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Installs a disk drive in a computer case


Replacing the drive is necessary for users who still have not been able to fully switch to the use of USB ports and flash drives. Replacing a drive is necessary if you often use an optical drive and constantly burn new images to empty discs.

The process of replacing an optical drive described below is suitable for both DVD and obsolete CD drives. In the latter case, I recommend taking this opportunity and purchasing a high-speed optical drive of a DVD-class. In this case, the replacement does not require huge investments, DVD-drives, in our time, have a low price. Remember that with active use, the new drive will fail as quickly as the previous one, so do not take the expensive one.

First of all, you need to determine what type of interface your PC motherboard has. SATA and IDE drives are sold in stores. Nowadays, you can use any of the presented interfaces. In order for the replacement to be successful, you will need to disassemble the system unit. This way you will know what type of connection your drive is using. By the way, some motherboards allow you to connect the drive via SATA and IDE. However, such boards are rare, since only SATA remains in fashion today.

Drive installation

  • to get started, get rid of the old drive,
  • disconnect the computer from power,
  • disconnect the cables connected to the back of the system unit,
  • the drive, in most cases, is fixed in the upper region of the system unit,
  • disconnect the cables and unscrew the screws.
  • Replacement must be done carefully, try not to damage the screwdriver motherboard and neighboring elements. Modern drives are sometimes attached to the housing using latches. If you press all the latches at the same time, you will release the drive chassis.
  • The optical drive extends from the front panel, not the inside !.

If the new drive is equipped with an IDE interface, set the jumper on its chassis to the Slave position.

If your drive came with a hard drive, most likely they are connected by one cable, in such cases, you should not change anything.

Replacement is carried out with a set of screwdrivers and special screws. Carefully insert the new drive from the front and secure with the screws. Install the system unit cover and connect all peripherals to the computer. After you turn on the computer, the system will automatically recognize and prepare for operation a new device. In My Computer, you will see a new icon in the form of a DVD drive. At this point, drive replacement is completed.

Replacing a SATA Drive

Replacing a SATA drive is similar. The only difference is the absence of jumpers. The drive is connected to the motherboard via a flat SATA cable.

You can see how to change the drive correctly in the video below. Good luck

How to connect the optical drive to the system board correctly, you can see in the video below. Attention! The video below shows how to connect a hard drive to the system board, but connecting a hard drive to an optical drive is no different!

Attention! The video above only covers connecting the drive to the system board! Also for him, you must definitely connect the power from the power supply. You can learn how to do this. here.

Where to put the drive

The most popular place to mount the device is the compartment at the top of the front panel, which has a size similar to the size of the drive, that is 3.5 inches. In most cases there are several such pockets, which allows you to put an additional drive in a finished or assembled PC.

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As a rule, this pocket is initially hidden by a plug - a plastic or metal plate, which must be removed before installing the drive. On some cases there is one compartment with a hinged door - it’s best to install the device behind it.

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It is most convenient to mount the drive on the front side. It can be inserted into an open pocket, that is, with a remote plug, since the dimensions allow. It remains only to fix the device with screws, as well as connect the power and SATA ‐ interface for data transfer.

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No additional drivers need to be installed. In BIOS, the main boot device should be assigned a hard disk with Windows installed, and an optical drive as an additional one.

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Despite the fact that the cases of different form factors can have different dimensions, the dimensions of their pockets are standard, as they are designed to install devices with dimensions of 2.5 or 3.5 inches.

It should also be borne in mind that Slim-sized enclosures, that is, thin or ultra-thin, may involve vertical mounting of an optical drive.

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This requires appropriate modification with a special groove for the vertical loading of optical discs. There is no fundamental difference between the position of the disk - any of these options function normally.

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Two or more drives

You can also put two or a second drive on one system unit - for example, separate for DVD and Blu-ray discs. The differences in installation are not fundamental: first we install and fasten the first, then the second, and then connect the data transfer interface and power to each.

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An external drive is connected using a USB cable and does not imply mounting the device in a case - even its design itself is designed as a logically complete portable component of a computer. When using it, you can keep it next to the system unit and remove it if necessary.

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And the last thing I would like to clarify. The case without a drive is gaining popularity, that is, those that do not provide for its use at all.

For example, some top-end cases for gaming assemblies suggest that the owner keeps pace with progress and has long abandoned the use of obsolete optical discs.

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And the developers are absolutely right - most gamers will do fine without a drive today, but hardly without a powerful video card.

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And I want to remind you a little that the necessary components for building a PC, including if you forget something, can be found in this popular online store. I also advise you to read the publications on connecting the power supply to the computer and the DVD drive to the motherboard.

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You will find instructions on how to install the motherboard in the system unit here.

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Thank you for your attention, friends, and do not forget to share this article on social networks! Till tomorrow!

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