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Bookmarks for books with your own hands - bookmarks from paper, felt, buttons and ribbons


Anastasia Skoreeva DIY Gifts 28.11.2015

Hello dear readers! Do you use bookmarks for books? If so, then today's post will definitely come in handy. Feel free to bookmark it, because here we will talk about how to make a bookmark with your own hands for books and magazines.

Frankly, I use bookmarks infrequently. By chance, all the materials on which I have to prepare for couples are in my electronic form, and fiction (which, to my shame, I read extremely rarely lately) is also present in the ephemeral virtual space.

But at the same time, I am very inspired by the idea of ​​creating bookmarks for books, because here we find such a great variety of the possible use of all kinds of materials. “Wow” is simple)) Without missing a bookmark call to my hamster nature, I will show you a whole sea of ​​interpretations of this beautiful accessory: 3

Some ways to create bookmarks, by the way, were described in the article about hearts with your own hands (by the way, there is a master class on creating bookmarks from a paper clip).

How to bookmark a book: cute cat

First of all, I want to bring to your attention a charming cat Bookman, who will help you or your child enjoy reading any work. The bookmark is very simple, it can even be made with children.

For the cat you will need:

  • thick synthetic felt
  • threads in felt color or contrasting
  • rhinestones
  • ribbon lace
  • glue for rhinestones
  • patterns
  • pencil to transfer patterns to fabric
  • for the eyes: light acrylic paint (in my case silver) and two black half beads

Patterns of a cat (on the pattern, you can also note all future elements of the cat: rhinestones, bow, etc.):

Cut two parts out of felt, outline the muzzle with a pencil on it.

Then the longest stage is stitching the cat around the edge with a buttonhole stitch. We hide the nodules inside.

After stitching, the cat should look something like this:

Using acrylic paints, draw a Book face. The infraorbital circles should be slightly larger than the half-bead eyes.

While the painted parts dry, make a seal bow. To do this, fold the lace and ribbon as in the photo.

Fold the design in half and sew in the center.

Pull off the center to give the bow an elegant look. You can glue or sew a bead in the center.

Now glue the cat half-bead eyes. On each of them you can put a small highlight for naturalness. Also mark the place for gluing the rhinestone.

Here is what I got at the end:

With the help of such a pattern (slightly modifying), you can make a dog, and a mouse, and many others.

How to make a bookmark out of paper

All workshops are clickable, so feel free to click on them to enlarge.


An unusual bookmark - a monster can be made from an ordinary sheet of paper.

The creation process is simple:

  1. Take a square, fold it in half diagonally.
  2. Bend the smaller corners to the top.
  3. Bend the edge so that the corner touches the middle of the initial fold.
  4. Bend the narrow corners again and fold the protruding sides inward.
  5. Now the bookmark can be decorated according to your desire: it can be a monster, a smiley face or something else.

A bookmark-monster can be handed, by the way, to the same boys on February 23 - interesting, useful and not expensive.

Mustache and more

A bookmark - a corner can be created much easier: for this, cut a square and a triangle from a sheet of paper with a small margin for gluing. Also cut the mustache using the photo below.

Smear the triangle with glue at the edges and attach to the square. Stick the mustache on top. Again, instead of a mustache, there may be eyes, a bow, just beautiful patterns, or something else.

Pompom Bookmark

A very simple, but no less effective than the previous option. Take for it a skein of thread for knitting, tie it with thread, cut the edges and straighten the threads. Glue the pompon on the paper base.

And seals again

The idea is quite simple: cut out the contours of the seals (or other animals) and lightly wet the paper. And then draw all the patterns that come to mind. Example in the photo

Tip: so that the bookmarks do not lose their original appearance in the future, cover them on both sides with tape or duct tape, which is sold in office supplies.

Multifunctional bunnies

In this case, we get an interesting way to use the same accessory as a bookmark and as a spool of thread.

Little animals cut from thick paper or cardboard will look beautiful. The most important thing is to make incisions in the location of the forelegs.

We print on the printer

And here will go paper bookmarks, which you just need to print on paper.

This stylish set of three bookmarks showed up at Wikichau. It needs to be printed on a color printer. All bookmarks just need to be cut out, and in the piggy, make an incision along the white line.

Animal theme

Three unusual forest friends will also be great reading companions if you cut them out of thick cardboard or paper.

The following options are slightly simpler to cut. In addition, they can even be cut out of fabric using designs as patterns.


The best declaration of love is Valentine. And why not make it a little more functional by giving it the form of bookmarks for books? This is what will allow you to make two series of Valentine's designs.

The first of them depicts beautiful prints with various declarations of love.

And on the second - owls with the corresponding wishes. Very popular little animals today.

Speaking of owls.

I found the cleverest selection of owl outfits from as many as 9 pieces. Feel free to take them to your reading assistants.

Do you like My Little Pony?

If yes, then here are as many as 8 images that you can use to memorize the desired page with the characters of the main characters.


These two images of bookmarks will look wonderful sawn and scorched from wood, but they will turn out on a paper basis with dignity: 3 In addition, sketches can be printed even on a black and white printer, because their color scheme is very close.

Fabric tab: go back to felt and paper clips


To bring this wonderful bookmark to life, prepare a paper clip, a piece of multi-colored cotton fabric, glue and scissors.

Take a piece of fabric, fold it as in the photo. Sew the structure in the center and attach to the paper clip with another piece of fabric.

Scary Cute Cheshire

To create one of its two wonderful variations, take violet, raspberry, pink and white felt. You can cut parts using a photo. Beads will become the eyes and pads on the legs, and various ornate patterns can be created using embroidery with threads.

Double-sided bookmarks

Or even two-pointed. The convenience of those is that the bookmark is visible on both sides and the chances of falling out are much less than for the usual one. This can be done from felt and dense braid.

Here, the author decided to do with simple round shapes and make a thread pattern.

And here I turned to a romantic theme - hearts.


“I grew mushrooms. "- a song pops up in my head from a very peculiar OST to Barvikha. Remember this series? I didn’t really see him at all, but the song impressed me and stuck tight in my head.

I also suggest that you grow mushrooms, or rather their home-made felt interpretation. To do this, take a felt of your favorite color and cut out the appropriate parts, and then sew. In the head area, you can put a little sintepon for volume.

Bookman's friends

All of them were not made by me, but very similar to the first purple cat. In the first case, it is a mouse and a hamster. The principle of creation is the same as for the Bookman.

This fun trinity is also created in a similar way. But the muzzles are separate and filled with padding polyester.

More recently, I wrote about unusual shoelaces and how to tie them. Why am I doing this? Just laces as a bookmark will fit very well.

By the way, good bookmarks come from good materials. You will definitely get interesting and unusual models from this set, even when using the simplest workshops.

This concludes the bookmarks hit parade and hope to see your feedback in the comments about them. Remember to share interesting information with your friends and subscribe to blog updates. See you soon!

Bookmarks for paper books (diagram): paper heart

- colored cardboard or old cover, postcard, magazine page

- a sheet of white paper

- glue stick or PVA

1. Take a sheet of plain white paper and fold it diagonally. With a pencil, draw an arch (see image) - this will be half the heart. When you spread the sheet, you get a full heart.

* You can simply draw a heart on paper, it does not have to have perfect shapes.

3. Cut out a heart. You have a template.

4. Put a heart on the edges of the envelope, circle it and cut it out. You got a corner for a book or notebook. It needs to be decorated.

5. Draw a smaller heart on thick paper and cut it out.

6. Glue a small heart to a large one.

How to bookmark a felt for a book: a heart made of felt

1. Fold a sheet of felt in half, draw a heart (or use a template from paper) and cut it out.

* You can cut two triangles. Choose the bookmark form yourself, the main thing is that both halves are the same.

2. Sew both halves with a thread and a needle, but leave the top of the heart (or the base of the triangle) intact so that you can put the bookmark on the page.

How to bookmark toys for books

- a small plastic toy

- knife or scissors

- a lighter or matches (to heat the tip of a paper clip).

1. Cut off part of the toy.

2. Heat the tip of the paper clip. It is advisable to hold the clip with pliers so as not to burn yourself.

3. Insert a paper clip into one of the parts of the toy - since it is hot, it will go into the plastic toy easily (the plastic will melt).

4. Wait until everything cools down and you get an original bookmark - as if a toy is inside a book.

Beautiful bookmark for books and notebooks: bookmark with a bracelet

1. First you need to make a small bracelet. To do this, cut a small piece of thin wire, put a few beads on it, twist the ends and insert them into one of the beads.

* If necessary, cut off excess parts of the wire.

* In this example, the diameter of the bracelet is about 4 cm.

2. Cut a long piece of ribbon (2 times longer than the page height). Tie the tape to the bracelet.

* Try to take the tape thicker so that it does not slip out of the book.

Bookmarks for textbooks: bookmark with a bead

- beads and other jewelry into which you can thread

- thick thread or rope

- paper, glue and matches or skewers to create your own bead (if desired).

* You can use the purchased beads, you can make your own, or both.

1. Cut a piece of thread or rope. Its length should exceed the height of the book. Tie a knot at the end of the thread.

2. Put one or more beads on the thread and tie the knot again.

* To make your own bead you need to wrap a strip of paper (newspaper) on a match, periodically adding glue.

3. Tie a knot at the other end of the thread, put on the bead again and tie another knot after it.

* If necessary, cut off the excess ends of the thread.

Bookmark corner made of paper "Monsters"

- thick and colored paper

- envelope (if necessary)

- felt, felt-tip pens, stickers, prints, sparkles and other decorations (optional).

You will find video instructions below

1. The easiest way to make such a monster is to cut off the corner of a regular envelope and decorate it as you like: add a monster’s teeth, eyes made of colored paper, felt or buttons, scales made of wrapping paper with the corresponding pattern, etc.

2. You can make your bookmark from plain or brown paper.

Take a piece of paper, draw a small square on it. In this example, the square measures 6 x 6 cm.

To the right and top of the drawn square, draw another square of the same size.

The result should be 3 squares that form the letter L.

3. In the upper and right square, draw triangles, connecting the ends of each square (see image). Fill in the extreme triangles - they are not needed.

4. Cut the resulting shape. You have a template.

5. Lay the figure on colored cardboard, circle and cut.

6. With a pencil and a ruler, draw a line on the figure of the line to make a square (see image).

* If you wish, you can cut a small square from a beautiful brown paper and stick it on the square drawn in the part.

7. Fold the ends (triangles) of your figure and glue them together.

8. Decorate your bookmark as you like.

# 4 Bookmark made of fabric with a flower

A few shreds of fabric
Thread and sewing machine
Hot glue gun
A piece of cardboard or plastic

Step 1. Determine the dimensions of the future bookmark. Then fold a piece of fabric in half so that the bend is on the left or right side.

Step 2. Mark the dimensions of the future bookmark on the fabric and cut it out.

Step 3. Using a sewing machine or manually sew the fabric from the bottom and side, from the wrong side. Then twist the fabric to the front side. Use a pencil to gently push out the corners.

Step 4. Make one line on three sides, backing a few millimeters from the edge.

Step 5. Take a thick cardboard (or piece of plastic) and cut a strip to the size of the future bookmark. Put it inside the fabric pocket. This way the bookmark will keep the shape.

Step 6. Make one line at the top to fix the cardboard, and it did not fall out.

Step 7. Using a piece of cloth twisted into a thin tube, make a flower. Sew a button in the center.

Step 8. Glue the flower at the top of the bookmark with hot glue. That's all!