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How to dance in a club for girls VIDEO LESSONS


June 10, 2016 at 11:19
Katerina Pytleva, Vsevolod Zarubin, TUT.BY

This top 5 is great for “breaking off” to a variety of music - from club dance hits, r’n’b and soul to light pop music. All you need is a mirror, favorite music and a couple of rehearsals.

Thank you for your help in compiling the top 5 trainers of the ZAMES STUDIO dance and fitness studio, the CityDance modern dance studio, and the BIZON dance school.


At home, see how flexible you are and what you do better. To do this, stand in front of the mirror and try to move only your hips, leaving your shoulders, arms and legs stationary. If it does not work out and the whole body is dancing, then you will have to work on yourself. Listen to your body, feel each part of it individually. The amplitude of movements affects the beauty of the dance: high and sweeping will give you energy and expression, low - grace and tenderness.

Now on the Internet there are a lot of videos in various dance areas. Girls who do this professionally will share how to move, explain which parts of the body are involved in it and demonstrate various pieces in detail. You can watch one of the videos below.

You can learn to dance and learn fashionable movements by looking at various chips and tricks in video clips.

Scroll through your head your favorite combinations of pelvic rotations, steps. Estimate how you can move your hands. Try it right away, do you like your look? Dance at home to different music, change its pace and try. Feel free to improvise.

We merge into the atmosphere of club dance

Do a little reconnaissance: come to the club and, crouching at the bar, watch the dancing girls. As you can see, most girls dance without any complicated movements, and their style is about the same. Highlight what you like and take these movements into your arsenal. Note that from the side it looks clearly unsuccessful and, accordingly, do not use such a style in your dance.

Consider the possibilities of your clothes and shoes, it is unlikely that tectonics will succeed in high heels. Dress comfortably so that clothes do not restrain your body.

Once on the dance floor, do not rush to immediately actively dance, waving everything that is possible. Smoothly adjust to the rhythm of the music, tune inwardly. Start movements slightly and gradually increase their activity.

And finally, the most important thing is to relax and don't be nervous. Dance will be natural only when you feel free. Believe me, the dancers around do not care, they rest and they do not care about you. Therefore, move as you feel comfortable, without being pinched and not limiting yourself. Gradually increase the complexity of the combinations and you will succeed.

Posted by: Laurel Delange

More videos how to dance in the club girls

How not to dance at a disco girl

If provocation is not your task, you don’t need to pay a lot of attention to movements with waves in the hips and buttocks in the dance. At a regular disco, twerk or buti dance will not look like a dance, but as self-promotion, and in a not very good context. Moreover, you should not demonstrate your capabilities in bending and shaking booty on girlfriends. From the outside, it looks like an explicit invitation to join. Moreover, not only the person for whom you started a performance, but the whole disco understands the dance. And some completely strangers can “attach” to you in a completely rude manner.

Zigzag movement

The simplest movement that suits POP discos is a zigzag. You don’t even have to train much to do it. The highest point of the zigzag is the hips. Choose the side from which we start the movement, for example, the left leg. Mentally draw the Zorro sign in the air, and now try to repeat it with your hips. To make it look beautiful, and not like squats in Sunday school, do it not on two legs, but with a change in the leading leg, depending on the change in side where you “sent your hips”. Those. we start from the left leg, shift the body weight to the right leg, making movement with the hips from left to right, while bending the right leg slightly. Further from this position (without bending the right leg), we make the movement with the hips from right to left, bending the left knee stronger than the right, and the last time to the right is the same. From this position, we straighten the left leg and “drag” the hips behind it. Experiment with this movement by drawing zigzag hips in different ways.

The movement "my hairstyle"

Almost all girls perform this movement at dancing parties, sometimes without even thinking, just repeating after someone. "My hairstyle" will look completely different with the hostesses of various haircuts. Owners of long curls usually collect hair in both palms and hold them during some movement, then let them out. Girls with short haircuts mannuously run a hand through their hair, ruffling them, or run their hands into their hair, leaving their palms in the temple area or forehead. Stand near the mirror and try to play with your hair, remember what kind of thing suits you best, during the dance, do the same, only without a mirror and choosing only the previously worked hand poses.

Scarf for dancing

When the music starts to play, the legs usually go dancing themselves, but things are much more complicated with the hands. It can be difficult for girls to attach their hands, and here you can use the most ordinary scarf. It’s not worth reminding that you don’t have to skip the scarf between your legs and carry it back and forth, as is often done in the movies. We already wrote that this causes unhealthy associations in licentious people. Leave the scarf on the neck and grasp its ends, it is especially interesting in this case that silk scarves with tassels at the ends look. The simplest movement is the “tug of war”, when you pull the scarf with one hand and reach for the scarf with the other. At this time, he may be lying on your neck or you may lower him to your waist. This movement can play with your girlfriend or young man. It doesn’t look good, but quite intimate. You can wrap a scarf on your hands or play with it differently, your hands will be busy, and your legs can make any movements at this time.