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Learning to draw Hello Kitty


Everyone loves cats and this article is dedicated to just one of them, here we will learn how to draw Hello Kitty. From an artistic point of view, this is a very simple character, he does not have any complex and small details, and also consists of a small number of elements. That is why this lesson is perfect for beginners to artists or children.

With a heart in its paws

We will look at four different drawing methods and the first will demonstrate how to draw Hello Kitty with a heart in paws in stages.

You can immediately start drawing using black felt-tip pens, but if you are working on such a drawing for the first time, we recommend using ordinary pencils. The fact is that during the process of drawing Hello Kitty, you may experience some errors, with the help of the eraser you can erase and redraw them again. But using a felt-tip pen, you can’t erase your mistake.

So, at the first stage, we need to draw two black eyes, a nose and a bow.

We outline the contours of the head, and then draw a heart in the paws. By the way, the heart will occupy the entire body of this character.

As we said, we finish the heart in the whole body, the lower paws will stick out from under it.

Color the picture, and on the sides we paint small pink hearts!

Standard example

We started with an unusual drawing, and now we turn to a more familiar example, which will demonstrate how to draw Hello Kitty with a pencil. This time she will be in her signature pink suit!

We work on the first step above the head, it is depicted as the usual cartoon head of a cat, except that there will be a bow on one ear.

The face will be as simple as possible and a child of any age can handle it. Then we go below and draw a trunk with a dividing line of the legs.

We finalize the paws. Pay attention to the fact that the legs are much wider than the arms!

Our black and white version of Hello Kitty is ready, but we cannot leave the picture incomplete! We color her costume and bow with pink, and paint her nose with yellow.

If you want to see how a professional artist worked on these drawings, then you can watch the video presented below.

Hello Kitty with a flower

The example considered in this section is no less cute than in the previous ones, here we will learn how to draw Hello Kitty from a photo. Just look at the pictures and try to draw in the same way.

We draw the head of our character. You should pay attention to the lower circuit, which is not fully connected. This is not an artist’s mistake, the empty space was left intentionally, because in the future we will put a flower there.

We pass a little lower and work on the body. As you can see, the empty space left at the previous stage was successfully filled.

The body of this character is white, so in red we color only some details, such as a flower, a bow and a suit.

Our drawing is ready for this, but we recommend that you do not stop there and make a background. It can depict a forest, island, city or anything else!

It's time to change the costume, so this time we will learn how to draw Hello Kitty in a dress. In principle, this paragraph is not very different from the previous ones. The difference is only in a different suit and in a slightly different pose, so if you have mastered the previous examples, then you can handle it.

We begin work on the head. At this stage, just draw its contours, and also draw a small bow.

One arm will be pulled to one side and the other raised to the head. After you draw the paws, you can move on to the dress. It should not be too long, and its lower edge will be wavy.

The legs of our Hello Kitty will stick out from under the dresses. One eye, our character will wink at us.

And now finally coloring. We decided not to use banal pink and red colors, but to color our clothes in blue and green!

That’s all we have, we hope you enjoyed our drawing examples!

You will need:

Pencil, eraser, felt-tip pens

Let's start by drawing. lollipop slightly turned to the right. Inside it, draw a "+" sign, only move the horizontal plus stick slightly down.

From below around the stick of candy, draw something resembling an egg.

Ears - two triangles with rounded upper corners.

The leg on the left is an oval, on the right is the half of the oval.

Two more ovals are pens. On each top draw one small semicircle - these are the thumbs.

Add antennae, flower. Draw three circles on the lines of our "plus" - eyes and nose.
Draw a dress: these are just straight lines on the hands (short sleeves) and a dress cut line on the neck in the form of a semicircle.

Now circle the outline with a black felt-tip pen or draw it in bold with a pencil. Paint the eyes. Gently erase excess lines with an eraser.

And color Hello Kitty as you like more.

How to draw Hello Kitty in stages with a pencil

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  • Hello Kitty coloring page
  • Pencil draw the oval of Kitty's head and proceed to the next step.
  • Draw a Hello Kitty bow. It is very simple - first a circle, and then a few bow petals.
  • Now draw Kitty’s head, just circle the shape drawn in the first step for this. The only things you need to pay attention to are small ears. Finally, draw a kitty mustache.
  • Having drawn the eyes with cilia and the mouth of Hello Kitty, proceed to the next step.
  • Time to draw an outfit. He can be anything. We suggest you portray a small dress with a simple collar.
  • Draw your arms, legs and your drawing is ready.

Now you see what to draw Hello Kitty with a pencil, using the step-by-step instructions - easy! Do not forget to colorize your picture.