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How to return a guy what a girl should not do, effective methods from the guys themselves


When a love relationship breaks up, at first it seems that it will be easy to build a new life. However, time passes, the girl does not get acquainted with a new young man, interesting for herself, or she begins to evaluate the guy’s behavior differently, because of which she may come to the conclusion that it is necessary to return the former. How to return the former, is a frequent question of young beauties who realized that they had lost more valuable than acquired. And here the recommendations of the guys themselves, who know how to return them, do not interfere.

The online magazine does not advise you to despair. Most of the guys themselves want to restore relations or not against it, just for their own reasons do not do it. Since the girls are used to waiting for a pause, during which the guys should come to make up with them, then when she goes beyond the prescribed time, the girl begins to worry.

  1. The guy can wait when you come to put up.
  2. The guy may consider you to be the guilty party, so he waits for you to admit your mistakes.
  3. Most of the guys agree to restore relations, they just wait for the initiative from the other side.

Thus, no one gives guarantees that it will be easy and possible to return the former guy. It's just that most of the girls have a chance to restore the past. However, the longer you spend time restoring your relationship, the less likely you are to get the guy back. Time passes, feelings cool down, a guy can meet another girl and start a relationship with her. But even here recommendations are given how to return the former.

How to return the ex-boyfriend?

There are many ways to return the former. We remind you that each case is individual. What exactly to do, you need to understand in each case individually. And we start with the fact that all couples break up for various reasons.

To return the ex-boyfriend, you must first fix the problem that caused you to break up. Who broke up does not matter, it is important - why? What problem arose in your relationship, because of which you quarreled and ended up breaking up. Now you need to take two important steps:

  1. See your erroneous actions. Surely you are also to blame for something, even if the guy created the problem. Once you understand what you were doing wrong, you need to eliminate these errors.
  2. Suggest several solutions to the problem. Here you need to consider not only your desires, but also the wishes of your partner. Options should embody the desires of both sides at once. If only you win or only the former guy, then this option is not suitable.

The problem was created by both partners. Even if you did not participate in its creation (for example, a guy cheated on you), anyway, some of your words or actions prompted your partner to do this (for example, you involuntarily said “do what you want” or stopped sleeping with the guy lately) . Understand what erroneous actions you made.

It does not make you guilty. At the same time, the guy is not entirely to blame for what happened. Learn to share responsibility for what happened in half. Believe me, no one wants to answer for what happened alone, taking all the blame upon themselves.

The next step, which definitely needs to be worked out, is that you will understand whether you really want to return the former. Girls often first impulsively break up, and then also impulsively try to return:

  1. So that the guy doesn’t get anyone.
  2. Because it belongs only to an ex-girlfriend.
  3. Since she is alone, and so far herself, needs him.
  4. Because he wants revenge.
  5. Boredom.

All these reasons are not serious. If you understand that you need a guy "for a while", you are not ready to develop a relationship, you do not intend to change for the guy, then a return will be pointless. You can return to take revenge, but it will be a waste of time.

In private, ponder the question: what makes you think of the former and why do you want to return it? Only one option is favorable in order to return the ex-boyfriend - you love him. If you understand that you are driven by other motives, selfish and not entirely good, but take pity at least your time, which you will spend not on finding a loved one, but on a relationship with an unloved partner.

How to return an ex-boyfriend if he has a girlfriend?

If a guy already has a girlfriend, then returning it becomes much more difficult for the following reasons:

  • He does not value you, so he decided to let go of the past and start a new relationship with another.
  • You are too delayed with the return of the guy.

Another moment when the guy went to the former. Here, most likely, a desire arises to return him only because a sense of possessiveness, injustice or revenge has leaped up. It should be understood, since the guy went to the former, then you should not return him. You can return the one to whom you are guilty. And if a guy committed an unforgivable act, while he does not repent, and you are trying to return him, then this is a meaningless exercise. He can only take advantage of you, but not restore relations.

Remember: if a guy offends you, which is why you broke up, but does not repent and does not ask you for forgiveness, he can not be returned.

If the ex-boyfriend has a girlfriend, and you want to return him, then you can use the following tactics:

  1. Put yourself in order. You must look very beautiful and attractive.
  2. Do not try to meet, it’s better to just be in places where you can accidentally meet the former. However, do not try to speak. Let him see how you have changed in order to become interested in you.
  3. Write the girl of your ex from an anonymous number unpleasant things about your boyfriend.
  4. Write love messages to the guy from the anonymous number so that they can be accidentally seen by his new passion.
  5. Disappear for a while. The first few months, the “doves” will have love. You cannot breed them here. Appear at a time when partners start quarrels and conflicts. And they will definitely appear. Then the ex-boyfriend will become a weak target that will be easy to get away.
  6. Gradually make rapprochement with the guy, starting with communication as friends. Show your improved sides, expose yourself only in a good light. Let the guy open up and tell if he remembers you.
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How to return relations with an ex-boyfriend if he does not want to?

A guy may simply not want to return to the past. What to do in such a situation? Here you need to leave him alone and while alone with yourself. Think, the guy first loved you for something. Perhaps you have already lost this quality while you were in a relationship with him. You need to become the same as before.

Perhaps the guy does not want to be with you, because his hopes have not been realized. He wanted something from you, but you did not. If you know why the guy is disappointed, then you can fix it.

First, restore contact with a guy at a friendship level. And only then can you slowly restore love relationships.

Girls often abandon guys for stupidity. Often the guys themselves leave. But if you want to return the former, then you need to act deliberately. All the time that you will return the guy, remember about self-esteem. Do not humiliate or humiliate the guy, behave calmly and openly - let the guy make decisions himself and bear responsibility for them.

So, the situation is the first. You are to blame. How to return the guy whom she left.

Often, girls, loving a guy, foolishly abandon him. This is happening unconsciously. For example, a girl doubts the feelings of her beloved and tries with the phrase: “Let's part” to push the young man to the manifestation of any emotions. She hopes that he will begin to beg her not to leave, showered with declarations of love. But not all guys are ready to give a damn about pride. How do they know that girls in despair utter words that hurt in the heart.

In this case, be sure to talk to him honestly, drop pride. She certainly did not bring happiness to anyone. Open before him, explain that you made a stupid attempt to spark a spark in a relationship. You can even justify the fact that the series have seen enough. Well, those where the hero on his knees begs the dear to give him a second chance.

Or maybe you cheated on him, tired of relationships, wanting something new. And now you constantly dream of the ex-boyfriend, you do not stop thinking about him and repent, realizing that you have lost a very dear person. Cheating is difficult to forgive, especially for men. They are more proud and vulnerable than women. Yeah, because men do not possess the talent to find a million excuses for a loved one as much as the opposite sex. In this case, you will have to earn forgiveness, and trust too.

Perhaps, for the sake of love, you even have to change your lifestyle (stop going to nightclubs, start dressing more modestly and exclude all kinds of flirting). The guy must understand - you are really ready to change for his sake and sincerely regret your betrayal. Show him the bright side of your personality. If you don’t even want to talk to you at first, that's fine. Do not be imposed, but do not give up. Offer to remain friends and prove that you can be trusted. If he values ​​you, he will forgive and everything will be fine.

If you left him because of a vile act that he did, then everything is clear. But for some reason you long for his return, you are ready to forgive everything for the sake of maintaining relations. Think about whether you need such a relationship. Is it addiction?

You decided that it was still love. Let the ex-lover understand that she’s not ready to tolerate his past mistakes again, although she forgave him. Raising a gullible and innocent look at him, hug and say: "You are very dear to me and I do not want to ruin everything that we had because of insults. I believe that you will no longer make me cry. ”After such words, a loving man will do everything in his power so as not to hurt his beloved girlfriend. It is very important to forgive and forget. Believe me, if you constantly remind him of his past shoals, he will leave.

The second situation. How to get the guy who left you.

If the guy himself left you, then you need to analyze well the value of the old relationship. When they love, they don’t give up. At least they do it rarely.

Perhaps the guy didn’t stop loving you, but he has a mental, financial crisis, a lot of problems, and he went into himself. Maybe he is ashamed of the fact that he is not able to give you expensive gifts and drive to restaurants as before. This is the case if you are above him in social status and from a better family.

Talk to him honestly, but don’t put pressure on a depressed person. Say that you value them first of all, as a person, regardless of his financial and other capabilities.

If he left you for another girl, but you know that he loves you. A guy cannot go to a girl to whom he is not experiencing anything. Well, he’s not a masochist. Admit that he wanted so, and therefore did. Do not waste time on it. If he broke up with you because of treason on your part, he is easy to understand - he is trying to take revenge or find an outlet in another person. Of course, one should not try to recapture him from another. But asking for forgiveness and starting to change for the better (read in the first situation) is necessary. Maybe his relationship is not real (for example, he asked a friend to help cause your jealousy). Then he will return. In any case, do not go over the heads, no one will appreciate it.

He could well break up with you because you became uninteresting to him. You read a book a long time ago, and when was the last time you changed your haircut? Give a man a beautiful, well-groomed, and intelligent, capable of supporting any conversation.

Try to find yourself new hobbies, sign up for courses (the main thing is that they contribute to self-development). No need to do this for show, find a hobby from which your eyes will shine with pleasure. I like to cook - go to cook courses. Go in for sports, pump up a figure, buy a dress that suits you. Be the one you want to match. Perhaps when you achieve a certain result, you don’t want to think about the former.

Also, men often leave quite beautiful and interesting “princesses” in communication, who do not know the basics of building relationships with a man.

If you like to criticize him, humiliate him, make fun of him, even as a joke, do not be surprised. Men are very proud. They take criticism painfully. It is important for them to be respected, admired by them. In this case, read literature on the psychology of men, instead of glossy magazines. He’s going to meet with you, and not with your purse. A man is ready to spend the rest of his life with a person deeply appreciating and respecting him, ready to support in all endeavors. An empty make-up doll is not of particular interest to him, if we talk about the prospect of a long-term and serious relationship.

How to return a guy if he does not want to communicate.

When a guy blacklistes you on social networks or simply does not answer calls and messages, it’s difficult to establish contact, but it’s possible. He probably still has not forgotten you and is afraid that your meeting will stir up his feelings and hurt. Therefore, he tries to remain invulnerable.

You do not need to run after him, but you should not show your neglect with all your appearance. Be nice when you meet him, smile. Try to make friends (not obsessively) with his friends. Show yourself as a worthy candidate for any guy. For men, the opinion of friends is very important, so his friends should like you as a person. The main thing is not to flirt with them. Otherwise, you will disgust him. Take care of yourself, develop.

If you do not have mutual friends, you should not try to find his friends on the social networks on his page and try to make friends with them. This is ridiculous.

You don’t need to visit the places where he goes every day (gym, institute, work). Well, he won’t believe that you decided to enroll in the same fitness club without any intention on his account.

If an ex-boyfriend writes, but at the same time does not invite to a meeting or does not give concrete promises, there is no need to rush to regard this as a return.

How to get your ex-boyfriend back: guys' advice

“You need to show that you would not feel bad without him.”

“To be original and unique.”

“Admit that you are wrong.”

“Carefully analyze the whole time of the relationship and try to identify what caused the breakup. If there is a girl’s fault, efforts must be made to improve. If the guy left because of his badness or found another (betrayal), then try to put up and let go ... you will not be forcibly sweet. ”

“Well, first of all, words should have sincerity. You can cry a little. It’s still necessary to feed him properly. ”

“We need to make the guy understand that the girl is able to perform the main female functions in relationships: to be a friend, a“ subject ”of beauty, an assistant, a housewife, a mother, a mistress, finally. "Only a fool would let go of such a woman."

“Caprices in moderation. Soft nature. Submission to the guy. The guy doesn’t want anything bad. Therefore, he should be humble. ”

“Meet and talk calmly. Understand what went wrong. ”

“Show your weakness and humility. Don't show off. "

“You need to open your loved one completely, open your soul to him and thereby prove his importance to you.”

“Buy him a PlayStation 4.”

"Come up and ask:" Do you want to eat? "

“Stop making brains (control, far-fetched insults, attempts to rebuild it in your own way.”

Girls, of course there are many tips everywhere. But each case is individual, so you should not act on the basis of only them. Relax and think about how your favorite is different from other guys. What he likes and what he does not accept. The guys are all very different, each with its own characteristics and preferences. Focus on it, and not just on articles from the Internet. In any case, we hope that from our material you have learned something useful for yourself.

Do not forget that you are beautiful and do not shed tears for someone who himself wanted to leave you. Maybe tomorrow you will meet your true love and realize that the previous relationship was inferior and unhealthy.

The main rules: be positive (sincerely, not pretended), develop internally as a person (you can, for example, do charity work), do not forget to monitor your appearance (clean hair, neat makeup, proper nutrition and sports). Every guy will reach for such a girl, well, you just have to choose your own!

How to return a beloved man?

In love experiences there is no place for patience, but this is the most important point of the entire mission to return the man. Relieve panic, calm down - this seems unrealistic, but you can’t go into battle with a hot head. In some cases, it is a calm, inactive expectation that performs miracles, and tantrums and importunity only repel a loved one more strongly. Sometimes a man is carried away by a new woman, and a sticky veil of passion tightly covers his eyes. Известно много случаев, когда брошенная женщина достойно выдерживала этот период, а мужчина, прозревая, горько жалел о своей авантюре. Такое бывает. Иногда людям нужно испробовать новое, чтобы объективно оценить то, от чего ушли. Простить ли измену ради продолжения совместной жизни – сложный вопрос, требующий сил и времени.

Во Вселенной есть закон энергетического обмена, и он действительно работает. The loving beings are most tightly bound by energy, they literally feel each other. Even moving away, loving people do not lose this connection. When a woman suffers, constantly visualizing her beloved, mentally attracting him, the man receives a powerful charge of energy. He is well and calm, he is full of energy. But as soon as his former beloved calms down and stops thinking about how to return the fugitive, the man immediately feels devastation and anxiety. The supply of energy is blocked, and Casanova longs to gain strength again - he begins to look for meetings with the former. Calm down, of course, is extremely difficult. However, there is another beautiful law: love can be cured with new love. There is always the opportunity to get carried away by an interesting young man on the net, without giving him high hopes, or try to change the situation. New impressions will dilute painful thoughts, and then it will be much easier to find a solution.

How to establish a relationship with a man?

Eternal love ... You can believe in it, but even the strongest feelings fade over time. And if a man stayed close only because of romance and passion, he is unlikely to want to play a role without feelings. Especially if in recent years only scandals and reproaches reigned in relations. When a crisis sets in, the men most often do not stand it. They are so arranged: it is easier for them to transfer negativity and pain alone on the side than to listen to endless emotional splashes in the grip of their passion. We recommend reading the article How to Build Relationships with Husband.

Psychologists advice

When psychologists give advice on how to get a man back after breaking up, they identify 10 basic rules.

  • If people parted peacefully, they are more likely to reconnect. Therefore, it is very important in a crisis time not to lose one's temper, not to blame a man for coldness and indifference. Negative kills the desire to return. Even if it becomes clear that the man intends to leave, you can’t turn into a hysterical person or pray on his knees to stay, blackmailing with suicide. This will only increase the likelihood that he will disappear completely. If a wise woman calmly lets her chosen one go without threatening or insulting her, she will have many opportunities to establish communication with him.

It happens differently. After the departure of a loved one, an adequate mind suddenly gives way to a hot, raging heart. A woman begins to pursue the former: writes him emotional memoirs on a social network, calls to common friends and displays details of his life - where and with whom he was, what he was talking about. The abandoned half hopelessly tries to stick to the man, becoming his nightmare. As a result, the annoyed fugitive strives to be even further: he leaves, changes his number, and blacklisted him.

  • If a man agrees to a heart-to-heart conversation, this usually does not end with anything good. Negative emotions have not yet subsided on both sides. Such harsh words are poured in a rage that the conflict is filled with new disappointments. You can’t find out the relationship in hot pursuit, as you can’t get this loved one back. It takes time for the emotions to calm down and not control the behavior. They must be understood. This is difficult to do, especially if not just another gentleman left after three dates, but a husband with whom he lived for many years.

They say that both halves are to blame for the quarrels. But if your goal is to get the relationship back, no accusations will help. You need to look at the situation with a sober look and try to understand why it happened that the family fell apart in half. Maybe the conflict has matured for a long time, for years, but both sides only added fuel to the fire without doing anything. Are you ready to sacrifice your pride now to bring your husband back? And to change something in yourself? If you have already been able to forgive a man for this inevitable betrayal, you can begin to act.

  • Look in the mirror and tell me honestly: could a woman like you be able to regain her husband’s love? Cried, disheveled, depressed. Forgotten about her beauty. If a new young lady appeared on the horizon, believe me, she now looks her best. And even in this case, you need to surpass the opponent. You have to take care of yourself and turn yourself into a movie star: a stylish dress, an impeccable make-up, an amazing hairstyle. These are quite affordable pleasures. A man may think that old feelings have faded and it is time to turn over this life page, but love does not pass spontaneously. Nostalgia still creeps into his heart.

And even if feelings for you are tired and asleep, you can wake them up. Since it is quite possible to return a man to beauty, this is male psychology. He sees his ex in a brilliant, sexy way, and all his friends unanimously rate this woman at five plus, it is difficult to resist zealous thoughts. From an obsessive question to himself: maybe it was not worth leaving? Read about how to become sexier on our website under the heading Psychology of a man and a woman.

  • Do not rush things! You need to start this game competently and subtly. First, try to “accidentally” meet with your husband and show with all appearance that you are not encroaching on his personal territory. Say hello calmly, not trying to get into conversations, otherwise he will quickly figure out you. It is good if the meeting takes place at a store or at an event with mutual friends, so that you can exchange a couple of unobtrusive phrases. The main thing is not to go too far, otherwise instead of pleasant nostalgia, you can cause your husband to disgust and want to avoid meeting at any cost.

If the first conversation went well, you don’t need to hurry again to catch a man at the store or “accidentally” dial his number. Everything should comply with the laws of his psychology, as if you do not want to return your husband, but he thinks about a possible return. You do not hunt after him, and all the unexpected warm memories in his head are just a matter of chance. To achieve this effect, you need to keep yourself in check, not letting negative emotions and pain ruin everything. Remember: this is a very important game for you. Can such a stupid defeat be allowed?

  • A miserable, lonely look in an instant will destroy the dazzling image, which was spent a lot of money and time. Love should not be caused by pity - these are completely different feelings! If a man sees that the former passion suffers from him and is ready to open the door in front of him even now, he will not be able to experience the exciting feelings of nostalgia and jealousy. The only thing a woman will achieve is to increase self-esteem for this womanizer, prove that he is priceless and irreplaceable. But it should be the other way around. Otherwise, what should he worry about?
  • Men are cunning! A former companion may find a way to reach your beauty. For example, come visit and start hinting at sex. And a woman with happiness falls into naivety, which has not been manifested for many years: since passion returned, then HE will return. But this is a big mistake. Since it will not be possible to return the man after parting with one sex, his psychology is tricky: he can sleep with you, and live with a new passion. And he will not even be ashamed. The behavior of a woman should directly say that she does not intend to sleep with a stranger man. Either a full return, or no sex.
  • The stronger sex has one weakness - female unpredictability. All men love to solve puzzles. Boring, monotonous life discolors feelings. If a woman suddenly begins to do unpredictable things, her companion does not remain indifferent. He immediately tries to scout, and what happens. After separation, a man often expects female tears and suffering, requests for return. And if a lady suddenly becomes dazzlingly beautiful and cheerful, it turns into an obsessive charade. He simply cannot leave it as it is.

Curiosity ruined the cat, as they say, and nullifies all his plans. Most of all, a man is worried if you have found a new boyfriend. If so, who will suffer for the main character? But in no case do not spare him, play on. If he could not make out an interesting personality in you, these are his problems. Now he will worry, think, guess.

In the meantime, you will be engaged in self-development. There are many ways to captivate yourself and spend time with benefit: language courses, a gym, a beauty salon, advanced training. New hobbies distract from the pain, which, of course, still sits inside. But very soon, achievements will work for you in full force. Your self-esteem will rise, your career will improve, and a man will follow your life with interest and excitement. Learn all the secrets of how to build a relationship with a man, this knowledge will be very useful to you, if not with the former, so be sure with the future.

  • How to return after parting the very first, in love relationship - every woman knows for sure. Remember your candy-bouquet period. You behaved in a completely different way: flirting, shooting eyes, smiling at your companion with or without. And now everything was drowned in gray everyday life and daily bickering. But it can be returned! The man does not talk about it, but he also misses those almost magical times. Remember what you were like. And, meeting your ex-husband with a look, smile at him as if you were both back in that period. Sometimes after parting, love begins anew.
  • When a man decides to return, a frank conversation cannot be avoided. And here the main thing is not to poke your finger in the "villain", telling how much you had to endure because of it. You remember: both parties are to blame for quarrels and partings. And you can justify yourself in your thoughts as much as you like and consider that you were a decent wife, but in any case you once lost to your opponent. Something was missing to his companion, and he found it in another woman. What is it - anxious care, unforgettable sex or generous praise? Admit your mistakes, do not expose yourself as an angel. But don't cry, begging forgiveness. Negativity and tears scare away a man, and again you lose this battle.
  • During the conversation, do not talk about how much you wanted to return the relationship with a man. Do not make him live up to your expectations. Sometimes we ourselves draw the image of the ideal husband in our heads, and then we suffer that the real person did not fit into these painted frames. Life is unpredictable, and there is no absolute guarantee that any man will play according to the rules of the proposed game. But if you followed these tips, then you tried to save the relationship.

You did everything you could, and you are a great clever who can boast of beauty, ingenuity, a broad outlook, mystery and the ability to admit your mistakes. Men are coming back. It just takes some more time to realize this desire.

Should I keep a relationship?

If after your colossal efforts the man never returned, do not rush to put an end to yourself. You have done a great job on yourself and, without a doubt, have become the object of sigh of many other men. Your companion is not the only one in the world. Why do you need it? Maybe it's just an insult and a desire to take revenge? Or emotional dependence, which only for a moment will create the illusion of happiness and peace, and then new reproaches and accusations will begin. Try to realize your own motives, and only then make other attempts to return the object of your desire.

When to end a relationship?

As soon as a former man appears in sight, a burning pain rings around his soul. It's true? Your marriage with him could not be called happy, and the companion often behaved ugly? If now you are trying to bring him back and avenge your trampled pride, there can be no talk of love.

When a woman really loves a man who has abandoned her, it is a deeply violent pain. But she is radically different from the angry pain that the abandoned jealous and owner feel. But what if you get confused in your pain? Think, if you are haunted by the idea of ​​how to harder this “villain” to harder, this puts love in doubt. Revenge cannot keep up with sincere feelings. Even if the man returns, this pain will not go anywhere. You will wake up every morning and remember that once you were exchanged for another. It is really hard to forgive. But if you yearn for a man and still worry about his health and deeds - your love is true.

Think about whether you need a relationship in which there will never be a previous trust, and every day will begin with a bad memory. Hatred and resentment are bad companions of a love affair. And sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and make a difficult, but right decision - let go.

The last chance

We gave you 10 effective tips on how to return your beloved man. But the only reason to start using them is sincere love. If the reasons for returning lie in material needs or a wounded ego, it is better to abandon your paranoid ideas. Only a truly loving woman is able to forgive betrayal and again walk through life with her beloved man, trusting him and considering him part of her soul.