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Elegant cupcake wedding cake: design and presentation options


Preparing for the wedding is like a big mosaic to be assembled by the bride and groom. And each element of this peculiar “puzzle” should be perfect - only then the overall picture of the wedding celebration will be bright and unforgettable. But what if a sweet dilemma arises when drawing up the festive menu: bet on a traditional cake or surprise guests with creative cupcakes? Which option will be a win-win at a modern wedding? So, an immortal classic and a fashionable alternative enter the dessert battle!

Cake - all over the head

Some historians claim that the first festively decorated cake was served in France several centuries ago. Others adhere to the version that the tradition of decorating wedding pastries came to us from medieval England. This pastry has been around for many years, but it is still popular with couples planning a wedding.

  • Cake is considered to be the king of desserts. Agree, often guests anticipate its appearance, as the main culmination of the evening. A beautiful cake topped with original sweet details will eclipse any dish on the festive table. Of course, subject to quality performance. This legendary treat is always associated with a holiday and a good mood. It will appeal to adults and children, so its versatility is obvious.
  • The cake is appropriate both at the celebration, organized in the classical style, and at the embodiment of unusual wedding ideas. The tall multi-tiered “handsome man”, decorated with exquisite floral arrangements, looks truly luxurious. The secret of such success lies in elegant design, delicate sophisticated details that complement the romantic atmosphere of the event.

But if you like something more extraordinary, you can always think over the unique design of your cake. For example, display some fun storyline in your sweet decor, your own story. Fancy shapes and complex designs? Colorful colors and edible figures in the form of your favorite movie characters? All this is also possible with the help of professional confectioners. The main thing - do not be afraid to emphasize your personality, to show imagination, and sometimes a little bit of humor!

  • Of course, the cake is suitable for those who appreciate the long-standing wedding traditions. The moment when the couple cut the first slice of this dessert together is very symbolic and touching. So a young family demonstrates its unity and takes the first step into a sweet life together. And then the newlyweds treat relatives and friends, sharing their happiness with them. Even in ancient times, various nations had a special attribute that held together the union of the bride and groom. Initially, it was bread, which served as a prototype of a modern wedding cake. There is a certain taste intrigue in this custom. Watching a portion of a magnificent creation of air soufflé and delicate mousse sit on a plate, guests are eager to try such an appetizing delicacy.
  • A recognized favorite among wedding treats is able to conquer with a spectacular appearance.

This is exactly the final chord that will bring together all the elements of the general style of the banquet. Visually in harmony with the decoration of the hall and embodying the theme of the wedding, the cake will definitely leave a lasting impression. If a cupcake is a miniature confectionery work, then a wedding cake allows you to create something larger. He, like a wide canvas of the artist, is ready for any creative experiments.

Why is cake better?

  1. This is a famous delicacy that has long been served at wedding receptions. Admirers of classics such a dessert will be closer and more understandable.
  2. The absence of one of the main wedding symbols can be an unpleasant surprise for some guests.
  3. Cake organically fits into the atmosphere of a wedding celebration. This dessert has everything: sophistication, elegance and festive spirit.
  4. A multi-tiered confectionery product is suitable for those who care about the tradition of cutting cake with husband and wife woven hands.
  5. The cake is larger than cupcakes in size, which means it provides more opportunities for the implementation of a grandiose decor that will amaze everyone. And to consider it in wedding photographs will be much easier than the design of small cupcakes.

Custom treat

But do not rush to make a final decision, because the standard wedding cake can be replaced with original cupcakes! This is an elegant cake, which is prepared with a variety of fillings and decorated in a completely amazing way. What is the peculiarity of the cupcake, and why is it increasingly leading the ratings of the best wedding pastries?

  • A neat little sponge cake, on which a light creamy “cloud” of rainbow shades stands, instantly excites the appetite. Cupcakes resemble bright Christmas toys, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. Cute multi-colored cakes as a dessert at a wedding - it is fashionable, fresh and unbroken. If you are bored with wedding clichés, elegant cupcakes will definitely bring a share of creativity to your celebration.
  • Wedding cupcakes are not as grandiose as a multi-tiered cake, but their laconicism has a special charm. At the same time, there are countless options for decorating this baking. For example, enticing curls of cream, flickering "pearl" scattering, delicate floral applications, edible photo printing or fragrant wild berries. You can order a set of cupcakes, united by a common color scheme, in accordance with the style of a wedding banquet. Each cake will be unique, but together they will create a single integral ensemble.

  • Cupcakes have been enjoyed by sweet tooth all over the world not only due to their skillful design, but also due to their convenient design. Guests can enjoy wonderful mini cakes without using cutlery and extra crockery. On the one hand, this is a very interesting idea, on the other - very practical. In addition, cupcakes will save you from the hassle associated with serving the same portions of dessert. As a result, everyone invited to the solemn event will be satisfied.
  • Another important advantage of cupcakes is the variety of taste palette. You do not have to worry about the fact that you did not please one of the guests. Someone will enjoy a chocolate muffin with notes of vanilla, while someone will delight in the combination of fruit and caramel. In fact, you will submit not one type of dessert, but several culinary masterpieces at once.

Why is a set of cupcakes better?

  1. This solution is for those who do not follow the stereotypes. You will please your family and friends with something new, unexpected and unusual.
  2. Cupcakes are a current trend in the wedding sphere and in the entire culinary industry. This is not only original, but also, of course, a fashionable dish.
  3. Cupcakes are convenient in presentation and use. Serve them on beautiful openwork trays. For tasting, it will be enough for guests to remove a one-time tin, in which cakes are baked.
  4. Exclusive cupcake designs are easy to design depending on your preferences and banquet style.
  5. The colorful composition of mouth-watering sweets will be remembered by the guests with a variety of flavor combinations.

In the end, a good compromise will dispel all your doubts. Provide guests with a wider choice and order a combined cake and cupcake set in the form of a multi-tiered design. It is really comfortable and beautiful.

What is a cupcake?

It is unlikely that anyone needs to explain what a cake is, but the American name “cupcake” is not familiar to everyone. In our country, analogues of this confectionery sound more familiar: cake, cake. In fact, it is one and the same thing, that is, a cake, only very small, designed for one person.

Cupcakes at the wedding can be served as an independent dish, or in tandem with a cake. On a multi-tiered stand, the treat looks spectacular and elegant.

Photo of wedding cakes with cupcakes

The benefits of serving a wedding dessert

Even if you set out to surprise guests with a luxurious banquet, you should not order a huge cake for several kilograms for this. It is better to make a choice in favor of a small one, and submit miniature cupcakes according to the number of guests with it. You will certainly appreciate not only the aesthetic component of this solution, but also understand that it is very convenient.

  • the newlyweds don’t have to cut the cake,
  • all guests will have the same portions
  • it’s easier to bring a lot of small cupcakes to the banquet room than one big cake,
  • if you make several options for mini-cakes, guests will have the opportunity to choose a dessert to their taste.

Photo of wedding cake and cupcakes

How to choose a wedding cake with cakes?

For true professional confectioners, there is practically nothing impossible; they can fulfill any whim, realize any fantasy regarding desserts. It is important only to understand and correctly explain what a culinary masterpiece should be like at your wedding.

If you have chosen a serving method such as cake with cupcakes, it is first of all important that the dessert matches the style and color scheme of the event. Next, determine the number of guests: there should be enough cakes for everyone. To avoid any incidents, it is better to order mini cakes with a margin.

As for the filling of the cake and cupcakes, it can be absolutely any. Usually cream, jam, as well as raisins and nuts are added inside the goodies.

The sponge cake itself can be white or chocolate, if you prefer a specific recipe, you also need to tell the confectioner about this.

And finally, the cupcake decoration is also selected individually. Someone prefers that the cakes were made in the same style, while others, on the contrary, believe that the more varied the choice of dessert, the better.

Design options

As a rule, cupcakes are decorated with a fluffy cap of air cream, less often with mastic or glaze.

You can stop here or make a culinary masterpiece even more delicious and vibrant.

  • Sponge cake and butter cream go well with various berries: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, black currants, blackberries. Especially this design is relevant in the summer season.

Cake and cupcakes with berries

  • The pieces of fruit on the cake also look pretty pretty and appetizing. Most often, newlyweds prefer peaches and pineapples. But you should not choose bananas and apples: although they taste good, they quickly lose their attractive appearance.
  • You can also make dessert with icing. This sweet sugar-protein mass for drawing easily turns a culinary dish into a real work of art.
  • Not a single wedding can do without flowers. But did you know that they can also be used in decorating a wedding dessert? Flowers for cake and cupcakes are selected according to the style of the celebration, for example, the same as in the bride’s bouquet. Confectioner can make of cream, sugar glaze or mastic. But perhaps the most original and impressive option is decorating a wedding cake with cupcakes on a stand with live buds.

Photo of a cake with cupcakes at a wedding using flowers (natural and mastic)

  • Most often, only cake is made out with figures and inscriptions; they are rarely used for the design of cupcakes. It can be initials or silhouettes of the newlyweds, wedding rings, as well as any options for paired jewelry, for example, birds.

Whatever dessert design option you choose, remember that cupcakes and cake should harmoniously combine and complement each other, as well as correspond to the general style of the holiday

Feed options

Usually dessert is served at the very end of the festive feast. And if the menu at the wedding was rich and diverse, some invitees refuse the high-calorie goodies, no matter how appetizing it looks. For this reason, sometimes prudent newlyweds instead of cake offer their guests miniature cupcakes in beautiful boxes: you can eat such a dessert right away or take it with you.

However, there are many other interesting ways to serve a wedding dessert. First of all, the number of cakes is taken into account, otherwise everything depends on the imagination of customers and performers of the culinary masterpiece.

  • A cake is placed on a special multi-tiered stand at the top, and small copies (cupcakes) are placed on the bottom,
  • If there are few cakes, they can be placed on one or more trays,
  • Mini cakes can also be arranged on plates for everyone present at the wedding.

Cream Cupcake Cake

Some newlyweds arrange a candy bar (a small table with sweets) and place cupcakes there. In this case, the guests decide on their own when it is better to enjoy dessert. Another option is the removal of sweet treats at the end of the evening, which, by the way, can be made more enchanting and memorable due to candles and fireworks.


Cupcake wedding cake is a trend of the last decade. Although the idea of ​​serving guests mini-cakes in paper baskets as a dessert was born abroad, many newlyweds fell in love with our country. How to arrange and serve the main delicacy of the celebration, you decide. Use the ideas from this article, add your own imagination and trust professional confectioners.