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How to make paper weapons

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How to make a paper knife

Many people are interested in how to make a paper knife with their own hands, I will now demonstrate this master class in a step-by-step form with a photo. The craft is not very complicated and is considered slightly childish, such as an owl, a telephone or a peacock. It is by making a paper knife that many learn origami skills. We need two oblong sheets, one long for the base of the knife, and the other a smaller one for the stop. I specifically took different colors, so that you would understand and be more comfortable.

Immediately proceed to the creation of crafts. We will prepare the necessary leaves, orange for the base of the knife, pink for the limiter. Determine the size of the orange sheet yourself, the length of the knife depends on it, the size of the pink one can be slightly reduced in the process.

Let's start with the basics. Take a rectangle that is more authentic and fold it in half, along a long line. We need this to mark the middle.

Expand the folded sheet. The middle was outlined.

We bend one side to the middle.

Similarly, the second bend.

This is what should happen. If the base is too long, you can trim it.

Now you need to make one edge sharp. Bend one corner out of two like this.

Another corner must be wrapped in the middle.

And finally, insert one corner into the other.

One edge of the knife is ready, that's how it looks, neat and beautiful.

Wrap the other edge of the workpiece inward. It turns out two angles.

Then, wrap each corner individually again. Take one.

Wrap up. This is how it looks.

The second corner just turn inward and that's what should happen.

This is what the finished homemade base looks like.

Let's move on to the limiter. Take the pink leaf, the smaller one.

Fold it in half along the long side. And mark the middle.

Fold both sides toward the center. And bend the entire workpiece in the center.

Fold the existing strip for two-thirds.

This is how it looks from above.

Bend the remaining tail as well.

Insert the shorter edge into the longer one. At this stage, you can slightly adjust the size of the knife stop.

Combine both parts together. On the crossing of the two parts, you can pour a little PVA glue to fix them.

Here we managed to make such a beautiful paper knife, an interesting origami craft and quite light.

How to make a paper weapon that shoots (2 types of pistol)

Origami is a wonderful technique that allows you to create any thing. The main thing is to clearly follow the instructions. In the process of training, logical thinking, attentiveness, accuracy and patience are honed. As you understand, the boy all these qualities are very important.

And, of course, he will be very interested in making a gun with dad. So you create a community of interests and spend an hour of your time to good use.

And, as we know, our adult dads are also children, so we need to make two pistols at once.

Today we will be able to make two simple options. Of course, if you add fantasies, you can improve them, for example, add another muzzle.

For all crafts, A4 sheets are needed.

A craft that a child of 4-5 years old can do.

This gun consists of two parts. Take a thick piece of paper. We need it to have the shape of a square.

Now fold it in half.

And divide into two bands.

Now we will fold one of the parts in half in length.

And again in half.

Bend our blank in the middle and set it aside. Now take the remaining lane.

Bend the edge. If it’s difficult to do it manually, use a ruler.

We turn the strip in half so that the free edges coincide completely.

Repeat this action again.

Also fold in half.

Now we turn one side at an angle.

We also twist the second side.

When we expand, we should get such a figure.

Now we connect both parts, pushing the ends of one into the formed “loops”, which we did a little earlier at the second workpiece.

We pass both parts.

Tighten the barrel and handle well.

Now let's complicate the weapon model. Let's just say that the first option was more like a silicon gun, and the lower one was like a revolver.

We will need a square 21 * 21 cm in size, glue, pen or pencil and scissors.

We make blanks, for this we roll the sheet in half.

And cut along the fold line with scissors.

We take the first half and fold in half.

Expand, now we will wrap each edge to the middle.

In this figure, both edges are wrapped.

So we mark out even fold lines along which it is then easy to collapse the desired part.

Now we find the middle of the workpiece by folding it in width.

Then we turn both edges to the middle.

See, you get very even folds? It’s as if we are planning a grid.

Further, each edge in width will be tucked up to the first bend.

And it remains to collapse the workpiece along the marked lines.

We bend one edge. Along the marked second line.

We repeat the same action for the second edge. That's what we get.

Remember that we have one more half left? Now we need to divide it in half. To do this, find its middle in length and cut along the fold line.

Turn one of the parts again, only already across.

And cut it again.

We begin to fold the part, as it was shown earlier.

We get such a blank. It will be the trigger.

We need to glue the two sides together.

Our trigger is ready.

Using a pen, twist the barrel. Glue the edge with glue or tape so that our tube does not turn around.

Now we take a large workpiece and begin to wrap one of the deferred segments around one edge. Glue the edge to the part, otherwise the winding will slip off it.

Glue the edge so that the winding does not unwind.

Insert the barrel into the edge of the winding.

So that the barrel does not fall bend the edge.

And we glue it so that our barrel does not fall out. By the way, the edge of the tube is also better to smear.

Glue the trigger. After that, you need to glue all the edges of the handle.

Do everything in order and everything will work out.

If it is difficult to collapse, focusing on your eye, then use a ruler.

Although the origami technique is self-sufficient, it uses only your hands and a paper sheet.

Origami Weapons: Beginner Patterns

It happens that the scheme is not always clear, because it contains the most important actions and their sequence.

Therefore, the main types of weapons I give a step-by-step description.

But a brief outline of creating a weapon that fires looks here. It begins with the creation of a conventional pistol, then becomes more complicated to a revolver and ends with a paper gun.

I also give a brief outline of creating surreken. This is the easiest option. You can increase the number of rays to any value.

But such a knife is made very easily and has a very sounding name - kunai.

In the diagram, the sequence of actions of folding the kunai blade.

The handle can be made following the example of a katana.

Making an easy surrendered ninja without glue

And now let's start creating surreken. After all, a real ninja always holds a couple of rays in the pockets of his belt.

Below I will show how to make them without glue. And, if you are afraid to get confused, then take two different-colored sheets of paper.

For four rays we will need two landscape pages. We take the first and turn one edge diagonally. So we form the line of the free edge.

Now we fold the sheet in half.

And we find the middle of the strip in width.

We turn the bottom edge out and make sure that all lines are parallel to each other.

The same action is repeated for the other edge.

We make one more such blank. Here is what should happen.

Now the ends of the workpieces need to be bent.

We apply both strips perpendicular to each other.

We bend the curved edge and try to end with the slot that has formed in the middle.

Also, we rotate in turn all the rays, changing the side of the surreken.

Crafts for boys: ax, nunchaku, katana and butterfly knife

So, they fired from a pistol, dropped the surreken, and now it was the turn of the "cold" weapon.

I really liked the idea of ​​the Slavic ax. Moreover, it is done very easily.

Next, we will look at how to make a beautiful katana and a butterfly folding knife.

To create an ax we need:

From the rectangular shape of the sheet we need to make a square. Therefore, we fold it diagonally, connecting the edges and cut off the excess strip formed. We will use it to create a pen.

Now mark the diagonals of the resulting square.

Now we turn each edge to the center.

And again, each end is bent with a tip to the middle.

Turn the square over again and repeat the same steps.

Then open two opposite edges.

Carefully fold the part in half.

We begin to make a pole for an ax. To do this, take the remaining free edge and find the middle of it.

Expand and now we will tuck each edge for the found center line.

Bend the edge inward.

Now we need the shaft not to turn around, so we glue its internal parts.

Grease the top with glue.

And we glue both parts so that the shaft is inside.

Everything, you can decorate a toy with runes or inscriptions and run to organize a camp.

Now we will begin to create a katana. These are the weapons of real samurai - the most fearless warriors of Japan.

  • 2 sheets of white paper
  • 1 color sheet
  • Scotch
  • stationery knife

Fold one white page in half, draw a good line along the fold line.

To the intended bend, we will tuck the edge.

And roll the katana blade.

So that it does not turn back, we carefully glue the place of the edge connection with a strip of adhesive tape.

The tip of the knife is rounded, so do it.

Now we take the remaining white sheet and begin to make a tube from one end. Twist it diagonally. Fix the edges with tape.

Now go to the handle. To do this, we measure the blade of the blade.

On the fourth part of the A4 format, mark exactly this width and collapse.

Glue a strip of tape along the edge.

We turn another fourth part from A4 in the middle.

And again, but changing side.

We also fix it so that the part is complete.

Mark the width of the blade and draw a rhombus.

It must be cut with scissors or a clerical knife.

Here are our details. We begin to collect katana.

We insert a tube into the blade, it will go beyond it. Therefore, we stick the handle, capturing part of the blade.

I could not resist a folding knife, so I want a lot of people to see this craft.

  • 4 sheets (colors: 2 red, 1 blue and 1 yellow)
  • toothpicks
  • glue gun

From red paper we fold in half and divide into two parts.

From all the red paper you get 4 strips.

We cut the blue paper into two parts. We take one half and proceed to the formation of the blade.

Shape the tip of the blade. Be sure to tape it with tape.

From the remaining half we make a strip. We take the blade and cut its base to the width of the second blue strip.

Insert the prepared strip into these slots.

We glue along the edges with tape and make two holes with an awl. We make the same holes at the ends of red blanks.

Insert toothpicks into the holes.

From a yellow sheet, we roll a tube.

Divide the tube into two equal parts and begin to stick on the hot glue.

We connect it with two parallel red stripes, forming one side of the handle - the sinuses.

We cut off all the ugly and protruding edges.

Lubricate the slots abundantly with glue, and cut off the ends of the toothpicks or bite off with nippers.

Separately, I will say about the nunchucks. This invention was used by the Chinese when they were under pressure from Japan. They were forbidden to use any weapons and they began to train with chains. Then this art grew into this kind.

  • 8 sheets of paper
  • 20 m of cord
  • glue gun.

Six tubes can be twisted in advance. First one end is tucked, then we move diagonally.

We connect the three tubes and wrap them out of paper. Help yourself with hot glue.

So we got two pieces.

The ends of the cord are also smeared with hot glue and inserted between the tubes. We wait until the cord is fixed.

We seal and weight the edges.

These are the options for men's crafts I offer you. Some of them are made very simple, for some you need to puff. But I think that the reward for you will be satisfied boys who will be busy playing for several hours.

Any weapon that is featured in popular fantasy films and animated series can be played at home.