.
    4. Social networks.An effective and relatively low-cost method of promoting a youth-oriented business. The creation and maintenance of a group that talks about the hostel needs to be given a lot of attention, therefore it is better to entrust it to a specialist in maintaining and developing pages on social networks. Here you can hold promotions in which prizes will be bonuses and discounts.
    5. Online Booking Services. Most tourists book rooms on special sites. Among the most popular are Agoda,, Roomguru, Travel, etc. Hostels pay a commission in the form of a small percentage of the cost of the room rented on the site after the guest has paid for the reservation or check in. It is better to make out on resources in advance, because consideration of applications takes time. It is recommended to place at least one photo without opening the object for sales before the hotel starts work. The services also offer the placement of an advertising banner, which will appear depending on the settings - for example, on a page where hostels of a certain city are presented. Such placement may cost 200-300 rubles per month.
    6. Business cards and outdoor advertising. Business cards are distributed in crowded places - these are stations and airports, universities and cafes. The cost of business cards is negligible and starts from 300 rubles per 100 copies made using digital printing to 1,500 rubles per thousand copies printed offset.
    7. Free weekly newspapers. The advertising module for an ad with a picture costs from 5 thousand rubles.

    Finally, the best way to attract customers is to receive positive feedback, both online and offline.

    Collection of documents

    For successful business, you must register with the tax authorities. If you are going to open only one point, it is easier to register as an individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur) and register with the tax authorities.

    Taxes will be accrued under the UTII regime (imputed income) plus additional contributions to the pension fund (for 2015, 22,261 rubles). A cash register is also required. A cashless terminal is desirable.

    Next, you need to contact the Ministry of Emergencies. You will be sent a fire inspector who will issue a prescription indicating the shortcomings. Under all conditions, further problems usually do not arise.

    It will take the conclusion of the sanitary-epidemiological service. The requirements are:

    • square for every resident of at least five square meters,
    • the beds: a minimum of 80 by 190 centimeters, the distance between them is 75 centimeters,
    • restroom: based on 1 per 12 people,
    • shower: 1 for 15 people
    • sink: 1 for 6 guests.

    Hostel preparation

    After solving all the bureaucratic tasks, it's time to think about repairing the room. Do not take this seriously. Even if you think the finish is fresh, remodel rooms to the needs of visitors.

    This is primarily soundproofing, including interior, plastic windows, solid doors, installation of additional plumbing. It is advisable to bring sockets to each bed, stretch the Internet in advance.

    You will need services handymen, electrician, plumbing, tiler, plasterer, painter.

    Staff requirements

    Since working in a hostel does not require any special skills, the selection of workers will not be very difficult. Active retired ladies, correspondence students, girls, all those who do not have any special qualifications are perfect for the role of administrator.

    An important requirement is a smile, goodwill and a willingness to solve minor customer troubles. It will take four people and a fifth shift (for vacation or illness).

    Their duties can be attributed to cleaning and making beds, in which case you will save on a maid. It’s quite suitable for reporting incoming accountant, then you can hire a permanent one.

    Бизнес-план хостела и рентабельность

    Во избежание осечек необходимо write or purchase a hostel business plan.

    It should include the following items:

    • need for money with a detailed indication of spending,
    • sources of financing,
    • Description of the target audience
    • difference of your business from other similar
    • market analysis
    • competitors
    • development potential
    • risk calculation
    • profit forecast
    • approximate turnover
    • marketing costs
    • smart budget

    Before writing your own business plan, it is advisable to market research.

    Here is an example of a hostel’s business plan with detailed calculations in order to determineprofitability of a new hostel (according to two options):

    As a basis, take a communal apartment with an area of ​​80 square meters. meters, designed to receive up to 16 people at a time.

    No real estate in ownership:

    • Purchase of a communal apartment - 4,500,000 rubles,
    • Repair by professional builders - 300,000 rubles,
    • Purchase of beds, bedside tables, linoleum and other trifles - 100,000 rubles,
    • Household appliances - 75,000 rubles,
    • Initial advertising costs - 25,000 rubles

    Total - 5000 thousand rubles exactly.

    Personnel costs monthly:

    • Administrators salary - 60,000 rubles,
    • Salary of an incoming accountant - 10,000 rubles

    Other expenses:

    • Payment of utilities - 10,000 rubles per month
    • Payment of the quick response group - 8000 rubles
    • Internet payment - 1000 rubles

    Total total monthly expenses - 98 thousand rubles, per year - 1176 thousand rubles.

    Calculate the profit

    Take the average population in 60 % at the cost of a bed in 700 rubles per day.

    The calculations are given without taking into account the provision of additional services and savings on personnel and household appliances.

    The existing communal apartment is owned (the total costs are the same, minus the cost of the property itself):

    • Initial expenses - 500,000 rubles.
    • Monthly - 98 thousand rubles.

    The payback period is only six months. Next comes the net profit. The benefit is obvious.

    Calculations are given at prices. October 2015, in an unstable economic situation can vary greatly in time and region.

    Form 3-NDFL 2015 in format (for registration) * .xls

    How to open a hostel? Watch the following video: